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Service Service Service

This was my third purchase from Ausspecs and again they went above and beyond.
The glasses are excellent quality and I have no hesitation in recommending them
Thank you
you have a customer for life

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Rocky start

Started with a few problems.... the glasses supplied were totally un-usable because as turned out it was my fault due to script misinformation supplied to me by a third party that was passed on to AusSpecs.
However... after alerting AusSpecs of the problem they were quickly able to assist me to remedy the situation with prompt advise regarding the script and the eventual timely supply of my (now able to use) new glasses.
Thank you team......I'll be back.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Reading, Distance & Sunglasses.

This is the second time I have ordered glasses with Aus Specs there was a problem with the tinting of one pair of sunglasses ordered but it was corrected promptly after a few emails to customer service. The sunglasses are excellent and I will continue to get my glasses from Aus Specs. Thank you Aus Specs.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

First Time Glasses Wearer

Despite having never worn glasses before I decided to order online. With some guidance from the helpful staff I was quickly able to understand my script and provide all the necessary information. Further advice helped me navigate the wide range of frames so that I was confident to choose frames that would suit my face. My glasses arrived much faster than I expected and are high quality and look great. I will be recommending AusSpecs to family and friends and will definitely purchase from them again, saving both time and money.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Quality product.

My glasses arrived last week and I am thrilled with them.
Top quality and the acetate frames are great.
Certainly can recommend Aus Specs.

Cheap and reliable

I found out about AusSpecs when I came to this site to complain about another online glasses company that failed to meet my expectations. Almost gave up on ordering glasses online but AusSpecs delivered a quality product at a fair price with the craftsmanship and customer service Australians have come to expect. The website might be difficult for less tech savvy people to navigate but when I encountered a problem it was solved almost instantly. I will be using them again in the future and purchasing glasses for my family as well.

I love my glasses

It’s been 12 months since I bought 2 pairs of glasses from AusSpecs and I am so happy with them. I had never purchased glasses online before and was concerned that they would look cheap and nasty, but they’re both great quality and no one would know otherwise. I will never buy glasses from a retail store ever again. The process of ordering them was daunting for me because I had never done it before, but in the end it was not too difficult. I had an Eye Test at BigW and just asked them for a printout of my prescription, so I had all the technical info when I ordered my Glasses on AusSpecs. The most difficult part for me was choosing the actual glasses. I’m so happy with my glasses and recommend AusSpecs to all my family and friends. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by purchasing your glasses through AusSpecs. I bought 2 pairs from AusSpecs - one for $52.45 and one for $81.60. Two years prior to purchasing from AusSpecs I paid $761.50 for 2 pairs of glasses from a retail store. I will only purchase my glasses online now, I don’t see any value in buying from a retail store.

Excellent quality, great value!

I ordered a pair of extended readers from Ausspecs. When they arrived and I realised the high quality they are, I ordered a pair of Freeform progressive glasses with transitional lenses. These were also of high quality, with the intermediate area wider & more useful than my old Specsavers “Elite”, top range progressives. For $50 less than Specsavers 2 for 1 deal, I received two pairs of great glasses, with higher spec lenses and frames and definitely more stylish.

I highly recommend Ausspecs and couldn’t be happier with my new glasses.

Perfect Experience

First time ordering glasses online and couldn't be happier that I chose AusSpecs. I received exactly what I ordered within the time I was told.

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Thank you for your comments, we are pleased that we could help :)

AusSpecs are Brilliant !

Auspecs are terrific. I purchased from them online of course.

I ordered two pair of identical Model Number hr4068a while on special. They double checked my prescription with me before proceeding as my focus is quite different in each eye.

My order arrived on time and my new specs are perfect and very good quality.

I found their service to be excellent especially for an online style business. Two pair of excellent reading glasses for $97.00 while on special including postage !!! Yipee!

An icy winters day in Hades shall coincide with Kim Jong Un winning the Nobel Peace Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Human Rights before I buy specs anywhere else again.

5 Stars and many thanks.

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Hello Bendigo Rocks, Its a pleasure to be of assistance and we really appreciate your kind words :)

No discount on glasses

Had received my glasses today and i had accidentally ordered Bifocal glasses instead of Multifocal glasses. The price of these glasses cost me as much as specssavers did with branded frames for the glasses. I called them up today and they were not cooperative at all and said i had to pay an extra of $165 which was just for the multifocal and were i had payed $165 in the first place for the glasses. I surfed on the internet and found the same frame for the glasses for $20 and the build quality for the glasses was poor with looses hinges of the frame. You are better off buying glasses from elsewhere where you know you will get your money back if there is any problem.

