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ANZ Bank Home Loans

ANZ Bank Home Loans

1.8 from 103 reviews

Great online facility, not the rate competitive.

Variable rates can change, unfortunately in current climate they have climbed but this is expected with rise in funding costs and naturally lower rates favoring new clients. Other than that, the web based application is easy to use and intuitive. The phone app is dependable although does go down quite often for maintenance. Overall not a bad experience.

The worst bank for Home Loans

If you would like to get a Home Loan then I would recommend getting one through Westpac because they calculate the best calculations and they are always accurate also they never rip you off.

Customer Service

Worst bank ever – The bank you can trust to screw things badly

Moving my banking requirements to ANZ has been an absolute disaster. If you want a bank to screw things over, then ANZ is the bank to do it.

With the purchase of a property, I chose ANZ to have the home loan with. During settlement they considerably overcharged my account. When questioned, they informed they will rectify it and credit me back. But you know what, the next day they then overcharged my account again (by a considerable amount). All they had to do was follow the loan documents, and they have so far failed to comply and follow it.

My broker and conveyancer have been in contact with ANZ and still ANZ cannot provide an answer. I have tried to go to their head office, yet no one has been able to assist rather telling me it most likely is my fault.

If you want a bank you can rely upon to really screw things over, overcharge you, not follow legal requirements from the conveyancer and a very bad customer service staff then go ahead and bank with ANZ.

Customer Service

Very disappointed, and until today I'd been recommending ANZ to others.

I called last year to split our home loan and fix our home loan rate because we'd be saving about $1,000 or so a month in interest and they said they couldnt make the changes because we had 2 delayed payments in 2017 for which their financial hardship team was approached (which have since then been paid) due to husband being made redundant. They said we need to wait 6 months and to call again.

After spending an hour on the phone first after being told by Theo that he can do it no problem, I was transferred to Helen who was by far one of the rudest consultants I spoke to in my lifetime. Her demeanour was condescending throughout the duration of the call and in the middle of the conversation I actually had to ask her if she would stop interrupting and speaking over me and let me talk.

I had been manually paying our home loan and our account has been ahead in payments for more than a year, but because I had not been making the payments on the specified date but BEFORE the due dates, she said the system was saying that I'd made 2 late payments in the last 30 days alone. I don't understand why it's a problem to pay before the due date and why it's marked as a late payment? So then due to these supposed "late payments" they had to review my internal credit rating and said I need to wait 6 months and make payments on time but not AHEAD of time?!?

I was then transferred to the 4th person (after spending an hour on the phone with a toddler and infant to take care of) who said she'd send an email for someone to review the account and see if they can make the changes from variable to fixed. Every person I spoke with gave contradicting information, from Helen saying the review would take 48 hours to the last person Ellie saying she's never heard of it taking under 5 days. Debbie made an effort to help but I understood she was in another department and had to transfer me again.

Lastly, just wondering what type of "system" ANZ uses. All 4 consultants blamed the system for not being able to help. Theo said his system was frozen, Helen said her system didnt let her make any changes, Debbie said she didnt have access on her system and Ellie said she didn't have visibility of the payments on her system.

I eventually asked how much mortgage discharge fees were going to be because we have our everyday account, credit card, home loan and savings/offset with ANZ on a breakfree package for which they charge $395 annually plus all the other fees and interest ANZ are benefiting from. Having the freedom of more than 20% equity on our home so we can move everything over to another bank after being messed around with for many months is liberating.

Very disappointed, confused and frustrated. Definitely will not be recommending ANZ anymore to people.

Customer Service

The mobile team has been disappointing

I was helping my daughter with her first home purchase and approached ANZ. It was the mobile team that we had. The process overall was very stressful, and unprofessional. Every time when we email to try clarify information, it took at least one week sometimes two weeks to get a response. They never apologise for their tardiness but when they want something, they want it immediately. Information also came through in bits and pieces, and they would simply ask us to call the customer service hotline if we want things done.

Really don't recommend the mobile team to anyone.

ANZ are terrible

My experience was the same as the person complaining that its all through India.
I was banking with them for over 10 years, and it took 9 weeks to refinance my loan. Service was ABYSMAL!!!! Like insultingly terrible.
I'm leaving them now....

