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White Knight Laminate

White Knight Laminate

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painted my benchtop with white knight products as per directions, primer, laminate paint, benchtop clear, easy as, benchtop clear i used a short nap microfibre roller 6 inch, mixed at 3 to 1, ie 100 ml hardner, 300ml other stuff, total 400mls, youtube video is wrong, he says 2 to 1, probably why there are mixed results, work quick and keep a wet edge and lay it back once, dont go back over it, anyway it turned out perfect for me and looks great.

Purchased in July 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $180.00.

Painted SurfacePlastic
Finish Quality
Ease of Application

Laminating bench top

I used all the correct laminate products for bench top
The top coat has left yellow stains on corners & in parts it looks like orange peel not completely happy about out come of this product

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $120.00.

Value for Money
Finish Quality
Ease of Application

Good result - including protective coating

I recently painted a laminate table and had a good result using White Knight primer, laminate paint and the protective coating topcoat. I followed the instructions on the can for mixing, but used a microfibre roller rather than a foam roller (thanks to this forum for the tip). The primer and paint process was no problem but the first coat of the topcoat looked a bit patchy and you could see the roller marks. I was more careful with the second coat to do long, continuous strokes as much as possible. This was more successful and although you can see some faint roller marks on close examination, for general use they are not noticeable. I am very happy with the end result.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money

Protective coating

White protective coating is ok but came up like orange peel. Wont use it again. Not good for kitchen benchtop worried how it is going to last on the benchtop.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $105.00.

Value for Money
Painted SurfacePreviously painted
Finish Quality
Ease of Application

Excellent product - but beware discrepancy in video versus can inatructions

I used this product a couple of years ago on an old kitchen benchtop, with excellent results. It remains hard and unscratched and easy to clean. However a friend has just asked me if she should use it. One problem I had when I used it is that the instructions on the video (excellent vid therwise) are different from the instructions on the can regarding mixing the topcoat hardener - vid says 2 parts A:1 part B, can says 3 parts A:1 part B. This is clearly why some people had major problems with this product. Problem is - I cant remember which I did! I think I followed the can. WHITE KNOGHT - CHANGE THIS ANOMALY AND YOU'D GET MORE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

the product a few years later

I've coloured my old laminate white a few years ago and it came up great. However, the top coat was a disaster as many others had mentioned and made it a decidedly yellow colour so it was rubbed off quickly.. After a while though, the white does yellow slightly so i did a top up a year later and came up great. the other colour splash was purple. Not so good and picks up smudges and finish wasn't as great. This was probably due to the pignment. But for a great quick fix, its a great product. The purple is going this weekend, so will undercoat and paint white and will review again.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Dont use the final Protection

I recently painted our benches and loved the outcome then I applied the final protective coating and what a disaster that turned out to be. Im pretty devastated as much as I tried to get rid of the lines they are there and have spoiled my great paint job. Where to now???

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Instructions need revision by manufacturer.

Good product but instructions and demo videos need reviewing. Primer and laminate paint coats are simple.Top coat mixing ratio differs between can and 'expert' on video. DON'T use foam roller. Works best with 230mm microfiber roller, wider roller gives less lines. I tried manufacturers recommendations on top coat, having to sand back and reapply laminate paint coat before trying top coat again due to the horrendous lines and bubbles left by foam roller. Good product overall with practice.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

No complaints

I used this approximately 7 years ago on my kitchen cupboards & it's still looking as good as ever!
It was my only option at the time unable to afford a new kitchen, definitely can't complain about this paint.
I guess like most painting preparation is the key to a long lasting & good result.

Date PurchasedMay 2009

Excellent alternative to a new kitchen

Had exactly the same results as the 1st reviewer on the list, final top coat was a disaster using the foam roller, lines everywhere, looked a mess!. Primer and laminate paint were no problems using a microfibre roller. I'm now in the process of sanding off this hardener coat and to try the mohair roller instead as suggested. I will post again later with the results.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent alternative to a new kitchen

Bought the White Knight pack including primer, laminate, tile and top coat hardener. Learned that your finish will depend on how smooth you get your first coat of primer so prep well and allow enough time to work properly. If you get hard lines I would sand and prime again, you will thank yourself later.
Laminate and Tile paint go on a breeze just follow instructions (use good quality thin microfibres rollers)
Top coat is not as easy. I failed with the first coat leaving lines everywhere and what I thought had ruined all my hard work. I followed all the instructions and video examples, triple checked ratios and used good quality foam roller but it failed from the first roll.. once this dried I sanded with 360grit until smooth then with 600grit to soften and reapplied top coat but this time I used a thin high gloss mohair roller and the results were amazingly better. I think recommending using a foam roller is a massive error and I would strongly suggest against it.. I did small full length sections wetting roller regularly and softly going over previous section each time and was left with no lines just some sections glossier than others but it's not that noticeable and overall now looks bloody amazing!!
Allow a good week if you're doing a full kitchen as you do need to adhear to drying times and make sure you do laminate and tile paint during the day as the fumes are really strong.
Good luck.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

