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Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

4.5 from 45 reviews

It grows on you!

Initially I was skeptical about how much I'd use an Apple Watch, but thought I'd give it a go. I used one of the first generation Apple Watches years ago - however the Apple Watch 4 is lightyears ahead. I use it everyday, it's super handy to help track fitness and get notifications. It's also ultimately helped me use my phone less, I find I can check my watch if I'm waiting on a message rather than checking my phone all the time.

Purchased in October 2018 at Apple Store Australia for $749.00.

Perfect upgrade from Series 0

After owning a Series 0 Apple Watch that I loved, the upgrade to the Series 4 was incredible in every way.

Screen is much larger and brighter and can fit more making it easier to read even in direct sunlight.

Battery life is great. Comfortably lasts 1-1.5 days and charges very quickly.

Performance from Series 0 to Series 4 is night and day. Apps load immediately and complications on the watch face are always up to date.

Purchased in September 2018.

Wasn’t sold at first but now love it

After a year of hesitating having an Apple Watch, I finally received one as a gift and I haven’t turned back. The series 4 watch is beautiful and comfortable to wear. I have mine in gold aluminium in cellular. Playing with the Apple Watch in store doesn’t help which was why I was hesitant, but after 2 weeks of using it every day, it has been great and I’m loving using it. Using it in my day to day life has made me realise it’s a lovely addition to my day.

- Has falls detection which is great for the elderly but also nice to know if someone bad was to happen, then the watch has your back. Looking forward to the ECG function coming soon.
- I love and always use the torch function as it’s very practical and useful, not having to reach for my phone is great.
- the Activity Rings is perfect for keeping active, and has made me want to exercise more to complete the rings.
- Cellular is very handy for when I want to go out without my phone, such as exercising. Being able to use my Bluetooth headphones with the watch is also wonderful.

- official watch straps are expensive but eBay is your friend.
- connecting to cellular can take a while but that’s only minor
- battery doesn’t last too long (1.5 days max if taking the watch out for exercise or heavy work)
- no Spotify app, only using Apple Music which isn’t great for non-Apple music users. Spotify can only be used as a remote for the iPhone app.

Purchased in May 2019.

Good, but is it quality?

I love the features and WatchiOS. Great faces and complications really useful.
Concerns on quality of materials dropped from 1m and smashed screen - any other watch I dropped would have handled this fine. $529 to repair, might as well buy a new one! Apple probably needs to step up their game here.
Disappointed EKG doesn't function in Australia

Purchased in December 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $799.00.

Great for everyday use

I got my Apple Watch Series 4 for the main focus of tracking my activity and keeping up with my meetings at work. It’s now become a natural extension of my phone.

Purchased in September 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $569.00.

Can't live without it

The apple watch series 4 has been a great Smart watch for my use. I love the fitness features. Use it to record runs multiple times a week. GPS is accurate and battery life is great. I ran a marathon with it and had plenty of battery left. Frequently use it to listen to podcasts while running. Love it

Purchased in October 2018 at JB Hi-Fi for $600.00.

This is so useful!

This watch is so useful and can do so many great things I didn't expect it to be able to do. the gold colour is beautiful but I kind of want black now but I'm still extremely happy about my purchase.

Purchased in October 2018.

Perfect product with lots of compliments

I am able to go out and about all hands free during lunch breaks and many conversation starters witg strangers. Quite a few people love it and love the high tech features. Just would love to have MYKI available

Purchased in October 2018.

LOVE my Apple Watch!

Such a great little product, so nice to have so much accessible on my wrist. The move and exercise targets are great motivators, and while many detractors say the calorie count is not accurate, it may not be 100% on point, but it's a great motivator to get up and move your body if you're having a particularly lazy day, or even if you're not and you just need a little bit more activity to get you over the line before bed.
All in all, definitely recommend.

Purchased in March 2018.

Love it!

Love my watch and find it so convenient to use. Takes a little getting used to as it is quite large - I got the bigger one. Really handy when I don't want to take my phone with me to places.

Purchased in March 2019.

Best gadget

Perfect product.. Takes mobility to another level. No need to carry phone anywhere. Watch does all for you. Everything is on your wrist now. Completely satisfied with the product. Cheers

Purchased in May 2019.

Is not as great as advertised

Bought this watch based on all the hype of how great it is and was disappointed. Have had a lot of connection issues - it is cellular but doesn’t work 70% of the time - I can’t do nearly as much on it as my phone - which was a big reason for buying it. And when I seek help from Apple they know very little and always suggest sending it away for a week or more. On the plus side, I love Apple Pay from my watch and there are a few games I can play on it too. Activity tracker is not as advanced or accurate as advertised.

Purchased in December 2018 at Telstra for $789.00.

Perfect Apple watch

I’m very happy with this. A step up from series 3 with a much better speaker for phone communications. A larger face make viewing much more pleasurable and fantastic connectivity to other Apple devices. I love the flick of the wrist to unlock my iMac. Perfect

Purchased in December 2018 at Ebay for $1,000.00.

