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Vision Direct
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Would defiantly use them again

I don't know why there is so much hate with these guy, I ordered 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses on their website and the service I received was amazing. I admit that I was shocked when I saw that the sunglasses were posted from Hong Kong but I reserved judgment until they arrived.

When they arrived I didn't like the brown polarising on the glasses (totally my fault) so I contacted them and asked if I could exchange them for the grey/black polarising and they accepted and asked me to send my original glasses to a warehouse in Sydney. My replacements were sent on Saturday from Hong Kong and were in my hands on Tuesday, that is quicker then Australia Post.

The glasses are genuine and the prescription is spot on.

I have no problem with buying Australian however, I saved over $500 by buying from Vision Direct. I will defiantly shop with them again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Customer Service is Good

I had a issue with my order and when I raised complain, customer service representative responded immediately. They sincerely sorry offered to help me with better offer. Mistakes happen but I liked the way they tried to correct it.

Return Claim MadeNo

Cant cancel my glasses order!!!!!!

I ordered some glasses a few days ago and need to cancel, called Customer Service and after 30 seconds a lady comes on and says "all our agents are unavailable and we will call you back shortly" and the call disconnects. My question is how are they suppose to return your call if they don't take your call back number. A bit shonky if you ask me. Sent email to Customer Service still no reply. Will need to raise a dispute with my bank.

Return Claim MadeNo

Wished I could give ZERO, never again! AVOID AVOID!

Ordered prescription glasses on 2 January and received confirmation. 3 (THREE) weeks later I received an email asking for payment verification since my payment came up as flagged, and they wanted instead a PayPal payment. Interesting. Sent them copy of driver's license and they came back saying all was ok.
Then I received an email my order was being processed.
A few days later i received an email my glasses were out of stock and on backorder. Hm.
THEN the best of all: my glasses were DISCONTINUED!!!! And they told me after a WHOLE MONTH from ordering!!!
Still waiting for my refund!!!!!!
MY ADVICE: DO NOT EVER EVER EVEN CONSIDER BUYING FROM THEM, they take at least 3 days to reply to emails, half of my emails never even got a reply!
Oh and this is a good one: the glasses I ordered are still available to purchase online!!!!

No glasses, no invoice

I ordered my glasses in December, i received a confirmation of availability and was waiting for delivery. In a couple of weeks i followed up as my order status was not changing. Visiondirect claims no availability, suggesting alternative ridiculous options, or asking me to wait for unspecified amount of time for my order, still no invoice for amount c$400 i was charged.

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Dear Tony, We deeply regret not being able to fulfill the order on time. Regarding the invoice, we will check it immediately for you and assist you further. Please let us know the Order Details. You can reply to the private message we sent you or email the details directly at customerservice@visiondirect.com.au addressing the email to me. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

Product never delivered - horrendous customer service

Only giving this company 1 star because I can't give it zero.


If you decide to risk it, make sure you purchase through PayPal so that you have a solid mechanism to get a refund.

Absolutely awful company to deal with. As others have advised, they parade themselves as an Australian company but are not. I ordered sunglasses early January and started to get concerned when I was receiving numerous emails asking me to rate their service. Given I hadn't received the product, that was quite premature.

I sent numerous emails trying to get resolution, with only promises to resolve that were never resolved. It was only when I escalated my refund request through PayPal (thank heavens that I purchased through PayPal) that I INSTANTLY received a response advising they were very sorry that they could fulfil my order and would be processing a refund. Interesting that they couldn't resolve the issues just as quickly and actually deliver what I paid for. If it wasn't so annoying it would be quite laughable.

I am now advised they will refund me once the product has arrived back. This should be interesting because the idiots don't seem to have any idea where the product is. Once again - thank heavens for PayPal as this is likely the only way I am going to get my money back.

They deliver (supposedly) via a company called DPEX. When you try to follow up the "please contact customer service" message, you can't because they do not have a presence in Australia. And so starts the drama. I think they hope most people will just give up and go away and they get to keep your money.

Like many others, I wish I had researched them before I ordered.


