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Baby Bunting Physical store

Baby Bunting Physical store

2.2 from 19 reviews

Great experience

We were unsure on the correct car seat for our car. So when we went into the store they spent a good amount of time to understand what was important to us. They then came outside with the baby sit to make sure that it fitted which allowed us to make an informed decision on what we required.

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Customer Service
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Store Locationmelrose park

Bad service, sounds like a problem

Went into the store to buy a $50 gift card. Staff looked at me and then proceeded to talk between themselves while I stood there with card and money in hand. So I left.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCannington

Soooooo expensive!

Good store with lots of variety. But just expect to pay top dollar for items you can get cheaper else where. Staff friendly but thats not enough to make me want to come back and pay their prices

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationJoondalup

On thephone they would price match but once in store it was a slightly different color, so NO DEAL, waste of time & fuel

Over the phone baby bunting joondalup said they would price match an item of a well known competitor, but once I rushed to the store, they said the colour is different (like a darker shade of grey and it's exclusive to baby bunting) no price match, they did not want to give me a 10% discount either, or online coupon codes that could maybe get the price a tiny bit closer to what I saw it for.

Then they told me they had the black, which they'd price match, but not the 2nd seat.
The 2nd seat is on their website, I said I can pay now, get the pram and you get the 2nd seat later in store and I will get it, that was not possible, because they can only sell their own stock.

I am writing this review because I drove all that way to joondalup, and because of a small technicality in colour it was not a price match. I mean they knew they wasted my time and me driving there, they're trying to sell it for $80 more expensive to me anyways, and when I ask if they can make an exception it's just a straightout no.

Guess they do not need the sale or the item is ridiculously cheap.

Anyways, go to another shop, these guys are expensive anyways and this kinda indicates they have high rent to cover and can't oblige discounts even when they omit to tell me about colour differences over phone.

So stay away overprized store with no remorse for wasting people's time.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBaby Bunting Joondalup

I will never shop from here again, stay away

I have purchased a pump set from the narre warren store and they sold me everything that they could regarding it. I noticed straight away that it wont pump both breasts, only work one at a time. Took it back and they tested it and said to me the bra they sold me is why its not pumping, then they said the shields are too big and that the size i need medela doesnt make it?! They never mention this despite me asking for it!!!

I had another issue with my steriliser and they basically said that the smell isnt offensive (when it smells like melting plastic) and that its normal and they smelt worse. Can not believe this is what i hear when I tell them i am not comfortable with my baby being exposed to this chemical reaction!!
They refused to exchange or refund and to top it off they told me even the manufacturers of the Phillips avent steriliser wont help me because they launched a replacement item !
I am disgusted and will never shop from here again.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationNarre warren

not good behaviour

I went to baby bunting store at Penrith to buy baby seat for my car on weekend. I did'nt find it friendly. as if they want to get rid of me. may be because I am Indian. type of racist.
Instead I went to Blacktown baby buntings and bought it from there.

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store Locationbaby bunting penrith

Worst experience at Preston

We purchase a bulky product(glider and ottoman) and we were given incorrect model which is way cheaper than what we paid for. We have only realised after assembly that it was not the right one. Mind you, they were not easy to assemble. Upon return, the manager wasnt even apologetic about the mistake.

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationPreston

Great friendly service at Belrose

The ladies at the Belrose NSW Baby Bunting store are always very friendly and are very helpful. We have been there a few weekends in a row and answer all of our questions happily and are very helpful in providing different options. They are also very happy to price match any other lower price on the market as sometimes they can be a bit pricey. Will see them again this weekend as we are fitting out our nursery.
Thank you.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBelrose NSW

Worst customer service very rude manager

I bought a medela double swing maxi and it did not work. Went back to baby bunting they said they dont take return for pumps so they would check for its suction in store. They checked one suction cup at a time and i asked them to check it as a double pump so both at a time.they said they have only one meter to check and said my pump's tubing has a fault. I asked them to give me a replacement so they said they dont have it in stock and said ask medela for it if they can. She was very rude did not wanted to listen to my problem.

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHoppers crossing

Baby Car Seat

The people that work at the store in preston Preston are seriously incompetent. I have gone there twice to get a second car seat in my parents car and after trying to get it installed they tell me its the incorrect seat. Why dont you get some stuff who know what they are talking about? If i did not pay to get it properly fitted but son would not have been safe!

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationPreston VIC

Exceptional store with exceptional staff

The girls in the store in north lakes went above and beyond for me after being let down by another baby store. Could not recommend them highly enough particularly Belinda the assistant manager, Pamela and Melissa , huge thank you again ladies

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationNorth Lakes

Deceptive advertising?

Usually have had good experiences at Baby Bunting.
But..... I went in to purchase a Babylove Ezy Switch car seat which I had noticed in online as being for sale at $159. In store it was priced at $189. Had to use my phone to get the ad up before they would ‘match the price’. Match their own price...??
Bit deceptive...?? Not good.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCamperdown

Ridiculous return policy

Baby bunting stores are refusing to give me a full exchange or store credit for an item that was purchased 3 weeks ago, even though the item is unopened with the receipt. The item has gone on sale so now I can only get credit for the sale price which is $50 less than what was paid. Is this against fair trade?

