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Excellent Service

After sales service is second to none. Bernie was extremely helpful and went out of his way to help me. I would highly recommend Aus- Cameras to anyone. I purchased the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum bundle. Great value. I will definitely buy from this company again.

Product Quality
Product PurchasedDJI Mavic Platinum Pro

Excellent service and price

Was very easy to navigate site and search for required product with very clear details of product displayed and prompt delivery.

Great services, highly recommended

Zhiyun crane 2 is indeed excell gimble, first class material, first class design, first class software. It's delightful to use.

Very pleased with the sevice and product.

The information provided with the listing of the Sena SMH10 motorcycle intercom and headphones was thorough and complete and the price extremely competitive.
The product was as described and the service prompt. I am very pleased with my Sena and would happily deal with Aus-Cameras again.

Very stoked with my drone

communication was awesome, quick and clear. shopped around for the dji mavic pro platnium and they had the best deal. very happy

Great service and prices.

Very happy with prices and service. Speedy delivery to! Great product. Very happy! Will definitely be purchasing from Aus Camera again!

Great service and fast delivery

Aus-Cameras had the best deal on the net for the DJI Mavic Pro Combo. I asked to have it posted to me quickly so I would have it in time for an overseas trip. I was delighted it arrived so quickly. All packing was brand new and the Mavic in perfect working order. Very happy.

Excellent service

Aus-Cameras were very competitive and it was easier to see a price for everything I wanted rather than some websites that you had to go through and price every item, which eventually ended up more expensive. Communication was excellent and delivery was super prompt. Will be looking at Aus-Camera again when wanting more accessories for the the camera.


I received camera and 2 lenses,that was great the worse part was that I got charged 25.00 for overseas transaction.....they advertise AUS camera but they are actually Nikon overseas , so ppl don’t get caught out by the extra charges like I got stung by....and if you are just reading this I would be checking your credit card statements......but look aside from that camera is amazing....

Good service and rapid delivery

Aus-Cameras had the best deal on the net for the DJI Mavic Air Combo. Order process was simple and I asked to have it posted to me quickly so I would have it in time for my son’s birthday. I received a quick response from Bernie that he would post it and the package arrived on the day he had said. Can’t wish for more!

Excellent friendly service and customer support!

The pricing on my initial purchase was very good and I received my order very quickly. After a few months of use my gimbal stopped working and I had to submit a warranty claim, I sent the gimbal back to Aus Cameras. Bernie and the team were very helpful and prompt with their communication, making the process quite smooth. They looked after me and sent me a replacement item which was a big relief. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thanks for your excellent service!

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo.

Aus-Cameras price was very competitive with the best price in Melbourne, for my DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo.
I placed my order on Sunday and my drone was delivered on Thursday morning. Tracking through DHL was fantastic with every step of the transport chain visible. I am very happy with my new drone and have already taken great videos and still shots. I am very happy with the service from Aus-Cameras and would definitely buy from them again. Great price, great service and a great product means a happy customer.

Mavic purchase

I found them to be a professional outfit. I amended my purchase and this was handled well and accurately. Delivery was quick and good and all instructions adhered to. I haven’t compared prices but I was happy to pay for what I received.

Fantastic customer relations and contact

I am extremely happy with the kind and consistent communication by Maria. There was a problem with my PayPal for some unknown reason and during the process of me contacting Maria to explain she grasped exactly what was happening and returned my calls within minutes and understood that the problem was with PayPal as she had had a similar experience. So I remedied the situation with PayPal immediately and we got back on track with my order of the Mavic Pro Platinum full bundle. I am now waiting for dispatch which I am confident will be prompt and in order. Thanks guys and especially Maria.

Excellent service, amazing product with a fast delivery

The Mavic Air fly more combo is one of the best deals around for drones. Incredibly light weight with state of the art camera, sensors, super responsive and agile to control. Can't wait to fly it across the some beautiful landscapes down under. Recommend to anyone interested in filming/photography.

Mavic platinum pro - loving it!!!

Competitive pricing and free 64gb sd card induced me to purchase my drone from a company I had never heard of before, not without a touch of anxiety. I purchased on a friday evening and my order was "processing" all weekend and until Wednesday......I phoned them up on wednesday evening ..... a little concerned and no one was home!! I left a message and checked my emails for the zillionth time and lo and behold my package was on the way from hong kong via dhl express and would be delivered on friday! And it was.....after work on friday I was flying my drone and I was very happy, very contented!! BTW I received a phone call from a cso on thursday morning! These people are a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend them!!

Very helpful for my first time purchase

Arrived sooner than I thought and at a great price. Fantastic service after ordering once I found the conformation email in my spam folder

Great product and quick delivery

The drone was a competitive price, shipped quickly and is great quality. It has been lots of fun to fly and will get lots of use

I was actually quite impressed

I purchased a Phantom Pro+ Obsidian April 2018 for $2689.00, after a few flight with no incidents the Left hand up/down Gimbal control wheel on the remote ceased functioning mid May 2018.
I then went through the DJI support site & followed the instructions on how to submit a DJI warranty claim & posted the remote to the Victorian DJI Repair centre.