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Dear Customer, We regret to hear that you are not happy with our service. We are a legit company and do our best to provide quality services to all our customers. We are an international company and we do ship globally. At the moment we accept credit card payments and Paypal. Although using payment is much convenient. As per the courier service, we are using different courier company depending on which company is available and can deliver faster on a certain location and date. I will immediately look into this matter, please provide us the Order Details. You can reply to the private message we sent or you can email us at customerservice@visiondirect.com.au addressing the email to me. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

Fast and no Fuss

Not sure about all the bad reviews. Live in Sydney - ordered Dailies contact lenses on a Wednesday and receieved them on the Friday.
Quick and no fuss just the way I like it, will be using them again.

great service, quick delivery

huge range of product, genuine product as far as I can tell, excellent phone service. have purchased three times since 2015 and everything has been good.

Buyer beware if you want to claim through your helath fund with this company

Vision Direct advise that they will provide you with a receipt on delivery of your order, which you require to be able to claim with your Health Fund. They will immediately take your money from your account and advise that your receipt will be given once the item is shipped - however they do not do this. Their internal accounting systems will report that the item is not shipped (even though you will have the product). You will spend hours/days trying to gain a receipt from them with no resolution and remain out of pocket a few hundred dollars due to not being able to make an extras Health Fund Claim.

I made a number of calls to their customer service line with no resolution (their customer service is an overseas call centre who read from a standard script, are not helpful at all and instead tell you each time it will take them 24 hours before they can look into it but never do), I sent a number emails to VisionDirects contact listed email address with no response, and a number of messages through their facebook site with no response and with no resolution to providing me with this receipt.

Personally the small discount gained was not worth being $200 out of pocket by not being able to make a health fund claim and time and grief spent trying to gain a resolution. I should have read the reviews!!

Dear Customer. Thank you for taking the time to review us. We are sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been perfect. An invoice will be available to be downloaded in the website once the item is shipped. If there are issues, it will not take time for Customer Service to request it manually for you. We will immediately review this case for you. Please reply to our private message with the Order Details. We appreciate your support. Best regards, Ben VisionDirectBen the order was shipped and received by myself a whe aho but your website still showed it as not being shipped and thus no receipt. If you read the post you will see that I spoke a number of times to your customer service department since I received the item along with a number of emails and still no receipt. Yesterday I received a email to say the item had been backordered - but I've already received it. Your backend systems are appalling, your customer service area does not sort even simple issues like this and it takes a customer getting irate and having to leave reviews before your organisation even starts to fix your mistake.Dear Customer, Thank you for the information. We will look into this matter immediately. Kindly let us know your Order details. We sent you a private message and looking forward to your response. We appreciate your cooperation towards this. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

Warranty may not be supported.

I wanted to buy a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and as others have commented they were about $100 cheaper from visiondirect. We checked with Maui Jim through one of their registered distributor and warranties if you buy from visiondirect are not supported. Just beware of this. It may not be worth the savings.

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Dear Customer, Your feedback is highly appreciated. We offer our own exclusive 24-Month warranty against all manufacturers' defects. If for any reason, customer needs help with the items we have 24/7 Customer Service Team to assist and will provide resolution immediately. We also offer 100 days return, and customers can send the item back for an exchange or a full refund. I hope this clears out any confusion. Best regards, Ben Vision Direct

Poor customer service and errors in transferring script details

I went to this business because it seemed I would save about $70 as opposed to getting them done locally with BUPA.
Firstly, the business is NOT based in Australia, it is in Hong Kong.
Secondly, the customer service was very surly and unfriendly. I rang there line as they had entered most of the details of my prescription incorrectly. I counted 6 mistakes by them, and when I told the guy 'James' on the phone he said "well that's why you have to check this before we go ahead". 6 Mistakes?
Well it seems like the person who did that job at Vision Direct is the one who needs the glasses!
Further calls were needed as the details were again not entered correctly.
And when they were still incorrect the third time, I cancelled.

Customer service on the phone is either non-existent or rude.

