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Auswide Bank

Latest review: I was on a variable rate since 2016 and the market saw loan rate drop, which was never passed on to me, even after a few phone calls. Instead, they bumped up the rate from 4.something to 4.6 when the

Bank Australia

Latest review: I have been a customer with Bank Aus for almost two years. I approached BankAus is because of their competitive home loan rates. Brad and Renee (BankAus Canberra branch) have been very helpful and


Latest review: I was notified by text message that ING had cancelled my card. They refused to provide further detail. I suspect it was related to a recent online purchase as I rarely buy products online so they


Latest review: UBank is apparently calling customers in relation to anti-money laundering provisions. The problem with phone calls is that I cannot rely on this a s trusted method of communication with the bank.

Bendigo Bank

Latest review: Lagging way behind from other banks. No option to reset password online, nor to even register for online banking! Calling customer service to do these things is a pain, always more than 20 mins wait.

Beyond Bank

Latest review: My mum-in-law moved into an aged care nursing home, and these are very expensive, so along with the government fees, leaves very little left over cash from their pension to pay for medicines and

Greater Bank

Latest review: I did a check price against one of the ‘Big 4’ with Greater Bank and I’m glad I did. Excellent fixed term home loan rate 3.74% against 3.89%. Greater Banks LMI was 20% cheaper than the ‘Big 4’ bank (b

Heritage Bank

Latest review: how dare you say,customer firest,im trying to invest a millon,dollars in cash,and geting a round around,already have over 250 thousand,with them,this is a outrage,will pull the lot out,and go to the

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: We had excess money there went into our credit card limit is $2000 so we deposit extra, when we did withdravel ME BANK want a fee $10-20 each time? I was explaining Bankwest did not charge! Another

People's Choice Credit Union

Latest review: 2 buses with a walker is too hard for me. Then was told "Take a seat, you will be seen shortly" 1 hr 10 mins later I was still sitting & waiting. Queues were to the door, 1 teller working, many


Latest review: I have been with bank SA for almost ten years now and I have found that their staff are very rude, especially on the phone. I Was applying for a small personal loan of seven thousand dollars ,

Commonwealth Bank

Latest review: I have been with this bank for 20 years. They were busy raising money for charity. I was treated in a dismissive manner by some staff when seeking to open an

NAB (National Australia Bank)

Latest review: I made a large purchase from a store that was closing it's doors and NAB showed the transaction went through twice! So I went back to the store accusing them of charging me twice. A few days later


Latest review: Have had my vehicle financed through St George for the past 4 years. I became very sick for a few weeks and fell in arrears on my loan. I asked them if I could refinance as I have never done so

Bank of Melbourne

Latest review: I have a Cheque $500. and I went to the Werribee branch to deposit. There was a lady who deposited for me and after I check on the my internet banking all done. And after 3 days later, I saw in my


Latest review: I personally was offered, whilst online banking, an alternative account - which I did - not indicated that this was only a carrot and I was required to visit a branch to confirm my identity. Westpac


Latest review: The balance in my Easy Transaction Account was $0 and due to personal circumstances I did not use my account for 6 months. Bankwest closed my account without my consent and I only found out when

Bank of Queensland

Latest review: Opened up some accounts with BOQ in January. First thing I noticed is that the website and the application are terrible. Re not user-friendly and make things really complicated. Second thing is


Latest review: Just awful, gives absolutely no options for repayments and they'll ruin your credit report the first chance they get so you'll have no chance with any other banks or lending


Latest review: Suncorp i just want to give your company in particular your ctp insurance claims section a 10/10. I am so so very touched by the actions of the Brisbane branch and i cannot express my gratitude

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