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budget attic ladder and flooring

Sales and install team were great, patiently worked with us as budget was tight and went above and beyond. Thanks and well done. We have already commenced necessary storage clearing the garage area for productive use.

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Such fantastic service from Christoph

Looking to get a ladder for an attic build and came across their website. Ended up in touch with Christoph as we had slightly unusual measurements and requirements and he was fantastic start to end. Such great service - definitely a rare find and would recommend their service and products.

Brilliant attic storage and great service

I needed storage space and very happy with the attic that attic group installed. The initial quote was easy, install was quick and everyone easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend.

A renovation that is fantastic, high quality, great use of space and perfect for us.

When we approached Attic Group we had a bit of an idea as to what we wanted but, never having
done this before, we didn’t know where to begin or what was best for us. From start to end the
whole Attic Group team were professional, approachable, patient and a fabulous source of
knowledge for the whole building process. Our renovation looks fantastic, has a high quality finish,
is unique to us and perfect for our lifestyle. We have been living in it for 4 months now and are still
overwhelmed with how well it works for us. We are extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Attic Group to anyone thinking of putting on a second story extension or attic rooms in the roof.

An extension without the Hassle

When we decided to undertake an Attic conversion with The Attic Group to include two new bedrooms, a bathroom and an extra living space, we were prepared for the typical issues associated with significant renovations. To our great pleasure, we could not have been more pleased with the level of professionalism, approachability of everyone involved, openness to our questions, and our requests for minor changes throughout the building process. Nothing was too much of a hassle and the whole team involved at every level were just brilliant. If you are looking to convert your attic space as we have, you would be mad not to talk to these guys. The new space we now have has been brilliant for our family.

Fabulous and amazing attic!

I went to the Attic Group showroom at St Leonards and I was very impressed with their attic products. I met Tom Houston and he was very friendly and courteous. I asked Tom to go ahead and build an 18 square metres Dust Proof Attic Storage Room for $10,000 at my home in Marrickville. One week later, two carpenters from the Attic Group converted the roof space at my home into a Dust Proof Attic Storage Room. The entire job took two days. The whole family love the extra 18 square metres of extra storage space. The comments from the family was "we should've done this earlier". My brother lives next door and he will soon be converting his roof space into a Dust Free Attic Storage Room. Tom Houston was first-class. It was a fascinating and exciting experience. I would use the Attic Group again. Kevin.

We now have a great roof space!

Our roof space created by Attic Group is great. An excellent finish, attention to construction details, we received more than we could have wished for.
The construction process went really well. We were advised when trades would be on site, what they would be doing and how they were going to do the job. OHS was well managed with a scaffold to access the roof space, so there was little intrusion into our home.
Tradesmen were polite, skilled and obliging, and the housekeeping was good with construction debris being cleared away often.
We were so pleased that we chose Attic Group to do the job. An excellent outcome, and they finished well inside the nominated build period.

Flawless attic conversion

Attic Group converted our unused roof space to a new home office with storage space. These guys are true professionals. Josip managed the whole process impeccably and the building team led by Mark were a pleasure to work with. Josip was always proactive in managing the timeline and ensuring we knew what was coming. They were fully accommodating to small design changes we requested during the process. They went out of their way to ensure the job was done well even where the contract or original specifications wouldn't have required it. Josip managed the other trades (painter, electician, air con etc) seamlessly - and these were all great operators and well priced. You really notice the benefit of these guys working together regularly and specialising on conversions exactly like this. And they were in and out in half the time we would have expected for a job this size. I can't recommend this team highly enough.

Inspired solution

Our request had the other company scratching their heads about how to do it. Attic group supplied the perfect solution at a great price. We are delighted with the job.

Impressive company to deal with

From the prompt response after requesting a quote, to the helpful advice, timely, courteous and efficient staff and final high quality attic the team are an impressive company to work with.

Wonderful from start to finish

Turned up on time for every appointment, responded quickly to queries, did exactly what they said they would do - no hidden extras, put down drop sheets (made no mess). Came on tume everyday and completed job in a little less time than they estimated. Payments handled promptly and courteously.

St Leonards branch Hopeless

Arranged an appointment with supposedely St Leonards branch manager who came, did the measurements then never heard from him!
Called the office 10 days later and asked if the quote was still coming and was advised Tom would be in touch asap!
Nope... Nada... Zilch... Nothing...

