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Debt Negotiators
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Great opportunity to get back on track.

Jess was professional, efficient & a real asset to her company. Jess' follow up work was some of the most impressive I've experienced. I felt valued & informed every step & when my circumstances changed I felt that I could go back & get application reviewed again. I'm really happy that I did, anyone or anywhere else I may have given up. Thanks Jess for all your awesome work!!


Honestly wouldn’t have had known what else to do in my situation. Such a massive help

I had no idea how useful and less stressful this process would be. I’m able to still live comfortably while addressing my
Current situation. I should have approached “Debt Negotiators” soon.


It’s been the biggest life saver

The services I have received from this organisation has been brilliant from the get go. They have been so patient and understand and they have offered so much support. #didnotregretjoining


Taking back control.

This year i wanted to take control . Through Debt Negotiators i am doing this. If your struggling with debt, please don't hesitate to make that call you won't regret it.

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I would like to thank Veronica for being such a great help.

Outstanding customer service

Truly outstanding customer service by Xanthea & can't thank her enough. I received awesome customer service without any issue what so ever since I started. Nothing was ever an issues, very helpful, professional, caring & personal service. Thanks heaps Debt Negotiators & a BIG Thankyou to Xanthea for the continual A1 quality, outstanding customer service... Cheers


Bit of a wait at first, but worth it.

Debt negotiators have been very helpful and informative. They did explain to me that we will have to wait 35 days for our creditors to except our offer which is the worst part but we got confirmation on the 36th day that our offer was accepted and our bank also told us that we have an agreement in place. Debt negotiators have saved me hundreds each fortnight.


Incredible !

incredibly helpful ! Incredibly nice and really made the whole process very easy and comfortable ! Would highly recommend the service for anyone who is struggling to deal with debt. Fantastic company.

Debt Negotiators a real lifesaver

I never thought for once that Debt Negotiators even existed. I saw it on Fb and was worth a try. Nothing to lose anyhow.
Not 100% assurance but there was a glimmer of hope.
And that hope became a reality. Bryan Gangas was like heaven sent and changed my life dramatically.
An angel in disguise on earth.
Thanks to him, thanks to Debt Negotiators.


Friendly and very professional

Making the call was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, admitting I was in trouble and feeling embarrassed, talking to Nathan was easy and I felt relaxed and at ease. I was never pressured and everything was explained in detail and any questions I had at anytime were answered quickly and Nathan never failed to return an email or phone call and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I wish i had made the call sooner , it was much easier than I thought and I feel like I have support for my future and for the first time in months I can relax a little.

Awesome customer service

Excellent customer service team, helpful to all needs, I would recommend debt neg to anyone. Thanks again for your help.

It gives me peace of mind

Thank you Debt Negotiator in helping answering my query today, and cheers to all the staff and to all your teams especially to Stephanie Golden , she gave me peace of mind in answering my questions today and so friendly. Keep up the good work guys

Debt Relief

I was seriously struggling with my credit cards payments. I contacted with Jessica and I explained my financial situations to her. she advised me what are options were there. I had a serries of talk to her. My serious debt issue is resolved and now I can have a bit of relief. she was friendly and understandable . she advised me the correct product to choose. I hope that it will work it out. one single payment only rather than multiple payments to cards. If you have unmanageable credit cards debt, then contact with her. She is there to help you with the best possible solutions. Thanks Debt Negotiators for professional help to get out the serious financial stress. Special thanks goes to JESSICA for her out standing professional service. I would like to give her 5 star rating . Sharowar Hossain from Western Australia.

AAA service

I'm really grateful to these guys, My debt building and fearful I was
A solution on a fortnight payment, weekly, or 4 weekly its not the worry of a calendar months, AAA service, and All I do payday is make sure the money keeps my end of the arrangement and it fits my pay day

Expletory effort by Nathan, Stephanie and Toni in pay department
There are some other small payments for these guys help
But Id rather pay than have no ar or worse
Kind regards

Thank You

I would like to compliment one of your employees, Nathan Heng , Debt Management Consultant for the excellent service he provided me. Nathan helped me to sort out my credit cards debt and some personal loan.

