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APIA Car Insurance

APIA Car Insurance

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Premium ride up

This it fist year I was with APIA , but not happy when renewal increases more than$100 dollars with no claim ,my car value less then $8000 dollars from $35.000 to $24.000 no more with this insurance ./

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo

Excellent claims experience

I recently had to claim on our car insurance with APIA - was a minor accident but still worrying as we were concerned about getting things sorted, car in for repairs etc. We needn't have worried. From the time we submitted claim over the phone it was all handled efficiently by very helpful staff. The repair was done by a very good company (Capital Smart @ Seven Hills) & all went well. I am very happy with APIA & can recommend them for great claims action. Their premiums are very competitive but it really is more important that your insurer is prompt & reliable when you have to make a claim.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelHyundai I30
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateMay 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Cannot fault the service - exemplary!

I have just filled in a survey from another financial institution offering insurance, asking if I were in charge, what would I do to make their insurance products attractive. Below is what I wrote....

"Build as good a reputation as I possibly could. My personal experience with APIA is that they are outstanding. The speed and compassion with which they have fulfilled my claims I am truly surprised by. I take every opportunity to tell my friends how unlike a stereotypical insurance company they are. It would take a lot of convincing for me to move from them to another insurance company, even to xxxxxxx, who I also have high regard for."

I am very surprised and disappointed that my experience is not shared by all. It is almost like there are two different companies using the same name. Nevertheless, I shall continue to use APIA while my personal experiences are positive.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelLexus RX350
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim DateApril 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Don’t reward experience

Put a claim in for storm damage and won’t payout because water damage on van .had never leaked before event made out to be dishonest very rude.was told by assessor van was in poor condition and I was of aware of the leak.no water testing done .rewarding experience they say

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25Yes
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim DateApril 2019
Claim ApprovedNo

Ppaiiid my posted quote $40 cheaper online...

Pretty unhappy charged 280 on the posted quote....paid this then found it was 40..00 cheaper online...emailed apia..sorry they can't find my insurances.....just phoned the office and yes I'm insured.....loyalty does not pay

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive and Compulsory Third Party
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelMazda 2
Claim MadeNo

I had very good service with my car insurance claim.

I had to lodge a claim and it was in my opinion an easy and quite straight forward process, it was only minor damage to be repaired on our car but it was all done in 4 working days, I'm very impressed.
I have been with APIA for over 20 years and I will continue to stay with them because I'm a loyal customer and I have no reason to change insurance companies, thankyou to the staff at APIA.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelHyundai Accent LC
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim DateMarch 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Do your research peoples!

I had a no claim 18 year history with them. I also have an impeccable driving record and an immaculate high powered vehicle. and yes, I know how to drive. Had an accident, the other parties fault and they admitted liability, so you think things would go through smoothly, but oh no!! To cut a very long story short, APIA didn't cover me for the cost of replacement parts, (they had reworded their product disclosure information to exclude these parts) and I ended up being substantially out of pocket, not to mention my car devalued by their ridiculous makedo suggestions, and then was off the road for months. It was a simple fix!! This claim was the fault of the other driver, the insurer accepted liability, say what? It was all about APIA recovering their costs from the other insurer. Nevermind I had being paying 18 years worth of high premiums! Their behaviour was evasive and condescending, then I was told that I stressed them out too much and that I should speak to the at fault driver's insurer, unbelievable!!! I paid them to provide a service to me!!! I took the matter to the Financial Ombudsmen Services, winner, winner, and absolutely first class service from them.
I am sure APIA hope their disgruntled policy holders will not
fight the fight. Let me tell you, APIA, I still have a brain and a voice. Your service is disgraceful, and you penalise loyalty, when you should be rewarding it. Give this insurer a big miss, I went with the same insurer as the at fault driver used and made sure they didn't fall under the same umbrella as APIA.....do your research peoples.