I thought I was being clever and was going to save a few bucks but instead wasted so much time on this I would have saved nothing.
Why bother giving your money to O/S online companies that leave you worried and annoyed?

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Dear Mark, Thank you for your feedback. We are a global company and we ship eyewear globally. It is odd that you experience rudeness from our Customer Service Representative as we always make sure that everyone is assisting customers professionally. We will do an investigation about this and make sure that if there is negligence from their part disciplinary actions will be provided immediately We sent you a private message, we hope that you can give me the Order Details and we will immediately look into this matter. Ben

Grey Imports from China!

I decided to try Vision Direct and bought a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, here are some points to consider before purchasing from them!

1. The web site is in Australian Dollars however my funds were converted and sent offshore, as a result my bank charged a currency conversion fee for this purchase, surprisingly no GST was charged!

2. The web site states that if items are in stock they will be shipped the same day if order is received before 2pm, mine showed as being in stock but took 3 days to ship not from Australia but Hong Kong where I personally believe all their stock is warehoused.

3. My item shipped with DPEX couriers and once it landed in Australia, it was given to Toll couriers who will not deliver to an Australian Post office which is the delivery address I nominated on my order.

4. There is no local contact number for Vision Direct only an 1800 number which diverts to an offshore call center whose staff provided incorrect information on two occasions, once advising the glasses were in stock in Sydney and secondly I was told the item would be handed to Australia Post for local delivery.

5. Returns and Warranty issues could be a major problem considering the glasses would need to be returned to the supplier at point of origin being Vision 360 in Hong Kong!

6. There is always a concern with fake replica glasses being sold online however the glasses I received from Vision Direct appear to be authentic so that’s one positive!

No, I wouldn’t buy from them again because I prefer to buy within Australia and not grey imports. I could have bought the same authentic item slightly cheaper with far less time delay and frustration from either a reputable e-bay seller or an online frame seller who I know are an Australian businesses located in Australia.

I didn’t like that the prices were in AUD$ but I had to pay a currency conversion fee to my bank plus the origin of their stock being China is not disclosed in their web site, it looks misleading!

Dear Tony, Thank you for sharing your feedback. I understand that you are in doubt about the authenticity of the item you received. All our items are 100% authentic and brand new. We source all our products through direct authorized channels. We have shipped over 2million items worldwide up to date, we have distribution centers and offices in 5 countries. We shipped your product from one of these locations depending on where the product is sourced. Our goal is to get the product to you as fast and as efficiently as possible. I hope this clears out any confusions. If you are still unsure about your item, we would be more than happy to accept the item back and give you a full refund under our 100 days return policy. We will get in touch with you via email for further discussion. Best regards, BenDOH, seriously did they even read my review, I think NOT and this is simply a generic response, typical for this company and doesnt it speak volumes about their customer service. My review clearly stated under clause 6, that authenticity was not in question and that was the only positive comment I made! What about the negaive feedback?Dear Tony, Thank you for your response. Our apology for failing to address your concern on our initial response. First, we are sorry for the confusion. The prices in VD website are all in AUD and we charged customer accordingly. However, if you used a card from another country the bank will automatically convert it to AUD. There should be no bank charges, if there are, please email us at customerservice@visiondirect.com.au or send us a direct message here so we can discuss it immediately. If the item is In stock, yes it should be shipped within 1 working day. However, I cannot check what happened since the Order Details is not provided yet. I hope you can provide us more information about the said order. Regarding the courier service, we are using different courier companies depending on which company can deliver faster on a certain date and location. As mentioned earlier, we are not just an Australian company but and an international company, we do however physical stores in AU. We do have contact centers in different locations to assist customers globally. We do have receiving address in Australia, if the order needs to be sent back there is no need to send it to the origin address. If you need to return an order please contact Customer Service for more information. Yes, all our items are 100% authentic and brand new. I hope this clears out any confusion. If there are further issues please let us know. Ben

Go to OPSM

Ordered on 20/11 my daughter a pair of prescription glasses as they were cheaper than going to OPSM. What a BIG MISTAKE that was.
1. I would of had the glasses within a week if i went to OPSM
2. I have no idea if or when im going to receive these glasses as they are still in Hong Kong submitting parcel data on a daily basis.
3. Tracking is the worst and i dont know exactly where these glasses are or why they seem stuck at the Hong Kong airport for the past 5days.
4. This isnt even an Australian company so by law they should have to remove the com.au, as it would appear to be fraudulent to state there from this country when there not.

