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3.4 from 222 reviews

Beautiful colours, just like photo on their ad.

I was, like many of you, hesitant and then anxious about purchasing my rug, due to the negative reviews. When my rug arrived within a week of purchasing I was actually surprised at how brilliant the colours were and how much it looked the same, if not better than the picture. So happy with it. I would definitely buy from them again. It’s a thin rug, as the pictures clearly show. I highly recommend.

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Great price and quality

I needed to brighten up a little internal walkway. Wow, the runner has a beautiful design, easy to clean and does it’s job very well. People have commented and really liked it. Thanks for having it on special too!

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I purchased a hand woven rug made in India. The rug arrived unfinished with very obvious flaws. Going by other reviews this is an ongoing problem. Also the general qaulity of the materials seems poor and makes me question the true value of what I got for my money. It isn't worth the hassle and expense of dealing with the returns process. I feel RIPPED OFF!

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FRAUD - beware quality abysmal return shipping same cost as purchase

This company relies on pressure selling advertising always at discount prices, the rugs they delivered are damaged and unacceptable cheap and nasty quality. I requested return shipping on a $700 purchase and the shipping is $650. Beware that they are rude, using au fraudulently and are not bases in australia, nothing is manufactured in australia and they are using au to trap you into purchasing thinking you are supporting au industry. You are not and they should be banned from trading off shore when they seriously send you rubbish goods and charge shipping back when this is not plainly listed on the website. Do not buy from this company under any circumstance.

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Just Perfect! Easy fast shipping

After looking locally to purchase an outdoor patio rug & seeing the crazy prices & wait times, I stumbled across AU Rugs through a google search! Boy I’m glad I did!! Brilliant choice of Large rugs at 1/2 the price of local stores (inc free delivery).
Hubby was Very Sceptical But we ordered last Thursday night & it arrived today Tuesday & it’s Perfect!! Will Definately use this company again even though they are based in the USA! Thank you!! Very happy customer

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Love my rugs

Have now bought 3 rugs from AUrugs Love them all Very fast & pleasant delivery.The description is spot on All my friends comment on how nice they are
Will definitely buy again from this company

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Awesome Rugs!

I was concerned after reading some negative reviews on this site so I procrastinated for a long, long time before finally taking a punt and buying rugs from AU Rugs. I am so happy I did buy them! Service was excellent and hassle free. The rugs arrived within a week. They are absolutely perfect and I couldn't be happier!!! Even my husband likes them and was amazed at how good the rugs are. He was more skeptical than me until they arrived. The colours are so vibrant and the rugs are soft and comfortable. My kids sit on one of the the rugs to watch tv all the time now, rather than the couch. My 4 year old spilled a dollop of gravy on one and it wiped off so easily leaving no marks.

Fantastic value

My rug has just arrived a little over a week after ordering it. I’m amazed at the speed of delivery and the quality of the item. It’s better than how it looked on line. And it was on sale so I can’t work out how they could make a profit on this as it looks and feels expensive. I’m very pleased and would happily order another.

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Fantastic service and beautiful rugs I live in Australia

Ordered my rug on Thursday and it arrived on my doorstep in Australia on Monday morning the rugs are magnificent and I love them. I rang to check if the colour on the website were true and I was assured they were- they are true to colour I’m so happy with them thank you for your fantastic service and quick delivery.

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I never received my rug I ordered a month ago. I have been in contact with the company four times and now can not even get a reply as to where it is.


Beware be very wary ......!!!!! to send back your rug it is not in Australia it is in Switzerland or America and they make you pay for freight which is hundreds and hundreds of dollars so essentially you purchase a rug with the thought or promise of a 30-day return and they do not honour this unless you pay the return fee which is always going to be more than the rug so you end up keeping the product you don't like and losing all your money.