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim ApprovedYes

Thought they could get by me with exorbitant renewal notice

Apia renewal was $850 and i shop around to compare the market. Compare the market research said woolies was cheaper but woolies insurance is owned by two brothers in South Africa. Budget Direct was next best so went with them. Just discovered they are owned by a African group also. Will change again next year. Budget total cost $520, better agreed value and 8000 klm limit

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelHolden Colorado RG.II
Claim MadeNo

Shop around no customer loyalty with Apia

Have been with Apia since I got my new car in the beginning of 2014. Each year my car depreciated but up up up went my monthly insurance. Now it's become ridiculous. Called and got spoken to like I'm an idiot with excuses that didn't wash. Shopped around and got exactly the same insurance with another well known and respected insurer for $230 a year less. Apia, seriously, you should be rewarding customer loyalty, not punishing it. Never again.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelNissan X-Trail T31
Claim MadeNo

I wouldn't insure anywhere else.

I've been with APIA many years. Not sure how they compare premium cost-wise. However, they appear to be very competitive, if not better, than most I've tried over the years. What I can commend APIA on, is their claim procedure, which has been excellent. For example my last claim went like this: -
- I had an accident midday on a Friday:
- I phoned APIA about 2:00pm the same day:
- APIA asked me if the following Monday (3 days later) would be OK to do the repairs. Yes, I had to use their repairer (one reviewer felt this was not acceptable);
- I drove to the designated repairer, about 5-6 km from home. They informed me that the repairs would be completed in about 4 days;
- APIA organised a taxi (at no cost to me) to take me home. The taxi was waiting for me, at the repair shop;
- I received a call from the repairer, in just 2 days, saying the vehicle is ready.
- A taxi was immediately organised to take me (again, at no cost) to the repairer.
I ask, how can the service be beaten? -
- 4 days from report to complete repair;
- Lifetime warranty on repairs. I actually used this for a very minor problem;
- Free rides to and from repairer;
- No hassle. Everything was organised;
- As the accident was not my fault, I paid nothing. If it had been my fault, I believe I would have to pay the excess.
That's it. I wouldn't insure anywhere else.

Insurance claim madeYes

APIA...not for Seniors!

I have been insured with APIA for a few yrs now, and , at first, they were top notch. Now, my car insurance premiums have risen a LOT! ON enquiring why, I was given the usual blurb about their superior cover etc, which is untrue, as I discovered that I am not even covered for windshield damage. The fact that my cars' value is reducing, thus means a smaller payout from them, should my car be written off..and so on. I have had various quotes, but will probably go with CGU, via my Credit Union...about $20 p/mth cheaper, and with better cover.

Insurance claim madeNo

Not the right insurance

I was shocked to find out that my APIA policy allows no choice of repairer. This meant that I had to risk sending my still under warranty Toyota Landcruiser 200 to be repaired by their one and only approved vehicle body repairer in my area. No choice whatsoever. Most insurers offer choice and have a long list of approved repairers. I wanted my vehicle repaired by a Toyota factory approved repairer and had a very reasonable quote for modest damage. After explaining my concerns to APIA they eventaully agreed to consider my quote, but on condition I first pay the full amount myself (nothwithstanding the $600,00 already paid). They would then reimburse me what they think is reasonable, In the end considered to pay Toyota approved panel shop myself and withdraw the claim. However, their friendly dispute resolution team, allowed my repairer's quote and resolved the matter. Be aware to check your policy with APIA, especially those of you with expensive and newer vehicles that require specialist care when damaged. You are locked in with their selected repairer.

Insurance claim madeYes

Bad Insurance

Apia claim to be for the senior’s in Australia. In my experience they are far from that. Not once since I have been with them have they got my insurance details correct, nor have they insured me for the correct amount. To add insult to injury my insurance policy was cancelled due to non-payment, which I was not aware of.

This kind of greedy and incompetent insurance company is not for the seniors but purely for the shareholders. Don’t let the smarmy ads and the bright talk fool you. They are giving nothing away and taking as much as possible whilst doing as little as they can.