ANZ home process - Overhaul required - Don't waste time looking at ANZ

1. We attempted to loan additional 600k for purchase of a second property - have existing loan of 450k and house value of 2 million.
2. ANZ after weeks of review only just accepted our loan serviceability even though we had earnings way over the requirement. Earnings excepted by the NAB but no the ANZ.
3. They review their interest rates monthly and increase their rates more often that other banks.
4. Total process was over 7 weeks to get an unconditional offer. Finally with good rates much lower that we were paying. Too little too late.

Don't bother

After forgetting about our application for the first week and then not doing anything in the time frame THEY outlined to us forcing us to apply for a finance extension on our contract, they waited until after we paid for our pest and building control then informed us that lenders mortgage insurance wouldn't cover the postcode the house was in. Just gross incompetence. After being a loyal customer for over 20 years we will be taking our accounts elsewhere.

Horrible service and processed in India

After banking with ANZ for about 25 years with 3 home loans all paid out and all our bank accounts and credit cards we thought we would do the right thing and apply with ANZ again through a mobile lender. BIG BIG mistake. All assessments are done in India by Indians who obviously have no concept of the financial climate in Australia and what we have to do to save etc. They failed us on not having funds to complete. We had our deposit sat there waiting to go. How dare they tell me how to pay for my stamp duty and solicitor. Use a broker and aussie based bank.


Nightmare. We have 20% deposit, bring in over 220k per year and ANZ farmed our assessor to India and they don't understand income unless you are PAYE. 2 months of waiting and we lost the house we were after. Don't touch them with a bargepole if you are a sole trader.

If i could give no stars i would.

If you are wanting a home loan DO NOT waste your time going through anz. You will be waiting around 3 months with horrible customer service and deal with people who don't even understand your accounts (if you have a family trust) because they are undereducated and horrible at their jobs. 3 months is a ridiculous amount of time to get the final approval, they will give you a date when you can expect your approval but have it pushed back every single week. We have just lost the sale of our dream home because anz has taken way too long to give the approval even though they said unofficially that we have it. We have been approved by 3 other banks but wanted to go with anz due to the good interest rates. Dont make the same mistake and lose the house of your dreams because anz don't have their act together. Go with a different bank and save yourself months of stress and heartache.

Don't apply when you have transferred your money from overseas during the last 3 months!

Our broker was dealing with ANZ every day, and after 13 days (when we already had a conditional approve and had to extend our contract second time to not loose a block of land) they told us it was not approved because we transfer money before almost 3 months from overseas to our bank account here in Australia. We declared that it's from our savings but nothing helped and now we are about to lose an opportunity to build our first home.
PS: their approval is processed in Melbourne so it takes ages to get an update and they came with different conditions than in our state

Anz treat small business like rubbish

My partner and I are professionals that run a business and applied for a home loan and were declined as they didn't understand the workings of our company. We provided everything they asked for but it still wasn't enough!!!
Plus we even had a large deposit ready.
So if you run a business DON'T give ANZ a try as they TERRIBLE!!!

Customer service is terrible. Settlements team has 1-2 hrs waiting till they answer your calls

Never ready to settle in time. Clients get penalties due to delayed settlement. Not at all recommended to any one. Hopeless service.

Waiting time for talk

I had mortgage from ANZ, I wanted to move to different bank and payout the loan.
I had asked for a payout figure. I have been advised that I have to fill discharge form and then send it..
To find out this information I have waited 45mins.
Fill and send form and then wait for 7 days.
I called to find how it is going anther 50mins.
I called them after I p business days to find the information it took m 56mins to teach to customer service. It is really bad service.

Saved us selling our house.

Couldn’t get the finance with a bank we had been with for 15 years. Thanyou to ANZ for saving the day.

Progress Payment team.. Unreliable and Incompetent..

