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Price does not match Quality or Service

I ordered a tree on Sale in January. When i went to use at Christmas time the tree was faulty (lights not working) I am STILL going back and forth with the company to receive a replacement transformer and lights. When contacting 'Customer Service' it feels very offshore. always dealing with a different person and very scripted while not actually helping with the issue. i was told on the 11/12 that my transformer would arrive in five days only to receive an email on 28/12 that it wasn't coming and they cant tell me when it will arrive. I wish i had just gone to a xmas shop, Dj's or Myer I REALLY REGRET THIS PURCHASE.

Very Happy with Purchase

I ordered a pre-lit tree (Monterey Pine - 180cm) online on the Sunday and it arrived on the Wednesday. Absolutely stunning tree. Very realistic, easy to assemble (gloves provided were great) and the lights are fantastic (plenty of them and the cables are well disguised amongst foliage). Couldn't be happier. After ordering the tree I read the mixed reviews of the company and product on this website and was a bit concerned. However, I needn't have worried as I had no issues with the service or product. As mentioned in a couple of reviews, my tree arrived before the notification that it was on its way was emailed to me (but I was prepared for that). And as mentioned in another review, we can't put a tree topper directly on the top of the tree as the branch is not strong enough. However, we have got around this by tying a slim flower stake to the tree in amongst the pine needles so you can't see it. This was not a big issue as we would have had this problem with a real tree anyway. Other reviews mentioned that the tree does not go all the way to the ground as in the pictures on the website. I'm pleased that it doesn't as my presents look great spilling out from under the tree (good too if space is at a premium). My only regret was that I didn't follow the advice of other reviewers and buy a bigger tree.

Bad customer service

I ordered a Christmas tree, got the confirmation and they took the money straightway. 5 days after they send an email saying that they do not have any stock, but the return of the money may take up to 30 days. I emailed back and asked if they have another available without any reply. Really bad customer service

Extremely Disappointing

Tree is extremely disappointing. I have wanted one for years. Does not live up to expectations at all. Look at it and think I will get my cheap one back out. Hours of grooming and you can still see straight through it. Would not recommend one at all. Also when there was an issue with delivery customer service did not contact me by phone even when I asked them too. Therefore It ended up not arriving before our family party. Apparently they don’t make calls. How is this a customer service of quality. It is not.

Lights don't last

Lights don't last

Lights don't last. Year after year I was getting so frustrated with my Christmas tree lights going out. I decided to pay extra to get a good quality tree that the lights would stay lit if one burned out After doing hours of research, I settled on Balsam Hill. I purchased a 9' tree for $749.00. (Way beyond what I have ever purchased an artificial tree for.) They have a 3 year light warranty. Well, the lights lasted 2 years. A whole section went out and I spent hours trying to get them to work. (So much for staying lit.) I called and they sent me a string of lights. For as much as I paid for this tree, they should have replaced it! Restringing lights was not what I had in mind for such an expensive tree. It was so frustrating and NOT an easy task. The next year (3rd year) another section went out. And the following year another section.

So, if you want a tree that the lights DON'T stay lit, shop Balsam Hill. Otherwise, you will be restringing lights year after year. And again, for the price, that should not happen!!!!

I also purchased a tree after Christmas the year I bought the tree for my daughter. Her tree also did not last "light-wise."

1/15/2018: Received a message from Balsam Hill to contact them. Tried sending an email to the contact information posted and it came back as not a valid email address. So much for their attempt to reach out.

Love Balasm Hill

Love all the products I’ve bought from Balasm Hill and I will continue to purchase products from there in future. My Christmas tree is beautiful quality and a very full foliage. My 2 garlands are the same quality, and the lights make it so much better! And my Christmas tree skirt really makes my tree look amazing. Thank you Balasm hill for great products. They are fast with there postage too, definitely recommend

Tree topper is a nightmare

I've had my tree for 3 years an every year I struggle to put the star at the top of the tree..
Terrible quality ..so disappointing..my star is not heavy ,but too branch is way too soft and flops with any weight..
Such a shame..would certainly never recommend Balsam Hill to anyone !