Melb Attic Group, the prefect solution to your attic needs

I had a 10m2 attic put into my house in Oct 2014. Back then I expected it to take a few months to organise and install the product, however, I received a reply to the initial inquiry within no more than two days and the job was completed within a month of initial inquiry. I was completely astounded by this time frame, the work ethos of all the Attic Group Staff and not least important the installer who did a great job and was really focussed on ensuring he delivered the best outcome that was possible. Fast forward to 2018, I decided to get the attic dust proof and contacted the Attic Group, just before Xmas. Once again, the feedback and salesperson (Irvin) was here within a few days of initial enquiry, quoted on the spot and the install (Ben and Tim) took place on 17 Jan 2019! All this and they also gave me a "Return Customer" discount on the dust proofing. I could not be happier with the entire process of dealing with the Melb Attic Group. Their staff, Sales, Office and Trade, in my view are first class and have a great work ethos. I cannot commend them enough.

Happy with my attic space

I am very happy with my new attic. Michael the installer was excellent, and although he had to come back the following day as the original ladder was not long enough, his workmanship was excellent. I now have a small man shed in the roof. Thanks.

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Hi Ralph, thanks so much for your postive feedback. Enjoy your man shed in the Attic! Regards, Attic Group

now its super easy to get into the ceiling!

Paul in Adelaide made the process very easy, even though he has only managed the SA 'shop' for 6 months or so (I believe he worked there several years ago)
I was very impressed with his open-book method of pricing - a very reasonable price for each component I wanted.
This was in stark contrast to quotes I got from carpenters that thought they could 'do it all'.
The ladders were installed promptly - I had 3 of them installed because I have 3 different ceiling spaces - and I got everything I paid for.
Now its easy and quick to get into the ceiling, which will be very important if there is ever a bushfire heading towards our house. Even received a follow-up call to check that I was happy with everything
I highly recommend getting a quote from this company

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Chris, we are thrilled to hear your installation of ladders were successful. Paul is a true professional. Thanks for your feedback. Regards, Attic Group.

Easy Access Extra Storage Achieved

I saw an ad in Homemakers Catalogue Adelaide for Attic storage at a great price so phoned and spoke to Paul. Paul came and did the measure and quote and the installation was done within a week. The attic storage space complete with flooring and a very stable ladder was installed in one day. Any mess made was cleaned up and the ceiling finishes are excellent. I would highly recommend Attic Group at Ascot Park SA.

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Lorraine thanks for your positive feedback. Enjoy your new attic storage space. Regards, Attic Group.

Fabulous attic transformation by a star team !

We used the Attic group for converting our attic into two bedrooms and a bath- we chose them after talking to a few other builders and chose them because they know their attics well. Our tight space was creatively transformed using clever design ideas to make the most use of space. The construction itself was incredibly smooth and Josip and his star team - Chris and Doug did a phenomenal job. Josip kept us well informed, and lined up all trades to ensure all the works are completed in a timely manner. He is well experienced in his field and very professional to deal with. Chris and Doug are a great team and an asset to Attic Group - they are diligent in their works and left the place tidy after they finished up. We have a tight access to our property and they had been really patient and took on the extra manual handling with a great attitude.
Kudos to Josip and team for the job well done and I can't recommend them highly enough if you are thinking of converting your attic space!

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Sudhir, thanks so much for your great review - we work hard to meet expectations like yours. We will pass this positive feedback onto Chris, Doug, Josip and the team. Enjoy your new attic space..... Regards, Liz, Attic Group.

Great space saver but not dust free, not by a mile.

**Important: This review is for the mid level attic option which is the dust proof attic which is lined with a plastic sheeting which is tapped at the seams. I feel this is only fair to point out as this company provides many attic options.**

Two parts, the product then the company.

> The product <
I'm a firm believer of you get what you paid for, however in this case I can't help but feel ripped off. For almost $14,000, over a year ago, we paid for a large dust proof attic. After a year what we have instead is a great storage space, but a space which has allowed mold to grow, the service entry hatches that were installed have swollen shut and there are spiders and dust through out the entire space. And not just a fine layer, you can clearly draw in the layer of dust on-top of all the boxes. We ended up going down to bunnings to buy better quality tape to tape over the seams as we're desperately trying to find solutions to the dust problem as right now it's a dust mite breeding ground. So as a place to store your junk, great, attics are amazing, but the dust free product, while at first was doing the job, after a year it definitely has not stood up to the test of time. So buyers beware.

>The company<
What a train wreck, the sales guy we first met over promised and almost fabricated what we could do in the attic. He conveniently only had catalogs of the top level attics and told us, in the dust free attic, we could do things like make it a second bedroom or make it a craft space to work in. When the contractor to build the attic arrived he informed us this was impossible, unless it's an engineered room Attic Group attics are not designed to be anything but a storage room, the contractor then spent the rest of the time complaining about the company, saying they don't pay contractors on time and buy sub-par material. We were also told we would get a attic inspection once it was all built and done but this never happened. So needless to say we were unimpressed with the whole experience.

