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Baby Jogger City Tour

Baby Jogger City Tour

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Bought for travel, now use everyday!

We couldn’t be happier with our City Tour 2! We originally purchased it as a travel stroller but now use it every day. Our little man prefers it to his bigger pram and it’s so much easier to fold up and get in and out of the car. When looking to purchase a travel stroller, we compared the few options out there that comply with airline carry-on requirements. The City Tour 2 seemed better quality than the cheaper option we were shown (more durable handlebar, better materials in general, more stylish design) and had added functionality compared to the more expensive option we were shown (ability to fully recline bub was invaluable for naps on the go and the storage space underneath was superior). We traveled with multiple airlines and none had a problem with us taking the City Tour 2 on board (thanks to the travel bag it comes with). I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stylish and functional travel stroller but also to anyone looking for an easy to use everyday stroller.

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Bunting Physical store.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Love this compact stroller

Love this compact stroller, as it lives in the boot for my car and doesn't take up the whole boot. It is perfect for short trips to the shops or outings.
Great value for money.
Only drawback worth mentioning is that it is a bit too reclined when Bub wants to sit upright.

Purchased in June 2019 at Baby Bunting Physical store.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Lightweight but..

It’s very lightweight. Only 6.5kg. However, the compartment underneath is very small. So I need to hang my shopping things on the handler. But this cause the stroller to flip backwards whenever I lift my daughter up. I need to remember to take out my shopping first before lifting her. But it does its job well, it even withstand our hiking trip where the terrain is full of pebbles and sand. So all in all it’s quite a nice pram

Purchased in November 2018 at Amazon .

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Hi Blueowl, Thank you for your feedback on the City Tour. We love how you have enjoyed your travels with this great lightweight compact stroller. On all strollers it is not recommended to hang anything off the handle. This is for safety reasons and also long term it will affect the folding mechanism. We hope you and your family keep traveling and strolling with the City Tour! Kind Regards, The Baby Jogger Customer Service Team

Great travel pram

So happy with this pram it’s just so compact when packed up

1. Compact
2. Easy to pack up
3. Comes with bag so it can be taken on flights
4. Great price (we got it for $250 as it was the green one but I’m totally happy with having the green one)

1. Can’t be used under 6 months

Purchased in September 2018 at Amazon for $250.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great pram

The pram was a great first pram for our baby. Very comfy, lightweight and folded easily. The pram manoeuvres easily, the brakes lever is easy to pull but the circle button to unlock was a bit tricky at times. We bought a paddedcoverlet to put over the seat as it didnt look comfy, the padding was a bit thin to my liking. One thing i didnt like was sometimes the handlebar felt a bit flimsy, not as tough and rigid as some other brands but overall it was a great pram.

Purchased in May 2018 for $600.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Handy compact stroller!

Bought this stroller for our smaller second car. It's been really handy for shopping trips and weekends away. Folding it up is a bit fiddly and sometimes the red button doesn't release fully, but once we got used to this it became easier and I can now do it while holding my toddler. It fits in the area below the car seat of required so leaves lots of boot space when we go away and have luggage. I find the seat a bit shallow, but my son seems comfortable enough. I may end up adding the belly bar for this reason when he's a bit bigger. Great sun canopy. Overall we're really happy with this product.

Love it for popping to the shops in the car and travelling

I’ve now rented out my pram as I love it so much and it’s awesome for travelling. I find the bucket is enough for my carrier, water bottle, food and some shopping. It does go on as carry on on most airlines - so far mine has been to Wales, Magnetic Island, Melbourne lots of times and Fiji. Everyone that rents it loves it.

Perfect travel stroller- small and mobile

This travel stroller is perfect for any travelling or for everyday use. It folds up small and into a backpack styled bag which makes travelling easier and is so small it can fit into a plane overhead locker. The pram itself is also very handy for everyday use as the fold is a simple 2 step process.

Great little stroller, perfect for quick trips and holidays

I love ours and I’m glad we’ve got it, it’s a small travel stroller that looks much nicer than the umbrella strollers but is still a reasonable price, it has a decent layback (not fully flat but enough for a midday nap) and you can steer with one hand. I have the navy blue colour which I love, it hides the dirt fairly well. It is smaller but even my 6 foot 4 husband can fairly easily push it and so can my 8 year old. Storage wise though you do need to pack light, the basket is a decent size but tricky to access, there’s also a mesh pocket on the back of the seat, I’ve added a parent caddy to the handlebars too, the hood is quite large but doesn’t intrude on the handbag space. Folding is easy, can be done single handed if you have to. The wheels are small so it’s not suitable for all terrain but has handled the bumpy footpaths of Bali, plenty of shopping centres and has been great for popping down the road to do school drop off etc.
If I could change anything to give it 5 stars it would be to make the seat a little deeper and a bit for leg room for a taller older kid and better access for the storage areas... otherwise, it’s a total winner!

This stroller is a game changer!

I bought this stroller to go to Fiji with as I can board it on a plane! It will now more then likely take place of our redsbaby in our everyday life it’s so simple to put up and down and takes up such minimal space! We are in love!

Great pram. Game changer

We love our baby jogger, city tour pram. Originally purchased it to be our travel pram only when baby was 6 months. After realising how light it was and so much easier to get in and out of the car, we stopped using our silvercross pram and have used this as our main pram ever since.

