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If you need important items delivered, you might consider hiring a courier service to ensure a smooth delivery. Find out more about the various services couriers offer and the qualities you should look for when choosing one. Read more…

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    4.0 from 8,910 reviews
    • Delivery TimeEarly (1,793), On Time (2,197), Late (135), Unacceptably Late (310), Never Arrived (569) and Never Collected (374)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (3,958) · No (279)
    • Award Winner 2021
    • 2020


    4.8 from 689 reviews

    Latest review: The package was picked up and dropped off within 2 hours of first placing the order! It was a super quick and easy service that we will definitely be using again.

    • Delivery TimeEarly (78), On Time (119), Late (2), Unacceptably Late (1), Never Arrived (1) and Never Collected (2)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (184) · No (3)


    4.7 from 618 reviews

    Latest review: Hollie is an absolute star! Our puppy was delivered happy and healthy! Everything was organised and the whole trip went smoothly. Massive travel for our pup from Armadale to

    • Delivery TimeEarly (17), On Time (263), Late (11), Unacceptably Late (3), Never Arrived (5) and Never Collected (6)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (281) · No (10)
    • Award Winner 2021


    4.5 from 4,811 reviews

    With a proud philosophy of ‘No Limits’ when it comes to delivering your documents, packages or freight, Pack & Send truly delivers on its promise.

    • Caring customer service

    • Efficient, on-time delivery

    • Reasonably priced services

    • Delivery TimeEarly (867), On Time (1,677), Late (130), Unacceptably Late (118), Never Arrived (22) and Never Collected (35)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (2,555) · No (60)
    • Award Winner 2020


    4.5 from 2,949 reviews

    Latest review: I bought the perfect boots. They are one size too small so I use Parcel point to exchange. I track my boots and see that they are sitting motionless for weeks. Parcel point is so slow that by the

    • Delivery TimeEarly (766), On Time (1,437), Late (140), Unacceptably Late (88), Never Arrived (49) and Never Collected (27)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (2,392) · No (42)


    4.7 from 133 reviews

    Latest review: Never used Parcel2Couier before but would definately use again and recommend to others 11 boxes in total 9 arrived early 2 arrived on time Very prompt response to my email Very easy and professional

    • Delivery TimeEarly (18), On Time (54), Late (3) and Unacceptably Late (2)
    • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (69) · No (3)
    • ServicesInternational, Interstate and Same Day


      4.0 from 8,910 reviews
      • Delivery TimeEarly (1,793), On Time (2,197), Late (135), Unacceptably Late (310), Never Arrived (569) and Never Collected (374)
      • Delivery Arrived in Good ConditionYes (3,958) · No (279)
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      Courier services vs postal services

      A courier service is a private company which offers shipping services for parcels and important documents. These companies can specialise in same-day shipping or impress you with a wide network of affordable international shipping services.

      What is the postal service? They are common to every country and are government-run and funded. Australia’s government-funded postal service is called Australia Post. They typically don’t offer as many or as prompt of service as couriers do, but in turn, they are more affordable.

      Australia Post offers very limited services with added weight, item, time and location restrictions. What you’re paying for with a courier service is peace of mind and ample flexibility.

      Services offered by courier companies

      Here are just some of the things that courier companies offer compared to the postal service:

      Convenient delivery times: There are many courier services that can deliver goods within specific time frames should you require it, with many offering same-day deliveries and after-hours services (such as after business hours or on Sundays). Parcel2Courier and North Coast Freight Service are courier services that offer same-day delivery within the limits of a state.

      Unlike the postal service, couriers can guarantee delivery, not just on a particular day, but during a precise time slot, making it a popular and convenient option.

      Interstate and international shipping: If you need your parcels delivered a bit further out, fret not as courier services can provide interstate and international shipping at competitive prices. These services may also include customs charges as well as insurance coverage.

