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Good value for money

A lot of these negative reviews are from people who either have a mortgage or in debt to their eyeballs. If you meet ANZ's criteria you won't be flocked with unwanted fees. Easy streamline to their trading platform with instant transfer, handy when there is a stock market correction as you don't miss out on 1 to 2 days transfer times. Their current interest at 2.4% is okay, not the best compared to 3% from BOQ. Would be better if they could offer higher rates for savers compared to Credit Unions.

They need to implement features such as disabling pay wave or offer key physical 2FA tokens opposed to apps.

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Perfect experience, never had an issue.

Been with the bank for over 7 years, they have been very flexible and customer service has always been great whenever I had a query or concern with my account or loans with the bank.

Would recommend.

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My wife and I have been with ANZ for over 10 years. We are with the Ellenbrook Perth branch and wanted a loan by way of topping up the mortgage. The loan was rejected and not sure why as we have money in the bank, an investment loan and a home loan with the bank. We also have an excellent credit rating, but in the banks eyes the credit rating is worth nothing. We have always paid our mortgages on time.The royal commission has scared the 4 big banks and now they are taking it out on their customers. They have been riping off customers for years, it's only now that they have been caught out they wont help you.

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Dreadful security on new accounts

The customer service centre is woeful. I have been on holds for 22 minutes already. The staff are increasingly reluctant to give black and white answers to questions. I know someone whose name has been used in a fraudulent new ANZ account. Identity theft! Do the ANZ care ..... not so far. So if you want to launder money or make someone's life difficult, call ANZ and ask to set up a new account over the phone with stolen ID and name. They will oblige. Gone are the days when new customers had to provide original ID documents including photo ID which matched the human being setting up the account.

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Dont trust ANZ Bank

Pathetic staff with no responsibility. A govt agency took money out of my account because of mistaken identity and Bank can not differentiate the address between Reservoir and Wollert. Bank says we dont anything about it we dint took your money. Waiting for response from Bank and that Govt agency from 1 week but no answer. Going to court soon.

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Horrible customer service

I went to Springfield QLD branch to open a new account with this bank but waited over 20 mins to be served while no one was in front of me and they just were doing things behind the desk. I understand they need to do these things but to be acknowledged at least would have be good.
They were rude, when they finally wanted to take notice of me they yelled out from the desk at me saying 'do you need something?' and I said 'I'm sorry to bother you I just wanted to open a new account' and the lady just said um well we can't see you right now so you'll have to sit until someone can.
There's a way to speak to customers if you're busy and that wasn't it. I will not be opening with this bank. Very rude would hate to see how they handle my money. Zero customer service skills -disappointed

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New Nambour Qld branch.

Been with ANZ for over 30 years. My experience today leads me to conclude that customer service is a low priority for ANZ. Why have you created a no teller bank? Tellers don't break down are able to converse and able to manage transactions that are perhaps not routine.

I'll look for another branch that still has tellers.

Customer Service
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Worst phone bank customer service in the world

Just awful, gives absolutely no options for repayments and they'll ruin your credit report the first chance they get so you'll have no chance with any other banks or lending institutions.

Customer Service

Worse bank ever

Terrible customer service.
Dont care about the clients.
I would really discourage anyone to go with ANZ for business banking or personal and even worse for home loan. I have had terrible experiences with ANZ and wish I had never banked with them in the first place.

Review TypeATM Experience, Business Banking, Credit Card Application, General Transactions and Loan Application

They declined to offer assistance

Just entered the branch at Docklands Melbourne to ask for assistance in logging into my account and they told me to make a call. I walked half a mile just to hear a well dressed man tell me to make a call. I said I’d like to have assistance from him but he said this is how we operate. #ANZBadCustomerService #ANZisNotCustomerFocused

Just BAD

3 weeks chasing them to get a mortgage... v/s 3 days full process and with a great deal at CBA...
incompetency at it's best, unhelpful, clunky, slow, old fission and 100% ineffective.

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International transfers

Wanting to transfer funds to a NZ account from AU

ANZ AU uses a complex system involving 3rd party ANZ NZ.
If something goes wrong you have no hope of clarifying any issues.
The ANZ help line escalates the degree of frustration by providing unhelpful inconsistent responses.

I was expecting a 3 day transfer time... 13 days later... nothing... Nonsense.

As a 25 year customer l expected better service.

Grossly incompetent...

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Payment finally took place after 14 days ...... add at least a dozen emails and phone calls, an hour spent at an ANZ branch, plus fees from ANZ AU, ANZ NZ and Westpac NZ. Whilst the New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 was a factor, the complex transaction process and inefficiencies with ANZ AUs policies, procedure and methods were a major factor. Want to transfer funds funds from AU to NZ ..... look elsewhere.

Get rid of your overseas call centre!

The stress this crap bank has put my partner through is just appalling! He spent 4 HOURS on the phone to the ridiculous call centre in the Philippines to sort out his home insurance. At one point they disconnected the phone when passsing him to yet another department. When he called back no one had any idea who he was talking to and had to explain all over again. He was passed through from department to department because apparently none of them have any idea on how he can have his investment property with granny flat insured. They are so clueless and clearly have very little training. They were also extremely arrogant and rude on the phone. Real tough guys sitting on the phone. I think ANZ choose to use these overseas call centres because most people give up chasing up on whatever mistake, overcharge or ludicrous fee they have charged because they know these call centre dip$hits will wear them out.

