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No more stress

I inquired about bankruptcy through John and was talked through the options carefully. There was no pressure and the process has been smooth and gone ahead as planned. I am thankful that the worry is over.


Aravanis have been extremely helpful and very punctual with my insolvency, HIGHLY recommend if anyone needs help with their debts. There was very little I needed to ask because everything was explained so well and very easy to understand.

I found the assistance of Avianis extremely helpful!

I found the direct assistance of Mr Krish Patel very helpful in my declaration of insolvency. His assistance resulted in my declaration being completed correctly with out any details missed.

Such Relief

John was very prompt and so very helpful. He assisted me to work through every aspect with an explanation of the full process that I could understand. 18months of stress relieved within 1 week. Thank you so much. Would recommend to anyone as they were recommended to me.


What a weight off my shoulders. John was concise and clear on the steps that I needed to take, and what to expect along the way. By dispelling myths and addressing my concerns, John assisted me in making the steps I need to get ahead.


John was absolutely amazing and was very helpful through the whole process. Couldn’t have done it without his help. Thank you for a great experience with a rough situation.

Professional and ethical

Aravanis were professionals and acted ethically in all their dealings. They were supportive and honest and never made you feel pressured into decisions. Throughout my dealings they were respectful and non judgemental which is what you need when faced with adverse circumstances.
Thank you Aravanis for the best possible outcome in my circumstances and an opportunity to move forward.

Excellent service

Krish helped me understand the entire process of bankruptcy and he patiently explained everything that I needed to know about it. He provided great advice and honestly the assistance I received from Krish was well beyond my expectations.


I am impressed and thankful with the assistance I received from Krish. He was excellent in all ways. A++ for service.

Grateful for the patience and understanding.

I was very impressed with the wonderful customer service I received from Krish. He was kind and patient with me at all times.

Very Patient and Useful

Krish has helped me to fillet out my forms, His really polite and helpful.
thanks mate and really appreciate for yor help

Outstanding tailored service

Tailored service that’s mainly customer focused. The level of patience that Krish showed was amazing and especially helpful in such confusing process.
Thanks a lot for providing an outstanding service!

So far so good

Kirsh has helped me through answering all my questions and assisting my understanding of the forms. I'm keen to see how this goes from here on in.

Should have done this sooner!

I dealt with John for quiet some time while I was considering my options, he was very responsive and knowledgeable. Once I made the decision to declare bankruptcy he helped me through the paperwork and answered all questions I had. I am very relieved and now begin the journey to my fresh start.


Krish was really efficient and understanding! He clearly explained everything and helped out very step of the way! Excellent service !

Such a relief

making the decision to file for bankruptcy was not easy until I spoke to Krish Patel, he explained everything I needed to know, helped me through the paperwork (which was minimal) and was there if I needed to know anything. The pressure of crushing debt was lifted immediately and I am so glad I contacted Aravanis, Thankyou Krish

Reassuring, no pressure and very patient

I've been dealing with Lauren Smith for well over a year now as I considered my options and asked many many questions along the way before deciding to declare bankruptcy. It's a very emotional decision making process and Lauren not only provided me with all the information I needed but she was also very patient as I spent quite some time ignoring the reality that bankruptcy really was the best option for my situation. If you're considering appointing a trustee and finally breathing a sigh of relief that there is a way out of crushing debt then talk to Aravanis and Lauren as they will help you through the process with professional advice and facts whilst allowing you to retain your dignity during a particularly stressful time.

Brilliant and responsive service

Jenny Peterson is an exceptional consultant who took the time to fully understand my circumstances, and subsequently provided me with really sound advice. She assisted me with administering my account with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, so all in all, I think they are a great organisation!


dealt with jenny such great friendly people went through all the options and made me feel comfortable about it all

Great to deal with

I delt with john and he made everything easy and as painless as possible. He explained everything thoroughly and layered my options out from work go.

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