Insurance claim madeNo

No hassles and no fuss. Truly fantastic.

Very good experience. No problems. They listen to your problems and solve them. The operators are sympathetic and help make things better.

Insurance claim madeYes

Fast, efficient, compassionate

I was rear-ended in the morning of a Tuesday and got the guy's details. I contacted APIA that day, was asked to bring the car into their repair centre the next morning, was transported to the hire car company for my replacement vehicle and collected my car on the Friday (3 DAYS AFTER THE ACCIDENT!!!). Clearly it was a small bingle, but nonetheless upsetting.
Brilliant service!

Insurance claim madeYes

There is no Fool like an Old Fool

I have recently gone "shopping" for a better car insurance online and I asked for a quote from few insurers.
I thought that APIA would be a good choice for us "oldies" as I am well over 50, never had and accident at fault, drive less than 10,000km per year and have a safe parking option.
I got quote from RACQ for $379, Budget Direct for $393, quite a few others for up to $450 and APIA hit me with $530!. Wow! What a privilege!
It seems they think we are all Altzheimer's sufferers.
I'll stay away from them.

Insurance claim madeNo

The worst car insurance company on the market

This insurer is set up to rip off pensioners!

I had an accident which clearly was not my fault. Apia forced me to go to their own panel beater, who took 2 months to repair what was fairly minor damage.

During this time, they did not offer me a replacement vehicle (majority of insurance companies offer a complimentary hire car when the accident is not your fault).

They tried to make me excess on several occasions even though I was very clearly rear ended. It was finally determined that the accident was not my fault.

Their premium is an abosolute rip off. Over a period of 3 years the cost went up from $600 per year to approximately $950 per year, on the same vehicle, regardless that I am a rating 1 driver.

After doing some research, I found that this was the most expensive insurance on the market, I am happily not longer with Apia.

I believe that this is a genuine attempt to prey on the nievity of our senior citizens. Be warned.

Insurance claim madeYes

APIA leaves disabled woman; autistic child without car on school holidays due to surface hole in boo

If it was possible to give ZERO stars - i would.
I'm happy Not, with how this claim was handled, nor the decisions and here's why,
1. I made a claim on my car to have boot fixed due to hole on surface of boot, which i was already upset about ;
I then had to pay $600 deposit for repair on my part, BEFORE the repair was evaluated.
(This is one reason for the low rating)
Why they ask for the money first, before it's even been evaluated is beyond my comprehension.
(As far as i know- this money has NOT been refunded):

2. Friday afternoon i receive phone call - boot hole too expensive to fix i'm told - $5,400 was the quote by THEIR assessor, classed as "Repairable Write off." due to the value of my car being $4,600.
(2nd reason for the low rating)

3. i say, surely, i'm entitled to an independent 2nd opinion on it; (3rd reason for the low rating);
(the first quote was THEIR panel beater they sent me too, but the response was -

4. Well, we have de-registered your car, so you cannot travel in it - you can get car registered, but this would now be at MY expense. (4th reason for the low rating)

5. I asked the man, who has the right to de-register my car without my permission,(5th reason for the low rating)
and me not being able to get at least an independent quote.( i thought doesn't insurance companies require 3 quotes and take the cheapest if it's possible to fix,as long as it's not more or equal to the Value of the car)).
(If the car was unsafe to travel in, i could understand a phone call to say the car was unsafe and had to be
de-registered due the unsafe factor - but this is Not the case.)

6. I also asked - When was this decision made?
The man informed me the decision was made Wednesday,but noone phone me until Friday Afternoon
(6th reason for the low rating)

I have an illness that can be life-threatening especially when under duress/stress, and i was under so much duress about this, i could not even speak anymore, as there was no discussion with me, before all this was done.

