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Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

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Not fake news! Fake reviews

agree with grumps review. They are relentless in their marketing approach which is clearly modeled on Demtel’s strategy. No, I don’t want steak knives with my graduate diploma. Seriously, emails offering 75% discounts for 48 hours ( a countdown included in the email) is bound to put off any serious contenders as is their continued harassment despite requests they desist

Customer Service

Very good, Practical 1A and practical 2A

I found Ken the facilitator very good, he was very engaging and encouraging, I like his style of interaction with students. I gained a lot out of this. I find AIPC very professional and dedicated to providing a good learning experience for students. Thank you to the team at AIPC.

Worthwhile experience

A great opportunity to learn about basic counselling skills, learn about yourself and create opportunities for a potential career. Self paced study can be challenging as you need self motivation, but in reality there is noone that forces you to finish it as fast as you can besides yourself; we can put our own boundaries . The anxiety of the first group practical opened up a whole new world for me as the anxiety that kept me stuck , vanished the minute I realised that all six people in the room were experiencing exactly the same feeling of the unknown. A maximum of six students in the practical was very helpful and stress relieving . A huge thank you to Marissa the group facilitator who made us feel safe throughout the practicals and motivated us to keep on going with our studies. Also Jasmine at the call center was super kind and helpful throughout the process of booking classes, asking questions etc. Well done to all graduates, well done aipc for delivering a great course. Anton

Good content

For someone interested in counselling this is an excellent way to make a start. The diploma is broad and allows the student set the pace. The coordinators were helpful and the content sufficient.

A great learning experience

Thanks to Pippa Spibey for putting us at ease. Very happy with her approach to this practical 1A. I was very nervous for the role playing but it was a great learning experience.

Highly recommend AIPC !!!!

I cannot thank the college enough, their unwavering support, encouragement and course material is with out a doubt exceptional. The one element that I loved was the flexibility of the on-line component so you were not tied to a schedule.
I was drawn to study counselling because of my own story and also the desire to help others in an industry where this kind of help is very much in high need.
All I hoped to achieve with my qualification was the tools and knowledge I needed to be able to run my own practice ethically and in accordance what it means to be a counsellor.
AIPC gave me these tools and skills to practice as so much more.
At the beginning of my studies I was nervous and filled with alot of self doubt and negative self talk. A mum of 3 married, working and health issues I did not know how I was going to do it.
But after my first submission and the positive feedback that I received helped me moving forward with my studies.
What I loved about my studies was learning what it means to be counsellor skills and different options as to the types of therapies that can be used. The most important was my practical assessments and my journey with Lifeline Australia which helped to put all my theory into practice.
The most challenging element was having to resubmit an assessment and also the periods where I had to stop studying because of my own life battles coming into play. Feelings of will I ever finish.
I did though 4 years on since the date I started BUT I did it and I am extremely proud of myself.
So if your wondering whether you are making the right choice by going with AIPC you are. I originally started with ACAP and a terrible experience where I was unsupported and made to feel inadequate.

AIPC all the way
Thankyou again I am extremely proud of myself
Signing off
One very happy graduate xxoo

Focus on learning rather than performing

I have just started unit 3 and the support has been outstanding so far.
Pippa Spibey was an amazing support for the practical assessment in Perth.
The focus was on creating a learning and supporting environment rather than feeling questioned and "forced to perform" This approach opened up channels for great learnings and reflections.
Well done!

Great educational experience

I wish to thank all the AIPC staff, whom over the years have been very supportive. Having for most part a fly in -fly out job/s I have at times struggled with the diploma. The staff have been very supportive during my learning experience. I also wish to thank my practical assessor Jennifer Perino, who's wealth of knowledge was able to set me up with a solid 'toolbox' for my current position with the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern as an AOD counsellor.

Best decision!

I am very satisfied with the teaching and course content of the Diploma in Counselling at AIPC. The structure of course content gives the learner the opportunity to explore teachings in an incremental way. I found this valuable as it allowed me to build on knowledge slowly and minimises any sense of being overwhelmed with information. It is also helpful when you need to go back and review information! The practical component is wonderful. The assessor's are very skilled, helpful and approachable. The team at AIPC Carina are ever friendly, caring and supportive of you and your journey towards being a Counsellor.

The best!!

This has been an amazing course for me. It has taught me so much and the level of professionalism received from everyone has been outstanding. I was 100 % satisfied with the course, the content and the tutors! I found the content so interesting that to me, it didn't feel like I was studying. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

A fantastic way to learn and grow at your own pace.

