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Aussie Wool Quilts Boort

Aussie Wool Quilts Boort

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The last quilt I'll ever need to buy

King Quilts·
Blanket Warmth: 3 Blanket.

It's so warm and the natural woollen smell makes going to bed on these cold winters nights a dream.
Also the quick turn around time from order to delivery.
We will certainly recommend you quality Aussie product to our friends.

Product Quality
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The best quilt I've ever had! Love it!

Honestly the best quilt I've ever owned. After years of sleeping with feather and down quilts I was unsure about purchasing a wool quilt but it is the most comfortable, breathable quilt I've ever had, and an absolute pleasure to sleep under! It is cool enough to use in spring / autumn and very warm in winter, so is perfect in almost every situation. I purchased the dry clean only quilt and I love that it is all natural fibres, and clearly extremely well made with high quality materials. There was no "wool smell" at all - in fact it smelled great straight out of the bag. I couldn't recommend these quilts more and will definitely be purchasing all my quilts from Aussie Wool Quilts Boort from now on. Truly a great, natural product.

Product Quality
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Beat Quilt I Have Ever Bought

I bought the 3 blanket quilt mid 2018. We live on an island in the Bass Strait (off Tasmania) which can get quite cold in the winter. The first night sleeping under it was heaven. We were actually warm for the first time in ages. So amazingly comfortable. We found it a bit heavy at first but very soon got used to it and loved that weight that made it stay in place over the top of us. It is now early January and we are finding it a bit warm so will change back to our old quilts until the weather cools down again. We may have to splash out again yet and buy summer weight Boort quilts. We aired them out for half a day once they came out of the packaging but found there was no odour that other people have mentioned.

Best quilt we have owned to date.

The quilt is exactly what we were hoping for. You get what you pay for. The quilt is very well made - the quality is obvious as soon as you unpack it and even more obvious when you are using it. We have been using goose down until now, and find the effects of wool to be superior. The customer service from start to finish sets an example for others. We were somewhat fussy customers and after many emails had the quilt shipped to South Korea. It arrived surprisingly quickly, well packed and in perfect shape with a handwritten thank-you note. Overall we had an excellent experience and would not hesitate to buy from this company again.

Excellent products, outstanding customer service

I have purchased several quilts and pillows. I am gradually swapping all our quilts and pillows over to Aussie wool ones as they are lovely products. Customer service is excellent and I like that this is an Australian run family business.

I initially purchased a quilt and pillow for my son who has eczema and gets very hot and sweaty when asleep. The difference the pillow and quilt have made to his sleep was wonderful. He no longer wakes up drenched in seat and has a comfortable nights rest.

The quilts have a lovely weight to them and are easy to air on a sunny day on the line.

Best quilt ever

Previous I slept with 3 blankets and a cheap wool doona then I brought a Aussie wool quilt from Boort and now I sleep with a top sheet and this amazing Quilt.
Would highly recommended spending the money to purchase these amazing Quilts. Don’t waste your money on anything else.

Queen size quilt

Excellent quilt for couples, you can choose the thickness of your wool quilt, in our case, I had less wool on my side; because I'm a bigger guy and tend to sweat more than my Wife who is much smaller than me, so my Wife had thicker wool sewn into her side. The owner Marilyn Lanyon does a fantastic job in creating these quilts!

I'm 58yrs old, and for 35 years I've had trouble sleeping with quilts, but these quilts are perfect. We went with the more expensive option of the dry cleanable quilt, and we are glad we did! We recently upgraded our old mattress to a new Latex mattress, and now it's even better! NOTE: If you do buy one of these quilts, make sure you purchase a quilt cover that is 100% COTTON, as polyester material tends not to breath.

We can highly recommend this fantastic product, because we are sleeping soundly.
We love our quilt, AAA, 5 X STARS from us.

Steve & Sue Toms. Melbourne.

Best quilt ever

Warm but breathable, this quilt is the best ever for staying warm when overnight winter temperatures have been as cold as minus 7 - but it's also comfortable throughout autumn and spring. One of the big advantages is that the bed stays warm if I have to leave it during the night - which my previous down quilt did not do. And it's very clever to have extra warmth and wool for my feet. I really look forward to getting into bed!

Love sleeping warn and snug under of woolen quilt

After a lot of research, We went with aussie wool quilts. We bought a Number 2 quilt for winter .What a great product not to heavy not to light, you know its on top of you and its great to curl up under and go to sleep , it really has good beyond our expectations.
We bought a Number 2 quilt for winter .We live in Port Macquarie NSW, We love it so much we bought a 1/2 thickness for summer and now that winter is here again and our daughter has here own bed i have just bought her a number 2 quilt as well. If your looking for quality product you have found it.
By buying you are supporting ozzie farmers and workers how are willing to have a good. Check out there website they make more than quilts. My wifes biggest fear was the smell that she had read about woolen products having. Out of the bag you could smell a little Lanoline, i call that normal, after all it is a natural product, but once aired out on the veranda it was fine. There is no down side to buying from this ozzie company

Super warm

Ours arrived yesterday , got the under blanket and number 3 doona, I probably should of read these reviews first as number three is a bit to warm for South West WA , I will persist with it for a few weeks and then make a decision whether to get a number two instead .

