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Australian Institute of Business (AIB)

Australian Institute of Business (AIB)

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Fulfilling journey

Starting my Master’s means financial adjustments. As such SHEL financial package was just what I needed. I was very scared at first because my last school experience was in 2006 but I made it. My greatest challenge is balancing work as I am police officer and time for classes and study. AIB support with examples really helped and made it easy to do the work , pass all modules and get out lol. Through God all things are truly possible

Customer Service
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Thank you for your review, Donna, and congratulations on completing the MBA. You did it! Thank you for choosing AIB and SHEL.

Flexibility that many universities could not provide

I had always wanted to study a post graduated degree relevant to my career. I first enrolled at a traditional university but dropped out fairly quickly due to the demanding nature of my work. As I was managing a 24 hour operation for work, the traditional university mode of studying multiple subjects in a class room setting just couldn't work for me.

In order to complete an MBA in 2 years, most universities require students to do 3 subjects per semester and 2 semesters per year with school holidays amongst them. With AIB, I got to study one subject at a time in lieu of holiday breaks. As such I was still completing 6 subjects a year, like I would have attending a traditional university.

Another difference is that at AIB I had no weekly class attendance requirement like many universities. Webinars uploaded to a learning portal that could be watched at any time that suited me. The model at AIB was so much more flexible and definitely helped me achieve my study goals without impacting my job.

I am pleased to have studied at AIB's and learned the knowledge that I needed. I am also ecstatic to be graduating with a Distinction average.

Customer Service
Teaching Staff
Learning Material
Thank you for reflecting on your MBA experience with us Kwong. It's fantastic to hear that our learning model and course structure really worked well for you and your work! Congratulations on achieving such fantastic results. We hope you can join us at our next Graduation in June to celebrate!Wouldn't miss it. I have already registered.

An Awesome AIB MBA Journey

Clicking the submit button for my final project felt so surreal. Finally, after 3 years, I can say that I'm done and dusted with my MBA journey. Due to personal and professional challenges, death of a parent, critical illness in the family, major changes in career, balancing act between work and family, I had to take some breaks in between but I made it through because my parents taught me that if there's no pain, there's no gain, that Rome was not built in a day, and that there's always a pot of gold after the rainbow. So, to all my fellow students who are still in the middle of the journey, all I can say is, like Dory, keep on swimming and never give up! Soon, that pot of gold is also yours to take.

To all those currently writing their projects or about to do their project, good luck, keep calm and I wish you all the best! Cheers!

Congratulations on completing your MBA, Russ! What a journey you've had. All your determination has paid off and it's certainly inspiring. Thank you for choosing AIB and for sharing your story.Thank you, AIB!

Practical MBA

I completed my MBA at AIB this year.
The entire program was well designed,
First of all, the course content could easily be linked with practical issue on the work environment.
Secondly, I had to conduct a project in every module that I undertook. This, was challenging but it helped in gaining specific knowledge in various aspects of business administration.
Thirdly, the course was designed to broaden one's knowledge about business administration.
Last but not least, the course did not only focused on present issues, but it helped me to be equipped for the ongoing changes in the business environment.

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Congratulations on completing your MBA, Yeed! It's fantastic to hear that you found the MBA course content so relevant to the workplace. As the practical business school, we believe this is critical to helping our students achieve their career goals. Thank you for taking the time to reflect on your MBA experience.

My MBA Journey with AIB

The courses were challenging but achievable and required making sacrifices from doing other things I loved, in order to make time to read the text and study guides, and to complete the assignments on time! This is not a course for lazy persons, you HAVE to be dedicated to your studies!
Upon completing the MBA I was able to use the qualification to form my own consultancy and tutoring services. I have seen my leadership and time management skills improve, and I have more confidence in myself and my work.
AIB supplies everything you will need to pass successfully, you just need to put in the time. My teaching centre was very supportive throughout, and the examples from my classmates also made learning more real and applicable.
My advice to future students is to set aside time to do personal study and reading every single day. Form study groups and do not be afraid to share examples and experiences with others, because those are the ones you will tend to always remember. Blessings to you all.

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Thank you for your review Giselle. You're certainly right - the MBA is not easy, but it's definitely worth it! We're so happy to hear of your career success since undertaking the MBA and how it's helped you in the workplace. Thank you for sharing some study tips for future students as well!

