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Auswide Bank

Latest review: Was screwed around for 10 days to get a NO with all requirements met with ease. Constantly fed lies ranging from "sorry mate, lost your number in my phone" to "Oh, sorry.......couldn't get back to

Bank Australia

Latest review: I have been with Bank Australia (in various forms) for 35 years. This is a great bank to work with - many years ago for loans and more recently for deposits. Recently, when one of my account


Latest review: Been with this bank for over 10 years. Customer Service need to be re-trained as some of the info they give you are incorrect. They also dont warn you that they going to put a block on your card if

Beyond Bank

Latest review: I dealt with a person on the phone for a car loan and all I can say is the rates were fantastic and the person went above and beyond to ensure I had the car within a matter of days. Awesome and easy

Bendigo Bank

Latest review: After 40 years with this bank and the closure on Saturdays and closure of community branches its time for me to move to one of the big 4 in protest of the recent

Greater Bank

Latest review: 2 Fraudulent foreign charges appeared on savings account statement Totalling aud$400.00. The branch cancelled the card and said it would be investigated. It has been 30 days since the fraud. Now


Latest review: - 10+ years, and 10 years too long - Phone call assistance? Forget it, you'll be waiting for 90+minutes - Exceptionally unreliable - website is soooo buggy that it's an embarrassment. How's this

Heritage Bank

Latest review: Logged on to my bank today and saw a transaction I had just made promised TWICE, Two different merchant numbers two different receipt numbers and thirty seconds or so apart. My Payee and their bank

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: Mortgage is a 30 years relationship, however their product and services is not competitive. For example they don’t offer family pledge. What if in 20 years time you needing to support your kids to e

People's Choice Credit Union

Latest review: I have found the services of People's Choice Credit Union (PCCU) very disappointing as a customer of ~10 years. when I began they were called Australian Central saving and Loans. I joined as a young


Latest review: I went in to the branch in Adelaide today and attempted to finish with the opening of a new joint account.. I did not bring my drivers licence as I was told by service sa that I no longer need it,

Commonwealth Bank

Latest review: Been with CBA for over 40 years. Home loan for the past 26. Have just asked for review of rate and they refuse to match other banks. Told To fix for 2 Years to get Lower rate and there’s no other o

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: This bank is terrible they approved me for a personal loan i needed to do some renovations after a month I pulled most of the money they blocked my account and wouldn't allow me to touch the last


Latest review: Unfortunately my credit card was hacked 2 weeks ago by someone in England leaving me over $500 in debt. I attended the Hurstville Branch on my lunch break 15/8/19 and was attended to by a member of

Bank of Melbourne

Latest review: I lived in melbourne for 6 months, and chose Bank of Melbourne as my bank. I left the country a few weeks ago and had to transfer my savings to my danish bank. When I left, I cancelled my phone plan


Latest review: Applied on line for their Qantas MasterCard as I’m going over seas and it looked good. Sent my payslips and other details they required. Few days later I called and was told that it’s been looked at.

Bank of Queensland

Latest review: I applied for a car loan, after a week nobody contacted me ,finally after I call them twice , the super duper manager called me beck. What a joke :)). Good bye


Latest review: Appalling conversation with Westpac staff today who clearly require training on how to speak to customers., very upsetting. No personal touch from Westpac, their staff make accusations that are


Latest review: Not stable for their credit card policy as they will decline application for different reasons, When i first go with them for credit card (1)they say you have account with ANZ ( i followed and open)


Latest review: I was charged 40% of oversea transition fee when I do international money transer, but in their " Schedule of fee and charges for other personal account" has state very clear that the fee is $2.50,

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