2 men have seen the dent in the boot; i told them both what happened;
They replied - it's a ding in the boot and no damage to the tail light, except a tiny piece in one corner and it's only the plastic part on the rim of the boot.... one man - a business man told me to check out another insurance company he is with - i will do that.
It's ONLY a ding, that ding would NOT make the car unsafe to travel in.....that ding would be able to be fixed for around $1,000 dollars.

People i speak to cannot believe whats happened;
about how someone from APIA can cancel my registration, without my permission, or agreement or discussion before doing so.
Take your story to the Ombudsman and Current Affair, Consumer Affairs they said-
What they have done to you is a RACKET, and how can anybody from an Insurance company deregister your car when they are not the owner;
How can it be unroadworthy due to a surface ding on a rim of plastic?
Haw can they do this without communicating with you first?
Every one i have spoken to about this just cannot believe my story.

i wish for the car to registered - at your expense, not mine - there was no agreement / contract nor negotiation took place with myself before you made this decision; i need to get around town.
If your policy is to replace with New Parts and the new part will cost $5,400 because of your guarantee of warranty;
Then allow me time to look for another car at least....
This would be more considerable than leaving a disabled woman stranded with Autistic child over the Holidays.
and refund my $600 for repair please.
Just asking to be a little more considerate towards people and their needs.
Thank you.
Update - i just spoke to [woman] from APIA who assured me the car has not been de-registered and only gets de-registrar AFTER they take the car.
Update - i have just got off the phone - again with someone from APIA, who was experienced and Knowledgeable with how APIA handles things. ( a good tip is to ask the wo/man how long they've been working for the company, as someone new may not have the experience and may give incorrect information - as it seems to be in my case).
This woman was kind, considerate and knowledgeable
(i remain in honor and give credit where credit is due)...so thank you - you know who you are.

Insurance claim madeYes


Disgusted with the poor process of getting my refund and the run around I have received and the misleading information. The amount of money I was told I would get in refund has changed.

Insurance claim madeNo


I have been with APIA for a number of years and I purchased a new vehicle in October 2017. I rolled over the insurance from an older vehicle with the payments quoted at $55.00 per month. I am just gobsmacked that on my renewal notice the payments have gone to $130.00 per month or $1630.00 per year for absolutely no reason. I've had no claims, good driving history ,etc. They can't give me a really valid reason, probably hoping I wouldn't notice the massive increase in the monthly debit.
I have rang around and gotten many quotes in the $500.00 to $600.00 range.
Don't believe their hype about offering a better deal for older drivers and shop around. I'm 65 by the way.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

when do your repairers replace parts new for old ? especially if the car is under 3 years old.
No answers

How do i claim a broken windscreen
1 answer
ask the insurance company

Have you been asked to pay excess in a Not at Fault accident by APIA or told they cannot decide liability after a rear-ender? Interested in comments from those over 50s people insured with APIA who have been told by APIA that they have to pay the excess payable in not at fault accidents, rear-enders, side-swiped, etc. Particularly interested in those with claims denied and being held at fault after review when the other driver’s insurer is a sister Suncorp Group entity. I am currently following the processes to take them on as this seems to be a common occurrence.
3 answers
No. I have not paid excess on my rear end claims.I have had so much go wrong with APIA telling me I had to pay excess when the other driver accepted liability was just the beginning. I am currently going through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority private message me if you would like my details I definitely want to take this furtherHi Michelle, Will do. AFCA is hopeless. All my recent dealings has had decisions in favour of the Banks and Insurers as they are staffed with some who are still wet behind the ears (you pay peanuts- you get monkeys) or who have worked with insurers or banks’ and determinations are made just rubber-stamping the first decision . What a farcical ‘watchdog’ setup. These people just like internal disputes people at Banks and insurers usually have no legal nous or qualifications nor proper external disputes resolution training plus they justify decisions by telling you they ‘decide issues not necessarily according to Australian laws’ and they say they do this ‘to be fair’ - so don’t hold your breath.


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Roadside Assistance OfferedYes

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