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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Kick Start

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Kick Start

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Very ambiguous

Signed up for the 12 wk bikini challenge finishing in November 2016. All fine not for me though only for the beautiful people. I was unaware that I signed up to be a life member at $41.01AUD a month I did not authorise this not happy, the bank said that I would have to cancel my card and as they have these very dodgy terms and conditions I don't really have a leg to stand on, when I disputed this and asked them to stop I got a very polite email stating we didn't here from you so we just went ahead.....No, what do you get every month? access to the beautiful people app and fb page? Any way I was sent a link to the terms and conditions mumbo jumbo and if there is anything else we can assist you with, yes stop taking my money......
So I cancelled my membership!! outcome pending. Moral of the story I am sure this program works for some people but just read the fine print before signing up to anything with this mob. At the end of the day its a business.

Women's group training at its best.

Trainers are supportive and informative, adapt to personal requirements I.e. Injuries or requested home workouts if you miss a session. If you follow the program you see the results. Builds body confidence.


SCAM SCAM SCAM! Run while you can! They will lure you into agreeing to terms and conditions which include useless hidden subscriptions by offering 'free goodies' which of course end up costing you over $39 per month without your knowledge. Run run run!

Good program due to local trainer

I have been participating for just over 18months. I think it is a good program with varied workouts. I have seen results and am happy with my overall results.
The program is easy to follow and I have seen results by following it both strictly and not. The recipes are okay and the online support system is average. The girls in my local group and the head trainer are wonderful which is why I keep coming back. I would love too see more equipment purchases than money spent on software and webpage upgrades. As I find the actual session the most powerful. It would also be nice if headquarters were more open about changes and letting us know how those changes will impact us. Especially concerning T&C an packages that are discontinued.

Perfect for connecting with people.

I have been with the program since Jan. I love the program and the people I have met. My trainer is my rock and she is absolutely amazing, everyone loves her. The workouts are good and you see real results happening. When I saw ashy bines advertised for Chch. I was more excited about the personalise meal plans, as that is my down fall. What I was not so happy about is that the meal plans are not personalise or indivaidal to each person so it was sort false advertising. Although the food meals are good I have not seen a real benefit from them as they have not been personalised for me and the health issues I have. I will still continue you ashy booty camp as I enjoy the people and the community we have there.

Enjoying each week's challenges

I lost 6 kg in the 12 week kick start programme. I'm still training with ABBBC and I'm now starting week 20! Every session is different, I am constantly challenged. I enjoy how our trainer pushes ourselves, she is approachable, flexible, motivating and easy to talk to. She also sends daily messages full of great advice and motivational notes.

I personally enjoy the weekly challenges such as 'Beat the clock', 'cardio challenge',... and I really push myself to improve my last record.

Meal plans, meetings and online support have been sent regularly.

Keep getting charged!

Don't do it!!!
I keep getting charged! Even though I canceled back in June! It's now August & I keep getting charge $40+ plus a foreign currency fee
I have emailed them as to why I have been charge and for a refund! Noting yet!
No support at all! So many better programs that are cheaper!

Theft! Unsupportive ! Scam like team

After getting my bank account debited since May for a " two week free trial" and getting one response only and told to read Terms and Conditions which I did and so did my lawyer nothing states after the two week free trial which only only accept terms on the first page initially with name and email only which is deceptive doesn't not state you have to cancel after the two week period therefore had had no response since! CBS has been contacted so has my bank so has the fraud team at Adelaide Police station head office ! Never received any corrospondance regarding this trial, nor did it state it takes money from your bank account that you got from my app purchase , I have never recieved these terms and conditions nor have I seen a contract with consent .So to take funds without consent and knowledge it's fraud and theft ! Do not sign up ! Still waiting on a response quick to reply about terms and conditions slow to reply once you have stuffed up !


I paid money, less than $15 for an app basically, and now $40 AUD has come out of my account. No word of monthly payments ANYWHERE, but apparently they are in the T&Cs - I'm sure the girls emailing me have never sat and read T&Cs in their lives. Scam and rip off, false advertising, such a joke.

Did not enjoy

Was extremely difficult to exit the program. Was charged for longer than I wanted to attend with no refund offered. I only signed up for a trial but was charged for the whole program

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Hi Haylee, Thank you for taking the time to review. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the program. I have reviewed your correspondence with our support staff and I am happy to read that they provided you with all of the details of your commitments to the program. I am sorry that you have been disappointed with your experience however the information was provided to you and all of the details of the trial were available to you at the time that you registered. You must also agree to the T&Cs of the trial before your registration can be processed. It is your choice to agree to this with out reading them in order to gain a full understanding of your commitment. We wish you all the best on your health and fitness journey and you will always be welcome back at ABBBC, should you choose in the future. Cait

Keep motivated.

PT is so friendly and helpful.
Food meal plans and online connection with amp tho people who is in boot camp with us. Love and enjoyable for this workout team.

A newbie to fitness

I have found the training sessions to be great, I haven't been able to attend many sessions but each time I have our trainer has been wonderful, supportive and encouraging always offers variations that in able to do that I find challenging in themselves.

Awesome change

Love the workouts, personal trainer is awesome! Meal plans were bit pricey and I just stuck to my own meal preps. Enjoyed bootcamp even though I couldn't make 3 times a week.

Great group fitness

Results equaled expectations.

Program is very easy to follow

Provided with group fitness classes, plenty of support both online and off line, food plans and goal setting sessions, great group of girls

My wake up call.

It is a great way to engage the body and be happy with the active self. The workouts are different every session and Jess is very inclusive, making it lively and enjoyable.

Great program! So much fun!

I didn't really know what to expect but this program has definitely exceeded any expectations I thought I had. Cannot recommend more highly! It truly is awesome fun & the trainers are amazing.

Helps to keep me motivated

So far the program has been great for me. I love that you can see your results online and track your progress. I also love that we get recipes, weekly meal plans and online exercises to follow. The boot camps are also very motivating and supportive which is great. This is the best exercise ad diet program I have tried so far.

Just love it!

Honestly, I've never followed the meals plan but I've got everything I was looking for for, find an exercise that I would love doing. I haven't lost much weight but I am much faster and stronger than when I started. I definitely feel much better.

Loving it.

I have set myself quite a few personal goals and at four weeks in I am happy to say I've stuck to the guidelines and am on my way to actually reaching my goals. The program is simple to follow and I love the meal plans - recipes are easy and yummy. Our trainer Jess is great and super supportive, along with all of the other girls in the boot camps and online forums. :)

It's amazing and has motivated me a lot.

Since starting I have lost 3.5 kg which is incredible for 3 weeks, the program is easy to follow and the nutrition steps keep me in line towards my goal!

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Bikini Body Challenge Kick Start
Duration12 Weeks
SupportOnline, In-Person and Group
Program TypeExercise
Price (RRP)39.95
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