Almost Perfect, Excellent for Health and Sleep Tracking

I purchased this after 2 Fitbits failed to deliver and FB finally gave me a sort of Refund and Suggested their product wasn’t for me.
I had a Kidney Transplant last year and needed reasonably accurate Heart Rate Monitoring plus sleep monitoring as main functions, FB said their product would do this and did so for only around 4 months they sent replacement and same around 4 months.
The Apple Watch is more expensive but definitely worth it, I had a small set up problem so filed an online case and an Apple Rep called within 10 minutes and problem fixed in less than 10 mins, the rep called back for follow up 2 days later and also sent follow up email.
The watch itself works with many apps I have on my IPHONE including pill reminder and med advisor as well as messenger and Apple messages, Spotify, online bank, Also many 3rd party apps like Heart Warch And A sleep monitor both of witch are excellent and very accurate, I take my own blood pressure at least weekly and also doctors check at least monthly and the heart rate on watchis always within 1 or 2 beats per minute of the proper equipment, I went for the non sim model as my phone is always not far away, I can answer my phone from watch and communication from watch is excellent, i’m Not convinced that an extra $100+ is worth it for a sim.
If you have other Apple products and in the market for a fitness tracker the Apple Watch is worth saving for I can’t comment on how it works without an IPhone, I can also use it as a remote for Apple TV and unlock my MAC, I use it Kayaking and have knocked it a couple of times and haven’t experienced any problems with breakage or water damage I did buy a silicon screen protector from eBay around $10 so probably worth the investment.

Purchased in November 2018 at Apple Online store for $599.00.

Good watch until it vibrated itself off table onto tiled floor

Recently got nike Apple Watch . On trip to Brisbane took watch off to have shower . Left watch on table, to my surprise it had Vibrated off table and broke screen . Wouldn’t have thought this could happen . Contacted Apple. , not interested

Purchased in January 2019 at Apple Store Australia for $600.00.

Love my Apple watch

love my Apple Watch. It has so many features and the fitness tracking app mostly is one I use daily. The fact that I can receive calls and texts at work without touching my phone is amazing. The ability to change watch faces at the touch of a button makes me feel like I’m wearing a new watch any time I feel like changing the face. Very happy!

Purchased in January 2019.

Watch screen will shatter if you drop or knock it on hard surface

You will drop your watch. It is inevitable.
What Apple sales do not tell you is the glass shatters very easily if you drop or knock your watch on a hard surface. But Apple sales will tell you how scratch resistant the glass is! Apple do not sell anything to protect your watch screen from shattering.
If you shatter the screen, it cannot be replaced. Apple will swap over your watch however, for a cost. $529.00 for series 4 with cellular! I have replaced my watch and have protected it with a 3rd party screen protector but if this watch breaks, I have to think its not really fit for purpose. Whilst I do like the convenience of not having to carry my phone around, it's not worth the cost.

Purchased in October 2018 at Apple Physical store for $760.00.

Functional and adds a whole new level of convenience

Whilst the apple watch is no piece of jewellery and a bit clunky in appearance the convenience and functionality makes it a must have. The cellular Version is brilliant allowing you to leave your phone at home when at the gym,swimming or walking. Apple pay is secure and convenient. Would be better with an always on display option

Purchased in November 2018 at Apple Physical store for $899.00.

Become a part of my life

I honestly thought that the Apple Watch was silly, but it has genuinely become a part of my life that I love. Being able to leave the house without a phone or wallet certainly was a strange feeling but after a little while you get used to it (and love having nothing weighing down your pockets!) If you’re big on exercise, the health tracking is just as good as any other fitness tracker - if not better. When I was initially researching the smartwatch market, I wanted something that would be great for fitness but also stylish. I was a little worried that the apple watch would be too heavy (especially the stainless steel version) when I was running but I can honestly say I haven't even noticed the weight. Being able to link it to the phone service is great as well because you can head out for a run with some wireless headphones and no need to bring an ipod or iphone - a lot more freeing than what I was doing in the past! In terms of heart rate and distance tracking when running, I've tested it so many times (on treadmills, using other tracking softwares, etc.) and it's surprisingly accurate - it's never more than 10m different to what the other trackers have said after a long run, and the heart rate sensor is really great at picking up my pulse even with a (sadly) thick arm and arm hair. The battery life is also great - I wear it all day every day and only have to charge it for about an hour once every 2nd or 3rd day (if I'm pushing it).

Purchased in December 2018 at Weight Losers for $1,200.00.

Very good for aged people who has a risk for fall

The reasons why I chose Apple Watch 4 are fall detection and improved display.
For fall detection, it will be very good for aged people. In fact, this feature already saved many people in Europe. I also like this feature as I concern my health problem.
Also, I'm looking forward to seeing ECG. I hope it is approved by Government ASAP.

Purchased in February 2019 for $799.00.

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