Perfect study options

I have completed my MBA at AIB over the last year I have enjoyed the style of learning, support options, clafication of what’s required, workload and options how to balance it.

My advice would be to join in on the forum discussions for extra support and order your textbooks before the subject commences.
I would also suggest keeping your textbooks on file for later on as you don’t know when you will need them again to refer back to.
I highly recommend AIB.

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Thank you for reflecting on your MBA journey with us, Jade! We're so glad to hear that the learning style suited you to a tee and that you recommend AIB to others. Also, thanks for sharing these valuable tips for future students!

Very high standard, support and quality.

Choosing the AIB MBA was in fact one of the best decisions I made in quite a while. The program offered the academic perspective to the years of practical experience I had. I found the quality and standard to be quite above par.

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Hi Don. We're thrilled to hear that the MBA complemented your practical expertise and that it was a valuable career investment for you! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

The MBA from the Australian Institute of Business is Fantastic.

The MBA from the Australian Institute of Business is a fantastic MBA. The course content is very good and I believe it offers value for money. Its offered in a flexible manner that allows students to continue working (or doing whatever it is they do) while gaining a valuable qualification, full of both theoretical knowledge and Practical application. For me, the MBA from the Australian Institute of Business was a journey of discovery as it offered a different perspective on many aspects of my professional life.

For many students, the MBA opens doors to better global careers. If you are considering an MBA, I would highly recommend Australian Institute of Business.

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Thank you very much for your review, Eliya. We're delighted to hear that you found the course so valuable!

Advice for other students

If you are thinking of completing your MBA course with AIB, just go for it!!

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the course at first so asked around. It so happened, one of my managers also did the course. She gave me the same advice am about to share with you despite having completed the course since 2011. They are as follows:

This is a course you can complete in a very short space of time. It allows flexibility for persons who has to juggle between family, work and school. It was also affordable giving the option to pay every semester and not in full. Despite the time difference between Trinidad and Australia, AIB Support always attended to my concerns in a timely manner. Moreover, if you are unable to attend classes, all subject information in written and verbal format are readily made available.

This course will enlighten your world in the working environment since its so practical. It has done so for me and has allowed clear visual on how things actually are in the business environment against theory, as well as how we as upcoming leaders can make it better. This program has thought me to make leaner reports in a shorter space of time which a green light for companies now a days.

Therefore, my advice to you is 'don't be hesitant, take that step forward', before you know it, you will achieve something so great in such short space of time which motivates your desire to accomplish bigger things. Do not worry about NOT having the time, how you can make payments or the 'what ifs' such as, unable to attend classes.These concerns have been factored for you to ensure nothing stops you from getting where you to go..

So Make Your Move:)

Thank you very much for your review Micha. We're so glad to hear that our course gave you the flexibility and support to succeed in your studies, and that the learning has had a real practical impact in your working life. We love your mantra - make your move! Thank you.You're welcome

Satisfying & rewarding experience

After many years of working in management roles in a few different industries, I found myself in the role of General Manager of a national building certification company with 27 employees. I felt that this was quite an achievement for someone who left school after year eleven as well as being female in a male dominated industry.

The only thing missing was a tertiary qualification so I decided to enrol with the AIB to complete my MBA. Initially I thought I could complete it in twelve months. This proved to be way too ambitious as my job was very demanding on my time which at times was quite stressful. The AIB course provided the flexibility to spread the course over three years so I could still take breaks and go on holidays every year.

To take up studying again at the age of 53 was both daunting and challenging but the AIB provided support and advice along the way. My electives were chosen around human resource subjects which was the area I wanted to focus on. Fast forward to August 2018 and I had completed my final project as well as securing a new role with a company that better suited my goals and ambitions as well as better remuneration.

Attending the graduation ceremony and wearing the cape and hat in December will definitely be a highlight and the skills I have learnt are invaluable. I can highly recommend the AIB to anyone thinking of completing the MBA.

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Thank you for sharing your MBA experience with us here Cindylou. You certainly reached great heights before the MBA, and we're thrilled to hear that the MBA has helped you to achieve even more. We're so glad that you'll be joining us at Graduation in December! We hope it will be the perfect way to celebrate all your hard work and achievements. Thank you for recommending AIB!