Fantastic tree, after a few minor ordering hiccups

We ordered a 225cm BH Fraser Fir, with fitted lights. We had a few hiccups getting our tracking number (which appears to the fault of the ever unreliable StarTrack as opposed to Balsam Hill), but the Customer Service were perfectly pleasant and sorted things out swiftly. The tree itself is fantastic. It was well packaged, comes with bags for storage which appear rugged, replacement bulbs, gloves for forming the tree, spare hinge parts and clear instructions. The whole package has a professional feel, with the tree sections well protected in bubble wrap and tied with ribbon. Shaping the tree took about 3 hours to get right. It's worth waiting till the tree is finished before judging on the quality. When the first layer flopped open we worried, but we needn't have as the final result is stunning. Be aware that the inside of the tree uses the more usual needle type, so the lower layers look a little odd with only the far tips using the realistic needles. The upper sections use progressively more of the realistic needles with the top section being thick and PACKED. The overall effect is incredibly realistic. We're really happy with the tree. YMMV.

Customer service disgrace

My second review still waiting on the adapter for my pre lit Christmas tree that is sitting here looking very unlit. They send emails saying sorry but still no adapter. Don’t waste your money buying pre lit because when the adapter blows after three hours you can’t get a replacement. Terrible

Problems with Balsam Hill purchases and their attitude to customers

We bought the Balsam Hill 229cm vermont spruce with multi colour LED lights in Oct 2015. In 2016/17 had a lot of trouble getting a faulty light section replaced, it took 4 months of my chasing with phone calls (never ever spoke to the same person) & numerous emails. When replacement section arrived 4 months later it was for a totally different tree!! Then weeks later I got correct section.
Now in November 2018 I put tree up & lights not working in top section. I tried changing the bulbs with the replacement ones (funny how tree has 4 different colour bulbs yet their replacement pack has only 2 colours !!!?) but they did not light up. Upon emailing Balsam Hill about this problem I was advised that the bulb were out of warranty (3 year limited light warranty).
Why does an expensive tree that has only been used for 2-3 weeks each Christmas for 2015, 2016 & 2017 not have a better bulb warranty???
Since having this problem I have looked online and seen that these Balsam Hill trees and their bulbs & warranty/replacement has been in big issue also in US & UK, as well as the poor and totally unprofessional staff.
I wish I had looked up this information before I bought a dud tree from a dud company.

If you are after a full tree, this is not the place to find one

Tree arrived and looked cheap and not full at all. Spent hours and hours shaping the tree and re shapping it. The lights did no work for a whole section so the company where going to send me a replacement tree, as I was not satisfied with the look of the tree itself I ended up sending it back for a refund. The refund process was an absolute ordeal. Buyer beware tree does not look like it’s worth what it is.
Norway spruce pre lit
Look at real life photos before you purchase!

Pre lit garland

The pre lit garland is fantastic and very realistic- Norway Spruce. This is the second item I’ve bought from them in the last few months and the tree - Norway Spruce is just as amazing! Everything works. Bring on Christmas

Better 2nd time around

I ordered a tree in 2017, which was marked as available on the website and i paid for in full. I was emailed a few days later saying that the tree i ordered was unavailable and my money would be returned in 30 days. I was disappointed with the lack of customer service and the timing between the purchase and the refund (i had to pay my cc first before getting the refund) especially close to Christmas.
I decided to give these guys another chance and ordered a similar tree with low expectations. The tree came within a week and its fantastic! I haven't been able to find any other trees of the same quality here in Australia.
The only issue i had was that i didn't receive a shipment notification until after my tree was attempted to be delivered to my house.
I would suggest going into the transaction with low expectations and order well ahead of time if you want it for Christmas and even emailing beforehand to make sure they actually have stock (they don't pick up the phone)

Did not deliver the tree that I ordered

I purchased a Monterey tree and was not delivered the Monterey tree. They have obviously delivered whatever they had in stock!!!! I called Balsam Hill (in Ireland) and the customer service centre has been an absolute disgrace. I had someone in the call centre by the name of Ross hang up on me twice.

