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Apollo Patios

Apollo Patios

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Great all-round experience, super happy

Not sure what’s happening in other Apollos around the country, but I certainly had no problems here on the Central Coast with Apollo Additions. The guys built me a huge patio area recently and everything went really well. From the design stage (the design assessor actually suggested some great ideas that worked really well and saved me a significant amount of money), right through to the two builders that erected the patio, everything went without a hitch. I rarely write reviews, but was so happy with everything, I thought I’d share my experience. I was surprised when I read some of the other reviews here, as I had none of these issues. In fact, far from it. Both the designer/salesman and the building supervisor said they’d try to get it done before Christmas but couldn’t promise it, and they delivered the finished product in early December. The two builders were friendly and knowledgeable and best of all, tidied up the job site once the patio was finished. Overall I am extremely happy with the job, and I’d be happy to recommend Apollo Additions without reservation. They were priced in the middle of the three quotes I got, and I’m so glad I went with these guys. Keep up the great work!!

Not recommended

Job stuffed up between sales rep and builders (both blaming each other) felt like they couldn't care less, just wanted money. Too many staff contradicting each other, all passing the blame. Just felt very unprofessional for a big company.

Product is not what was promised and no after sales service

Apollo replaced my old patio. There were delays in starting and at one stage I was told they had "lost" my job. I was concerned that the flyover would let rain come in but was assured that it would be minimal as the gap was only about 100mm. It is more like 300mm and the rain pours in affecting the whole patio so I will have to get someone else to fill this in. I was told the old patio would be unbolted so I could use the timber instead it was chopped up making it useless. I offered to pay the tipping fee As soon as I paid the last installment and was promised someone would ring me I have not heard from them since. There is No customer service.

Absolutely Horrible.

Will do and say anything to get you to sign a contract and once deposit is paid wanted to change things that are written into contract, as they don't supply them. Was told that if I didn't agree that they wouldn't do the work. Now I have leaks and have been waiting 4 months to have them fixed, but just keep getting excuses all the time as why they can't get out to fix them. Stay away, would not recommend them to anyone.

Awful Experience

We signed a contract with Apollo in February 2018. After many delays, practical completion has been done, but now we face a 4-6 week wait for glass to be manufactured and installed. The salesperson and installer were wonderful and friendly, but the management and office staff seemed to have mucked up the entire process. The sales manager is rude and aggressive on the phone. We have been told that all work and orders will stop if we complain to the DBDRV. I would suggest shopping around and seeing if other providers have better reviews, we are not satisfied with the service we have received.

Be very careful dealing with this lot

Be warned!! Only too eager to get the business but once the contract is signed everything suddenly becomes a problem and any mistakes are blamed on the customer even though they made them. Will admit that part of the job is of good quality but the remainder is totally sub-standard. So far no attempt to rectify their stuff-up and we have refused final payment until they do. Update !!!!! No excuse for stuff on their part other than say that in hindesite they should have done things differently. After much haggling they gave a discount (minor) and we did not have to pay for the incorrectly supplied items.It has been left to us to correct. Advice is to be very careful and get EVERYTHING in writing AND continually ask questions and ask for samples before they are allowed to proceed.

Just hate

They roll Chinese steel..so can you advertise Australian? They advertise Interest free but add it to their price as they quote. Devious

Great company

Great product, reasonable price and knew what they were doing. Happy to do extra work we realized we needed as we went.

Questions & Answers

Is this a Franchise as in the Brisbane Sunday Mail there are North, South, West and Bayside Phone Numbers to contact. If you were not happy with the Job, was it the Companys fault or the Franchisee that was at fault. Thanks Danis
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