Excellent support after returning to study after 30 years in the workforce

After becoming an "empty nester" I decided to return to study after 30 years.
My choice of course was to do an MBA as I am looking at Board opportunities in the future.
I found AIB very helpful in getting me started on my study journey. The online portal provided me with all the materials I needed, the collaboration with other AIB students and AIB lecturers helped me successfully pass each subject. Completing my MBA in August 2018 left me feeling very accomplished.
Thanks AIB

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Congratulations on taking the leap and successfully completing your MBA! We're thrilled to hear that it's been such a rewarding journey. Thank you for choosing AIB for your MBA, and all the very best with the next stage of your career.

Ripped Off

I withdrew long before the March cut off and still they charged me $6000 for my trouble. How can this be legal.......

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Hi Ally. We're very disappointed to read this. We have sent you a private message to hopefully get some more information from you, including your full name, so we can follow up.

Terrible by comparison

I'm not one for writing reviews but, I felt I had to. I am transferring from my current University and was seeking another provider so, I do have some comparable knowledge and experience. Both my existing and new providers were able to offer a seamless, professional, easy and quick process. Feedback was provided instantaneously and major decisions within 24-48 hrs. Only this week I completed my transfer within two days.

So let me inform you of my AIB experience, bearing in mind I am a potential fee-paying customer (I never see myself as a student) paying for Tuition in Business Administration: -

When I was first shopping around (when I joined my current Uni) I did contact the AIB but, was put off by their application process - a lot of paperwork to be completed. By comparison elsewhere, I have only had to complete the salient details. By comparison, AIB is very demanding and IMO very inefficient here.

So when I was looking to move providers, I reluctantly reached out to the AIB, as I thought they could be competitive. The exemption process was so long ago I cannot recall how long it took but, it was between 2-3 WEEKS! - not days but weeks.

Then I mistakenly applied for RPL - that was 4 weeks ago and I still do not have a decision. After yet another deadline been missed; apparently this is imminent but, given that the course is starting soon it was too little and far too late. Plus, the initial feedback is that ultimately I am back to where I was 4 weeks ago so, a complete waste of time and effort.

Only last week I was asked to complete the exemptions form; which I had a decision on 3 weeks ago and, this pretty much sums up my experience - The AIB is so slow and disorganised.

So the application process (which is still ongoing) has taken 7 weeks - which is the length of a module with my current provider!! The result being that I could miss the start of the next course - and there's me thinking I had plenty of time - we are into months now.

The most shocking point was when I was asked to supply my personal login details to my current providers' enrollment site. Seriously what business suggests this - and they want me to pay them for business tuition?!?

There are some strong reviews here and perhaps I may have enjoyed the course if I had of got to that stage but, my experience with the Institution that I am joining is one of; speed, professionalism, integrity, honesty, materials look awesome - and as we learn within the MBA; a much better customer experience.

By contrast, my customer experience with the AIB has been truly awful and, it troubles me that I was even considering spending all that money with them.

If you do apply with the AIB, from my experience (with RPL) you will need about 2-3 months.
With other providers, you will get a decision within the week.

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Hi PWB. We’re very sorry to hear that the enrolment process has discouraged you from studying with AIB. We’re aware that the current process to apply for subject exemptions and RPL is a little tiresome and time-consuming, and are working on improving it for future students. Over the past few months, we have identified new technology to assist us in improving the application experience, and this will be implemented shortly. As most of our students are busy working adults, we understand how important it is for them to be able to complete their enrolment on any device at any time, and our enhancements will enable this. Better visibility of the enrolment process, easier document uploads and additional ways to communicate with Course Advisors are just some of the updates we will implementing to provide a better experience for future applicants. We wish you all the best with your MBA journey, PWB.

first subject Leadership. My initial experience

Well, what can I say....? An MBA was always going to be a challenge and I was concerned that I was going to be out of my depth in embarking upon it. However, the structure, the support and the excellent layout of the student learning portal quickly set me up to begin studying.......and it would appear to date, successfully. Don't get me wrong, it requires dedication and time, but at a masters level this is to be expected. Once I found my rhythm and orientation I could knuckle down and hook into the subject and to my surprise started achieving some good results. Having gained a little confidence I am actually looking forward to the exam and the next subject, believing that the biggest learning curve is probably out of the way. From here on in I hope to continue a solid trajectory and continue meeting expectation and hopefully perhaps a little more. I tip my hat to AIB, you managed to get this mature student up to speed and enthusiastic for the future of study. What a good feeling!