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Dear Julie, We are sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your order. The processing time for the glasses varies depending on its availability and the waiting time is stated on the website. We are an International company and we do ships item to different countries. We also have Physical Stores in Australia. We will check your order immediately. Kindly respond to our Private message to you with your Order Details. Best regards, Ben

Still Waiting for the email.

I have applied for a refund, which was approved, and that's a good thing. The bad thing is what happened next.

I posted the frame back at my expense, it arrived the next day and was collected on 07 Dec.
one week later, I am still waiting for my refund. Contacted both on the website and through email, they promised to email me for confirmation, never received any email.

So, will VisionDirect honour its refund policy or do I have to make a case to fair trading?

PS: Received refund on 13/12/2018.

PS: this is what the website says about the refund:
Have you received my return?
As soon as the return is received we’ll inform you via email.

If you feel it has been longer than you'd expect then please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

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Dear Customer, Our apology for the delay in receiving your refund. Kindly reply the private message we sent with your Order Details so we can check what is causing the holdup. We always make sure to process the request in a timely manner. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

Worst products and service

Received my sunglasses after trying them on they immediately slipped off my face. After further inspection I noticed that the arms were bent and also the glasses had scratches all over them !! They had send me an old used pair. Called to their customer service team and dealt with a rude SR called “[name removed]”. Please put your money elsewhere.

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Dear Tasha, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is an exemptional case as we always make sure to have the item checked on our Quality control screening prior to shipment. We will look into this matter immediately. We have sent you a message, we hope to hear from you soon. Ben

Lessons learned

TLDR at bottom.

I searched google for online sunglasses Australia. Behold Vision Direct is what gets displayed. Prices seemed pretty good, on average $100 cheaper than in a retail store, which make sense as they wouldn’t have the same overheads attached.

At no point leading up to the purchase did I suspect they weren’t in Australia (foolishly I didn’t even look them up - if I had I would have avoided them entirely) I was shocked when the shipping information came through from Hong Kong.

Now, I have purchased many things from China/HK stores. However, they typically don’t parade as an Australian store and you know where you are buying from. I quickly looked them up and then entered the facepalm as there was a significant chance I ordered fakes.

The anxiety of the purchase didn’t subside as the package arrived, albeit quite fast. The Prada box had damage to the corners, possibly during shipping. The sunglass case was covered in fingerprints and smudges, the manuals were haphazardly spread through the box, there wasn’t a genuine Prada cleaning cloth, only some small generic grey thing, and the glasses themselves which have a rubber like frame gave off a god awful toxic new rubber smell (the genuine ones I tried in the store do not have this, which indicates a knock of substance/ quality control).

The serial numbers on the box do match that on the glasses arms - for now, the white print they used to print on the arms has started to wear off ( have only had them 2ish weeks now). There is the Prada logo etched into the lens which genuine ones do, it does not have the serial number etched into the lens - genuine ones from what I’ve seen also have this.

Why don’t I email them and complain? Read the reviews before mine, this seems to be a nightmare experience on it own and I don’t have time to deal with the tomfoolery. Hence why I am giving 3/5 stars because I haven’t contacted them to rectify the issues as I honestly don’t expect they would from all I have read on similar people’s issues. So all I can do is forewarn others from a possible mistake. I’ve accepted mine and notched it down as a learning experience.

Quality counterfeits, but still has the same tell tale red flags most do. Will they last? They feel quality enough and still comfortable enough like the genuine pair. Just leaves a little salty taste in your mouth. That said some people do actually get genuine pairs, which leaves this really confusing cloud over this business. I think I’ll just pay the premium from the storefront to be safe from now on.