Progress payments start off well, invoices are sent and payments to my builder are paid with each stage, Slab, Frame etc So far So good, then It comes to the Fixed out stage completed and an evaluation is ordered. I call the progress payment team to make sure they have received all the relevant paper work and they ensured me that the evaluation had been completed and good to go.... so ready for the Final payment, all documents requested sent and a note to let them know that the hand over has been booked approximately two and a bit weeks.. I get a text message from ANZ saying that they have received the completed final stage form and relevant documents and they have booked an evaluation... I call them and let them know that the evaluation has already been done, and the service operator a few days prior had said that all was good and they had received all documents and the evaluation was completed and that I should receive a text to say the final check will be ready to pick up from my nominated bank with in a few days.. Well after calling a couple of times and repeating my story to the next operator, they told me that I have been placed in a high priority resolution team queue and they will definitely call me that evening to sort everything out...NO call, and now I have to go through all this nonsense again on Mon when they are open...No one in the progress payment team seem to know what's going on and are giving out incorrect information and no follow up calls are made to you to resolve issues... Oh and one service operator sent me the number to call the evaluation people and so I called them and they said that they were given the wrong street number to evaluate. Poor communication and errors within the progress payment team...Never again

Avoid at all costs

After banking with ANZ since round about 2004 with 3 home loans and all our bank accounts and credit cards etc, all was ok until we decided to sell our house where we received disgraceful treatment when we were trying to discharge the mortgage on our residence they played their cards very close to their chest, wouldn't give us an answer whether they would approve the discharge or not even though they valued the 3 houses including the one under contract( for more than their valuation) we didn't get approval till settlement day while we were packing to move out. Recently we sold a second house and they thought they might activate lenders mortgage insurance even though the sale price covered the loan. In the time we have banked with them we have not missed one mortgage payment. They are the most incompetent disgusting excuse for a bank on this planet.

Bad, annoying customer services

It is another of my bad experience. I called ANZ contact centre to make an appointment for a construction homeloan about 12 am today. I thought I talked with a man name [name removed] (not sure). He confirmed that I will have an appointment with [name removed] at Beenleigh branch at 3.20 pm today.
However, I have received 2 emails from noreply@anz.com stated that the appointment is on 22 May 2018, which is tomorrow. I received emails at 12.05 pm then 3.02 pm which is 18 minutes before the appointment. I also received a text message stated the same.

This is very bad practice to annoy or mislead people. The appointment is at 3.20pm today but the emails and text message stated for tomorrow. And the latest email sent at 3.02 pm.

So, what does ANZ want? It seem that they do not do anything but annoying people. I believe that these similar practise also happened to another ANZ customers.

I suppose that there won’t be anything happen because they are all in the same team.


Rubbish!! After a mountain of paperwork with a mobile lender in Kellyville and a long wait..loan denied. No customer loyalty recognised here even with a 50% cash deposit and a 12 year history of ontime mortgage payments.

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Questions & Answers

Why have you outsourced your monitoring and assessing of home loans to India when they have no idea how Australians run businesses? We have banked with ANZ for over 20 years, had 3 home loans with this bank and all have been paid out. Now with a 50% cash deposit, we are told by Indian Assessors that they don't understand how an IT Specialist who runs his own company and has done now for over 20 years how we are going to afford the loan by moving interstate. IT Specialist who works remotely and goes all over the country and overseas. Plus, we had pre loan approval for buying our new house. ANZ, you are driving your customers away in droves. If we don't get the home loan from you, we go to another bank who will more than happy service us with a loan. Even your own Australian Business Developer (from the ANZ) doesn't understand what the Indian Assessors are going on about. Think about this: DO YOU WANT TO LOSE MORE CUSTOMERS? If this is how you want to run your financial organisation, you are guaranteed to lose out to other banks. This loan approval is now into Week 3. Not happy.
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How long do i have to wait for a simple answer? Approved or not after reading these reviews maybe 6 days isn't long enough to be left in limbo. Communication is dreadful do i need to apply some where else
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After 3+ weeks (and after us following up on it each week) were we told "oh yeah, you have been approved but the paperwork will take a few days". The person handling our loan has changed once so far. We returned signed forms but are now waiting on the 'Verification Team' (which I am sure is code for something) before it can be finalised. The wait continues, an agonising month on... No renovations before Christmas for usThey promised 5 business days to get an approval, real - it was about 12 to get a response. Their process is shady.

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