Richo, it's absolutely fantastic to hear that your MBA journey is off to such a great start. We really appreciate the feedback! Congratulations to you on taking the plunge and thank you for choosing to study with us. We wish you the very best with your upcoming subjects and throughout your degree!Thanks for the feedback. Exam is out of the way and waiting with anticipation on the result. Next stop...Marketing management...... lookout! I'm keen for the next chapter!! Thanks again!

Not accommodating for people with disabilities or extenuating circumstances

I found the CEO who came to Vancouver and the staff who helped me with the admission quite friendly. In my first subject I was able to score a distinction which gave me a sense of accomplishment. There are people who are helpful too.

However, I found the school to be unaccommodating for people with disabilities or even if something were to happen in life (extenuating circumstances). I strictly found AIB to be inconsiderate at times. Being a person who has completed undergraduate studies in Canada required support for me to succeed and AIB lacks that considerably. Even now, I had provided medical documentation which my doctor clearly stated that I have carpal tunnel syndrome which turned severe which is inhibiting me from writing the assignment and requested to excuse me till this weekend. I was only granted 72 hours and no explanation which does not help the situation at all. There has been absolutely no consideration for the situation I am in. How am I exactly supposed to finish this with the condition of my hand? First of all, I should not be required to mention what medical problem I am going through. After I mentioned the problem I am unable to appreciate how it is being handled. However, if AIB had only listened to the health practitioner's recommendation that would have helped me in managing this assignment. In my opinion, AIB is taking away marks when I have appealed on sufficient medical ground. Thus, my marks in no way is a true reflection of my knowledge of the subject. I find this to be unfair and demotivating as a student who has made a commitment to finish the entire program.

I would urge AIB to look into these matters on a case by case basis that would truly help students. I hope someone listens or takes note. I want this journey to be a memorable and a great learning experience and not one where I am being pushed down when I am trying to bring myself up. At least this is how I am truly feeling.

Hi Rez. We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve not felt you’re getting the support you need to be successful in your studies with us. It’s really important to us at AIB that we provide our students with the right tools and backing to achieve great results in their degree, and ensure no students feels left behind. So, we think it would be really worthwhile to book in a call with you to discuss your study schedule and what we can do to assist you throughout the course. A member of our leadership team will be in contact with you shortly to have a chat. Thank you.Thank you for replying. I was just trying to reach out to someone for help. Couple of days ago my hand got a little better and I managed to finish the whole work today. I hope to hear from someone who would be understanding to the problem I had faced and face.

A transformational MBA program.

I have always wanted to understand the business side of my aviation profession. So, after signing up with AIB to obtain my MBA, I can say that the experience has been transformational. Indeed, I incorporated learnt theories with all my practical experiences. The results have been amazing.

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We're so glad to hear it's been such a transformational experience for your Jason! Fusing aviation with business must've been fascinating and a great way to learn and apply the course theory. Thank you for your review!

My experience with AIB

After absenteeism from a classroom for over twenty years, I chose to study at AIB with the goal of becoming a better trained and qualified professional. Having completed my BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain management, I must say, I was in no way disappointed in my institution of choice and will recommend them to anyone wishing to pursue higher education.

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Thank you Jeremy! It's fantastic to hear that you've had a great experience studying your BBA with us, and we really appreciate your recommendation. We wish you all the best!

My AIB MBA Experinece

My name is Euver Naranjo, originally from Venezuela. I’m a Petroleum Engineer and have been working in the oil and gas industry for almost the last 20 years. Since maybe 10 years ago, I’ve been tempted to do something else with my career. English is not my first language, which has meant a number of challenges on the personal and professional front.
With that idea in mind, and after coming to Australia, in 2013 I was introduced to the distance learning program that AIB offered. I convinced a friend of mine and together started the journey. I think that having finalised my MBA is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve achieved in my life.
The subjects that I worked during the MBA, my struggles with finding an strategy to source and progress with a project, tackling family matters and very tough work and industry environmental conditions have given me tools to see the world, my life, people, relationships, and the future in a very different way.
To new students, I simply recommend to fully enjoy these few months of their lives and make the best out of this experience that I know, will provide them with self-confidence and knowledge to face any challenge that the future puts in front of them.
Thanks AIB Team for all your help, support, and guidance during all these years.

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Hi Euver. Thank you for sharing a review about your MBA journey. It's fantastic to hear that the MBA has been so rewarding for you in your professional and personal life. Thank you for choosing AIB for your Master's degree!