      Tracking: A common feature included in many services is the ability to see and track your parcels in real-time. Alternatively, you might receive mobile and e-mail notifications in instances where the parcel has been picked up, is en route, 1-2 hours away and another alert after it has been delivered. This makes sure you are not left in the dark about where your parcel is. This service also allows the receiver of the packages to know when the package is arriving so they can organise their day accordingly.

      Security: Many couriers automatically require a signature from the receiver of the parcel which ensures your package reaches the right person in the right place. The postal service also offers this service at an additional cost.

      In addition, many couriers such as CouriersPlease insure your expensive parcels up to $1,000 for free and offer more extensive cover for an additional cost of $2 for $2,000 and $3 for $3,000. Bear in mind they contain an excess fee of $100, meaning you will have to cover the first $100 of damage out-of-pocket before you can claim their insurance. Australia Post offers free insurance for the first $100 in value of your parcel and you can buy each $100 of insurance for $2.50 each for a maximum total value of $5,000.

      Customer service: As opposed to the postal service, a private courier company’s main drawing point is its reliability and responsive customer service. In the case that things go wrong, a courier service is likely to be more accommodating than the postal service.

      Easy pick-up: Do you have heavy boxes to ship and no way to transport them to the local post office during business hours? With a courier service, there’s no complicated paperwork or queues, and they can pick it up straight from your house at a time that’s convenient for you.

      Pet transport: A service definitely not offered by the postal service is pet transportation. Couriers do offer this service, however, which allows you to move your pets and livestock from one place to another in the case that you move houses or need a new pet transported to you from far away.

      Ultimately, if you’re just sending a postcard or letter that is not time-sensitive, then the postal service will very well do the job. However, those with greater, more time-sensitive needs or those looking to ship globally and regularly might want to invest in a great courier service that can provide you with greater security and flexibility.

      Courier price comparison chart

      Based on the notion that you wish you transport a 10kg 50x50x50 box from Sydney to Melbourne, these are the current prices and times you’d be looking at:

      Australia Post$26.405 days+
      CouriersPlease$34.352 days
      StarTrack$35.721 day
      TNT Road Express$46.041 day
      Hunter Express$47.722 days

      Qualities to look for in your courier

      If you’re going to pay more for a courier service, then you should keep an eye out for these particular qualities when reading reviews for different courier companies:


      Of utmost importance is reliability. Have people reported that their packages arrived damaged, late or never arrived at all? If so, that’s not a great indicator of a reliable courier. Many packages contain important items and need to arrive at specific times, such as for birthdays or anniversaries and you want to know you can trust what your courier is offering.


      Even though courier services offer a wider range of services than postal, they still have their limitations. Many have weight and size restrictions as well as prohibited items - make sure you find a courier service that aligns with your shipping needs.

      Delivery timeliness

      One of the main purposes of a courier is that they can deliver items at a very precise time or with speed, so if they are not delivering on this front, it’s best to go with a different company.

      Value for money

      Take time to do some research and see what prices other courier companies are offering to transport the same items and evaluate if it offers good value for money in comparison.

      Pick up and drop off options

      Some couriers offer at-home pick-ups and drop-offs, with seamless door-to-door delivery. Otherwise, for a more cost-friendly option, couriers can also deliver between post offices or postal lockers.

      Problem resolution

      In the case that anything goes wrong, how has this courier service handled it in the past? Take a look at how they treat disgruntled customers and if they offer compensation for any mistakes they have made.

      Booking process

      One of the best things about using a courier service is that you get to skip the queues and forms at a post office. A courier service with an easy to use and simple booking system can save you time and hassle in the long run.

      Tracking & updates

      The best part of using a courier service, as opposed to the postal service, is that it can come with a very transparent tracking system that lets you know exactly where your items are at all times. They also offer mobile updates which will notify you when the package is being dispatched and delivered for ultimate peace of mind.


      Look for a company that states its costs up front instead of surprising you with hidden fees later - finding a company that is transparent with its costs and delivery processes is a big plus.

      Customer feedback

      How you can find out all this information is by reading up on valuable reviews from other customers to see how they rated this particular courier service. You can read reviews on our website on the best courier postal services in Australia today.