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Negative stars-atrocious, appalling. STAY AWAY Qudos Bank. Terrible service

Negative stars-atrocious, appalling

Initially we had a verbal assessment and use equity from an existing loan, then get the new loan for the new purchase or refinance. how long does this take, I asked, oh, around few weeks. Then we start applying for the new loan immediately.

Ok, fast forward 3 months, and still processing. what is taking so long??! No drawdown, no new loan. I had to upload all our documents such as bank statement, lease agreement, property purchase contract... 3 times and sent more than 80 emails at the end, and it was more than 3 months to go through the process of the loan. then on last week, they called me again, to say bad news, err... Good day, byes! just like that.

Furious does not even begin to describe how we wanted to scream at that very moment. Do not waste your time, and think well, it will get better. No. Indeed they have employed some very incompetent people, low profile, lack of customer service, worst Manager and staff service in Lending specialist. As I called multiple times, I had short listed all the names of incompetent individual, which turns out, is just about all of them.

We called up yesterday to make a complaint and ask for transfer the call to the person who's in charge of complaint. The lending specialist manager who's Linda said she's in charge of lending specialist only but she happy take our complaint. However, we request speak to complaint department but she rejected transfer our call to the. After few minutes, The Lady (she mentioned she's Qudos bank manager) and Linda used the conference phone called us back and said the person complaint department on leave and back next few weeks. their sound so aggressive, unprofessional, bad customer service and impolite. Final, they still refused our request what we want speak to the person in charge of complaint. If they have done nothing wrong, so why are they scaring and refuse our requested.

I would like to advice to you, your time is too precious to waste on Qudos Bank, not even one second of it.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience, Business Banking, Credit Card Application, General Transactions, Loan Application and New Account

Excellent service team

Good positive experience , the customer service was perfect & follow up was seamless.
They call back when they say they will.
Very good clear communication.
All inquires got sorted while i was on the phone, these staff surely cant be trained to be nice, they seem to just employ nice people.
Well done

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking, General Transactions and New Account
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Hi Nick, Thank you for your great review and for taking the time to share your feedback. We are committed to providing our customers high quality service are are delighted to learn of your positive experience. We're thrilled our friendly team were able to assist you with all your requirements. Regards, Olivia

Hopeless staff and the worst bank. Don't do business with this bank.

We have applied home loan with Qudos bank since Jun 2019, We sent all documents to Qudos bank as requested. It took more than 6 weeks and still hear nothing from them. Our gross income more than $250K and looking refinance $800K to purchase other property. Today, We had contacted them and they said our application was declined even we have good credit history. We found out the Qudos bank had set monthly expenses figures in their system by themselves and that figure will be applied into loan applicant and they won't inform us what's amount they had set in our application. Also, they were using the applicant TAX RETURN of TAXABLE INCOME and EXPENDITURE figures for calculate how much the applicant can be borrowed. This is total wrong method because they are double counted applicant expenses. Last word, CUSOMER SERVICE SO BAD, They don't know what they doing. Lack of skill, Hopeless, Irresponsibility, KEEP AWAY deal business with Qudos bank if you want survive longer.

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking, Loan Application and New Account
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Hi Jacky, Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear you are disappointed with your recent experience when applying for a home loan. We are committed to providing our customers high quality service and we hope to have the opportunity to show this to you. We encourage you to send an email to marketing@qudosbank.com.au with your full name and preferred contact number so that we can look into this matter further for you. Regards, Olivia

Hope you have better luck than I've had!

Since May 31 I have been trying to open an online account with Qudos Bank. I have completed their entire application form numerous times always getting a message that I already have an application in their system or that I haven't selected a product for "onboarding"! After two phone calls and an email, I was advised that two previous applications for an account had been deleted from their system. This proved not to be the case when I attempted to apply again. I have been told twice that I will be called back as the phone staff have no idea how to handle the problem. During this period, the interest rates on their term deposits have gone down 0.35% so as well as the inconvenience and time spent on the end of a phone line, I have effectively lost money as a result of their incompetence.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

