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BHPhoto fake SD cards

B&H is a great shop, however I recently bought 2 Sandisk SD cards which I thought to be fakes. I reported this to them and I was told to put in a warranty claim with Sandisk - what a dumb response - there is no warranty for fake cards. Then they stopped responding to my follow up emails - this was the most disappointing part of their customer service. So, I wasn’t able to resolve the issue with them.

My advice, even if the packaging looks genuine test the card within 30 days of receipt otherwise BHPhoto will not make any attempts to resolve the issue.

Product Quality

Worst business I have ever had

I wouldn't even rate band h they are nothing but a bunch of crooks they sold us soft ware that we couldn't even open and then refused to refund our money just because we are in Australia. I will keep on their back as long as I live.

No international support

B&h are the worst. Sold me defective equipment and avoid responsibility because I am in Australia. Lesson learned.

Months of frustrating emails with them ignoring me. They just send nonsensical unhelpful robotic replies.

Excellent Service and Delivery

I came across B&H when I visited New York, so was happy to order on-line from them. They offer several different delivery options which were competitively priced. It only took days for my order to arrive in Australia and I was kept informed of all stages of the delivery process. The goods were in excellent condition and queries to B&H were promptly answered. The goods themselves were also competitively priced when compared to Australian retailers and Amazon. The packaging could be improved slightly (maybe a bit more bubble wrap securely around the internal package), but otherwise very happy with this supplier.

Goods not received, woeful customer service - you have been warned

I completely agree with David’s review/comments posted on Feb 24, 2018. My experience was strikingly similar. But I think he was quite generous giving them 2 stars.

I ordered 3 items: a LEE adapter ring, a filter pouch, and a LEE Landscape Filter Kit which alone is worth US$900 (over 90% of the order value). Shipped to Australia. 3 items came, but instead of picking the Lee Landscape Kit from the shelf, they sent just a Lee polarising filter instead. All the paperwork was correct, but the 3rd item was not at all what I ordered nor what was on the paperwork. I took me several emails and photographic evidence over a week to convince them they’d stuffed up. (I’d hate to be their inventory controller; the stocktake inaccuracies and write offs must be horrendous!)

To resolve the issue, they suggested I request an EXCHANGE and return EVERYTHING (international shipping at my cost and time/effort to arrange, which is not easy in my situation). When all they needed to do was send me the other components that comprise the kit. In the end, they arranged pickup of the polarizer... BUT... because it was an ‘exchange’ they insisted on waiting until they fully processed the polarizer return before they would send me the correct items. When I again reminded them (a) this was a replacement for their stuff up and (b) provided evidence that the polarizer was now in transit (with their nominated courier with them as consignee), they eventually conceded to ship the correct item/kit as International Priority.

But oh, we weren’t done yet… the replacement package/kit made it all the way from New Jersey USA to Sydney Australia in 2 days… but then sat languishing in Australian Customs clearance for a further 5 days awaiting someone to pay A$83 import duty. On day 3, FedEx were chasing ME for payment, so I had to yet again get involved to resolve the customs clearances. FedEx were pressuring me for resolution and were sending the goods BACK to the sender if not resolved by day 5 (and it was already day 4). Bearing in mind I’d already paid BH for freight in duties for International PRIORITY shipping (3 weeks prior).

After receiving no further advice on delivery date, last week I requested the outstanding order item to be cancelled and promptly repaid. Have still heard nothing. So have now been forced to pursue dispute resolution via the payment service provider (who fortunately/hopefully offers buyer protection).

After a dozen emails between me and various parties and 4 weeks later, I STILL don’t have what I ordered. And quite early on I requested this be dealt with a more senior customer service or operations manager at B&H. Yet almost every contact with them is handled by a completely different person.

The folks at B&H can’t pick the correct product from the shelf, have no concept of customer service or issue management, and can’t provide correct paperwork when they do eventually send a replacement. This is not an individual failure - it is a systemic failure by many people at B&H.

You’re just an order, not a customer with a problem caused by them. As a customer service manager myself, their incompetence is an embarrassing case study.

I too will never ever again use nor recommend them. Take your money and custom elsewhere. They don’t deserve your business.

excellent service and delivery time

I purchased a trail camera and found the price to be very competitive.It was easy to pay for online and chose the faster shipping which took 6 days to be delivered to Victoria, Australia......faster than our domestic mail.
I felt the packing could have been better with some bubble wrap placed under the camera box,as there was only packing to the top to keep the box from moving around inside the shipping box.
all in all a very positive experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending B & H to family and friends.
One of the best online stores I have dealt with.