The MBA that gives you more than you bargained for.

Initially I was 'sold' on the idea that I could attain an MBA in 12 months. The reality for those especially working full time and family/personal commitments is that this is unrealistic. Life always gets in the way - work demands, family crisis, health issues, financial pressures and on and on.This was the first lesson I didn't bargain for. Confronting this reality was a humbling and life-long lesson. If something is so important to you, delaying the gratification for doing a job well and succeeding in the end, you can't 'force' it or 'rush' it along just because you want it to be over with. Lesson one: reflection, strategy, action. Studying my MBA with AIB also provided me with student support that validated the fact I was not alone. Other students also struggle, other students also start off with an aspirational notion that invariably goes off track, AIB knows and understands this well and is prepared to back you when reality bites. They do their best to keep you focused and moving along at a pace that works for you at any given time. Lesson two: it is 'my' MBA but I cannot do it alone. I need to accept the support on offer, re-evaluate frequently, rally the support of family and friends and communicate what I need clearly and upfront. Sounds a little like refining my leadership skills/qualities??

The course-based learning was equally good. The theory was terrific, text books and other resources provided were relevant and applying the theory to work-based assignments means that you get to make what you learn relevant for you and 'make it stick' - reinforcing the learning.

Part-way through my studies, AIB introduced a 7week model. Comparing it to the 4 week model, it is fantastic. That little bit of extra time and structure is ideal for people like me who like to try and perfect things (surprise!) amidst a flurry of other work/life demands and expectations, but not too long that you get stuck and procrastinate. I think that AIB have found a good study model. They listen to feedback and make the MBA a relevant product for those wishing to attain it.

By far, the best thing about studying via AIB is the swelling sense of pride in having achieved such a respected and regarded qualification on my own terms. That is why it is aptly called the 'Agile' MBA. If you're thinking about it, just do it.

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Thank you for sharing your MBA journey with us Helen, and congratulations on achieving your MBA. Your focus on the learning experience and knowledge acquired from the MBA will be of great benefit throughout your career. We believe the learning journey is just as important as the outcomes achieved as a result! Thank you very much for choosing to study with AIB and for your kind words. We wish you all the best!

Brilliant Online MBA Course!!!

I started my course in 2014 determined and focused to obtain my MBA in 12 months, but it seems that the powers that be have other plans for me and sad to say that the universe has decided to go against me from the moment i started my MBA. It took me almost 3 years to complete the course. In that 3 years; I lost my mum to cancer, had major surgery and had a baby :) but through all of my ups and downs the support that I received from staff, the professors, and student advisors have been exceptional. The encouragement that I have received from all of you at the Australian Institute of Business has been wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get through my course. The flexibility of the course is absolutely wonderful making it easy for me to juggle working, studying and being a mum.

This MBA has provided me with strategic and managerial training that will be an asset to my work and my employer. So for those of you who are thinking of doing your MBA through AIB, JUST DO IT!!! It is so worth it!!! And for those of you who are currently doing it, hang in there. If you are struggling, get in contact with your Student Success Advisor they are there to help. AIB is a wonderful institution and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing their MBA.

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Paula, thank you very much for sharing your MBA experience with us. Such resilience and determination you have displayed throughout your journey. You and your family must be incredibly proud! We can't thank you enough for your kind words. Congratulations!

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Questions & Answers

I am an expired student . I had only my project to complete but unfortunately a relative became ill and I had to take care of her. Can I reume studies after a couple of years? Will my previous work be considered?
4 answers
No the project results will only be considered for the year it was passed. To continue after a number of years you will have to contact AIB. Do you live in Trinidad and Tobago? If yes contact CTSHi L. Ramsey. We'd be delighted to welcome you back to AIB. You can reach out to our Student Support team by sending an email to enquiries@aib.edu.au. They can take a look at your student record and advise what will be required to get back into study.Thank you very much

I have completed my Masters in Biomedical Engineering from India, I would like to know if I will be eligible to apply for the MBA program. I would like to know if there are any scholarships available?. If I am eligible how do I start the process? Thank you.
1 answer
Thanks for your question Viv. If your Master's is recognised in Australia, you would be eligible for the MBA. No, we are not currently offering any scholarships. The first step is to confirm your eligibility here - http://bit.ly/2FKmF1x

I have an overseas student who want to study at this institute is it possible?
2 answers
Yes, they have many international students.Yes it is possible. I was an international student.