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the one positive - I was able to walk in and have the eye test which seemed standard.
despite the advertising -
colour selection not so good
colours I selected not in my size, arms not in the colour. No glasses case - extra $$.
email about when I could pick up, went unanswered
reading glass lenses not in stock so 10 day wait
same for bifocals but that's understandable. Bi - focals, same price as elsewhere.
can't pop out lenses to change up frames for reading glasses - not told until they were paid for and received.
pop out for bi -focals have to go back to shop to change up frames
All- in- all nothing special, can get same deal and more choice everywhere.
Advertising "big sell" but misleading

It's all about Customer Service.

Dresden glasses are great for the price. I had bought them before from the Haymarket shop. This time I went to the one in MLC Centre. 3 people work in there, I was left mid conversation discussing frames whilst the assistant went to chat with someone they knew who arrived in the shop. Luckily an asian lady came out from the office and was very professional with great customer service. I choose the frames I wanted and was told they would be ready in 15 mins - I said I would come back then. When I did the guy in the shop was chatting with someone else (who did not appear to be a customer) and it was obvious work had not even commenced on my lenses. So I stood there for another 15mins, no apologies, no have a seat while you wait - nothing.
2 people at Dresden need to go off and learn about good customer service, it's what brings people back. #SecretShopper

Great idea, great service, great product

Easy to find the store and helpful staff member explained the layout and options.
The price is impossible to go past -- so cheap, and the business model is so encouraging, in that it shows that environmentally sensitive and sensible products can be stylish and affordable.

Perfect glasses.

Very reasonably priced glasses. Great colours to mix and match. Staff at Potts point very friendly. Can afford to buy a couple at these prices. Recycled plastic that's a great selling point.

Online Prescription Sunglasses from Dresden Optical

After I whinged a bit to to a friend about the cost of getting a new pair of normal-type bifocal glasses, he referred me to the Dresden Optical website, which apparently had been written up in a newspaper as a new type of business model. I had left it too long to have my eyes examined, and the new glasses I got at the optometrists are better than my old ones, and my prescription has changed too, so I was not all that concerned.

Anyway, I eventually checked out the Dresden website, and discovered they will provide prescription sunglasses for $69, which is something of a bargain. Not only is it at a good price, but it’s done over the internet, so I don’t have to leave the apartment to get them, which is kind of ironic when it comes to buying sunglasses I guess.

They also have a clever system. They sell only one kind of frame, made in Australia, from recycled plastic. The frames come in four sizes, and an absolute multitude of colours, and you can mix and match the colours of the arms and frames with the lenses.

That seemed perfect for my sunglasses, which I habitually lose or damage, being congenitally clumsy. There is a very very expensive pair of my sunglasses somewhere in the depths of the Colo River (just outside Sydney), for instance, plus another set somewhere amongst the Great Barrier Reef.

So I decided to take a chance with the Dresden system. Their website is well put together. You need to have your prescription, and I had just gotten a new one.

By the way, the optician will give you your prescription if you request it. But some (ie, the not too good ones) will try not to do this, or will only give you a partial script. If your optician baulks at providing you with your complete optical prescription refer them to the ‘Patient Rights Charter’ from Optometry Australia, which is the professional body for opticians and eye specialists, which states
“In addition to rights and responsibilities conferred by law, patients of optometrists have the right to: … Receive a copy of their spectacle prescription and the results of any tests conducted. Receive a copy of their contact lens prescription when the optometrist is satisfied that the fitting has been completed.”
Your prescription should show the parameters for your right and left eyes for Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Add – if you normally wear multi-focal glasses.

Dresden provide on their website a guide to “Understanding Your Prescription” which is worth reading. There is also a “Frame Size Guide” which shows you how to find out the size of the frames you will be ordering from them. It’s straight-forward and easy to do – I worked out that I needed a medium size of frame.
I went ahead and ordered a pair of sunglasses using their website. The process was easy, and the site worked well. One issue is that on one of the parameters (the ADD), my prescription was just outside those on their drop-down choices. They suggest that you email them a copy of the prescription if that occurs, which is what I then did. The standard cost may vary if your glasses are outside the normal parameters, it seems.

They quickly emailed me back, to say that they would be able to provide the sunnies for my prescription at the normal cost of $69. Since I normally wear bi-focal glasses the $69 cost only covered a mono-focal pair. Which was fine for me, since with sunglasses I only need to see long distances, which is the option I chose. From a quick calculation, it would be cheaper to get two pairs of the Dresden sunglasses – one long distance, the other short for reading – than to get a single pair of bi-focal Dresden sunglasses. The options are all available, but the cost is different.

As it was, I only wanted the glasses for long distance, so I ordered only the one pair. After the emailing, they now had my prescription stored in their records, so on the website, when I returned to order the glasses, I selected that option. I picked a colour, made a couple of other decisions (ie, I got the brown shading instead of the grey), and that was that.

In fact, the $69 cost did not include postage, which is another $10 (the Dresden people have stores too, so I suppose I could have visited them in person, to avoid the postage. Apparently they also do eye tests, if you want a new prescription.) But as the Dresden system permits the frames to be interchanged, I decided to get an additional set of arms and frame in a different colour, just in case I broke or lost the original set. And to be trendy with multi-coloured frames, too! I also bought their felt glasses case for $10, which in practice, is a really good design, I should have gotten an extra one for my normal glasses! The total cost was about $110, and postage then was free; the total being over $100.

The glasses arrived by post very quickly. Before purchase I was a bit uncertain about their look, but now having gotten them, I find that they look quite good. The frames are chunky, but very light. My main concern was that the nose-piece is not separate, but just a moulded bulge, and so is not adjustable. However, after wearing the glasses it’s not an issue, because they are so light. They fit very well, and are surprisingly comfortable. The standard design is ‘generic’ and looks good, especially for sunglasses. The optical result is very good – the lenses are superior and shade light well.

So I am very happy with the Dresden sunglasses. Their staff, who answered my emailed questions promptly were very friendly and professional, which is a good sign that the business is well run. The product is very good, and the convenience of ordering the glasses via the internet worked well, and was fun. The low cost is great too. So I’ve gotten a good looking pair of comfortable sunnies at a great price, and had fun over the internet doing it.

Questions & Answers

How can you sell lenses for a very small portion of every optical store? Please don't say because they RIP us off. I'd really like a better answer.
1 answer
Hi Lori N, Unfortunately, that is often the case. If you think about glasses they are really a small collection of quality pieces of plastic (nylon in our case) and maybe some metal for a hinge, or frame, etc. They are almost always mass produced in a factory in China, and the manufacturing and sale is controlled by a small group of companies. The lenses are also plastic. We have own own factory in Sydney, we make use of automation, and we use injection moulding with no metal parts to make our glasses. This is not particularly different to how the big firms do it. Have a look at this article - https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/may/10/the-invisible-power-of-big-glasses-eyewear-industry-essilor-luxottica Or take a look at the work David Lazarus of the LA Times has been doing on the same issue - https://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-glasses-lenscrafters-luxottica-monopoly-20190305-story.html and other stories. Regards, Matt from Dresden

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