Great product - terrible sevice & delayed delivery

Ordered 8 items, a Laowa 12mm lens, two Godox strobes and some smaller items. 7 Items came in one box and a single Godox Strobe was sent separately. All sounds fine, BUT... B&H sent two packages, two Tracking Numbers, but TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT USD$ Invoice amounts, and now, 12 days later my last $110 USD$ strobe sits in Australia, ready to be delivered while B&H can't organise a revised Invoice which shows that all 8 items I ordered came to a value of $1300 USD instead of 7 items at $1330 and 1 item at $1220 when it should only be $110. Now Australian Custims want me to pay an additional $260 Duty - all because B&H Stuffed up the order and issued two similar USD amounts, which not only confuses DHL and Australian Customs, but has delayed my strobe getting to me by a further TWO WEEKS!... Now, after 6 emails from different Management at B&H, there is still NO DELIVERY. NEVEF AGAIn B&H, NEVER AGAIN... don't take the risk, buy your gear from Australia... The service from B&H is appauling, and they won't step up and send me the single item as a professional courtesy... the way we are going we could be here for weeks before I take delivery. B&H, your so-called Service leaves a lot to be desired. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Great Service, Fast Delivery

Compared to most shops here at home, you'd think that an overseas firm wouldn't be able to compete with the service they can provide. You'd be wrong. B&H Photo are probably one of the best online stores around. Great prices, more than competitive even when compared to the prices you have to pay for goods here. And, even after shipping, many of their goods turn out cheaper than what you can get them here for. Also, excellent customer service. Any problems are answered promptly and they don't hold out on you. Delivery is pretty slick going through the usual transshipping agencies like DHL and FedEx. Got my parcel from them before the due date. All in all, I would be more than happy to keep doing business with them.

26 days to get to Australia

I ordered items online 17 January for delivery to Australia.

It arrived in Australia 8 February.

It was delivered today 12 February - ie it took 26 days.

On 6 February, I questioned how long it was taking and I got this response from B&H:
"I apologize for the delay with your order. With DHL Saver, they send all packages to their hub in Germany first before it is distributed to the local post office for delivery. Since this is a saver method of shipping, we are unable to open up an investigation until 2/17 if the package hasn't been received by then."

I was not happy with this response.

Pleasure to use and ULTRA FAST shipping

Ordered a number of items to be shipped to Australia, some in stock and some weren’t. I was expecting the order to wait until it all arrived, but to my amazement, they sent out what they had a few days later sent the rest. From the time they sent it, it was in my hand within 4 days!!! That’s from us to au. No more amazon for me, B&H Photo have blown me away. Thanks so much.

Great stock and service.

Always great. Prices, service and shipping are always equal or better than the others.
Shipping is quicker and more reliable than from internal Australia.

Faster shipping times than from within my own country.

B&H apart from being my most trusted supplier now for 6 years, actually get things delivered to me quicker than most online stores that are based within my own country of Australia.

Fantastic all round

Best Deals tried everywhere else
Fast Delivery with reasonable postage costs
Excellent service fast and reliable
I would recommend B and H to everyone.

Fast delivery

Very competitive- don't want to write an essay here but I use B&H often because they can move stuff into my country quicker than what the local companies can supply. Local supply and delivery will often take 7-10 days to get stuff 30 kilometres!!

Great range & fast delivery!

I may live in Australia but B&H is my first port of call when i need something, I know that it will be delivered in only a few days after purchase.

B&H are the best

The prices are super competitive and delivery is always fast. B&H have a massive range of goods to choose from. I couldn't ask for more

I love this online shop!! Great range and prices.

This is the best value shopping place for my photo/video needs and the reviews, information and range make selection a breeze.

Misleading advertising

I saw an ad for a large format printer from B&H. It clearly stated pay no duties or taxes for delivery to Australia (yes I have a screenshot), so I bought it.
Next thing I know, DHL slugs me over $500 for duty before they'll release my printer. I paid it in good faith expecting B&H would sort it out.....

But no, despite numerous emails, and having to re-tell my story every time, and numerous people saying they will look into it, they now say that they ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any ads of theirs displayed on a third party website. I call nonsense on that.

I'll be making representation to the authorities about this.
False and misleading advertising. Poor customer service.
This was my first purchase from B&H. Unless they sort it out, it will also be my last.

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Follow up - I eventually got a refund of the duty I'd paid, but it took an investigation by NYC Consumer Affairs. Very poor customer service from B&H.


I find B&H to be a well run, professional company with good prices and a broad range of equipment - i have trusted them for years

Hard to find items found at B&H!

Losing a tiny part in an aircraft hangar is a nuisance and trying to find a reliable supplier of a hard-to-find replacement is time-consuming and frustrating. Going direct to B&H was a no-brainer.

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hi I have looking at the jvc quadproof camcorders. The everio R 4 K series looks interesting but there does not appear to be an agent or a place where in Australia where I can see them. I live in Canberra and will travel to see them. Would you please give me some information about them and where I may see one? Regards Bob Kibble [email removed]
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They are based in New York. Their website shows examples of goods.

I really want to purchase a Rokinon lens from B&H, I am in Tasmania Australia, and have read up and down reviews. I want to make sure before I buy, is it legit, are they good and when the products arrive are they new and exactly as their description says? Thanks :)
4 answers
Don't know the lens you've mentioned but B+H are reputable. Expect to receive what you order in stated delivery time, in good order & well packed. That's my experience with B+H.Thanks very much, I was interested in Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens, just wanted to get a few honest opinions before I buy :)Hi Larissa, personally I don't like to purchase lenses or camera bodies from overseas businesses due to the limitations with warranties and many manufacturers not providing international warranties. B&H are very reputable and I wouldn't hesitate purchasing from them. I'd shop around some of the Australian retailers, I know you are limited in where to buy from in Tasmania as I grew up there and there is no competition when it comes to negotiating a good price on camera equipment. You either pay the rrp or you don't get what you want. I now live in Sydney and there is a lot of competition which means you can get some great prices on camera equipment. It all depends on what your budget is though.

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