Thank goodness i dont bank with ANZ but just witnessing the rubbish they have put my partner and the hundreds of people who have commented on here through, I will never choose to bank with ANZ and will let people know how rubbish they are.

Customer Service

Shocking Customer Service

I have been with ANZ for 4 years now. We have a home loan and investment loan with them.
We applied to top up our home loan to undertake renovations - after 3 weeks they still cannot provide an answer. My husband and I have a near perfect credit history and yet their processes are extremely show. They continue to delay the process.
We also have had shocking service from our bank member. I made 5 attempts to contact her before I got a response and the only reason she answered the phone was as I called from a different phone number
I do not recommend this bank!

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Customer service is horrible now

I have been with this bank for about 8 years, the customer service has just become so terrible of late. Used to be easy walk in, pick a ticket from the machine and wait for my turn. Now every time I walk in a branch i find someone who tells me nicely that no one is available to attend to me unless I come another time. How come they now seam not to have people attending to customers

Customer Service

Customer service is archaic

Branch customer service was very good until they changed their process. Where there were 3 tellers and you take a number. Now it is one teller who has to accommodate every customer who needs an everyday transaction, meanwhile there are 4 other staff just sitting in booths, or wandering around asking customers innocuous questions for which the answer is in most instances "please line up for our overworked teller". It reminds me of an episode of Utopia. It is obvious by the expressions on all the other customers faces that they were experiencing the same frustration as I was. The manager who came up with this system should be sacked, as it is further eroding the ANZ's reputation at a time when they should be going all out to shore it up.

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They refuse to refund faulty transaction!

Auspost must have had a glitch in their system when i paid them for several shipments, and $60.43 came out from ANZ but Auspost didn't get it.

So i had to rebook those shipments, along with new shipments that were ready to be sent, so the amount was much more, at about $120.

Now, ANZ say that they require the actual individual shipment details for each item in the failed Auspost transaction. But Auspost don't have this as the transaction didn't go through at their end. But I have TWO emails from Auspost that say this:

"We have investigated the payment of $60.43 made on 25/03/2019. Although we can certainly see the transaction taking place, we can confirm the payment was then declined and the money was not received by Australia Post. If you are yet to receive this money back into your account suggest speaking with your financial institute. "

ANZ can see the funds have been debited, but for some reason, refuse so far to even view the emails from Auspost. It's cut and dry. ANZ happily debited the funds and are now trying to wear me out so they can keep it. It's only for an amount of $60.43, but if you do this to one in every thousand customers, they're making a bucketload off this type of issue, alone! At my end, it's a matter of principle, and can't be let go!

Customer Service
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Terrible teller staff

I have used ANZ bank for 20 years. Recently, I have been there for making deposit and using their tablet to internal transfer. One customer complained to their staff as her name "Sam" in Forest Hill branch. She thought I were watching her and then shouted at me. Actually, I was using their tablet to do internal transfer. Whatever, I were doing in there. She can't shout at me as customer. No any staff stop her. What's hell?
I do really understand why she did get complaint from customer. However, I don't know why she can work in there for a while with poor customer service. She should not get any star. It should be negative.

This is terrible. Not reliable. Have been witb them for 25 years

I have been with this bank for 25 years. Not reliable

Never bother with them. It has been a nightmare for me. I found tgem painfully slow and rather negligence.


Have banked with ANZ for nearly 15 years. Never faulted, though ANZ have faulted us majorly once but now twice.
Rang them to enquire as to where my partner’s account card was, as I received mine in the post about 3 to 4 weeks ago. We are a couple where the wife does 97% of the finances for the house. They wanted to speak to my husband off the phone but of course he couldn’t answer some questions without asking me. This resulted in them not being able to resolve our issues as he defaulted with the security process. Now he has to go into a branch when this is actually very difficult due to the hours he works.
Also ANZ, bring back some jobs in Australia & employ our citizens. We could not understand the Customer Service Officers clearly.
This is very frustrating.
We have found the lack of service from the ANZ in the last two years deplorable and are definitely going to source other banking options and change.
You have rocked our boat too much and for the fees we pay, we expect better service.

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Why is it in noarlunga centre, seaford shopping centre or beach rd Christie beach in adelaide atm receipt dispenser always empty and when u do complain it takes weeks for them too be refilled
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Ask the bank

ANZ can you please go back to the old app the new one is ridiculous no pay to mobile hard to read different accounts I pay my contractors every Friday night by pay to Mobiile and it’s instant now they won’t get there money into there accounts until the Monday what a massive step backwards can someone please explain the benefits of the new app or change back I’m sure most people would be grateful...Ricky
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Anz .you've been sending letters for someone who doesn't live at my place - it's got a different surname. Don't you get the message when someone doesn't reply. Can you's stop sending the letters?
2 answers
They can't just change someone's address because some random person says so. How would you like it if someone pretended they had your mail and you stopped getting your letters. If everyone went by your logic anyone could contact the bank and change others addresses or stop other letters. Return it to the sender and the bank should be an undelivered mail alert on the account. And how the feek is it the banks fault someone forgot to change their address??? Is it not the person's responsibility to change the address, banks aren't telepaths and they have to follow privacy laws in Australia.Brian, it could be possible fraud , where some one has opened an account and randomly given the bank ur address

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