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Do not go Amcal Newington NSW store!!

As other reviews said about Amcal Newington NSW store-overpriced medicines (20-40% more than the market price). The pharmacist had given me unacceptable attitude and customer service. No empathy towards sick people. I hope they realizes this not the suitable job for dealing with sick people who seek assistance/advice/courtesy.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationNewington NSW

Click and collect is ok, in store service not

I went online to search who has the product I needed near to me as I had to walk to the store. After I found a local Amcal store, the guy who took my call wasn't really interested in me and when I asked him if he had the battery in stock, he replied they should. I explained I had to walk about 2.5 km in Darwin to the store and therefore required a more accurate answer. It clearly was too much for him, however in the end he checked and confirmed the product was in stock. I start walking and when I reached the store I had to find out the battery was now $3.50 instead of $1.99. This wasn't too good as I wasn't expecting this. The website I checked is apparently Amcals own price structure and as an individual store unbeatable....All those things a customer doesn't want to hear. Anyway I return to my home and order via click and collect. Turns out the store close to me doesn't participate in this scheme....So I order anyhow. Pick up some 7 km away from me. Never mind, I started it!!! Conclusion: Amcal ticks off their own store owners and as such they are not happy and pass this frustration onto clients. I guess this is where the world is going to.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationDarwin City

Price 100 % more than other chemist . never go there again .

Brought the normal drug any other chemist could have same brand same packing . They charge 100 % more than other chemist . normally , I brought at 10.30 . but they mark overcharge price as 23.59 . never go there again .

Product Quality
Customer Service

Just got ripped off!

I went to the chemist and the stupid woman gave me the wrong change.
I went back and asked for my change that I was owed, and I pretty much got treated like a criminal!
I will never be going back to that store again! What a joke!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

overcharging on medication

was charged twice the price for prescription medication as compared to other pharmacies, wont go again even if I have to drive 30 mins to another pharmacy and they dont do price matching

Return Claim MadeNo

Ok , but some product not matching pics on website.

Didn’t receive the same items we had ordered on the website. Otherwise great value and fast delivery, may will purchase some product in a store in person.

Atrocious customer service.

The pharmacist at Amcal Belconnen is borderline abusive. Screams and shouts at his customers. I would not recommend shopping here.

Disappointing recruitment process Devonport

Disorganised and unprofessional, travelled long distance for interview and received no follow up call post interview as promised, can only imagine the working conditions.

They VET their REVIEWS

I was stunned when I saw that AMCAL vet their reviews! They 'choose' which reviews to allow and which to reject!!!

I purchased 15 tubes of Tea Tree Cream. When I received these, AMCAL sent an email asking for a review. I wrote the review, not a bad one either, describing that I really like the Tea Tree Cream. AMCAL wrote back with;

"Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!" (noreply@amcal.com.au Wednesday, 14 November 2018 8:00 AM)

I was stunned that AMCAL is able to decide which review they allow and which not! That skews the whole review process. How can one look at reviews of a company or product that has been vetted by the company????

AMCAL cites Google as a source for their reviews but this is all BS! If they only allow the reviews which they like to pass, their 4.6 rating (14/11/2018) is false at best, misleading and fraudulent at worst. I am now very reluctant to shop with AMCAL. Such a blatantly misleading and misuse of feedback!

Google is apparently not really interested when AMCAL cites Google as a source of their feedback. You can post a complaint about this happenstance to Google, as I did but aside from that...

Robert Z

False Advertising on Web Site

Web site advertise states Ozheath Arthritis cream $17.99. When you go into the store (only 3 stores in Western Australia) it is $25.95. The excuse is that it is a web only special for click and collect. The web site does not say this at all. They are falsely advertising. Will support my local chemist who is more honourable.

Chemist at Gateways (Success, WA)

I went to get a script filled.
One lady was in front of me and I patiently waited.
My turn was next and a cashier turned to [name removed] and asked her to help me. (I was right in front of [name removed] face).
Another customer walks right up to get a script, but goes to the wrong counter (next to the scripts in counter) and asks [name removed] to check something regarding a script she wanted and [name removed] took her script.
Excuse me?!?!
Did you just RUDELY ignore me?!? YES!!!

How rude of you [name removed], to leave me standing there, after I waited several minutes and you go and help someone else who showed up several minutes AFTER I had been there standing!!!!!!!
Disgusting manners!!!!!!!!

It's bad enough your prescriptions are sky-high in price.
But to be rude and ignore me when I was next!
Really, really disgusting!!!!

