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Fantastic Experience! Highly Recommend Aldo from Mandurah!

Massive congratulations on a job well done - I would highly recommend Aldo at Aqua Technics Mandurah to anyone. We love our pool and I really can't believe how easy the whole process was - I should have bought a pool years earlier!

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Purchase TypePool and Spa
Store LocationAqua Technics Mandurah
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Hello Tracy. Thank you so much. Aldo is great and always caters to clients needs, so we are thrilled he was able to help bring your swimming pool dream to life! Enjoy. Aqua Technics.

Great pool

Must thank Aldo from Aqua Techniks in Mandurah , went above and beyond what was required, have no hesitation to recommend him and the company for the great job.
Well Done
Cheers Ray and Marie Tatlow
South Yunderup

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Purchase TypePool
Store LocationMandurah
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Hello Maria, Wow - your pool picture looks great. Look at the colour of that water. We are so gald to hear you are happy, and thank you so much for posting the review!

Shocking experience

We purchased a pool through Buccaneer (however the install was completed by Aqua Technics) the customer service was terrible, the technical information we were provided was ridiculous and extremely inaccurate and they tried to overcharge us, eventually they refunded the overcharged amount as a “goodwill” credit. They have terrible continuity of information between departments. We were lucky to have one person in reception to assist us. It was a terrible experience in an already stressful experience which was building a new house.

The girl we dealt with in reception [name removed] after this experience was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to listen to our concerns, negotiate the recovery of the overcharged funds and communicated constantly to keep us informed, if she was running the company I'm sure our experience would have been a much more enjoyable one.

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Hello Taylor, We sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the service you received from our team and do not believe it was the the standard we pride ourselves on. A swimming pool is meant to be a happy and exciting time for everyone, so we apologies if your family found it stressful. We have found you contract and spoken to your partner regarding the comments above. According to our system and the conversation with your partner all the issues have been resolved and your pool is complete. However, if there is items still outstanding please email us. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and New Year. Thanks.

Wonderful Experience

It's been a wonderful experience dealing with Aqua Technics. Dean Morton and the rest of the team were so efficient. We are super happy with our new pool and highly recommend Aqua Technics.

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Thanks so much Tim! We are so pleased to hear you are super happy with your Aqua Technics Pool. Enjoy the summer.

Would not recommend ALT

We engaged them to do an Insurance job when our lovely newly refurbished pool popped out of the ground . " we only used them because they under quoted by almost $10 000 to the nearest competitors which meant the insurance company paid the minimum " I expressed my concern abt the pool being left empty would cause cracking I was right and because they did not start repairing pool fr several months it cracked ..As per the contract they repaired it...However they painted it with a different colour so now our lovely pool we paid almost $8,000 out of our own pocket to initally have the pool refurbished has a huge obviously different colour patch on the base of the pool .
After months and months of follow up calls which they would not return or said someone would call back & didnt.
I got wise and demanded they contact me only via email communications which resulted in the manager finally contacted me By Phone and then sending an email stating they will not repaint to the correct colour as the contract only states to repair does not state repair to original pr even one colour
NEVER accept a phone call including appointments have Everyrhing in writing and dated ..
I Would never give my recommendation for this company

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Hi There, Thanks for you review. We have found your contract on file and see that Aqua Technics Commercial was engaged back in 2016 for an insurance repair on your swimming pool. We apologise if you were left out of pocket with the works that were carried out. We have complete confidence in our team and have over 40 years of experience in the fiberglass swimming pools industry. Our team would have used their experience and quoted the correct amount based on the situation that was presented to them at the time. We do not believe in under quoting and have strong values of getting it right the first time! We can also see that a staff member has responded to your latest email and closed out any remaining items in question. We are sorry you feel this way, and if any other issues arise please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you. Aqua Technics.

Our First Pool!