For the record.... when the order was processed I was sent a photo to confirm what I had purchased. What arrived was nothing like the picture! THIS IS A SHAM!!!! The organisation has been mentioned in the Better Business Bureau. Buying a Christmas tree is meant to be a fun experience. Dealing with this organisation has been very frustrating and incredibly upsetting.

Just another example of how deceptive and misleading the organisation is..... I was told when I originally placed the order that there was a sale that was going to end at midnight however, it is now the 27/11/18 and the sale is still on!!!!


Good but not perfect

I ordered my Monterey pine Christmas tree and then read these reviews so I was worried! But so far so good. I ordered Monday and tree arrived Thursday (Adelaide). All the lights work and are well distributeds. The tree is pretty good. The pine needles are very realistic and look just like the trees you can actually buy in Australia. This model has almost all real looking needles. I’ve spent ages shaping it though and I can’t make it gap free from every angle. What I have done is buy a cheap fake pine garland from Big W and wrapped it around the trunk/pole and this has worked very well to give additional fullness. Once decorated I think it will look fantastic. I’m happy with the result of my hack but for nearly $500 on sale I was not expecting to need to spend any more money or time.

Beautifl product - Super Fast Delivery

I ordered my garlands with trepidation after reading some of the reviews. But, let me tell you, I have nothing but praise for the fast and efficient delivery and the quality of the product. I have put up the garlands, they are beautiful and realistic and I am totally happy. I was determined to write this review in the light of what other people have said. and I can tell you I am totally satisfied! Thank you Balsam Hill!!

Very frustrating process but a beautiful tree

We ordered a pre-lit tree over a month ago. It arrived very promptly but the lights were faulty. I was able to speak with customer service easily ( in IRELAND FOR Australian customers and apparently unable to contact the Australian warehouse!!??), and they assured me a new tree would be sent ASAP. It was no where near as promo as the first. I had to keep ringing and chasing it up for weeks. Eventually I asked for a refund and a delivery tracking number was finally provided. Then STAR TRACK failed to deliver on the day they said, came on an unannounced day when no one was home and sent the tree back to the depo. I had to rearrange yet another day at home to have it re-delivered. Anyway, well over a month later I have the pre-lit tree, it works (for now) and does look beautiful. A frustrating online shopping experience though with constant calling, emailing and chasing-up all to get a product that you’ve ordered and paid for. Balsam Hill need to improve in this area or they will continue to get poor reviews.

Beautiful tree

I must admit to some hesitation after reading some reviews but I am delighted with my tree. It arrived 2 days after ordering, was very easy to assemble and looks great. Quality is very good. Very pleased and glad I ordered.

Great Product and Service

After reading some negative reviews after purchasing from Balsam Hill i was nervous to say the least. However, I ordered my 8 foot BH Balsam Fir Tree on Monday and received it Thursday in Queensland! I did however received my tracking details on the Thursday (same day as delivery). So pleased the tree came so quickly and the quality is the best artificial tree I've seen. Packaged great, easy to put together and all lights working! Would definitely recommend this company, i have nothing bad to say!


I’ve always wanted to get a tall tree for our home we have extremely high ceilings & ive been looking around for years I’ve been looking at the balsam Hill site for a while now & finally decided to order one while they were on sale I ordered a tree on Tuesday morning & waited a day & still no tracking confirmation I started to google ( should of probably done that before I ordered it ) & started to read the horror reviews now I was getting worried at least a paid through PayPal if i do have problems I know I’ll eventually get my money back ! Well its Thursday 2 days since I ordered it & still no tracking no when in the afternoon the delivery guy turned up with a huge parcel!!?? My tree had arrived it’s absolutely gorgeous & huge ! I set it up it has the easy set lights & it was working perfectly so excited I can’t wait to be able to decorate it! the only downside is it’s quite heavy & I couldn’t fit it back in its storage bag Saying that I didn’t pack it up properly knowing I would probably be setting it up in a few weeks. I highly recommended this company fabulous tree & fast delivery service

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