Child seems comfortable in it too. The pram has done some miles in different terrain and is still holding up nicely

Just needs more storage but it is a COMPACT stroller

I love almost everything about it.... I just wish the storage was a bit more generous and on some polished store floors the wheels have a tendency to not always turn well. Great for boot space and weight though! Fits easily in my car with the shopping. Also wish the sun visor would fit more comfortably half way as extended fully down blocks my toddlers view which she doesn’t like but it doesn’t sit well pushed up just a notch. Kind of have to have it fully extended or not at all

Great for international travel

I purchased this pram with the intention of using it for an international flight. I knew from passed experience that once it’s “gate checked” you don’t see it until your final destination will be left with nothing during layovers. I was excited that I could take this pram on board with me. One flight attendant made me demonstrate at the gate counter how small it folds to prove that it’ll fit in the overhead compartment. She was of course impressed! Now that our international flying days are less I use it as the “car pram” for my 3.5yo and it’s great for the shopping centres! My few cons are as followed: to unfold the pram is a little awkward I haven’t mastered this yet and I’ve had it for almost a year, if you’re using a caddy to hold things you can’t access unless you move the canopy out so if you want a drink in the holder you have to have the canopy in use and lastly the basket is good size but hard to get in to. I do think it was money well spent especially since I did so much international traveling with it. I got the Black colour but wish I got the cobalt blue.

Great for travelling in City area

Light and easy to carry when folded and placed inside its bag. Very easy and simple to fold and unfold. Easy to maneuver. Easy to use the brake. Suitable for up to 5 or 6 year old. Great to use when travelling in city area as the size is not big and the weight is not heavy. Good build quality.

Handy travel stroller

This stroller came in very handy for both my kids. I have a 5yo and a 10mo. It is very easy to fold, and unfold, and is compact enough to fit into the boot of a small car. We even could fold it up and place it with us under or at the side of us in a restaurant. The flight we took was full so we couldn’t bring it onboard but it travelled in the bag (provided) well and we had no issues with it being checked in. My older boy is average height so the buckle was a little tight when we laid the seat down (but it wasn’t really meant for him). The seat which people have complained about was not an issue for us as they are not big kids. I did find the 5 point harness fiddly as I needed to clip it in to strap my younger son in but it worked out great for my older one as he did not need the top harness. I would recommend this stroller for people looking for something lightweight and compact.

Hmmm, a mixed bag.

When I first purchased this to use with my then 18 month old - I loved it and so did bubs. But then I took it on two trips - by the second a bolt had come lose inside the wheel affecting the break and locking it on periodically. Yes I travelled with it - but that’s the point. Also two Australian airlines wouldn’t let me take it as cabin baggage despite it being the only thing I took in flight as it was to quote “too big and heavy.” As a pushchair I like it but not as a travel pram which is a pity.

Amazing! Light! Comfortable!

If you buy this pram you will not be disappointed! I bought this pram to travel with because I was travelling without my husband and wanted something I could wheel to the gate and pop into the overhead compartment and it certainly ticked that box and fitted into the overhead compartment of a focker100 (that in itself deserves 5 stars). I’ve since returned from my trip and find myself using it as my every day pram! It’s so easy to maneuver, it folds so easy and takes up no boot space and most importantly my baby sits up the front like a boss as happy as can be! (I bought the bellybar)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pram! Quality plus and worth every penny!!

Ultimate in portability!

It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but once you do...fantastic!
This pram opens up with one hand in about 20 seconds! Takes about 30 seconds and two hands to fold it up.
It's lightweight, yet sturdy enough for our 2 1/2 year old son. We took it overseas and on a holiday to Queensland, and it was just amazing to travel with.
It is sized to be a carry on, and easily fits in the overheads, contained nicely in its carrying bag.
This pram is well worth the price, and we've been exceptionally happy with it.

The perfect stroller!!

Love this pram!! Super smooth and easy to maneuver, can use one hand easily. Fool proof to fold and unfold , the carry case is perfect, keeps pram nice and clean.
I bought this pram as i have a small car (vw beetle) and was super happy with its size, i usually have it on the floor in front of the baby car seat and it fits perfectly. I have had so many comments from onlookers about how amazing this pram looks and how compact it is. Would recommend this pram to anyone looking for the perfect stroller.

Pram is great customer service is not

This is a great travel pram. Just back from a month overseas with 10month old and this pram was fantastic. Great for airport, day naps on the run, and fantastic that it folds to backpack.

We now use for day care drop off/pick ups cause it folds to nothing and we can store at the centre.

Down side. The customer service is really poor. The bag the pram comes with got a hole in it after a few uses(it was 3weeks old), i contacted baby jogger and was told I could buy a new bag! I thought that was poor form.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I just want to know if there is a compatible skateboard for the city tour?
1 answer
Hi Whatsabdid, Unfortunately no, due to the nature of the stroller being light weight and compact. It is not recommended to attach any brand of glider/skate board onto the frame. Kind Regards The Baby Jogger Customer Service Team

What is different between city tour and city tour 2
1 answer
Hi Ehsan, The City Tour 2 has had some major upgrades from the City Tour. These are the additional upgraded features: - Reclines flat to suit New born (the City Tour is from 6 months +) - Adjustable calf support - 3 ways to ride (Straight into the seat, Carrycot and Car Capsule) - Updated stylish fabric design

Hello What is different between city tour and city tour 2
3 answers
Hi Ehsan, The City Tour 2 has had some major upgrades from the City Tour. These are the additional upgraded features: - Reclines flat to suit New born (the City Tour is from 6 months +) - Adjustable calf support - 3 ways to ride (Straight into the seat, Carrycot and Car Capsule) - Updated stylish fabric designi have plan to go overseas on oct 2019. would u think the new version will release before that time or city tour 2 is the latest one till next yearHi Ehsan, the City Tour2 is the newly released version and there will not be another version released in 2019. Enjoy your overseas trip in October


Baby Jogger City Tour
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $479.00
Seating Type Single
Convertible Yes
Suitable Age6+ months
Max User Weight 20.5 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible No
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight6.4 kg
Folded Dimensions23 x 45 x 56 cm

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