How to really upset a customer

After 30 years with this bank I rang to reorder a new card and change my address as a card had gone to an old address. I spoke to a robot. She could not do 2 transactions at once only one(??WHAT??).
I was on blue tooth, hands free in the car. She wanted to know if I was driving (sorry?) She wanted to know if i had her on speaker (WHAT?). She said she could not ID me if i was driving or on speaker. UNBELIEVABLE. 30 minutes later I was so upset with how I was treated I nearly pulled everything out of my accounts. The fact that i have so many, am so time poor and the effort to reopen somewhere else is the only reason I didnt. In fairness I did call again later and got someone else (who didnt mind what i was doing on the other end of the phone). As if this is any of their business. It was ridiculous.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Handled poorly

Lack of Customer Service after 25 years of being a member the emails and calls I've had to make to resolve an issue has been nothing short of unprofessional and time consuming

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

the extra charges

Bought a Jacket from New Zealand in Au$ calculated correctly on the day but my account was debited with an extra $7 on top. Why? nobody knows. Fees up and up. Banking with the old Credit Union since 1971, never had an issue, but now I have

Customer Service
Review TypeCredit Card Application

Don’t bank here

Customer for over 20 years. Was a great as a Credit Union, but is now an absolutely uncaring inflexible bank with Customer Service practically not existent. Because they are inflexible unlike the major Banks, making me go to costly and time wasting probate, where every other institution and share company have waived probate for me. Qudos so inflexible they would rather lose the investment of a customer with over $100,000 to another Bank than consider my case on merit and waive probate.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

32 years loyal now I’m out of there

Member for 32 years now can’t get out quick enough. Non caring “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” attitude.

Bank elsewhere for much better rates and service.

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Good morning, We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed by an experience you’ve had with us. We would like to understand what happened and how we might be able to do things differently in the future. If you’d like to PM us with further information we can investigate the matter on your behalf? We value your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to address your concerns with you. Regards, Loren

Worst banking company I have ever come across

Made the mistake of joining them a few years ago. I joined for the platinum credit card with the promise of a great rewards system. Fees rocketed up and the value of QFF points plummeted to 0.5 points per dollar spent after $2500. Customer service and response to emails is appalling, they just don't care. When I cancelled my card there was no questions as to why, they don't value their customers at all. I was owed about 5000 qantas points but with my final statement all of these were forfeited due the fine print, despite being told the opposite on the phone on three occasions. To be honest, they get 0 stars (not an option here unfortunately, they don't deserve one star at all) and I am really really pleased to be shot of them. I will never do business with them again.

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Hi Simon, We are disappointed to learn of your experience as this does not represent the level of service we strive to achieve for our customers. Qudos Bank prides itself on ensuring all our members have excellent service and a superb customer experience. On this occasion, it appears we failed to do so and we apologise for this. With your permission, we would like to investigate your concerns and ask you to email us directly at complaints@qudosbank.com.au to discuss this matter further. We value your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to address your concerns with you. Kind regards, Olivia


Im just another unsatisfied loyal customer. I remember telling everyone how good they were but now I can't get out quick enough. Refinanced my home loan with another bank because they have 0 negotiations on interest rates. They offer new customers low rates and jack up rates of existing loyal customers. Canceled all accounts and just paid $250 annual credit card fee which they refused to refund. Before they would cover transaction fees but now pass them on. Would never recommend this bank to anyone.

Cant get Online Banking to work transfering funds to other fiancial institutions within AUS or overs

I echo all other posts here and really disappointed in Qudos Bank.

For starters the name is terrible and embarrassing to tell others I bank with Qudos Bank. The replies are always WHO and WHAT and I have never heard of them before.

The old Qantas Credit Union were always fantastic and offered great service.

I cannot transfer funds online to other financial institutions in AUS or overseas as Qudos Bank will not accept the generated Symantec Codes as I do not have an Australian mobile phone number anymore.

I live permanently overseas in the Philippines and have to contact my mother in Australia to call Qudos Bank and have Qudos Bank call me to let them know all and seek a rectification to all of this.

I am in the process of setting up a global website and need my bank account fully functional at all times and i cannot even transfer money to the website design and development company who bank with NAB in AUS.

