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Your line of financial defence!

I had the pleasure of dealing with John P from Aravanis when things were looking bleak for us financially. John gave us options that we’d never thought of or known of and gave us some solutions and provided advise as to each solution. It is still early days, so I’ll reserve adding too much further until things have settled. However from initial meeting about 4 weeks ago till now, my experience has been positive and everything that John has stated he will do, he has done. Thanks for releasing some of our worries John, you are a credit to your profession.


Excellent service

Thanks John for everything you provided to me.i was in such bad conditions that noone would have. But when I met John everything would possible. Now I feel so comfortable and got new lives to live in.
Thanks John


So helpful

Krish was exceptionally helpful. He was understanding and professional. He didn't make me feel foolish for the situation I was in. I couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you.


Krish to the rescue

I initially had questions and Krish was able to answer them quickly. Then I was able to get assistance to relieve the stress. It's ongoing but the process is started and with expert help.


John Papadopoulos was very helpful. He clearly explained my options. He answered all my queries with kindness. I was really anxious about the whole process but John really guide me every step of the way. Thanks John.

So Relieved

Krish was very wonderful,polite,professional and understanding to my issues.i was so stressed about the whole process but he had a very calming presence which made whole process easier to go through.thank you krish and thanks to aravanis team.highly recommended.

Very Helpful

I dealt directly with Lauren Smith, and I was very impressed with her knowledge and assistance. Very talented, considerate and informative. Thanks for your help Lauren, and the Aravanis team!

So relieved..

I was stressed and in a bad shape financially that's when I reached out to ARAVANIS. Jenny heard me out and listed out all possible solutions and how they could work out for me. Very thorough and professional, they handled it very well to give me hope for a restart... Jenny helped me out throughout the process and kept in constant touch. Thanks Jenny and Aravanis.

Jenny Peterson

I was and still am humiliated that i am in the financial position that I am in but once I spoke to Jenny Peterson she made me feel at ease and re assured me that this stage in my life is just a chance to start fresh.
Her professionalism and outstanding customer service to myself is something it has been outstanding. She is such a wonderful person to deal with and has always answered any questions or concerns I have had
What a great asset to your company she is


I was utterly stunned (and shamed) at my financial situation when I first met with Aravanis. The whole team were professional, honest and realistic about developing a way forward for me, given the precarious situation I was in. Everyone I had contact with did exactly what they said they would, within the timeframe I was given. I was always treated kindly, with respect and patience. They guided me through processes the entire time, and I was never once left floundering or wondering what was about to happen. My responsibilities were made clear at the onset, and I felt I was supported and my case was of importance. My circumstances would certainly be quite different today, if I hadn't engaged with Aravanis, and trusted them with my concerns. I don't have adequate words to describe my gratitude! So, even though saying thank you isn't enough, I do say 'thank you' - in fact, I say a MASSIVE thank you!!

Not as stressful as I thought

Krish was wonderful. I was SO stressed about the whole procedure, and he had a very calming presence which made the process easier to go through. He was a phone call away if I needed help. Very helpful, polite and professional. Thank you Krish . Thank you Aravanis.


John Papadopoulos was a godsend he walked me through a very stressful time and was extremely helpful and friendly through the whole process . What a gentleman. I couldn't recommend him or his team high enough .


John was very polite, professional and understanding to my issues, and ran through the pro's and cons fo my available options and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend, very fast and efficiant when i made my decision.

Friendly and Professional.

Having some serious debt issues that had lead me to a path of never being being a able to repay them I was quite pleased to have found and engaged the services of John at Aravanis.

John clearly advised me of my options, the consequences of those options and what was required to proceed.

I found John to be a pleasure to deal with and made the whole process/experience far easier and less traumatic than approaching it on my own

Highly recommended.

I can see the light - well worth considering

Jenny who I dealt with was Fantastic. Answered all my questions in a way that was understandable. I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel where I can finally be debt free. I never thought it was possible. I would recommend Aravanis to any one who is struggling with debt. I have also learnt a valuable lesson which is to just save for what you want instead of entering into the debt cycle where you borrow to get rid of another debt but then you end up in more debt and so it continues. I never thought it possible I could be debt free. Thanks Jenny you were a lifesaver.

Professional and Courteous

John was a godsend. I approached Aravanis with financial troubles and I was taken through my various options in a professional friendly manner. I would recommend his services to all.

Very professional

Thanks to John and the team at ARAVANIS, without their support and guidance we would still be going around in a vicious circle, John explained the entire process and assisted us to resolve a very stressful situation.
Very understanding and informative.

Bankruptcy solution ... through Aravanis

John Papadopolous and the team were nothing but supportive and businesslike. They don't judge.
Most of all, they help you through your thought process to reach some tough decisions.
Guiding you through the maze of early options towards a final conclusion that feels right for you.
I couldn't have done this without expert help. And we have forged a solution that is better for everyone in the end.


John Papadopoulos is a very professional, kind understanding manager , he has guided me through this difficult point in my life, he has answered every phone call every email, every question I have asked & I am very thankful or I don’t think I would have had the confidence to proceed & been struggling on for years.. I have no hesitation in recommending Aravanis to anybody who needs a bit of help.. Thank You

great company

I dealt with lauren, she made everything simple and easy. always kept me up to date, was happy to answer any questions and she was super helpful. deserves a raise

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Questions & Answers

Hi can you advice me please I have a large dept with a business partner.i resigned from the business in 2017.but still have my name on the trust.if I go bankrupt how does this affect my business partner? Thankyou I look forward to hearing from you. Cicilia
1 answer
Hi Cicilia, Thanks for reaching out. While we’d love to give you a simple answer, that’ll be tricky because this isn’t a simple question. The outcomes will vary depending on the particulars of you and your business partner’s situation. It might be a good idea to make an enquiry with us directly and have a chat with one of our consultants. Our number is 1300 369 168 or you can email your contact details through to enquiry@aravanis.com.au and we’ll call you. We look forward to speaking with you soon, The Team at Aravanis