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Australian National Couriers

Australian National Couriers

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ANC not so bad

After reading some reviews here I was worried about ordering online with IKEA and getting my table and chairs delivered. I took the chance and my goods were not only delivered in good condition and up 3 flights of stairs but earlier than my delivery window. The driver called me to check if it was OK to deliver early and it turned out really well. Sorry that others didn't have the same experience :o(

Sender or ReceiverReceiver
Delivery TimeEarly
Shipping TypeDomestic
Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes

Claim rejected towards faulty installation of washing machine!

Our washing machine purchased from Good guys and ANC was responsible for delivery and installation. As scheduled they did delivery and install in timely manner however installation was faulty. They set a 14 mins cycle and left within 5 mins as in was all fine. But at the end of the cycle we realised that all the water from the inlet pipe was coming out. This ruined our loose lay vinyl planks just outside our laundry. ANC has rejected our claim saying they aren’t responsible for this!!! Not satisfied with their customer service.

Sender or ReceiverSender
Delivery TimeOn Time
Shipping TypeDomestic
Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes

Damaged my property and denied the claim

I really didn't know that IKEA outsourced the service to this company. If I know of that and read the reviews, I may have a second thought.

Have damaged my property but they denied it. I don't understand how it was damaged in the first place. Had a few phone calls and presented photos as evidence, but they still refused and most likely lied about it. Really tired of this. I would rather hire a ute and do it myself. Unethical people. DO what you can do to avoid them. Not worth it.

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Shipping TypeDomestic

Terrible drivers and poor attitude

Wish I could give minus stars. Don't even want to give them 1.
Organised and paid premium delivery through Good Guys for our washing machine.
They gave us a 3 hour time bracket between 3-6pm. We were home and working in the front yard the whole time.
Driver called at 5.26pm and we missed the initial call. Rang him back 3 mins later and he didn't answer. Their online tracking notified us that the delivery failed because there was noone at home.
We called the driver at 5.32pm from a different mobile, he answered and said he couldn't turn back because he was out of the area already and it's "not my problem you weren't at home".
We were home the whole time and noone came.
We called their call center at 5.35pm and they said he had exceeded his maximum hours and couldn't reattend.
Terrible company, don't ever use them.
We rang the Good Guys and they apologised that they have 4 complaints against ANC that weekend.
Pathetic business attitude.

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Dear Joel, We are very sorry to hear your feedback and have tried to identify the job based on your description but need some further information. ANC makes over 7,000 deliveries a day and to investigate your comment we will need your delivery job number so we can appropriately and directly give feedback to our team. Please send the details to nsw@ancdelivers.com.au and we will be sure to investigate and respond. Thank you for the important feedback. Regards, Customer Service Sophie

Terrible customer service

The driver arrived more than 30 minutes earlier than he said he would. The driver was rude on the phone and didnt wait for me to get home. Instead left with no notice. Afterwards I got a message that my goods have been delivered? Was very difficult to organise redelivery and had to call multiple times.

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Do not use this company

The furniture that was delivered was not handled with care. Added to this scratches were left in my floor. Please take your business elsewhere.

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Appalling Delivery Service

After waiting nearly 6 weeks for our order to be delivered because ANC only seem to have one truck every fortnight coming to outer Melbourne and given we paid $79.95 for the delivery I would've expected a higher quality of service. Not only do the delivery drivers have no idea how to lift furniture correctly, they instead prefer to drag, roll and tip the articles incorrectly. In the process they managed to scratch our front deck as they pushed the items along it. Then to make matters worse, as they exited our driveway they decided to do a clearly unachievable right turn that left them beached between the road and the concrete. I'm not sure if their truck is damaged but our driveway certainly bears the scars or being torn up by the metal ledge on the back of the truck. Very very unhappy and I would recommend nobody use their service.

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Most wonderful delivery team!

We’ve just received our large West Elm delivery on New Years Eve (sorry guys) it was the only window available so we took it and couldn’t be happier, the delivery team were absolutely amazing, it is a warm day here in Melbourne, not once did the guys complain, they bought all of our furniture in, set it up absolutely perfectly and tidied and took all packaging, most lovely delivery team ever, so impressed and so happy. Thank You again for the most wonderful delivery service, your delivery team are an absolute credit to your company!