We asked for quotes from seven local pool companies, five replied, one of these we were unimpressed with leaving four. We visited show areas to view the products and get quotes and help. One of the companies failed to impress leaving three – all of them in the Aqua Technologies group.
We were explicit about our knowledge and experience (none) with pools and so it became confusing when we were given conflicting advice on some aspects of the project from different sales people.
We chose a Torino pool and a sales person arrived for a site visit to get into the bones of the project. The guy was very knowledgeable and it turns out all of what he recommended was valid, especially the pencil compacting (so pleased we had this done).
We placed our order and paid a deposit. Communication from this point up to the install was disappointing, we felt remote. It’s reasonable to say it seemed to us that the administration of the project was poor, we expected better.
The Supervisor turned up for a site inspection some weeks prior to delivery and instilled some faith in us that the project would be fine. The delivery/ install day was arranged and it went superbly well. Everyone knew their part and performed beyond expectations.
The crew of two looking after the project from delivery up to handover worked really hard. They were terrific from start to finish.
So, we got a pool and we had some issues along the way. To be fair, the staff at Aqua Technics resolved all the issues in a pleasant and timely manner.

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Hi Chris, Thank you for your kind works. We love hearing from our Happy Customers! We are sorry you felt disconnected with our administration team, we will note your comments, but glad our staff on site exceeded expectations. Thanks - Aqua Technics

Tricky site! Perfect end result!!

We removed a pool, with no intention to replace it but a small rectangular area left in the the front court yard was 'asking' for a pool. We were encouraged by Jim at Aqua Technics at South Street who visited our site, and assured us it was possible. A few more issues, not obvious in the beginning and not all Aqua Technics fault, were solved & we're very happy with the result!

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Thank you so much for your review. We are so pleased you are happy with the result. Bring on some hot weather so you can enjoy swimming in your Aqua Technics Pool.

Absolutley love the pool - Great choice for the family

My wife and I are really happy with the pool. Our kids love it so much it is hard to get them out after a swim.
Our install experience was great. As with any big job there were some hiccups and but they were resolved quickly.
For our next home we will definitely go for an Aqua Technics pool.

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Hello Zeon, Thank you for your feedback! It is great to hear that you had a great experience with the installation of your Aqua Technics pool. We hope you and the family continue to enjoy it for many years to come. - Aqua Technics

Don't use them or you will wait forever

I signed up for a pool signed all the contracts paid all the money was going fine the pool in told to put the water in then workers had to go to another job 4 weeks later still have not had my water feature pipes put only last week saw the hand over person who is useless had get Pool Works out and have my own chemicals put in the water as it turned green after 12 days of seeing nobody and the contract says the chemicals will be put in asap because of health risk what a joke that is, only to be told we don't replace your money or chemicals, like its my fault they didn't return as the contract states. A very bad experience totally from the moment they took my final $14,000 the service has been disgusting. Wouldn't recommend them to anybody go elsewhere save your money and time we still have sand around the pool as they are not finished. 30 days today since I was told to fill the pool with water, still no handover because they have not finished.

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Hello Judy, Thank you for your review. We would like to work through your issues with you as we take great pride in our business and the way in which we operate. This is not the forum to be discussing your contract so we will respond to you via email and phone in due course after an investigation has be completed. However, we can see on your contact that all works have since been competed, so if there is any other issues which are currently outstanding please email customer.service@aquatechnics.com.au so our team can organise a technician to attend site ASAP. Thank you - Aqua Technics

Get the pool do the rest yourself because you do anyways!