So yeah, it's been a year and since it was so expensive I felt I should share my experience since many reviews here are within the first year of installation (and the product is perfect in those first few months) but please take note that the less then great reviews are for attics that are older than a year.

Dear notruly, we are very disappointed to hear about your Dust Proof Room. Attic Group introduced the Dust Proof Attic Solution to Australia over 15 years ago - we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship, we only use the highest quality products and this is our most popular storage solution. These rooms are fully sealed and should offer you a safe and clean environment. It is of particular concern that the access doors have swollen as well as the adhesion on the re-enforced tape has failed. Is your roof leaking, or has been? This could be the key reason why the timber has swollen, and the tape has failed. I will send you a private message if you could reply with your name, contact number and address, we would like to inspect your attic as soon as convenient and rectify this issue ASAP. Regards, Liz - Attic GroupDearest Liz, if you truly gave a * about quality we would have had an attic inspection after installation and the problems would have been picked up on. I totally get you needing to place blame on anyone else but you as the fault couldn't possibly be your guys right? even though the installer left us with two rolls of tape because he said "this stuff will fail, attic group makes extra money by you calling us to come back to re-patch every year because it loses it's stick in summer" and since he didn't feel that was ethical practice he gave us the rolls for free... still OUR fault? Doesn't matter we had a chippie come over and they replaced the hatches, was just poorly cut and it weakened and slumped, nothing to do with moisture. Anyway posting on product review is my cautionary tale to other consumers to help them make the a choice, especially since your product doesn't come cheap and someone may look at your option because they have asthma (like my husband who can't go up into his own attic now) so they need to know, no not 100% dust proof, dust reduction sure but not dust proof. I post on here because I wish I had some feedback like this to help me with my choice, goodness we probably would have purchased the top tier attic option if we knew there was a possibility the dust free room isn't dust free, just dust reduction from your entry level attic. Please don't see this as us trying to open a line of communication with you, the time for you to help long passed, to be truthful we wouldn't trust you now (once bitten twice shy deal.)Dear Notruly, based on your project description, timing and cost we are unable to find your details within our CRM. We instal very few Dust Proof Rooms at a cost of $14,000, as this is an unusually large attic space. We noticed that you review many products and on the 18th April you state that you live in a "remote area"......we only service metro only area. Regards, Attic Group.

Attic fabulous extra space

Thank you - I was very impressed with the first consultant who helped design my attic space, the time to explain the process, the attention to detail in the design. I LOVED the fair price and the builders who did the installation (only 1 for most of the time -2 out of the 3 days- ). The help and care were brilliant and the smooth lining up with the electrician to finish his work was extremely well organised and efficient.
Thank you so much attic ladders.

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Florrie, the team at Attic Group are thrilled to hear such positive feedback. Enjoy your new Attic storage space. Regards, Attic Group.

Storage wars conquered

I visited the showroom on Marion Road. Paul showed me all the products available snd after treading various stairs, I made my choice. Paul came to measure and quote the next day, then one wrrk later, my attic was installed. Troy worked like a trojan from 8am til 6pm, and did an exceptional job. The finishings were excellent. I would highly recommend this group in Adelaide. They were friedly, professional and efficient.I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of $110 per sq.mtr. (plus stairs). Thanks team ....photos sent to you.

Hi Anne, Thanks for your positive feedback. We have passed this onto Paul in our Adelaide office, he was thrilled. We will place your photos on our Facebook page in the near future, to showcase your new attic storage room! Many thanks, Attic Group.Thanks team..glad that my review went through. I am more and more delighted with my new attic every day. The ammount of storage room is unbelievable. Should have had it done years ago. Thanks again to Paul and Troy for doing such an exceptional job.

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Questions & Answers

Is it standard practice for Attic group to leave site rubbish, including coffee cups in the ceiling cavity?
1 answer
Hi Luke, I'm sorry to hear about this rubbish being left behind, it is certainly not standard practice. Can you please let me know your name, location and contact number so I can look into this. Please email sophieh@atticgroup.com.au. We take complaints like this very seriously. Regards, Sophie Attic Group

Has anyone else had problems with tape joins failing prematurely on a dustproof room installed by attic group?
1 answer
Yeah, that tape is not holding up.

Is it common place for these people to ask for a deposit before $2,500( originally asked for $4,000) without detailed plan, structural plan (visit) scope of works and timeline ? I feel because I said I was keen they want me to make a deposit before a structural inspection!!
1 answer
That sounds bizarre to me! I would never give a deposit under those circumstances. The guy who came out to my place spent a bit of time working out the best placement for the ladder drop point & gave a written quote (with a sketch as well, from memory). I didn't feel pressured but agreed to the plan and installation time and put through a deposit at that point because I was happy with all of the above. It's the workmanship of the installation itself that I had an issue with! Good luck with your decision-making.


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