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationWatergardens, maidstone

So called 'portable cot'

I bought what looked like a pretty nice portacot for just under $100 so I thought that was a pretty good price for quality. However on getting the package home and assembling the cot, I found I couldn't do it myself as i just didn't have enough strength to pull the rods into place, so waited for hubby to get home. He tried and tried using all his strength to click the sides up. Eventually he was able to get the sides up. It was an extroadinarly hard thing to do. So then we decided that as we won't be using the cot for awhile that we would fold it up and pop it away. Well that's another story. Guess what? Yep, currently I am unable to fold the cot back up and I actually hurt my hands trying, so will see if hubby can once again use all his might to fold it up. So much for being a Portacot!!! Nothing portable about it and I feel really ripped off.
I won't be shopping at Baby Bunting again as obviously their products are expensive to buy but cheap and nasty.....

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBooval

DANGEROUS Fitting of Child Restraints!

We brought our Joie I-GEMM child restraint to the Belrose fitting station to have it inspected and readjusted. To our dismay, we noticed MORE lateral movement after the supposed professional inspection. After further research, my husband found an RMS Authorised Fitting Restraint Station. When I brought our car and child restraint there, the fitter expressed his horror that we had been travelling with our precious bundle in this poorly fitted child restraint seat, which had far too much lateral movement!

Baby Bunting really should not be promoting themselves as an accredited authority in fitting child restraints, when it places the lives of the vulnerable and innocent at risk! It is betraying the trust of the parents and vulnerable!

I don’t know what kind of accreditation they have, but I would certainly recommend an RMS Authorised Fitting Station. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism are outstanding. Steer clear of Baby Bunting if you want your precious cargo safely stowed!

Disgusting prices and rubbish service!

Rubbish and unknowledgable service now on multiple occasions. Items are over priced+++ and I have even been encouraged by staff to find a lower price from other stores just so they can price beat it to get the sale. I have also been refused a price match as it was “too cheap” from a well know competitor. I would rather support any other store that actually price competitively from the start.

At Osborne Park they are liars...

On the 2nd January 2019, my wife and I bought an Ingenuity baby bouncer, a bit $$ for what it turned out to be! We bought it kind of in a hurry, wanting to take advantage of the extended period for the boxing day sales, ending on that day. We bought the product knowing that on the website it says “easy returns”, plus the cashier- at the counter had encouraged us to return it if we changed our mind or have a problem with the product.

All fine up to this point.

With all the festivities and the holidays plus a funeral of a relative, life got busier and we didn’t open the bouncer box until Friday 11th of January, 9 days later. We put the batteries in and started the automatic bouncing function of the bouncer, oh what a surprise it didn’t perform as we expected and how it looked on the youtube video we watched before purchasing it, it barely bounced at all, oh the disappointment.

So the next day, my wife and I went to
Baby Bunting Osborne Park again. We were served by the same cashier . We explained the situation and also let her know the article was in perfect unused condition and ready to be re-sold again. She didn’t bother looking at the condition of the product or checking it, to our surprise she simply said that change of mind is not a valid reason to return it! She refused to give us a refund or store credit. We explained that under the Australian consumer law we were entitled to a refund within a month of having purchased it
and also the website states “easy returns” for change of mind if we are not satisfied, which it was false advertisement, especially if the product is unused and in re-sellable condition.

The next step was going to speak to the manager, the cashier went by herself and manipulated (lied) when relaying the information we gave her on purpose. She told the manager the item was purchased more than ONE MONTH AGO!! And that it was used and in not re-sellable condition!!

We had the receipt, the date on it (from 10 days ago) and the product in the box just right there at the front counter where she refused to verify it’s condition!!

Although the manager realised and told us the cashier had lied to her, her decision of not refunding the product was influenced somehow by this person, hence creating a momentarily cognitive bias. We appreciated the manager for apologising publicly to us in front of other customers and also showing her disappointment in front of that person for being lied to.

This is not the first time we have encountered this negative attitude from this cashier, normally her face looks clearly unhappy, everytime we have been to the counter to pay for any product bought there in the past.

My questions are, why be in a job that brings you unhappiness to the point of lying hence affecting customer service? Wondering if she has the same rude attitude with every customer?.
People like this shouldn’t be working in customer service or in retail. It is sad that we live in a society where the people in the retail industry don’t help other people especially loyal customers like us.

From now on my wife and I sadly have decided stop purchasing at Baby Bunting. We will go to bigger retail store like Kmart and Target, where returns are much easier.

Luckily we didn’t buy the more expensive bouncer $$$ we were planning to buy from the beginning. We would have been stuck for no reason with a super expensive purchase just like we are now.

The staff clearly do not care about the customers...

I went into Baby Bunting to spend $2500 on my products. The products were loaded in their system. They assured me I would only have to call and give my name and I could book in my car seat fitting and pick up all products together. When I called the girl was dissmissive and said we never store details in system and I wouldn’t have a clue how to find it if we did.

When I was in the store. I watched phones ring out constantly...
staff chatting rather than serving the next customer. There was a long line of angry looking customers to one checkout person.

They staff are prickly with their assistance and asking for help is a rude interupption to them.

I had asked a lady with long brown hair and glasses (keys attached to her clothing) she looked like a Manager... for help as she was free and available at Bentleigh store. She appeared to be so offended that I would dare ask her for help, she said one of the ladies here will help you once they are finished. They had long lines of customers and this lady was free...

Absolutely do not recommend Bentleigh Baby Bunting. All three experiences attending the store have made me walk away feeling annoyed. This is the first time I have ever posted on a review platform... yep that annoyed!!

Great customer service

We purchased a car mirror which turned out to have a small crack on it only evident once the packaging was removed. The lady who served us at Baby Bunting Maribyrnong was helpful, friendly and made exchanging the product easy. Customer service at this store is great.

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Hi Sam, glad to hear that we made the exchange process an easy one for you. thanks for sharing your shopping experience with us. See you instore Regards BB

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