I have always been pleased with the service I received from Nathan. His professionalism and enthusiasm to get to the root of the issue promptly exceeded my expectations. Just within one day, Nathan resolved the issue in my benefit on how he explained things to me. This is why I decided to consolidate all my debts.

Nathan professionalism and commitment to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction should be acknowledged. Having in mind such a pleasant experience with Nathan, It would be my pleasure to recommend your company to anyone I know that has the same issue as me.


This is perfect!

I would like to thank Dounya Zakaria, as she was extremely helpful, to the point that she was available to contact 24/7 and explained every thing in detail.

Life saving choice

Phone calls from creditors, thick and fast all gone. Hours of worrying about paying the bills and creditors all gone. Thanks to these guys and they put it all together in one easy manageable payment. Great thank you so much

These is the perfect thing I was struggling with financial now thanks for debts negotiater I’m leavi

I would like to say, hank you so much Navin help all the details I need, you are very patient and come person when he explain and wait for respond from me. He is very quick to respond all the phone call as much he can. I am very happy to refer for some one else to Navin.
Thank you appreciate for everything!!!

My light at the end of a tunnel.

My whole experience was truly exceptional. All the people I spoke to and that helped me were very professional and did everything possible to help me. They always kept me informed and were happy to give me their extension so I could reach the same person each time.
I thank you all, especially Nathan, for all your time and kindness.
Customer service exceptional

Life was hell before now living my life.

My dear fellow,
I been struggling with my debt for very long time and couldnt manage my expenses very well cause of huge amount of interest i was paying towards my payment and couldnt get out my self from debt then I contacted debt neg and then I had conversation with Ritu maluja and she was very amazing women who build confidence on me and very friendly feel like i talk with my sister and she was very helpful at all time supporting me throughout the process. I am very very thanks full to Ritu who helped me at time when I need most..
Highly recomended Ritu Maluja.
Bless u Ritu.


I would like to say a very big thank you to Steph Golden for helping me get through the past few weeks. When I lost my job I rang to let debt negotiators of my situation and Steph answered my call she was so understanding, kind, supportive and very helpful. Thank you so much Steph you are amazing.
Kind Regards
Nicole Fair.

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Questions & Answers

We are paying debts off through debt negotiators but are just wondering about trying to get our own home if we can do this or not? Cause we see ads for houses that you pay at the same or less than what you are paying in rent per week . At least we know we have a sucure home
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Will this affect my Optus phone plan
1 answer
Hi John, We offer a range of financial solutions, to give you the most accurate answer, we would need more information about your situation and what solution would work best for you. For a FREE no obligation assessment, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 351 008.

Hi there, I had defaulted on my credit cards in the past due to loss of job. I now have a stable job and in comfortable zone to make payments in installments. However, the debt collectors are asking $6k upfront which is quiet challenging. I have approx $30k worth of debt. Is there a solution to pool up all my debt together and make payment arrangements in installement over couple of years timeframe.
2 answers
Hey, The Answer is Debt negotiators. I was in something similar, but less, and I have government assistance without work Your payments would all be taken care of, even the calls with these guys. The payments are less, and they also take payments fortnightly or the day on or after the pay day. Its seems to good to be true, You still pay your debt, But they do all the ground work, stop the calls and the payments are minimal compared to what you would be paying nowHi PRM, Quite like Leighton kindly pointed out, we offer a range of Debt Solutions but to be able to properly assist you we would require more information. Please feel free to give us a call for a no obligation conversation on 1300 351 008 or alternatively, you can pass on your details to me and I can have one of our Financial Solution Specialists give you a call at a suitable time. Kind Regards, The Debt Negotiators Team

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