Best value, quality and service

I have a puppy arriving this week so thought I should pack away my (appparently) 200 year old Sari silk rug I bought for $10,000 5 years ago and get a cheap rug to replace it while our puppy toilet trains. Looked at a number of rugs locally then decided to take a leap of faith and buy a slightly larger one online from the US for 5% of the price of my original one. Service was great, shipping was about 6 days. Unpacked and put it in place last night. I didn’t expect a lot but hoped it would be somewhere between a 4-7 out of 10 in my mind. While I can’t comment on how it will wear it is brilliant and has scored a 10 out of 10 for me, in fact the sari silk one might not come out again. Doesn’t feel cheap at all, actually feels luxurious but did go for the luxury underlay non-slip thing - can’t remember the name of it but will see the option on the checkout page.

What mystifies me is how AURugs can make any money after supplying such a great rug and shipping it to me in Melbourne, Australia in such a short period of time for just under $600 AUD. Happy to leave it as a mystery and enjoy our new rug. Great work AURugs, highly recommended.

Awesome Rug! 5 ⭐ Service

We purchased a beautiful rug from AURUGS on the 26th of January 2019 and received it today the 1st of February 2019. Extremely fast shipping as it origin was North Carolina and we are in Perth Western Australia.
The rug was AWESOME! exactly as describe and even better than the photos
We highly recommend AURUGS.

Nice looking rug but over priced

The rug arrived considering it was shipped from USA in a week with regular shipping updates. The rug is exactly what we wanted but the quality is poor for the price paid . It is definitely not worth the price tag when I compare to the quality of similar rugs for same or less cost that we inspected locally. Will not use again as the quality of rug should be described in more detail explaining factually and not sales spin. The rug is thin with a thin cotton backing and I will be surprised if it lasts as long as previous rug which was less than half the price of this new rug.


Nice rug

I purchased the rug for under my king size bed, it was hard to find a square rug but aurugs had a good range. The taupe colour is nice though it isn’t soft like I thought it would be. Delivery was really fast.

Priced Right, Nice Quality & Very Efficient Service

We bought 3 rugs from AuRugs and we can only say positive comments about the whole experience. We enjoyed browsing through their website as there were a variety of rugs to choose from. FedEx delivered the rugs right to our door. We were able to track the delivery all the way from USA to Sydney. Delivery was right on time. We really like the rugs we chose, the colours are eclectic and the texture is soft, even our cats love them. We are very satisfied with our purchase and the value for money.

Great shopping experience

Purchased multiple rugs - all well packaged and exactly as displayed. Probably even better than expected.
Five day turn around and customer service assisted with a late delivery request.
Couldn’t fault

Perfect Rug

I am delighted with my shag pile rug - looks great, feels great and a really great price! Ordered on Monday delivered Friday extremely professional service. Highly recommended !!

Faulty rug - no reasonable reply

We bought a rug and was delivered no hassle.
It has a pull up the centre.
I took photos and sent an email.
Weeks later they replied offering $30!

I said I don’t want a fault in the rug - esp as it is up the centre - please collect and deliver a new rug.

Three emails later still no reply. It has been nearly a month and no reply.

This is very frustrating. Can’t call. They won’t return emails. Now I have to decide what action we take to get a full refund as I am confident this is a breach of australian consumer law.

I can’t use the rug so it is being stored so as not to get damaged while I try and arm wrestle a reply.

I am a very unsatisfied customer.

Don't go near them.!!

So everything that everyone is writing in terms of negative experiences regarding false advertising is 100% true they are not an Australian company and they do not offer 30-day money-back guarantee returns as advertised be very very careful I would advise to only buy a rug from a local retailer

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why has my review of AURugs i posted 2 day ago not appeared? Matt Walsh, Victoria Australia
4 answers
Not sure Matt just check the review and see if it is still pending approval.Maybe you can do this for me Gavin, otherwise pls provide instruction on how I would do that...Maybe you can do this for me Gavin, otherwise pls provide instruction on how I would do that...

Retail price $1600+ selling for $199. really ? genuine ?
1 answer
Hi! I don’t know what the “real” retail value is (I ignored that as being a marketing ploy) and went on the many reviews... can only say I am pleased with my rugs... I read about the thicknesses etc of the designs I liked and made my decisions from there. I personally would have no hesitation in buying again.

Anyone bought an outdoor rug? How does it go in the Australian sun? They don't mention UV protection.
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