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Was screwed around for 10 days to get a NO with all requirements met with ease.
Constantly fed lies ranging from "sorry mate, lost your number in my phone" to
"Oh, sorry.......couldn't get back to you yesterday as there was a power outage"
A Queensland bank with NO idea about real estate in Victoria. AVOID!!!

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Best Customer Service

I want to Thank Katrina Thompson for some great customer service. She went over the top to make us feel comfortable about opening accounts and answered all questions we had. She is a total asset.

Customer Service
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Disappointing Service

The lending team are the only ones with any customer service skills that I have encountered. Whenever needing assistance I have been met with a lack of enthusiasm to help or rectify the situation. The fees are astronomical and interest rates sub par

Customer Service
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Customer service at its best!

We went thought the lending process with Auswide which was a lengthy and arduous process but that is the case with all banks at the moment... what we are so impressed with is the customer service from set up to even now a couple of months down the track. Madison from the Brisbane City branch has been so helpful and nothing has been a hassle. Old style customer service at its best Auswide will def recommend this bank

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Worst bank process

I applied for a home loan with this bank through a broker us along with broker were appalled at the whole process. 6 weeks for a pre-approval, keep requesting more and more documents that they already had, delaying constantly. Then for them to turn around and decline it after 6 weeks. The decline letter is attrocious doesn't say why declined just computer generated it seems. So unclear as to why it was declined when well & truly met all criteria and don't know what to fix before applying again. Was the first time we applied for mortgage and honestly scared to do again due to this service. Disappointed is an understatement. Shocking customer service would not recommend.

Customer Service
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Hi Tcat, We're very sorry to hear that your experience wasn't to expectations. If you'd like to email your contact details to cc@auswidebank.com.au we can have a member of our staff contact you to address your concerns.

Best Customer service ever

I am with the bank for 20 years now. I consider they give the best service among banks. Staff are friendly and helpful, go above and beyond for you in every branch I dealt with. No long queues and push to use online banking - like the Big 4 do.
My mortgage is not with them anymore as I didn't fit into the requirements at the time, but kept my account. And no matter how much is on your account, you get a friendly old fashioned personalised service each time. 5 stars from me!

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Refinanced loan

We needed to refinance our loan, which was already with Auswide Bank. Amanda Williams our lending consultant was amazing!!! She took the time to sit down with us and discuss our situation, and she came up with the best solution for us. Amanda made it such an fast, easy and painless process, and we would recommend her and Auswide to anyone. Julie R and Andrew R

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Very unpleasant experience with first ever home loan

Couldn’t be more disappointed with this bank. Have had a home loan with this Auswide for one year & they have already done 2 out of cycle rate rises. The 1st was before we had even paid our 1st month. It appears like Auswide put profits before customers just like most other banks.

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Hi Jacob, We apologise that your experience hasn't been to expectation. If you'd like to contact us on 1300 138 831, we can have one of our specialists assist with your concerns.

Cant speak to anyone because there on holidays and no one is doing the holiday persons job so u have to wait poor c s

Don’t do it. There no breed than the big 4. There managers go early and there always on leave . Go to complain and guess what. The G M is on holidays. And we just had Xmas and new year. It’s a joke. For your loan answer. You have to wait for the loan manger. Who must be god. Because no one else steps up into the job when he’s not there. Same old tricks as the big 4

Customer Service
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Hi John, I apologise your experience hasn't been to expectations! If you'd like to email us your enquiry and best contact details at cc@auswidebank.com.au, we can have someone assist you.It’s only. Now getting resolved and had to get a manager involved to get it moving along. Was told a few lies along the way. By the lady taking the app. Told me there isn’t the rite person who can make the decision as there away for the day. The day before the Easter break. But talking to the manager Justin he’s told me that’s nit the case there is 3 people who can make the decision. But as I said I was told there wasn’t anyone that day. I felt that wasn’t the case then and I was correct by the sounds of it. As I said moving along now but we have Anzac Day tomorrow. So let’s see if it can be sorted out today with a decision. Little bit Disappointed disappointed from the person that took the app. But Justin rang. And we’re on track and seems to be all ok now.

