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Envirosafe Fly Trap

Envirosafe Fly Trap

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Replacement Bottles

Work well, they should sell replacement bottles with caps though. Still have to clean out bottle after emptying, over the smell & can`t eat that much peanut butter.
At $10 plus each they are not a throw away item.

Purchased in September 2017 at Bunnings for $10.00.

Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

Fantastic product but why did you scrimp on enviro safe fly trap bottle

To whom is interested the product is wonderful.
But they have gone cheap in the container it is that weak it collapses after 3 uses. Go back to old plastic.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $8.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

Works well but what about the maggots!

Very easy to set up. The liquid can smell a little if indoors. Concept works very well attracting the flies into the container. BUT after the 2nd day, I noticed a lot of baby maggots crawling on the inside of the container above the liquid line of the container. I noticed the flies can stay alive inside the trap until, they fall into the liquid. I guess this gives a chance to lay eggs.


This a deadly product false advertising it has caused my pug and golden retriever to fight for their life blood in their Diarrhea and extreme vomiting you say it is poison free but it is salmonella in a bottle I’m so cross worried and sad my dogs are everything to our family they are our babies. I’m telling everyone how dangerous this is

Good but

The smell is a bit overpowering. There has still been a few flys around but not half as many and it does catch a lot! I’m scared to empty it as it’s only been a week and it’s only a quarter full, I put two out. 10m2 yard. As for catching “Aussie” flies it definetly does.

Works really well

Easy set up and catching flies really well. Cettan feeling of satisfaction! Yes the emptying is smelly but totally worth it. Debating whether to buy a couple more. Currently have 1 large and 1 small

Great fly trap as sold - but fantastic with some modifications.

I bought one of these traps several months ago and found it worked very well.
However I noticed some flies crawling back out of the holes in the lid.
Tried a couple of ideas and they helped to catch more flies.

For the last modification I did I machined up some thin wall aluminium tubes and inserted them in the holes in the lid after drilling out the bottom of the holes in the lid slightly to fit the tubes.

The bottom of these tubes project down about 25mm below the bottom of the lid.
The inside and outside of the tubes were sprayed with matt black paint.

Then I added a "brim" 5 inches diameter made of thin plywood to the domed cap, epoxied it and painted it all matt black on the underside. I painted mine white on top side but can be any colour.
The "brim" was to reduce significantly the amount of light showing down the holes - since flies are attracted to both light and smell.

The bottle is now filling with flies about 50% faster than before since they are now not finding their way back out again.

Works extremely well

Fantastic little device, but I warn you now. Block your nose when you empty it ;) It gets very smelly after a few days and you most likely have to change the mix.

Fly Massacre

Did you know that female flies can lay over 500 eggs over a three to four day period? I do. That's why I have this fly trap. Don't bother with carnivorous plants unless you're sadistic; from first-hand experience, this collects thousands more flies during its lifetime.

Now here's the fun part. Sure, you could follow the instructions and empty this every few weeks. But that requires time and money. This thing absolutely reeks after a while. Not just a gentle waft here and there, but an overpowering, penetrating stench of death. Flies are attracted to the smell of the dead – and as it turns out, this includes their fallen brethren. I'm sure there are hygiene and neighbourly reasons for which I should empty it sooner, but there's something magical about fly larvae being born on an island of dead flies (on the topic of being sadistic).

The only drawback is that because I've made a section of our courtyard repugnant to enter, my girlfriend now hates me. But you have to concede some losses in this war.

American CoolAde

I have tried 4 different brands of fly trap, they all seem to work equally but at different stages, when they were all filled at the same time with this brand attractant.
I've tried Brewers yeast with sugar, works ok but not pretty green.
I have a loquat tree in my yard, it also attracts those little bugs that eat the fruit when left on to go to seed. Which in turn has all but perfectly helped my winter citrus trees, appearing to be the loquat bugs attracting those stinky citrus bugs.
It would be useful to buy in various size buckets with a measuring scoop, as you don't need to use as much as the packet says for it to be just as successful. A jumbo pack does 2 or 3 normal size traps. Scoop the dead flies off randomly at night when full, keep 3/4 full but not dry. Add some Brewers yeast after a month or so, the flies ferment and the yeast feeds off them, attracting more flies.
My granny made her own traps and used vegemite in them.

Festy Magnificence!

We are two enviro-concious scientists in Queensland and we just love the Envirosafe Fly Trap. Seriously, in summer this thing is better than TV - you can watch the flies land on top and get irresistibly attracted to enter the fly hell swamp that lurks inside. You can see the damn thing fill with flies to way above the waterline and half way up the walls in a matter of days. The dog hates flies and snaps at them distractedly all day...but he loves the Envirosafe - you can see his vengeful smile widen as the trap fills.

