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Austin Computers

Austin Computers

Online store and Physical store
3.2 from 15 reviews

Been deceptive for years

Well, their website Is currently broken and when it is up, it is stupidly slow to open. But that's not my main complaint. They deceptively charge more for items purchased at the Rockingham store and have done for years. They will have a price advertised on the website and yet when you arrive at the store you learn it cost's $5-10 more. When asked why it cost's more, I was told it was outside the Perth metro area, which it isn't.
I have also witnessed them selling customers old, overpriced hardware when there was cheaper and better options available. It is a bit of a slap in the face and possibly illegal with the price gouging, but flat out scam artist crap selling old gear at rich prices to unwitting punters .
I now drive the extra 40-50km roundtrip difference (I live south of Mandurah) and go to PLE in Cockburn. Friendly, helpful staff, good prices and stock that is the same price across all stores. I recommend them to everyone. Shame on you Austin

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Never again

Showed they had stock online, purchased a graphics card, next day got an email saying they are out of stock and that ill have to wait 2 weeks for it to come back. i asked for a refund and ill have to wait 10+ days and i spent a lot of money on this and all my other parts will come and ill just have to wait for a refund and purchase somewhere else.

Very inconvenient!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
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Excellent Service

Visited the Joondalup store to help solve home networking problem and the young man was very patient, helpful and most knowledgeable. He even recommended a cheaper but better product than i was looking at. Will certainly be going back when it is time to upgrade.


There are few in Perth better at providing sound PC knowledge than these guys.The guys behind the counter try their best to source hard to get components.

Online Chat extremely helpful

Austin Computers online chat is Great. I'm living Singapore, but needed to buy a modem that was VDSL compatible for a house in Perth. After researching 2 days for a suitable one, I happen to see their website and that they offered an online chat portal. I chatted with Gavin Tan and he was very patient and thorough. He was able to advise that the model I was looking at buying was not going to do what I needed, he found a model that covered all my needs and saved me money. He was also able to put the item (the last one in stock) on hold for me to pick up in a week. I had a friend pick it up 2 days later. And it was exactly what I needed. Very happy with their service and their online chat portal.

!Terrible Experience! Unprofessional technician and bad service.

I spend $3500 dollars on my PC (top configuration at that time). After 4 months its start blue-screen. I took it to Austin Computers Cannington to check whats wrong. They said its system probs. Took them 1 week to reinstall the windows. And when I bring it back still blue-screen. Then they said my graphics card has prob. For god sake GTX 1080 Ti only used 4 month. The staff told me "half month" to replace a new one. Now its been 1 month I call them they said it will come back at October with the same one but repaired!!! This is so irritating. I wasted my time and money for this. So avoid this.

No real care factor or consideration of customer

I went into the store with an example build and was very clear as to the purpose that I wanted to use the computer for. They were good in following the build list and coming with a price - however once I started asking about how to best adapt the build so I could meet what I needed within my price the troubles started. They steered me away from what I thought worked to other components they had on the shelves - components I later found were being superseded within 2 weeks. I took away a couple of quotes with a 2 week price guarantee. Calling back 10 days later the response was "oh that's a really old quote and we don't have some of those parts anymore I'll have to redo the quote" which then ended up being a 15% more expensive computer...

My fault for not fully researching what they were suggesting to me - however in late 2017 I expect that a Motherboard will come with decent wifi and Bluetooth - or if not that these would be at least suggested items to install - particularly given that I had clearly stated that I'd be streaming videos with this computer to watch them...but alas, no such attention to what the customer outcome was, just what they could find off their own shelves...very disappointed and upset.

Excellent Customer Service

Austin Computers were more than helpful with solving the issue we had with our Samsung laptop. One of the RAM memory boards was faulty. Would not hesitate to call back Austin Computers again.

Happy Customer

Really happy with the service I received from Justin. He upgraded the RAM and hard drive on my laptop and did it in a record time. Very happy. Thanks!