The worst bank ever in the history of Australia

I was on a variable rate since 2016 and the market saw loan rate drop, which was never passed on to me, even after a few phone calls. Instead, they bumped up the rate from 4.something to 4.6 when the comparable rates around were just 3.99. That's one part of the problem. And man, their customer service is the worst of all. I will never get something with them again and I recommend NOT to go with them either.

the worst experience Ive ever had

I took a loan through the Auswide bank branch in Maryborough and when discussing the interest rate I was told it was 3.99 % until all the particulars was worked out and I purchased a cheaper home after doing this the interest rate increased to 5.4% I was shocked but because I'd been through all the steps to get the loan I signed up I wish I hadn't I have since applied for a loan elsewhere .Don't make the same mistake as me and try everywhere else first you'll be glad you did they're not for their customers but only for themselves. A few moths after taking the loan I received a letter from them saying that due to the significant and sustained increases in the cost of funding loans we will be increasing your interest rate by .05% even though there has been no movement of the official cash rate. What a joke when they say we're for the customer Just don't give them the satisfaction .I just wish I had of known this in the beginning

My experience of Auswide Bank

I have been with Auswide Bank for many years, in fact before it became a bank. I live some 3 hrs away from my nearest branch, so I do all of my banking online. I have set daily limits on my account as a secure measure and find that all I have to do is send an email to the bank if I need to pay an amount above that limit. This happens very quickly and payments are usually made in one business day. I could bank with all of the major Banks within 10-25 minutes from where I live, but I am so happy with the service that Auswide Bank give me, that it never crosses my mind to change. "You cannot go wrong with this Bank" , easy online transactions, great reliable service and services all of my Banking needs professionally.

Financial Advice

Need Financial Advice? I needed some advice on a few financial matters and the Staff at Auswide Bank were so helpful and really went out of their way to help me understand. They always make me feel like a valued customer and I never have to wait any longer than a couple of minutes to get served. That’s what I call great Customer Service.

Thank you Tannika

I would like to thank Auswide Bank for promptly returning the money that was stolen from me! In particular, I'd like to single out Tannika at the Stockland branch (formerly Sugarland) in Bundaberg. She took the time to listen to my concerns & offer me comfort through my tears. Thanks again Auswide.

One rate for newcomers, higher rate for existing customers

Our experience is similar to Mrs Deano's. We have a mortgage with ME Bank, paying 4.89%. However, this bank advertises the far lower rate of 3.69% for new mortgages. When they bank tersely refused to consider a lower rate for us, we decided to move our mortgage to a bank offering a lower rate. However, my investigations so far show that many, maybe all, banks have this practice. I wonder, does this mean we should move our mortgage every year or so? Does anyone know of a bank or lender which does not do this?

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Hi Rosey. We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with our interest rates. If you would like to discuss your situation further, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 138 831.

How to lose a customer without even trying.

We have a home loan and a large amount of money in an offset account with Auswide. I rang them to see if we could get a better interest rate that the 4.55% we are currently paying
New customers wanting more than 100k home loan are offered 3.69% which is a reasonable difference.
After waiting for more than a week for their 'customer retention team' to call me back, we finally connected.
I asked if we could possibly get a better rate than our current rate. The answer was no. Seriously ? Just no ??? I asked why the bank would offer new customers a better rate than their existing loyal customers however the agent proceeded to speak large volumes of words without actually answering the question. I stated that while I understood what he was saying, he did not answer my question and could he please do so. I was then told that I was rude and had an attitude problem. I asked to speak to his manager and he replied that his manager was the person who answered my initial call when ringing their 13 number. (Managers answering call centre phones ? Also note that the lady who took my initial call told me that she could not help me and that this had to be 'handled by our customer retention team) I replied that it was obvious that he was not interested in helping to retain my business and asked that he email a discharge form. I received his email with discharge form almost immediately.
Note to self Auswide if this is an example of your 'retention team' , you fail to understand the word retention The person I spoke to had no intention of trying to retain my large home loan and my large savings. So people don't bother calling to get a better rate, in fact don't bother calling at all because it takes them a week to call you back !

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Hi MrsDeano, We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with your experience and that we were unable to assist. Thank you for your feedback.

Just another typical bank...

