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Artist Guitars Online store

Artist Guitars Online store

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I chose the courier option however I wish I had chosen the local post... It took ages to get to me...but when it did...yaya ..what a beautiful piece of craftmanship for the money...it is as awesome as it looks and plenty of room for pitch bending...it does have a bottom E buzz but no different to the Fender squire tele /strat range...more bang for your buck...really happy with this purchase...

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Thanks for the review Sarah! There should be no string buzz on our guitars so if you're having issues with this please give us a call or reply to the invoice we emailed you. We'll gladly troubleshoot your problem.

Best value for money beginner guitar

The product was so good that this is the first review I've ever done for anything. Bought the 3/4 Classical guitar value pack for my daughter and the guitar was outstanding not to mention it came with gig bag, picks and extra strings. I had previously bought a 3/4 Yamaha for my son 2 years ago and just the guitar itself cost almost double what I paid for this guitar, add all the accessories and its more than double and the Artist guitar is a better product. The inbuilt tuner is just fantastic and makes tuning very easy for the kids. Also got the guitar 2 days after ordering and was informed all the way or its progress and arrival. I'll definitely be back to get another for my youngest.

I’m over the moon

I an artist guitar package and i got absolutely love it. Their online store is very honest as you get exactly what you see.
Oh I have fallen in love with my guitar and my wife gets jealous of her.

Best quality for small amount of money EVER

I have bought a few things from artist guitars (diy guitar kit, strap, guitar and bass strings, capo, etc) and all of their stuff is just so good quality. My diy guitar kit was only $99 because it was marked down in a sale, and Everything was made correctly, like the screw holes are in the correct place, the neck fits perfectly, and once it was put together, it played, looked and sounded amazing. If this is what you get for $99 here imagine how good the 400 guitars they sell would be. I will buy from them again soon
Also they have free fast shipping to anywhere in Australia! I recommend artist guitars to everyone

Great Instruments at Great Prices

I have been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years - some of those years as a busy professional. When I started out entry level instruments were pretty crummy; guitars that had an action you could walk under, and sounded just as bad. To get anything near the quality of the Artist guitars and basses meant outlaying for an American made instrument and was very costly.

Now that I only play professionally occasionally I don't need a lot of expensive kit laying around. I bought an Artist PJ-Jazz hybrid bass and got an instrument that in my youth would have cost over $1000.

This bass came in dire need of a setup. That is to be expected; most instruments need setting up to A: getting them to a point of general play-ability, and B: getting them set up to the individual's requirements.

My bass came with the action set very low, and as the bridge adjustment was at its highest and there was no neck relief it meant a truss rod adjustment was in order. This is a simple job but beginners should get a teacher or music store to show them how it is done. Fortunately I have done this dozens of times.

I also prefer flatwound strings so I scrapped the factory set. These I put aside; one of my students may make use of them. When I came to put the new strings on I found that one of the machine heads had not been drilled to receive the string. A quick email to Artist and 3 days later I had a new machine head in my hands. Installed and I was ready to play. Very good after sales service.

I must point out here that in my career I had only ever played a Precision bass. This is the first bass I have owned with active electronics. Artist could do with publishing a brief leaflet that explains the operation of these. It took me a while to figure out how to get the best sound out of the active tone controls. Fortunately I am a set it and forget it kind of player so once I got the tone I was looking for I left the controls alone.

I am delighted with this bass. I won't try to compare it to my Pro instruments because, well quite frankly it cost a tenth of the price. It is easily good enough to gig and that is saying something for a $250 instrument.

I am amazed at the quality and the service. If I had had access to kit like this when I was starting out . . .

I would say if you are a beginner; buy this instrument because I don't believe you will get more for your dollar elsewhere. If you are a pro buy this bass as a reliable backup, or just jam with it, gig it. It is a good instrument.

Great online store

Artist guitars really is a fantastic all round music shop. Quality products at affordable prices.
Fast post and good customer communication. I have this website bookmarked and will buy again from these guys!

Amazing value!

Found just what I was looking for online shopping for a musical instrument. I’m blown away by the playing quality of my purchase and the price was better than what I have previously paid elsewhere. Perfect for muso pros and beginners.

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