100% happy

We decided to try this as a new kitchen was going to cost us 7,000..
As our cupboards were in gd condition we decided to try white knights and if it failed then we'd purchase a new kitchen..
So at a cost of $50 for primer $58 for paint as we decided to go white..then of course the rollers they suggested...sanding paper..
Got home ..took cupboards off and thoroughly cleaned cupboards with a mould cleaner wiped down sanded and wiped once again..then we used the primer waited the next day and sanded again..then applied paint..waited again the 6-8 hours again then reapplied..
I had to use a small paint brush for difficult areas inside..was no problem at all
After waiting the required time we then went ahead and put cupboard doors back on..we waited the 7 days for curing time..
We are now in our 5th day after painting our kitchen ..
What a difference it has made..
Perfect...excellent..its like a new kitchen..prep was the key and took forever but well worth doing as suggested..all up it cost us $130..we did purchase glass overhead cupboards at a extra cost..
Wish i could attach a photo..just to show..
Im so happy with tbis product so far..i have no small children but i do have 3 malamutes
I'd recommend this product..be prepared though as it was very time consuming..all up it took 3-4 days

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Works as advertised

It adheres well to laminate surfaces giving a durable coating. I applied this 18 months ago to pantry cupboards that are subjected to tins and jars being dragged on the shelves.
There are no signs of the coating lifting or even marking.
I strongly suggest cleaning the surfaces with sugar soap, and then thoroughly wiping them down afterward to remove residue. The seperate Laminate Primer is an essential step in achieving a good result.
Also use a 25mm synthetic bristle brush to cut in, then finish with a high density foam roller to achieve a satin smooth surface.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Excellent product that really works

I used the tile paint years ago and that worked perfectly and gave me the confidence to use the laminate paint on kitchen cupboards. White Knight have a great instructional video, follow the instructions faithfully and you can't go wrong. It's a lot of preparation but it's so important. I'm delighted as I've saved thousands of dollars. It's really helpful if you're not in a rush and can leave cupboard doors off for a few days to cure.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Sadly not great!

Very sorry I tried this product, couldn't get the roller marks out, ( bought the reccomended rollers ) i was hoping the clear would help the overall look but it didn't and now the bench can't be used without leaving scratches on it. Complete waste of time and money. Never again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Excellent result

Using Micro-fibre 100 roller covers I achieved excellent finish with both primer and and 2 coats of laminate.
Only a very gentle sandpaper was required before coats.
I painted our 20 year old yellowish kitchen white. Very, Very pleased. I watched a video on how to do it and followed it. I am not normally handy at painting.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

This product is rubbish and should be against the law to sell

The primer doesn't flow and leaves roller marks and if you don't rub them out they show on the next coat so after rubbing them out you need to prime it again which starts you all over again If you manage to get the paint on you have streaks from the roller so you have to give it a scuff and try again When you finally get to the clear your problems really start Give yourself a brake Don't buy it it's crap

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Disappointed with result

We painted our kitchen benches with White Knight Laminate Paint and are a bit disappointed with it. After all that preparation we found the paint to be quite gritty, we had what feels like grains of salt stuck to the bench. So we sanded and started again. Now, the clear protective coat has gone on and it's patchy and you can see the edges of the foam roller in it. Such a waste of time and money.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Top hardening coat I'd awful don't use

Used all white knight paint step by step exactly and when final coat of the clear hardening dried it shows lines and some areas more shinier than others.....looks patchy and ruined all my hard work...... Do not use this product it's expensive and now I am stuck with a patchy bench top and am not happy that I will have to sand everything back to scratch and start again with another brand grrrrrrrr

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Don't use the top coat!

We were extremely happy with the result of the tinted laminate paint on our bench tops. After a discussion with a Bunnings paint specialist, we thought it best to use the benchtops 2 part hardening system... worst product ever! Not really sure how to fix the dull streaked finish it has left us with. We will call White Knight to discuss our options, although judging by other comments on this site,.will have to sand off all four coats and start again... may have been cheaper/easier to have installed a brand new benchtop??

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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I have a laminate benchtop with a timber edge can i use white knight laminate paint over the timber edge as well?
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We recently (about) 3 months ago applied your product onto our kitchen bench, it came up beautiful and I was thrilled, but in the middle section on the bench (where we mostly use) it has started to peel. Why would that be? My husband was so careful to follow all directions. He is going to sand it back and redo it but I hope it doesn't happen again. My email is Moyra.wells@bigpond.com would appreciate any information you can give us.
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after finishing my 2nd coat of colour, I noticed paintbrush hairs. Not sure, but think it was in first coat. About to put clear top coat. Is there any way of sanding down this area and reapplying paint layers?? Area is around sink, from when I was cutting in the paint. Please help.
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White Knight Laminate
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