Customer service was amazing. That’s why I signed with Aqua Technics, other places didn’t seem to care. I signed a package with Aqua ( pool, paving, water feature, pool blanket, fencing.. the works) I was told 6 weeks to be completed signed contract 10/6 and all was finished 23/11! That’s just over 5 months. Lucky I signed in winter that way we enjoyed the pool in summer otherwise we wouldn’t of had one (completed). I had been told of a site supervisor which I thought he would look over the whole process but he came before the pool was installed to have a look then came when pool was put in the day and never seen him again. I question what he actually does because it didn’t look much to me! He also re-questioned my measurements to avoid having to put pool in exact place??! Now when I have specific measurements in place why would you? Paving was a disaster! Most headers were not level and some were chipped or quite unlevel, the side fence was pulled out ( had side access so was not needed to be) paving guy chipped brand new fence and didn’t even put back in place properly, when pavers had finished he threw tiny amount of cement on edge to fix pavers in place that I could step on and would break into pieces. I had the landscape supervisor and Freo stone come out to look and it came down to inexperienced contractor! Handover for pool was before paving or fencing went in which ment I just had to clean the pool numerous times and get levels tested numerous times. I would think in commonsense land this would happen after everything had been done! I had spa and bubbles put in seat of pool and at handover the bubbles were all not working, was reported but paving went down and after following this up again some paving had to come up to rectify the problem. Fencing went in smoothly with Ozwest. Every time I would ring Aqua I always had a response of I will get the contractors to ring you, I eventually said that ‘ no that’s why I am paying you to sort the problems with the contractors, they have full side access I do not need to be taken out of my work time because of your stuff up’ when I built my house I had no-one ring me and that how I thought this process would have been done. Yes all problems, issues have been rectified, I would recommend getting a pool from Aqua but do everything else yourself because you are just paying a third party to do something that they really don’t do!!

Hello Leelee. Thank you for your review and recommending our company as a preferred pool installer! We take great pride in our product so it is nice to hear those kind words. However, we are sorry about all your other issues. We have reported your issues to our landscaping manager for further investigation. We will come back to you shortly. Thank You.I wrote my review to inform others. Never wanted the company to comment as issues had been resolved eventually as said. After the comment of saying they will get back shortly, well that never happened!

Didn't get very far at all! Bad sales person.

My husband and I were really keen on an Aqua Technics pool, after looking online, reading reviews and finding the perfect size pool for our small backyard we went in to get a price. We spent about an hour on a Friday afternoon with the sales person at the Joondalup office, talking about the pool and he took a copy of our plans. We were very happy with the price and went home to think about it. Early the next week I emailed the sales person with a few questions, at the end of the week he responded that he didn't remember us and had no idea what I was talking about! I had to remind him and confirm that he had our site plans! Anyway, he said he'd give me a call on the Monday and I never heard from him! I don't know if he assumed we weren't really interested in a pool or if he thought we couldn't afford one, he obviously had no interest in selling us the pool. We were very disappointed with the lack of interest, we were dead serious about buying a pool, ended up signing with Riverina on the Tuesday morning!

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Hello Claire, Thank you for your message. We are sorry you had poor experience with our sales team in Joondalup, we assure you this not how we normally operate. We have internally reported your issue and the sales manager will be looking into this further. Thank you - Aqua Technics.

Don't Deal With This Company Why???

The people at Bucaneer Pools Joondalup were fantastic but after that it all goes WRONG! Let's start with the bobcat driver first turned up late second marked the pool out in the wrong location!!! Then when he dumped the first load of beach sand off complained it was to far! 19km round trip! when he returned gave us 45 mins to find somewhere else to dump the sand but miraculously he found somewhere nearby 5km round trip but it would cost me 5 cartons of corona beer! So we paid up what choice did we have when he said it would cost us $200 a load otherwise he was doing us a favor! Then he dug through our sewer pipes which cost me $1200 to fix there and then as the pool was going in next day. Plus he damaged the kerb so that cost me another $600 to have fixed out of my shire verge bond even thou we had proof ie photos that it was done by him they aqua technics refused to accept blame so this one bobcat driver cost me an extra $2000 due to his negligence and careless attitude his boss [name removed] said because he is the owners son in law nothing was going to happen to him as he was a protected species!!! The pool install was delayed as they had to dig the pool in the correct place then we had the constant arguments with the shire of temporary pool fencing which [name removed] was meant to coordinate but did not. The the electricians moaned whinged that they had to dig the trench to run the electric cables which by the way is only 300mm down not the regulation 600mm because they did not have enough time to dig, plus they put a 10amp plug not a 15amp plug and socket on and [name removed] the supervisor in name only refused to come and look until we made numerous phone calls. Eventually at hand over we were given a 10 minute how to use everything thanks bye!!! When we contacted aquatechnics they don't return phone calls or in [name removed] case he just hangs up on you or won't answer his phone real professional is our luck not !!! Would i recommend Bucaneer Pools yes but as for aquatechnics pools never in a billion years stay away from this company who lie, extort and accept no responsibility for their mistakes and when confronted just say so what are you going to do about it. Well [name removed] this review is what i did about it.