Applied for a home loan through my broker (Who I can't thank enough) almost 12 months ago with Auswide Bank as a first time home owner. Success! I was almost officially ready to start building my first house. Found a block of land I loved so I purchased it and things we're going really smoothly. Next step was to find the right builder. Success! found a builder.
To cut a long story short the builder went broke before they even started and I lost 5 months of time chasing my deposit back from the QBCC. During that time the home loan had lapsed and according the ASIC you have to re-apply after 3 months of not using the loan, which is annoying but that's the rules.
I work in construction myself and have done since finishing high school, been a full-time employee on different contracts for around 19 years and never having too much time off in between contracts (Few months here or there, travelling etc). While I was in the process of finding a new builder and re-applying for the home loan my current full-time contract was ending. I ended up finding a new contract however it is only full-time on a "Casual" basis with the potential to go full-time in 3-6 months which was fine with me cause the work suited my lifestyle and it meant I had a great work / life balance. My broker had asked the bank if this was okay and they verbally said it shouldn't be a problem.
Well.. That was a complete lie. They completely back-flipped and changed their mind stating my "casual" contract was a "concern" and that I needed to be employed at least 6 months on that casual contract before I could re-apply... Meanwhile I was already an existing customer that had already purchased land (while paying rates and making monthly repayments on principle and interest since June 2017) through this home loan. Not only that I had a 20% deposit for the loan (By myself mind you) with great savings in my accounts that if I was to have 12 months off I could afford to live and pay off the loan easily and still have money in my accounts.
Anyway my broker has already found another bank who knows my situation and are more than happy to give me a loan and I have now started the process of telling ALL my friends, family, work colleagues and even complete strangers to stay away from Auswide Bank.
Just for your information also their online banking is pretty subpar and basic. You can't download your own statements unless it's in QIF , DAT or CSV format which is absolutely pointless cause it has no "official" letterhead or anything with Auswide on it, so you've got to wait 3 months for paper statements or ring up and pay a fee for posted paper! It's 2018! who even does paper statements anymore? Wake up Auswide.

Hi Aginbne. We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with your experience and that we were unable to assist. Thank you for your feedback.Just an update on how things went with Auswide (April 2019) - Loan was finally approved (June 2018) after I mentioned legal action through the financial ombudsman. However it seems after only just finally having the house finished with the build process and moving in (4 weeks ago) our awesome 3.69% variable rate (That sucked me in to Auswide in the first place) has already gone to 4.510%... The home loan isn't even 10 months old since approval was finally given, not only that, the Reserve Bank has kept interest at 1.5% for how many years now? And they ain't moving anytime soon!. After checking the Auswide website - they are STILL advertising this new introductory offer at 3.69% for new home loans only? - How new do you have to be??. I guess to all those out there looking at the cheap interest rate - just ask the question, when do they plan to raise your interest rate?, as it seems to be a good idea to do it within the first 8 months by almost 1 whole percent! Also be weary of the 5 star reviews on here... Seems there's a lot of first timers "reviewing" their experience but aren't actually verified customers?!...Hmmmmmmm gone from 1.3 stars (2017) to 4.5 stars (Current).. Very much doubt any bank could improve those odds especially after a royal commission, in my opinion... Do you research people and ask ALL the right questions!

Very professional and timely mortgage approval/process

I done a lot of research on mortgage providers, and to be honest they're all bad, Auswide had the most genuine positive reviews as most of the big banks have fake positive reviews from staff dropping there name for their own benefit.

My mortgage and valuation of the property was approved in days well before the settlement date, relieving the uncertainty to both parties. Communication was impeccable, and any question dealt with promptly. I`m not going to name drop but all the staff I had dealings were awesome.

I do and will continue to recommend them to any home buyers.

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Hi John S. Thanks very much for your feedback and for your continued support.

Disappointing and frustating experience with Auswide homeloans

I applied for a home loan with Auswide while the application was through broker, got very surprising questions on deductions income etc.
I have taken other loans in past as well and I am really disappointed by the way the credit approval process progressed.
Finally took the call not to go ahead with them

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Hi Abhi, We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with the credit approval process and being asked to supply supporting information. Please contact us if you would like us to look into this further.

Love them

Auswide bank are people orientated. You speak to a person. Over counter or on phone....a person!
They treat you as an individual. They are supportive, approachable and helpful.
Best bank ever

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Is auswide bank affiliated with a big bank trying to apply for a loan and tour bank isn't listed?
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hi there, are you a bank for businesses and taking up loans or are you also a bank for everyday banking? cheers Nicole
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Hi Nicole. Thanks very much for your question. Auswide Bank is a full service bank and offer a range of both personal and business banking products and services for our customers. Our personal banking products and services include: transaction accounts, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, term deposits, insurance and financial advice. We also offer business transaction accounts, business loans, overdrafts, lines of credit, commercial vehicle & equipment finance, together with a range of business support services such as EFTPOS merchant solutions and online bank feeds. For further information on our range of products and services, please visit www.auswidebank.com.au or call us on 1300 138 831. We hope this assists in answering your question. Thank you.Thank you

Do you approve Home loans to someone who has been working for a new company just short of three months but in the same field of work does 46-50 hours a week an parents are also on the loan application?
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