I've found studying with AIPC to be interesting and informative. The content has at times been challenging without being difficult, the best thing has been the flexibility and having the time to progress without rushing the process. The hotline was very helpful in times when I felt stuck, the assessors of both practical and theory assessments have provided very encouraging feedback and the content of the diploma has for me been very satisfying. I am so happy I chose to study with AIPC and would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering becoming a counsellor, it has provided me with so much knowledge.

So flexible and helpful

I was so pleased I chose to do this course! AIPC made it flexible for me to study I my own terms. Being a single mum with two primary school aged boys, working, moving etc etc I was able to study at my own pace and when it was convenient to me. I have loved learning from their wide range of highly skilled mentors who are so down to earth and are willing to provide knowledge that is above and beyond what I expected.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
Thanks to Rob, Michelle, Kelly and Alice....You guys are awesome!

AIPC Adelaide Diploma of Counselling

Really enjoyed the comprehensive content and delivery of this online course. It was easy to follow and self paced. The Adelaide facilitators and staff, and the phone support staff were always willing to help and make you feel at ease even during nerve wracking role play situations! You learn a lot about people and human interaction in general , and overall I found these studies personally and professionally rewarding.

Fabulous life changing experience

This course has been wonderful from start to finish - great tutors, quick response to questions, and the practicals with Elspeth were simply amazing in removing my fears and encouraging me to move forward.
Thank you to AIPC - please give this a go - you will be sooo glad you did!

Best course available

I have been studying with AIPC Adelaide for almost 2 years now. The course is so detailed and the support i have received is exceptional. You really feel like an individual there and they genuinely care about you and your studies. I have studied elsewhere and cant believe i thought i could be a counsellor after that. The course is structured so that you use your practical skills in role plays, and this has taught me so much about myself and the trainers are so lovely. Cant recommend them highly enough.

Learning to support others by learning how to support myself!

The course content is well structured and in general I have found the practical assessments very helpful - always learn something valuable! The support staff are really wonderful - nothing is too much trouble. I am enjoying the course and continuing to learn as I go. Re difficulty, I have done a lot of previous study so I do not find it difficult as such. However as you would expect, it requires a lot of commitment and a lot of personal reflection and growth which can be challenging. It stretches you as a person but in a good way!

AIPC community services course

The staff at AIPC were helpful throughout the course. The staff on site for the practicals were considerate and helpful when planning appointed meetings with the students for the assessments, however at times there were some minor complications with timing appointment meetings. The course work/online content for the Diploma in community services were extensive and comprehensive. The assessments for the latter half were fun and very practical. The supervisor was attentive and kind in providing support and assistance when required in helping me through the assessments. The overall experience with AIPC was an enjoyable and indded a very engaging one.

Well worth all the hours I've put in

I researched the Diploma of Counselling study options and found AIPC course ticked all of the boxes for me. I live in regional NSW and online distance learning with face to face practical assessments were key criteria. ACA recognition was also important.

I have found the study material comprehensive, very well structured and presented. Written assessments were turned around very promptly. Marker assessments and comments have been positive, supportive and encouraging.

I wanted a course I could study at my own pace, wanting to complete it under 12months. The staff in the Brisbane/Carina study centre have been wonderfully helpful and supportive in arranging practical assessment times that support my study progress and the long drive to Brisbane each time.

I've observed that men undertaking the course are in the minority and was initially a tad intimidated by that. Again, the staff at the Carina study centre have been very encouraging and supportive.

Overall, a great course and worth the effort for personal learning and insight if nothing else.

Very Valuable

I am very happy with the teaching content of this course. The course material is relevant and the assessments are of great value. The course can be challenging, yet, it is teaching me many things both on a personal level and in a professional context. I have met some amazing people whilst studying with AIPC. The support staff and assessors are not only professional, they are really great people. Meeting many other students at practicals has been very valuable to me, I always look forward to attending practicals. I like the flexibility of this course and it has certainly been worth the investment.

Extremely interesting and worth while

I am absolutely satisfied with teaching and course content. Progressing through the course at a reasonable pace is easily achievable if a student applies enough time and effort. AIPC staff are extremely professional and assessments are marked within a decent time frame. Multiple modes of delivering practical assessments are available. The student portal is easy to navigate through and well laid out. I would recommend anybody to study through AIPC.

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Can you do your own work placements as they are not mentioned in the diploma of counselling?
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Is their a job guarantee after doing this course?
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I have been offered another 12 months work with the Royal Flying Doctor Sevice South East AOD outreach program.

Is HECS available for the bachelor degree? Thanks Linda
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