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Ambush Mosquito Trap

Ambush Mosquito Trap

4.6 from 17 reviews

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The Ambush Mosquito Trap is leaps and bounds in front of anything I have tried before.

Don't look for anything else, buy this and you won't be disappointed. Great product and am ready to purchase another for my patio area. The product came packed well and was easy to assemble

Purchased in March 2018 at On line for $179.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

Great customer service, if you need it!

I thought my trap had a fault and Michelle immediately sent a spare part, no issue. Once checked, I had made a mistake and the Ambush Mosquito Trap was still indeed working fine, doing its job collecting mozzies. Thanks Michelle great trap and service. Ade

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

Excellent mosquito & insect trap

Aussie mozzie trap easy to set up, and no problem to find a place to put it without obstructing anything, .
I am not a handyman, and when I had to replace the blue bulb light, I tried, but couldn't due to a lot of steps to do so, however the company were very kind & professional to me, and assisted me greatly, in the replacement of it

Purchased in January 2018.

Works like a champ

We bought this unit last season and only used it for about 3 days then put it into storage until the 2018/19 season.
The power adapter failed and after reporting this to AMT there was a friendly prompt response and a new power pack sent free of charge.
That's what I call a company that is "a pleasure to deal with that actually stands behind the product they sell'.

Great product but the location of the trap is key to success

When we first bought the Ambush we had very limited success, caught only a handful of mozzies over a 2 week period. After speaking to the team at Ambush they provided us with a new lure (free of charge) to make sure that a 'defect' lure wasn't causing the issue. After also providing them with a map of our backyard, wind direction and location of the river that is nearby, they advised us to slightly adjust the position of the trap (I had it placed under a palm tree in a shady spot but the advise was to place it on the lawn about 4 meters from its original location).

After another 4 weeks we had trapped quite a few mosquitoes already but the Ambush team wanted us to be 100% satisfied so they provided another lure to make sure the trap met all our standards and we were absolutely happy with the product. So 6 weeks down the track I have just bought a new stash of lures to help us get through the rest of summer and autumn.

The team at Ambush hasn't just delivered a quality product, they gave us our garden back and on top of that have gone out of their way with providing top quality customers service.

Excellent product and great customer service

The Ambush Mosquito Trap is a must have to combat mosquitoes. We are very happy with it and found it made a real difference. Imagine my shock when it suddenly stopped working after several months of 24/7 use. It is only then when one finds out the real importance of being able to contact the Ambush team and their immediate follow up to assist fixing the problem. The service is excellent!!! The mosquito trap is up and running again, and if I could give six stars for both product and service, I would.

100% works

We live next to a creek so our mozzie problem was BIG! We couldn’t entertain outdoors, our grandchildren couldn’t play outside and our pets were constantly attacked. We had tried various products over the years with no success.
This unit works perfectly! We are able to enjoy our summers now without been bitten. We turn it on a few weeks before summer starts, we leave it on 24/7. Our BIG mozzie problem solved. Luv it!
Custer service and after sales service is second to none, they will do everything and anything they can to assist and help.
Highly recommend the company and their great product.
Thank you Ambush for all your amazing help.

Post sales support exceptional

The trap works great - allows us to sit on our deck with being bothered by mosquitos. The icing on the cake is the post sales support. We needed help with something random, and they went above and beyond to make it all right and work for us - 5 stars!

Quality Product and Performance!

We have been selling insect traps for the past 15 years!
The Ambush mosquito trap has exceeded expectation of all previous styles we have invested in,
The production quality is first rate!
Performance exceptional and customer service outstanding from their team!
Most importantly my customers are happy as well.

Nailed those mozzies

I've had this running non-stop for over a year and it's really had a huge impact on our mozzie population. The kids can now swim without fear of being eaten alive.
Excellent customer service with fast response time and great supply of spare parts which are very reasonably priced.

Old School Customer Service

Plenty of reviews will tell you how well these products work, so I won't dwell on that except to say that it's made an amazing difference to us. We live right on the water, a river, and particularly after the rains it can be murder with midges and mossies. We have two units now between us and the water, and already can see a big difference.

But what sets these guys apart is their customer service. On one unit, I hung it fairly high, and somehow managed to ruin the connector between the power supply and the unit. I had the unit too close to the wall and it got crushed in a strong wind. Unit is fine, power supply connection ruined.... and they replaced it for me, free of charge including shipping even when I explained it was totally my fault. No argument, they even insisted on helping me out.

You just don't get that anymore these days. These guys stand behind their product, they know it works, so much so they make sure you can keep them running.

Totally recommend them, amazing old school service with a first rate product.

Flimsy construction

Seems to be the same as the one you can buy for $129, maybe with some slight differences such as the bait. Time will tell if it works. This is expensive and you are paying for the concept, not the quality. The front tag has just been stuck on and comes off, not designed specifically for this device.

Love this, the only thing that works

I have tried numerous things to try and ward of mossies and midges but nothing works. The Ambush is amazing I would highly recommend as it truly does work. My dog is allergic to mossies so this is fabulous.

Innovative product which actually works!

I have been using an Ambush Mosquito trap for over two years now and have been very happy with the results, some of which were unexpected. The mosquito population has been significantly reduced and its unexpected ability to capture lawn grub moths has been a bonus. Since using the trap I have not had to spray for lawn grubs. Previously, I was using at least two cans of Baythroid on my lawn every year. This was an expensive exercise. The after sales service from this company is excellent. They value user feedback so that they can improve their product in the future. I would certainly recommend their product.

you need it

Tried this mozzie trap on Coos[Keeling ]Islands major mozzie area.
the trap effectively reduced mozzies around our house.
Now living in Cairns next to stagnant area of water and rainforest trees,
noticable reduction in mozzies and midges, Fantastic trap.

Ambush trap 2 years on

We purchased an Ambush Mosquito trap in February 2016. No issues for almost 2 years then the mesh of the reservoir began to crumble. Now it has deteriorated to the point where I have turned the trap off because all the insects escape. I wrote to the vendor 3 weeks ago asking for help and again after receiving no reply after 9 days. Still have not had a reply. Based on my experience with Ambush's customer service I could not recommend the product.

This works ! worth the money

We purchased the trap late 2015. At first we didn't notice much difference but after adjusting the position of the trap a couple of times we were able to find the right spot for the trap to work effectively.

We have since recommended this to a few of our friends and they also have noticed the difference. One of my friends has 4 acres in Samford and he has also noticed a reduction in mozzies.

The trap hasn't eradicated EVERY mosquito however we hardly get bugged at all now.

Questions & Answers

How can I buy this unit......cheers
1 answer
Just search for Ambush Mosquito Trap on the net. You purchase them on-line. Al

Greetings and thank you for your time, is much appreciated. Can anyone advise please, can the Unit be or is it designed to be used indoors please? I'm being hassled and bitten by mozzies inside at night virtually every night here in Port Augusta, SA and can't prevent the little buggers from sneaking in even though evey window is screened including the door. The buggers apparently are sneaking in when entering and exiting the door even when opening and closing as quickly (rushing!) as humanly possible!! Are there any other successful indoor types or styles of Mozzie traps that really work please that anyone can recommend please. So looking forward to hear back from yous at your earliest convenience please, thank you. Kind regards, James.
1 answer
Lots of rain here recently and mozzies sneaking indoors. We currently have ours indoors and all is well.

Can they support there claims with any scientific proof by universities or entomologists like the mosquito slayer has
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