The quality of the product is excellent and I am glad to have purchased Australian made and they're a super easy company to deal with .

Thanks 5 stars

Excellent Purchase.

We bought a winter doona and love the warmth, quality, feel and service. The other draw card was it was made in Victoria - feels good to support local industry. Thank you!


Love this washable wool quilt - just extremely happy. Bought this for my daughter moving into a big girl bed, and Ian amazed at the warmth and quality .. was expecting to be happy - but this company well exceeded my expectations - firstly by the service, i spoke with a incredibly kind lady to help me figure out what i wanted, then left it as i looked around for other compatible products .. paid on par what i would have bought for this item in a department store, but it was local, natural, and washable - other duvets that were washable were not natural .. very happy .. great company, well done

Best doona ever!

We purchased a King doona in the 2 warmth. It is super cosy and hard to get out of bed in the morning! It is machine washable and we aired it for a day before using it but it had no smell other than a "new" smell that you would expect from a new item. It is the right warmth for autumn/winter/spring between maybe 17 and 20 degrees.
Before we purchased a cheaper wool doona from Forty Winks and had to give it back because it was loosing hair through the fabric. The Boort one is definitely worth the money!

very high quality and warm

I purchased a double quilt for our son's king single bed and it fits perfectly. The quilt is plump and even and feels of very high quality. We also loved the quaint packaging!

Great quality quilt

I recently bought another of these quilts. They are of a really high quality & their mail delivery service was so efficient (I ordered on a Saturday & it was here on Wednesday). The quilts are warm ( I bought the two blanket one & it is keeping me very cosy at the moment. I live in Adelaide). They have a lovely to touch cotton cover. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a new quilt

Super toasty quilt

We ordered a super-king 3 back in April for our chilly Canberra winter. We could not be happier. (In fact, we probably could have gotten away with a number 2, since the bedroom doesn't ever get really cold, and we usually have the kid join us at some point during the night! Also, the size upgrade from a king to a super-king means more overhang, and therefore extra warmth.) We spoke with Ann, who was super helpful and friendly. We have since ordered another 3 for our daughter, and are about to order a lighter-weight one for summer. I see that someone here has complained about the smell - this was just not the case with our quilt. There was no smell at all. We did air it for a day before putting it on the bed, as recommend, but I didn't detect any smell before this anyway. And yes, these quilts are heavy, especially if you are used to a down quilt - it took a few nights to get used to the weight, but there is no overheating as was the case with our down quilt. Really, really, really happy. Thank you Aussie Wool Quilts!

Beautiful Quilt

Great quality product - have purchased 5 of these quilts now - 3 of them I have had for 15 years and still going strong. Most recent purchases for my two adult children - should last them a lifetime. Well done to Marilyn and her team for a great product and great customer service.

Fantastic product

We recently upgraded to a king size bed so we needed a new quilt.
I spent hours going around the different department stores in search of my perfect quilt.
I could have saved myself hours by going straight to the Aussie Wool quilts website.
What a find. They really are an amazing product. I bought one for the winter with 2 different sides a heavier grade 3 for me and a lighter grade2 for my husband. Absolutely perfect.
Now we have reached the calmer warmer months it was time for a change of quilt.
This time no walking or time wasting for my summer quilt. Hopped on and my perfect summer quilt arrived in days.
What makes it better I feel I'm helping Austalian economy and buying at home.
Thank you so much guys.
Love love love my quilts.

Perfect quilt - excellent service

Brilliant product so very thrilled with our King quilt number 2 - such great service and advice and quick delivery - brilliant product would highly recommend support our Aussie Farmers!

Novel product with great health benefits

Thoroughly enjoy my Ww. Great for arthritic joints and as a comforter. I love being able to purchase natural products directly from the farmer/manufacturer.
The service has been flawless throughout.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, i have to replace my family's very old wool quilts, reluctantly, as they seem to have lost some effectiveness. I live in Brisbane, it is mostly warm and humid but winter nights can get down to 10' and occasionally lower, and we have to add a blanket over the quilt, but autumn & spring min around 12 - 15 , and in summer we fold them away. What do you think would suit us? I like to snuggle up to my chin! What is better..washable or dry clean? Casaberth
1 answer
A 2 blanket quilt will be fine

What quilt is best for freezing cold nights in Tasmania?
2 answers
I have the 2 for hubby and 3 for me. We're in Melbourne and sleep with the window open every night. We don't get really really cold I think the coldest night is around 1-2 degrees. I can honestly say I'm toasted with the 3. I am 48 so probably a few hot flushes help... If you're a really cold person then get the 4 but they are they warmest quilt ever.I have purchased the 2blanket queen quilt for myself and son and the 3blanket for my daughter. The 2b are perfect however my daughter tells me that the 3b is super super warm so that sometimes she is too hot. Would guarantee these quilts any day. Would stick with the 2b .

Hi all, I have a wool doona 500 GSM and i wake up with fibres everywhere! Have you experienced this with these?
1 answer
Hi Winnie, we had the same problem with a Bambi wool doona purchased at Forty winks and brought it back. They said it must be a manufacturing problem. I think it could be a health risk.

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