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Dear Customer, We regret to hear that you are not happy with the item you received. I would like to confirm that all our items are 100% authentic and brand new. For the issues you have mentioned, I hope that you can give us a chance to check and provide resolution immediately. We have sent you a private message, kindly let us know the Order Details and we will look into this matter immediately. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

Do not waste your money, misleading

0, i can't see out of them and my delivery went to a chemist for pick up and not my phone address. I took the day off work and they didn't arrive. I ordered them on line after a car accident as they were damaged and i couldn't get an invoice until they were shipped. I called and asked them to please email me something for my insurance company and was told by their agent, they can't because people order glasses then cancel to get money from their insurance companies. This was outrages given they immediately took out the money from my pay pal, so i wasn't trying to be dishonest. I paid for them in full. Then when it came to delivery i requested the item be sent ti my home between 7am-1pm, the glasses were delivered to a chemist afew suburbs away. I called and was told i had to go and collect them my self. I did and not only is the frame scratched i can't see out of them. It's as though its a different script. I have called customer service and not only can i not understand them, they are unable to offer me a solution. Safe your time and money folks. Buy else where.

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Hi Marissa, Thank you for taking the time to review us. We are sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been perfect. Kindly reply to our Private message with your Order details so we can review this case and resolved this in a timely manner. Kind regards, Ben

Excellent quality

I bought some versace eyeglassess from vision direct , they came within 2 weeks , Excellent quality and style
I definitely recommend them to others and if you have any questions vision direct staff are super polite and very efficient

Still waiting, returned frames so that new ultra thin lenses be fitted yet I receive emails informin

Customer Service staff are on auto pilot. Nobody actually reads your email and responds accordingly.
I have asked on numerous occasions about the status of the lenses after returning my frames so that extra thin LENSES be fitted. I receive replies stating that my glasses are currently out of stock. Do we need to say more? Appalling. I cannot wait to just receive my frames with the prescription lenses and never ever have anything to do with Visiondirect.

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Dear Nina, The lack of communication you experienced is unusual and not the standard of our company. We are sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance this incident caused. We will get in touch with you shortly to confirm the order details. I will check the issue and resolve this immediately. Best regards, Ben VisionDirect

The reviews?

Not sure if all the negative reviews aren’t legit or they are accidents because my purchase went really smoothly. Bought some sunglasses and checked out with PayPal. Received and viewed an email sent by DHL telling me the details of the delivery to make sure it was coming to my house. The email said it would arrive in 3 days (which surprised me a lot concidering it was international free shipping from Hong Kong). And it straight up arrived in a box after 3 days. Super legit looking pair of superdry glasses with the clothbag and everything.
I was really concerned after purchase because I saw the negative reviews after I bought the glasses but now I am just relieved and happy with the entire thing :). Maybe I just got lucky?? My advice is don’t buy anything super expensive off a website you don’t 100% trust and use PayPal- my sunnies were only like ~$70 and I made sure the correct amount was taken from my account.

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Questions & Answers

How does the 100% Return Policy work when the 'product(s) MUST be returned unused' - how are you supposed to know if there's a problem with them if you're not allowed to 'use' them to try them on?
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Why did vision direct ask me to send photo of my passport or driver license to verify my transaction? And I paid by my credit card before. Why asked me to pay by PayPal again?
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Hello, I am looking for buying a pair of prescription glasses; Cezal brad. I found it’s a bit cheaper but I saw all negative feedbacks. Any positive response here or any advice that I can build up confident to buy a pair or give up?.
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My daughters prescription glasses took 1month from date of order to being delivered. If you aren't in a rush and have 2-4weeks to wait for glasses then i would recommend it. My daughter hasnt had any issues with them yet. I cant review on the lenses as my daughter has only had them since the 27th Dec 2018, no scratches so far and lenses look a bit thicker than usual kids OPSM ones i would get. Dont forget to search for coupon codes on google and try a few different sites cos thats how i saved extra $$$.

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