Hello Dharam, For the sake of clarity, you ordered Bi-Focal lenses at a cost of $ 69.95 which we made specifically to your prescription values and delivered them in excellent condition. You now advise that you did not want Bi-Focals and require AusSpecs replace the Bifocal lenses with Freeform Digital Progressive lenses (which cost $164) for free. Because we simply cannot do this for free you rate us as “Terrible” ? Why you would say that that we did not offer you a discount for replacement lenses is false as you are aware. We most certainly DID offer a discount on the upgraded lenses. BTW the wholesale cost of the glasses frames is much greater than $20 so we question that the frame you preport to have found are the same quality plus we have checked 20 pairs for loose arms and could not find any issues as you have described. Anyway, as is always the case, you are most welcome to send the glasses back for a full refund on the glasses frame. Kind regardsThe link you have provided above shows the frame that you had shipped me with and this link shows the exact frame for much cheaper and with good build quality https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MINCL-Unisex-Progressive-Multifocal-Lens -Reading-Glasses-Men-Women-Presbyopia-Hyperopia-Bifocal-Eyeglasses-Anti-fatigue-NX/32865297676.html?shortkey= Rre6rM7b&addresstype=600 and the discount you said you were providing me on the lenses was 10% which then that totalled upto $165 as i mentioned above and you said you will issue a refund for the frame which is useless to me and i cannot do anything with that

Excellent Service at a Great Price

This is the second time I have used AusSpecs, their Frames and Lenses are of exceptional quality. My script was read correctly and I had no problems on receiving my completed glasses. With being on a pension it makes it extremely difficult to purchase prescription glasses from a retail store as their mark up's are ridiculous on their product. Given I need High Index lenses, it makes it completely impossible to buy prescription glasses from any retail store. Ausspecs prides themselves in there workmanship and the administration staff are friendly and very helpful and their pricing is so very reasonable. I recently got a quote from Specsavers, for 2 pairs of frames plus high index lenses with coatings that was going to cost me $649 and yet they pride themselves on being cheaper than most optometrists. I recently purchased 2 pairs from AusSpecs frames plus high index lenses with coatings and tint in one pair and my out of pocket was $285.70, so I saved approximately $380. Thank you AusSpecs.

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We are very happy that you are happy with our product and service,We look forward to serving you in the future :)

First time experience was excellent.

Prompt responses to clarify and confirm prescriptions over a weekend. Both pairs were with me about 10 days later and were as I specified and as described on the site. I would definitely recommend Ausspecs to others.

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Hi Ben. Thank you for the concise feedback. It is heartening to receive such a great review. Cheers and have a wonderful day :)

Simple, cheap, effective solution backed by excellent service

AusSpecs found my answer to a drawn out nightmare after the coating of my multifocal glasses disintegrated under the hot weather as I work in the field. The shops tried to sell me designer brands, expensive frames $400 plus, useless coatings that don’t work, fancy trademark names lenses to high RI plastic.... To make matter worse, the script has missing numbers and the astigmatism correction looks wrong. I ended up with overpriced multiple focal glasses that have wrong PD, out by 4 mm according to my measurements, and that of a second optometrist. While waiting for the 3rd optometrist’s opinion on how to fix the bad glasses, I went online. I came to the conclusion that I needed 2 pairs of glasses to fulfill my needs, not multifocals. When I learnt that AusSpecs is an Australian business in Perth, I was keen to try them out. I had excellent support to get my order in when I couldn’t get the cheaper lens. My glasses arrived fast. I am wearing them right now, with great comfort, no discomfort, or distortion. I only pay a fraction using the twinpack deal. I will definite try online again.

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Hi Sylvia, We are so glad that this all worked out for the good. thank you for sharing this with us. Please have a wonderful day :)

Excellent product for the price and excellent service.

Frames were robust and of good quality. Lenses were clear and very thin for the price. Had small problem with fitting and I emailed ausspecs on a Sunday. Reply came on Monday morning with enough info to solve problem!
I am now looking at also buying prescription sunglasses.

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Hi John, Glad we could help and that the video was helpful :)

Excellent value glasses from an Australian company you can trust!