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Driver was rude and aggressive

Driver was rude and aggressive and treated my stuff like crap. I would never use them again. They need to sack this driver he gives them a bad name.

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Damaged my tiles during a delivery and rejected my claim.

Firstly, One star is because there is no option for zero stars.

This is my first time posting any kind of review. Because most issue I have is minor and would not bother with it. But, the way this company deals with my claims. I want people to be aware.

I've purchased a TV from the good guys, which have been delivered by ANC.
Upon delivery, they scratched my glossy floor tiles. They had left the wooden pallet at the bottom of the TV box. When it was put down, one of the deliverers decide to push the TV closer to a wall. This resulted in a scratch across my glossy floor from the wooden pallet. I've taken pictures and ask the delivery driver to do the same. The guy even told me to get it fix and he'll pay for it.

I've tried to contact ANC via Email and phone. I had no response via email, and they always told me someone will call me back, which they never do. Only when I've contacted The Good Guys, ANC had an assessor to come and inspect the damage. When I had shown him the damage , he even told me the deliverers admitted they had cause the damage. He told me to call him a couple of days later to get the result. I tried to call and messaged him. He did not pick up or responded to my message. He end up blocking my number. You know when someone have blocked your number when there is only one ring and it goes straight to voice mail. I've Contacted ANC to find the assessors finding, only to be told that He rejected the claim. In his report, his defense was, because there was no nail under the wooden pallet it would not have caused the damage. What he said to me and what he told his company is completely different. I told the person on the phone that the assessor was lying, but was told it's his words against mine. They advice me to call The Good guys about the problem, and when I did, The Good Guys told me it was not their problem.

I'm happy for them to come over and push the wooden pallet across my tiles with the same weight of the TV on it. And see for themselves the damaged it would cause to the floor. Prove me wrong ANC?

Through my experience, I question this company's ethical standards. And advice people, if you having something delivered , Maybe film them? just in case something goes wrong, at least you have enough evidence for any claim. Or if you have a company over to assess anything. Have better proof than I did, even though I had photo proof.

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Do not use ANC Contracted Deliverers For Bunnings and IKEA and The Good Guys

We were the receiver of a large appliance purchased brand new from The Good Guys and we paid extra for a premium delivery service. This premium service was provided by ANC on behalf of The Good Guys.

The ANC deliverers were rough and careless moving the appliance through our house. The ANC deliverers did not use a trolley which would be considered the standard in moving a large appliance and scraped the wall and skirting and floorboards. The deliverers were inexperienced and showed limited skill in delivering the appliance. I would check first whether a store uses ANC. I would not recommend ANC. Their customer care and service is unacceptable.

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Horrible manners

Staff swore at me because was trying to help. Worst courier company ever! Did not arrive on time shocking service!

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Never again

Washing machine delivery very little English had trouble understanding me. I had to turn exhaust fan on i don't know when he last had a shower. If i hadn't supervised him disconnecting hoses it could have been a disaster he started to undo laundry overflow from trough not washing machine. His offsider kept sucking on a lolly on a stick i completed installation couldn't get them out of house quick enough good guys charged for removal and install should have done it all myself.

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Incompetent Ikea needs to change their delivery service immediately

This is my second experience 2 weeks in a row. I ordered furniture from IKEA and unfortunately, had to pick some items myself that were out of stock in the warehouse and they had to do 2 separate deliveries. I was provided with delivery options between 7-11am or 2 other options later in the day. I chose 7am-11am for both Saturday's. The driver contacted me at 10.30am on the first delivery experience to say he was running late.
He told me between 1-2pm he then contacted me at 1.30pm to say 9pm that evening. I was fuming and told him that was unacceptable he eventually turned up at 2.30pm. Second delivery - the driver contacted me at 10.20am and said running late I said of course you are. We exchanged HELLO about 15 times before I said I think we have established HELLO. The driver hung up, I contacted ANC at 2.30pm spoke with [name removed] and asked her where my deliver was she said oh I can't see a delivery scheduled for you today I told [name removed] that I had received a phone call from the driver to say they were running late she then confirmed Oh yes sorry has the driver contacted you again I told her No she placed me on hold to ring the driver and said that she had texted my mobile number to them and they should give me a call very soon. We were planning on going out for dinner but instead staying in and it is now 6.55pm and still no delivery. At 8.17pm I had a missed call from the driver dare say we didn't receive our goods. On the Monday I contacted ANC and after speaking with 2 different people the second person said they would follow this up and contact me back. I didn't hear back from her but I did get a call from a driver at 12pm saying they would deliver it at 2pm they turned up at 3.15pm. The driver was wearing thongs they opened the back of the truck and my items were all over the place No care taken at all. One piece was completely out of it packaging scratched and damaged they said its ok we will take a photo. They dropped a large piece in the process of getting it off the truck luckily no damage. If you can avoid using this incompetent company DO or it will be a very frustrating experience.