Why cant Qudos bank just accept global mobile phone numbers to activate this 2nd security feature on online banking as this would be sensible and smart to do such.

Every time Qudos Bank call me they make me do all the running around and make me feel like its all my fault, even down to the point today they are trying to tell me on the phone my touchscreen android devices such as my Samsung galaxy Tab 4 tablet and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime android mobile phone and my ASUS S550C Series touchscreen laptop which were all purchased in AUS approx 4 years ago are to old and not compatible with there software system to operate the online QSafe banking system.

Every time I try to transfer the funds from my Qudos Bank account to NAB Bank account in Australia via Qudos online banking and Symantec VIP I am notified on the Qudos website upon completing the transfer details and inputting the most current Symantec VIP code within the 30 second timeframe "The Code You Supplied Is Not Valid"

I am now left with just being able to transfer funds between my own Qudos Bank accounts and noting more. I cannot even register and update my banking information or details under settings. At the same time I was offered a dickey 2 page form to fill out and email back to allow a once off telegraphic payment. How is this suppose to be an effective way to bank with an online global business?

I am also disappointed in Qudos Bank and Symantec VIP as this app can only be downloaded on 1 device. I notified Qudos bank today that recently my wife, myself and our 7 year old daughter were around the corner from where we live in the Antipolo City, Philippines playing Christmas toys with our daughter when I guy approached us with a machete and threatened to cut up my wife if I did not hand over my backpack. Inside my backpack was my Samsung tablet as I was taking some photos of our daughter enjoying her Christmas toys. I had to think on my feet and if I gave my backpack to this guy he may have still cut up my wife with his machete so I swung at him with our child's scooter and this got him back so my wife and our child could run away. Fortunately this worked and the guy was scared and ran away

Lucky today as I still have my Samsung Tablet with a good 3+ years of photos and video which my wife and myself so dearly need as "Proof Documentation" of our "Genuine Relationship" as we are considering embarking on the Australian migration soon for our family. Now if I download this Qudos online Banking system and Symantec VIP on my tablet and this guy got it from me where does this leave me? I will tell you with an unfunctional banking system again and me running back to Qudos bank to deactivate 1 device and try to register another of my devices. How primitive.

And I was told today by Qudos staff on the phone today that this 2nd security system in place with Qudos online banking is better technology. I find this hard to believe when the old system worked perfectly fine and I could always transfer funds online to other financial institutions within AUS and overseas. Unlike now I cannot transfer any funds at all.

Funny as today I motioned to Qudos Staff that I recently purchased Qantas return flights back to AUS for Christmas with my family, all purchased online, brought Air Asia flights multiple times online, run an Ebay account, Western Union account, PayPal account and can withdraw fund via ATM machines nationwide in the Philippines all with my Qudos Bank account and my Qudos VISA Card however I am unable to transfer funds from my Qudos Bank account to other financial institutions in AUS or overseas online with Qsafe.

I too am considering closing down my Qudos Bank account and shifting my funds to another workable bank and bank account.

Sad as the old Qantas Credit Union were wonderful.

Internet banking down all Saturday

17/03/18 internet banking down all day today couldn't transfer money to pay bills or know anything about my accounts including my business crap service. Leaving them on Monday.

RIP QSCU - Now just another uncompetitive bank

I joined the Qantas Staff Credit Union in 1994 when I joined the group. Back then they had enthusiastic, caring staff who would go out of their way to give good service. Their interest rates were generally competitive with the rest of the market, and the vibe was like belonging to a 'good thing'. We had our mortgage with them, and although we had to do a bit more legwork than if we were dealing with a commercial institution, we didn't mind so much.

Now all that's gone.

Interest rates which are far from competitive with the market, and service that doesn't stand out any better than other banks.

We've moved on. I recommend you do, too.

Zero Stars - so sad to see the death of a once great credit union.