I have ordered three pairs of glasses from AusSpecs in the past and have just placed my latest order. Buying glasses - or anything for that matter - off the internet can be an exercise in risk versus reward but with this company you can be assured that your investment will pay off. Firstly, the website is excellent and easy to navigate. Secondly, you can call them and actually speak to someone and get some professional advice. Thirdly, the quality is excellent and the turnaround is fast. I have a tricky script due to the astigmatism in my left eye but each pair of glasses ordered was very accurate and of great quality. They even did a follow up phone call after my first order to make sure my script values were correct. Top marks! Order with confidence...

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Its wonderful to hear that you are happy with our product and service, we do appreciate your kind words.

this company a perfect solution for pensioners

i have been buying prescription glasses from ausspecs yearly since 2011 and am extremely pleased with the price as well as the quality and service. well done

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Hi Bruce it is a privilege to be of service to older Australians especially in these times where the cost of living is going through the roof. but pensioners as usual tend to be left behind. Thank you for your Very kind comments and patronage over the years.

Great product and service

This is the third pair of glasses purchased from AusSpecs. Also ordered a pair for my wife. Great to phone and get a quick answer about my order.

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Hello Les it was lovely talking to you on the phone and thank you for your kind words.


We have been dealing with Auspects for years and have found them to be absolutely trustworthy, We had a small problem with our first pair and it was dealt with and solved immediately.

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Hello Woody, feedback like this makes it all worthwhile, thank you so much for the comments

So glad I have found these guys!

I ordered my first pair of glasses about 4 weeks ago and was so happy with the price, quality of the glasses, service I received and speed of the delivery that I have just ordered another pair.
Fantastic and highly recommended these guys.

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Hello Rebecca. We really appreciate your kind words and sentiments and feel sure that your next pair will be equally good. cheers :)

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Questions & Answers

Hello , who would you recommend in adelaide sa to do an eye test for glasses ? Also is there anyway I am able to use my existing titanium frames /that were very expensive but light . Regards Dennis
2 answers
Hi Dennis - sorry, no idea about eye tests in Adelaide. I'm in Melbourne. I used Spec Savers and they were good. Apparently you can re-use existing frames.Hello Dennis and thank you for your question. Being that AusSpecs has been supplying glasses as a third party scenario of over 10 years you can imaging that we get a lot of feedback on which stores are best and which ones, not so much. During this time we have formed the opinion that opsm might be the best for prescription accuracy and customer care. One big difference is that opsm are company owned store (owned by Luxitica ) so their focus is more toward looking after their clients and building a long term relationship. They are generally very helpful in supplying you with a copy of your prescription on request. Still very expensive though. With regard the re-glazing of your "Old Favorites" yes it can be done but the cost is often prohibitive. Unfortunately we now live in a throw away society meaning that for about 1/3 the price of lens replacement you can buy a brand new complete set. Perhaps you could get a quote from your optical store at the time of your eye test before making a judgement call :) All is not lost though, we highly recommend our clients to send their old glasses to Lions Club where they can do the most good . http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/how-we-serve/health/sight/eyeglass-recycling.php I do hope this helps and you are always welcome to drop us a line here at AusSpecs http://www.ausspecs.com.au/contact.php Best regards Brian

Hi, I will buy rimless glasses and would like to find out what Ausspecs rimless lenses quality is. I used to buy my rimless glasses from Zenni. My recent experience is very bad with Zenni as their polycarbonate lenses keep developing cracks around the bolt holes in 6 months or so, typical problem with rimless glasses! Has anyone experience with Ausspecs rimless multifocal glasses? Cheers L.G.
2 answers
I have never bought rimless glasses I like them but for me I stick with the frame around them and they look pretty goodAsk AusSpecs, They are very helpful and surprisingly honest.

My optometrist will not give me a PD .Says it is not possible to measure without wearing the frames because the depth as well as the width needs to be measured. What do I do next?
2 answers
That's a lie. See "Getting a Friend to Measure Your PD" at http://www.stingyspecs.com.au/what-is-PD.htmlagree with dan they just want you to buy from them . i have a very strong script and i prefer to get my glasses online as its alot cheaper then an optometrist my script reads sph r +8.25 l 8.25 cyl r -2.50 l -2.50 axis r 5 l 175 near add r 2.25 l 2.25 and pd r 34.0 l 34.0 so if i were you . id got to specsaver . thats who gave me my script / pd included .

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