Fast, Professional Service

Fast and professional service, Austin solved my PC issues within 2 business days at a reasonable price. Thank you for the outstanding service.

poor customer service, poor safety care

bought a power supply, it had a 230 and 115 switch, PS came in a plastic bag, no manual or safety warning, accidentally put it on the wrong one, blew up straight away, would not return it or refund, would only offer to give me a second hand part

Excellent dedication to customers

Having had issues with the new build power dropping out, rebooting for no reason and troubleshooting for several days and a new power supply, I arrived at Osborne park after a fault detection at the Cannington branch, even though the hour was late, the service team replaced the faulty CPU. Thank you for your dedication to the customers, that's why I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years.

avoid..!! worst service and products..

bought a new laptop from here which had heaps of issues - slowness, crashes, freezes, system instability, data loss, wifi issues plus a few other things.. every time i took it back they'd just reinstall the OS, or tell me to install some bit of software which wouldn't work, and then tell me i shouldn't have installed it in the first place.. And after every "fix", there would be new scratches on the cover, which they had no idea about..?? Eventually I got them to send it back to the manufacturer to replace the main board, but when it came back nothing had been done, and it had the previous version of the OS installed which was told i needed to pay $$ for to put back to the original one.. I was in the process of contacting Consumer Protection when they sent it back to the manufacturer by themselves to be 'checked' again.. worked fine for a month then it all started again, and every time you call them its just more excuses or OS reinstalls.. avoid avoid avoid..!! was nothing but trouble, these guys couldn't care less..

Was great years ago, now terrible !!

Once upon a time (true fairytale) this was my definite Go-To store for anything computer. I started shopping there about 15 years ago while living in Kalgoorlie during trips to Perth. Life was good.

I personally spent $22-25k of my $$ over the years and $50-60K+ of friends' money, and maybe $10k as a purchaser for a large Govt Dept buying '1 off' type specialised items.

That gradually changed big time about 5 years ago and I finally 'had a guts full' about 15 months ago and will never shop there again with my or anyone else's dollars. (PLE is now my Go-To computer shop.)

Austin's have gone from an overall friendly likeable crew years ago to being generally rude, abrupt and occasionally deceptive now.

As a customer you may feel like you are on a single-speed conveyor belt. A very impersonal shopper experience these days defined by exacly how much you are spending on that particular day.

Also, the store's website is an incredibly poor advertisement for the business's professionalism, attention to detail and staff computing abilities.

The website previously simple, efficient, accurate and speedy, was updated/revamped some time ago and is currently woefully slow, nested menus work OK but the search mechanism fails to find many individuall items definitely in stock when you troll thru the menu system.

Also 'current' stock numbers can be upto 3 or 4 days out of date and needs to be syncronised at least once per hour with the invoicing database for it to be effective.

You definitely MUST always ring to check in-store stock #'s for every single purchase before driving across town or it could be a wasted trip.

I would not be surprised if the website costs them $1000's in sales daily.

Over the years I repeatedly informed Osborne Park staff of items on the website that they no longer stocked but still listed etc, deceptive and/or incorrect product descriptions, dismal website performance etc but did those who could fix it appear to sincerely care? NO.

One staff person who did still care once even pointed embarrassingly to a young male sitting in a corner behind me before whispering the male was the website designer/maintainer and could overhear my website related complaints.

During discussions with some of their last remaining 'good' staff I was informed the website is designed & maintained by a family member and any customer complaints forwarded to management are generally ignored and 'made at our peril' by staff who do care.


Great shop

Went there to buy computer parts and was very pleased with the service and the price.They are so much better than PLE computers.

Questions & Answers

Is the security check before getting parts safe? Do the parts come in a neat condition or are they left open?
1 answer
I picked up the parts from the Joondalup store direct so everything was in an unopened box. Generally, though I have never had an issue with security checks when ordering items on line, most times they go by the description on the packaging slip and dont even open the box. They use pretty sophisticated xrays now so they only open suspicious parcels.

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