It really is so disappointing to be reading all of these bad reviews about a once outstanding Qantas Credit Union now Qudos Bank. I agree whole heartedly with all the below reviews, since changing to a bank its been a fast downhill slide. I am in the process of moving my home loan and all of my accounts. If you are looking for a home loan, look elsewhere for the low interest rate, there are plenty out there offering the same with much better service. It's such a shame. I have always taken pride in being a part of the QF Credit union, an outstanding institution with real people running it. Now... The service both online and in branch is appalling, their care factor is zero. I can't wait to move my home loan where I will be paying no fees and getting a 3.69% interest rate (unlike the 4.24% I'm paying at the moment even though the advertised rate of my loan is 3.69%... not sure how that works since I'm on variable and really should be paying 3.69%!) ... I have asked 3 times now for clarification with no response... it's almost a been a month, plenty of time to receive a reply. So good bye and good riddance Qudos. You have lost me and my family's business forever.

Homeloan interest rates

I have also been a loyal member of Qantas Credit Union for over 20 years and there is no loyalty at all. My home loan variable rate is 4.39% but Qudos Bank has it advertised on their website for 4.04%. When I called to match the interest rate advertised I was told that rate was only for new customers and they wouldn't match it or even negotiate. Basically they didn't care whether I left the bank or not, even quite happy to send out a Discharge Form. Disgusting service.

RIP QF credit union

Much the same as all the previous reviews - slowly but surely the old credit union (which is why I was with them in the first place) has slowly morphed into a bank like experience. Don't go near them.

RIP Qantas Staff Credit Union

Much the same as other reviews here. Have been a Qantas Staff Credit Union member for nearly 17 years. They supported me through my career as I needed funding and I always had a wonderful report with the staff at the branches.

Since becoming Qudos Bank, I have noticed all the front line staff I know have left and unlike their slogan of "Unbank like", they are now becoming very bank like. I notice they now have fees for personal and car loans they never had. My interest rate on my home loan is now higher than a new customer can get. When I phoned and emailed them regarding this, they weren't interested at all.

I have moved my transaction accounts and my credit cards away from them. Their overseas rates are terrible compared to some other credit card companies. Just really sad to see the demise of a once outstanding organisation. I am now researching other lenders and will move my home loan as well.

Anyway, thank you Qantas Staff Credit Union for many years of impeccable service. Goodbye Qudos, so glad to see you value (not) your loyal customers of many years.

Great QF Credit Union transforms into a below standard disrespectful Qudos Bank

Now that the former great Qantas Credit Union is a Bank, all the personal niceties of belonging to a family-like group are slowly disappearing. I wanted a 2018 Calendar and have been informed that they have decided to no longer provide this product/benefit to its customers. I am very disappointed with the direction of the Qudos bank. Note, we now have CEO's and executives with inflated salaries and frugality for its customers.
The CEO has isolated himself from the customer and is not contactable at all. I had the need to contact the CEO re (in my view) a serious security issue with the Miranda Branch and had all my emails filtered to ensure that they never reached the CEO. He never responded in any form to many emails on this very serious subject. If he was made aware of my concerns he is lacking in courtesy and supervisory oversight.
The Miranda Branch remains with the same serious security shortcomings as highlighted to the management in my emails of last year. I was assured that the money was adequately protected.
My family and I feel unsafe when using this branch, it offers no privacy, absolutely no security for its staff and customers and is a sorry, poor mans bank branch. Even the location is isolated re parking and accessibility during business hours.
Is there anyone else who feels uncomfortable with the security aspect of the Miranda Branch?
T. D'Apice

Appalling service and fail to advise key information!

Applied for a loan earlier this year after providing voluminuous amounts of personal information. Loan approved and when there became issues with Builder (which were later resolved) pulled the loan leaving us having to consider other options elsewhere at short notice which worked out for the better. They also tried to palm us off to a Financial Adviser which we politely declined after the initial assessment. We received a stern email that we owed them for the initial valuation which we argued was initially approved. All in all, a sorry tale of poor customer service and potential to seriously derail the purchase of a Dream Home. :(

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How long will it take to reach my Bendigo account?
1 answer
Hi Sam, thanks for your question. If you’ve made a transfer from your Qudos Bank account to an external bank account it should appear on the next business day pending the receiving institutions processing times, however in some circumstances it can take up to 2-3 business days. If making a transfer on a weekend or public holiday please expect to allow additional processing time. Regards, Qudos Bank

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