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Hello Vincent. Thank you for your review. We take our business very seriously and this is not how we would normally operate. We will be investigating your above comments further and will come back to you shortly. Thank you - Aqua Technics.

I was surprised how well the installation of our pool went.

I was present during the installation of our pool and was impressed how well all the installation team worked together. I was very happy with the insallation and can confidently recommend their services. The office staff were very friendly and competent in organizing the approvals in a very speedily manner. It has been a very positive experience and I hole hartedly recommend this company, for an excellent product, at a good price with excellent support.

Hello John, Thank you for your feedback. We are so pleased were impressed by our install, and that you found it a positive experience! Hopefully summer is just around the corner and you will be splashing around in your new Aqua Technics Pools.I am just so happy with the outcome and truly impressed, so I had to voice my appreciation. If it helps other perspective persons decide to go with your company, I know they won't be disappointed.

Highly recommended! Stress-free experience

Quality pool and service! From sales to administration to site works, the people involved in my pool installation were very efficient and accommodating. My place needed a special arrangement for access so timing was critical. With some extra coordination, they pulled it off smoothly.
Being a meticulous person, I inspected every inch of my pool the moment it arrived, and couldn't fault it. Thank you Aqua Technics team. You have made my kids very happy and looking forward to summer

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Thank you so much Crys! We are so pleased you love your pool! We pride ourselves on the quality of our product - its great to hear from clients who also value the same quality! (p.s. we are also counting down to Summer!). - Aqua Technics.

Best invesment we have made!

We installed our Aqua Technics pool early this year, it's is the best thing we have done for our family. Aqua Technics' service was professional from the start to end.

We have a small block and had a few site issues, Aqua Technics went over and above and the installation process ran smoothly, and our property was left clean and tidy.

We highly recommend you speak with Aqua Technics if you are thinking of getting a pool.

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Hi Tami, Thank you so much for you review and for choosing Aqua Technics Pool! We are glad you and your family are enjoying the pool so much! Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions! Thanks - Aqua Technics!

Poor service! Not recommended!

Very unprofessional and poor services mainly from their subcontractors. They ask me for full payment even before completing the job, which I did. When I gave my full payment and that's the start of my family's misery! Lots of alibis, lots of cancellations and re-scheduling, telling me that they have other jobs to attend to. But they got already my money for full payment of their services! Lessons learned from this: Don't trust and give full payment immediately. Look for others that can provide better services.

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Hello Dr Cesar. Thank you for your feedback. Your points have been noted on here, as well as the points you made on other social media platforms. We can see on your contract that this issues have been resolved and two Staff members - Darryl and Meg, have done everything they can to help resolve the issues. We hope your swimming pool is looking beautiful and ready for warmer weather to come! - Sapphire Pools

Questions & Answers

One of the return nozzle eyeballs has dropped out into the pool for the second time in 12 months.It is difficult to get back in and I’m not sure why this is happening. Appreciate your advice. Alan
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Sorry Alan, we haven't had this happen. We set ours to the optimum position at install and have never moved them since. For what it's worth, with this eye-ball arrangement there are usually diametrically opposed cut-outs where the ball is inserted 90 degrees out of its normal orientation, pushed into the socket and then rotated in the vertical plane to the working position. Hope this helps.