About a week later I received an invoice for repairs and I rung DJI questioning why I was being charged $107.00 for the 5 week old malfunctioning gimbal wheel repair?
Only after the DJI person had trouble chasing up the serial number that I had given for the drone did I find out this was in fact a UK model drone and therefore was not going to be repaired for free by DJI in Australia.
Admittedly I was a bit shocked to find this out.

I then rang Aus-Cameras, there was no answer, I left my phone number, someone then rang me back within the hour. As no one was picking up the phone I also sent an email to Aus-Cameras during that hour.

I then searched their web site and saw then that all warranties must be sent back to them and not to DJI.
I think this could be made a bit clearer on their invoices, as the warranty link is a little hard to see on their site
As I had a Remote Pilot course booked at The University of Adelaide on the 28th May at a cost of $3850.00, I immediately went into panic mode and thought I now have no choice but to pay the repair costs to have any chance of getting the drone repaired and sent back to me. I could see myself walking into this course to become certified by CASA with no drone to fly.

Needless to say initially I felt very mislead & assumed when I bought a product in Australia this sort of thing should never happen. I gave AUS-CAMERAS all the DJI case details and wondered how all this would work out.
I am not someone who lets this sort of stuff go by, I have in the past posted numerous product reviews on YouTube. Product review websites etc:.

When a seller is good I tell people, when a seller makes no attempt to help you out, I tell EVERYONE.
Well Aus-Cameras surprised me, they refunded the payment that DJI hit me with in full.
I should have read the site before going to DJI in regards to where items should be sent for warranty issues. I am now hoping to get the remote back in time for the course.
I guess what fuelled me was while waiting for an answer I read a few negative reviews about Aus-Cameras and instantly went into "I am gonna get screwed here".

BUT nope, they were in fact very helpful and sympathetic.
So there, don't disregard the good reviews and only concentrate on the bad ones, every case is different and there are always two sided to a story....In my case, I started out writing a frustrated rant and ended up retracting most of it. I was actually quite impressed with their service & confident they will be there if I have any further issues.

Great service to date

Helpful pre-sales communications.
Easy order & payment process (Credit card not accepted except via PayPal but no problems)
Fast, tracked & on time delivery
Product package a little cheaper than others
Product was Chinese version, including instructions (but no real problems as instructions easily available on the Internet). However, a note was included with special registration instructions in English which were confusing and eventually I was told that these were not applicable).
The drone is high-tech and fantastic except for very slow satellite acquisition in my area and disappointing short flight time but this may have been due to me flying the drone in winds gusting up to 15-20kn.
I'm hoping that AUS-CAMERAS after sales service & warranty is as good as their service to date.

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Questions & Answers

Are you located in Australia, and if so what is the warranty on the maverick drones?
No answers

Do you have any phone number to be contacted? the one on your website no one never answer the calls. i want to buy the canon deal package 80D is this camera genuine? I am studying photography so i need a realiable camera. in the kit does not mencion battery i suppose it is icluded as all cameras comes with battery. how the post is done if i am not at home during delivery?
2 answers
Hello Marisol, at present we are not selling any Canon 80D cameras anymore. Our phone number is 03 90186669, but our business is temporarily closed at present. Thank you for your understanding. Regards BernieI’ve rung about 4 times and always closed during hrs they say are open . They say they are Aussie but they are located in USA. When I finally received and answer to my qs I’d asked 2 weeks before hand ,it was in broken English. Not sure what’s going they have bad reviews in paypal

Hi,order n°100006295. I have ordered a Mavic pro combo flypack on Saturday 12 may. I'm waiting since almost 1 week and nothing. I decide to take a look in your website, and I see my order "canceled". I didn't canceled my order, I paid by card and my money is gone since Saturday. But no email or call about this "canceled order" and no money back. Can you tell me what happened ? I try to call the service or send an email but no answer. Thanks
2 answers
Hello Adrien, all credit card orders that we receive are screened by a riskmanagement company, in our case Signifyd. They decide which payments to approve and which to decline. Your payment has been declined, possible because you used an email address from a non-Australian Email Service. Our credit card payment processor Stripe has authorized your payment (this means they have put a charge on your card but not debited us the payment amount which we do manually). We have not captured the payment in Stripe which means we did not get your money and also did not get charged the fees. Your payment has been blocked which Stripe. It says can take 5-7 days until it is unblocked which I believe is not a good policy. We did not have this before and in this case it makes more sense to use paypal. Please wait until the money is available again. This is frustrating. I do understand you.Hello, Thank you for your answer. I use a french email yes. I am actually in Tully in Queensland doing a hard work I hate and with a bad pay trying to have enough money to get that drone after 2 months.. I am a video editor and I like filming so yes all this is frustrating.. I see that my money is back so are you sure it won't happen again if I pay with paypal ? Do I have to change my email adress ? I have a gmail adress. I like your website and your service is good so I hope I can count on you.

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