Yes it stinks... It is filled with rotting flies and maggots. It is the smell of putrefaction that is somehow sweet - a much more perfect ambient backdrop to a summer barbecue than a million flies relentlessly antagonising all sentient life. Go you good things, Envirosafe! We are buying two more today as gifts for delicate friends!

Replacement attractants are ineffective

I had a huge problem with flies entering our house and in desperation tried the Envirosafe Fly Trap. Worked so well that initially we were emptying dead flies almost daily. You can also buy replacement attractants which we did, these must be weaker as they worked poorly.

Amazing fly trap

We’ve installed 10+ Envirosafe fly traps around our property located near Thredbo. Marchflys and normal Fly’s are out of control in the area and the traps have virtually cleared out all the fly’s in four days since setting the traps. See photos of working trap attached.

Perfect does what it says

Bought this from Bunnings, placed it outside sitting on the bbq out in the sun and within minutes flies started buzzing in and dieing. Placed it inside and it wasn’t effective at all.. it does say on instructions it should be in sunlight to activate it.. when outside it definitely gets rid of them.. just have to swat 2 or 3 that manage to make it inside. It lasts about 3 weeks and by then it was black with the hundreds of flies - my wife gets sick at the sight of it but only because it makes you realise how many flies are actually around and would have been in the house if not for this. Highly recommend it! Great product! You can even use the container after and fill it with prawn heads and water if you don’t want to buy the refills.. I still can’t catch as many with the prawn heads vs refills so I just keep the refills for when we are having a bbq or really need to get rid of all the flies..

Omg. This is so Good!!

Within minutes we had flies galore inside. Needless to say, we had to empty and refill within days. It was so full. We used the containers for a control test using other ideas on the web. ( prawns etc) Nothing works as well as the sachet of green goo supplied.

If I can post the picture. You will see. It really work

This is awesome product. Even though I m not follow the directions (I use normal tap water instead of lukewarm) but it still works very well. And this is not a summer yet. I saw nearly full bottle of flies and just thinking what if all those invade my house. Thanks envirosafe.

clean out trap with soapy water thouroughly before refilling

hi just to clarify
i was incorrect about the formula not working. I have contacted the manufacturers and there was no change in the formula.

it appears that not fully cleaning out the bait trap before reuse can cause the forumla to not work.

i will try to update my review to 5 stars

Wasps yes- flies no!

This trap has successfully caught wasps, but we have had no success with flies which are in plague proportions and our reason for purchasing this product. It appears that much of the active ingredient has settled to the bottom. It has been out in direct sun as per directions, we have now changed the location- to see if we can achieve success. Very disappointing!

Works so well has eliminated my fly problem!

Very happy wth results, has eliminated my fly problem from my back porch area.
Easy to use and buy locally at Bunnings.
I wiIll be recommending this product to others!

Like the concept (5 star) but hate the price (2 star)

Bought a couple some time ago in a pack but they came with 3 bait sachets. Refill baits come in packs of three and are quite expensive. The trap did not fail to attract and catch flies. Hundreds caught however as the trap filled to capacity the smell was overpowering. When I went to empty and refill with bait I nearly fainted with the putrid smell. They stink to high heaven!!! Word of caution, wear a mask !!!

As for the refill of bait, I did a few experiments and found the best and very cheap bait is good old "Vegemite" dissolved in hot/warm water and 3/4 fill the trap. it works a treat and I am getting tired of needing to empty it. My next refill will be placing a plastic bag inside and filling it with the bait then carefully screwing the lid back on. Hopefully this will make for a much quicker emptying to avoid the smell.

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Would the dead flies and maggots be safe to feed chickens or is there a risk of introducing salmonella or something similar?
2 answers
When dig further into the product safety notes which took ages to find it said not to be tipped out near animals eg dogs or chickens... I believe the same bacteria that nearly killed my 3 dogs could possibly kill chickens put it this way it makes animals extremely sick. Not worth the psychological trauma of losing your chooks to find out .... I’m still traumatised after this horrible experience Niknot to sure, you will have to check with manufacture and read chemical break down on the fluid

how can we eliminate or reduce the impact of the smell ?
No answers

Anybody ever fed the waste product to compost worms? I have African night crawlers and am interested because I need a higher protein food for breeding the big buggers. Fly trap sounds like a convenient way to feed the worms and control the fly population around here. Thoughts?
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