Lianne - Lansvale NSW

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Inefficient after multiple attempts for bookings they never deliver yet are preferred contractors fo

The ETA was reconfirmed yet they arrived early when it was stated on the day I was the 4th but they had cancellations was their excuse so they arrived earlier by an hour?!

The second booking I recieved no SMS time of delivery and that was then the second attempt to deliver but it had not been correctly booked so again no delivery

The 3rd attempted booking for delivery I yet again have SMS ETA
and the stressful situation is appalling to be treated with such disrespect.

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Pigs No consideration for people’s property!!

Had a delivery today for a desk, got a call to tell me that the desk will be delivered in 10 minutes as they were around the corner. If it didn’t suit me they would leave it out side. 2 delivery guys with muddy bouts walked in my new French paquatry floor with out a care in the world all in the hallway, stairways and bedroom with soil, mud, and shoes all wet because they walked on the wet grass! Didn’t even offer to take shoes off. I was horrified not only did I pay $180 for delivery they destroyed my floor and the desk on top of all was damaged.

Please ask next time you order something as this delivery company is terrible!!!!!!!

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Worst delivery experience

I had ordered furniture from IKEA and delivery window was between 9-1pm on Saturday. Delivery came at 4pm. I had to leave at 4pm for a show I bought tickets for so then my friend says she will stay back to handle delivery for me. I do not blame the delivery drivers at all. I am so disappointed with ANC company. My friend told me the delivery drivers had started at 6am, asked for water (but sadly I had NOTHING in my apartment so she couldn't offer them water), that they had 12 deliveries to do and had 4 left to do after dropping things off at mine and that they hadn't eaten a thing yet. ANC really needs to look after their workers and shouldn't book so many deliveries if the drivers can't do it within the given time frame. It is terrible work ethic. If I can avoid getting delivery with this company, I will. Terrible experience and I do not rate this company 1 star. It gets 0 stars.

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incompetent, unreliable fools

This is the second occasion that I have had issues with this company. Had an AM delivery booked for a delivery, received a text with ETA of approx 40 mins( which mystified me as we are only 15/20 mins away on a bad day), hours later receive call from ANC office to say its will be late, only to discover the load was not even picked up yet,when I informed ANC that I had received a text with an ETA some time earlier and that the assistance to unload was no longer available as they had already waited here for delivery for 1 1/2 hrs the response from ANC was to bad so sad, the load will be returned to sender, and told to ring the sender,its their problem. Mind you had there not been a dishonest text sent with an ETA or if a follow up call made saying it was incorrect, then there would have been no issue, they really didn't give a rats for the inconvenience caused by their incompetence and unreliability, time was taken off work to help unload a delivery that was never even picked up, this was totally inconsequential to these fools, care factor nil. If you have a choice don't go near these fools.

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I can’t believe i had to pay for the delivery. Would have cost me less to hire a ute and take 1/2day

Had an item booked for delivery recently and Firstly, a 3 hour time window is a joke! Surely 2 hours is more appropriate. Then, we get the delivery right at the end of the 3rd hour. No phone call 1/2 to 1 hour before as promised. Poor service!
You try to track them based on the link and the track map does not work on any browser i tried! So more poor service.

Do not use them!!

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The fridge that almost made it in the house.

We had a fridge from good guys come through anc, they turned up late. Did not even attempt to deliver the fridge. Said there wasn't enough room in the doorways. Width of doorway 76cm. Fridge width 70cm with doors taken off. They said they needed 1 inch clearance on both sides. I said you have more than a inch but the guy got in the truck & drove away. I've notified good guys that i won't be purchasing anything from them again as they use a terrible service provider.

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