Staff refusing sale of otc medication to two separate people

My partner and I have both been advised by our doctors to take Restamine, however, the new staff at Amcal Pacific Pines refuse to sell this product to both of us. Today they refused to sell them to my partner who has NOT purchased ANY of these pills for 2 weeks, claiming he purchased a pack 5 days ago and should have some left. This is INCORRECT as 5 days ago, my partner had NO MONEY and couldn't get/buy anything. I purchased a pack myself 4 days ago and had the same argument with the girl who served me, my previous purchase was 7 days exactly. This company has now lost all business from both myself and my partner, after going to the same chemist for all our needs over the past 5years. Thats close to a combined $500 per month worth of prescriptions, deep heat, sports tapes, dressings,and all the rest of our medical supply needs. I will now be traveling an extra 20km to shop at Priceline.

Unjustified Overcharging

Medications at Amcal are double the prices than in other places not a store to visit ever again. not at all price competitive.

Good communication skills .

This store has everything laid out very well, gifts on one side, medicine and personal hygiene on the other, then toys and items of clothing, sun glasses ! Staff are friendly and help is there when you ask for it ! Always plenty to choose ,for different occasions ! A pleasant experience to have each time we make that visit of personal care.

Don't shop online... False advertising and negative reviews are censored

Their online shopping free gift offer is misleading. They advertise gifts that they don't have stock even though when you add it to the cart they have stock. And then refuse to offer a replacement of similar value. It is not until you contact them and put up a fight before they agree to send you a gift when they have stock. To make matters worse they then send you a request to write an online review for the product that you never received ie. The free gift! I wrote a review as follows (which they rejected to post):

Not in stock though advertised as free gift

Didn't get the product as Amcal falsely advertised that the gift was available for spending more than $60. Now I get sent an email for my review! What a joke. I shop alot online Amcal's online shopping experience has been awful. Chemist Warehouse is much much better

To which Amcal moderators reply:

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time.

This just makes me more annoyed. Pick up your game Amcal online shopping this is ridiculous and an honest opinion (negative) that is censored really????. This whole situation could be reported to consumer protection as a claim for false advertising.
Update...3 Oct 2018. They sent me another email to review a cheaper gift that they offered which I declined.... To which I have posted my review as.

You can censor this review too .. you jokers keep sending me emails to review products never received. You really need to fix your systems. It's a joke. I know you will censor this so I'll just post this in a non censored forum. I think consumer protection will have something to say about this or the ACCC for misleading conduct.

Update... 9/10 got sent another email to review. This time for a product I liked but it was again censored

My review:
Great product but Amcal online shopping experience isn't.

Amcals reply
Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!
My conclusion

DO NOT shop with Amcal online .. shop with chemist warehouse who are cheaper and their online store set up is fab. Plus free delivery over $50!!!!

Significantly Overcharge

Amcal Chemist - Bundall are a complete rip-off. They charge significantly more (25%) for exactly the same prescription medicine bought elsewhere which is disgusting considering what the product is.

Ridiculously Expensive

Bought my meds to this store located in Newington , NSW. I opted to get a generic brand and was surprised for the cost. It was almost twice as much compared to my local chemist. I just don't have any choice to buy it elsewhere and I need to take the meds sooner.

Won't Price Match Online to Instore

Checked Gripe Water price online - $5.99 on special - went to local Amcal store - price $9.49 - read online FAQ - Amcal won't price match to online or in store prices???
How can they justify this when they are the same company????
Walked out without purchasing the product - going to Chemist Warehouse.
The only good thing I can say about our local Amcal is that they are open all day on a Sunday which helps if you have a late afternoon appointment and need medication.

Overpriced Generic Products

Just purchased 3 generic items from the Bardens store in Darwin and paid $67 compared to the same 3 brand items from Chemist Warehouse that came to $46. How can they justify increasing generics above brand? This is a massive increase. Sorry you have lost a customer and everyone else I tell...

Amcal Click-and-Collect censored my negative review

I placed a Click-and-Collect order on-line and received email confirmation that my order was being processed and that I would be advised when it was ready for pickup. After a week I rang to check my order status and was told that it had been delivered to my local Amcal store, but that the store had simply put the goods into stock and had failed to contact me. This was soon resolved and I picked up the goods some 10 days after ordering.
Days later I was invited, by email, to review my transaction, which I did giving a polite but negative review.
Today I received an email advising that my review had been "moderated" and would not be published!
This amounts to censorship.

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