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I’ve always had bad service from bank, I’ve been with them for 6 years. Never could get anything done. I changed too a different bank because they were inconsiderate and disrespectful.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience, Business Banking, Credit Card Application, General Transactions, Loan Application and New Account

Personal loan experience

I have been with bank SA for almost ten years now and I have found that their staff are very rude, especially on the phone. I Was applying for a small personal loan of seven thousand dollars , before even speaking to a person I had to put in my online banking details ect. Then the woman straight up said “ no why would we give you a loan if your not even a customer” I am ... As a result of the poor attitude I did the loan application myself online. Bank SA many, many weeks later made me call them regarding the loan , I gave them further information and then lady said “ congratulations you have been approved for the amount of seven thousand dollars , are you happy with this amount ?” , I said yes. It’s been two months , never got the money , have called about it and they said it never got approved , there was an error and they would contact me in two days to fix this error, they never did. Also I have no dept and both me and my partner are working and can easily pay back the amount .

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application


Have been with them for 10 years. Absolutely agree wot a terrible lender they are with their fees and rules... I suggest to steer clear shop around and go to another lender

July 10th 2019 Update: Terrible

Bank SA r just terrible my advice is dont bank with them.. I rang today and asked when the lowered interest rates kick in and they didnt know...Very very poor cant wait 2get rid of them

Home Loan Extension became and Epic Mess around and nearly lost the car I was purchasing

I have been with this bank for 40 years. They have simply lost the plot.. I applied for a small extension on my home load to purchase a car.. This list of mistakes that made would be too long to list here. In simple terms the head does not know what the hand is doing.. Now I have the money and they are still requesting statements and documents... I have spent endless hours on the phone and going into the branch to keep giving them the same information that was already submitted.. The process has been more like an episode from Monty Python Show... I think they are so caught up in the responsible lending laws they have forgotten how to apply common sense and to be responsible in applying a professional process... Simple advice would be go else ware….. The cheapest interest rate may not be the best option in the long run... I'm going to Re-Lend with another provider and move my accounts..

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Terrible customer service

I have been with this bank for 28 years. The service has deteriorated and is extremely poor. They have no pride in their service. When on the phone, most times you will be put through to westpac or st George, who’s staff seem to have little to no information regarding the bank sa products and systems. Very frustrating bank to deal with.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Good Bank

Been with the bank 20 years always helped me as I required. Always did what was needed to make things easy for me. Just saw all the negative feedback so thought I'd throw in my 2 bobs, but can't help thinking lots (maybe not all) of the bad press is from people who struggle to keep their finances in good order.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience, Business Banking, Credit Card Application, General Transactions, Loan Application and New Account

4 days to cash a cheque! what a joke!

Now, I have been with Bank SA on and off for the last 5 years. I have always left for some stupid reason. This time, Its the extended wait time for cheques to clear, even though it was a bank SA cheque! That's right 4 days to see cash their own cheques! They don't have PayID which small credit unions do, they have slow customer service, don't do over the counter cards anymore, which was the only reason I went with them in the first place! Nab clear cheques from bank SA to there accounts in 2 days so all I can see is that Bank SA like to play god! Honestly, accounts are closed as of today!


Unless bank I changed banks so I was the same bank as my boss you know hoping the money goes in a little early well for bank to bank transfer the still hold my wage for 18 hours it's a bloody joke when I was banking with a different bank my wage would always be in by 5 this is through people choice westpac anz but banksa Na impossible even though he's coming out of the same bank they still hold it.

Lift your game you service is so poor your behind like 10 years never bank with you again can't wait for my new bank card to come through.


Had an account with them since I was a baby. Manage to get a house loan so there not to bad. And the interest rate is pretty good compared to other

Embarrassing in 2018

Poor, rude customer service and services a decade behind its competitors.
They charge the highest account service fees in the business and I struggle to understand what they offer in return.
The banking app experiences frequent outages, inconveniently on weekend nights when people actually need to use the service.

Dealing with them for a checking account has been an absolute pain.

I'm switching over my whole family and I tell everyone I know to avoid them like the plague.

Inexplicably horrible

Have banked with them for about 15 years. Have received charges for worn out/stolen cards, impossible to get a statement through their online platform if you need one for a mortgage broker or similar. Went into the bank to get one in person, they couldn’t provide me with an electronic copy, then had the gall to charge me $7 to have a 30 page statement printed on wasteful paper. This is just the latest headache of a long, long list. Their phone app is average, they seem to be years behind with technology despite being part of Westpac. Save yourself a massive amount of headache and go with somebody different. You’ve lost yourself a customer for good, should have left years ago. Lift your game. Big time.

Home Loan Settlement Disaster

This is the second time we have had problems settling loans with Bank SA - should have never gone through them again. After being promised weeks ago that the sale of our home would settle on August 1 we have just been told today that our home will not settle as there is not enough time to get things organised.
We were told to expect a letter of variation for security on our investment property 2 weeks ago. We have been checking our letter box each day and our loan broker was following up 2 weeks before that. Today they told our conveyancer the variation letter will be done only after we have bought our new place. So this now means the people buying our house cannot move in when planned and we will be paying bridging finance.

Not happy Jan! We will be moving all of our loans/accounts after settlement. And the Golden Grove branch called me yesterday to do an account review! Lucky they didn't call me today!

Considering switching elsewhere

Worst customer service. Make you feel like trash when you have trouble with card repayments. One actually had a go at me one day.

Avoid if you are a Business

Absolutely Horrible Go with anyone other than Bank SA or anyone under the Westpac Brand customer service is horrible staff were slow as a business owner for many years I have multiple locations and decided to give them a go when I opened in Adelaide as I like to keep each location separate what a waste of time

Have been great

Bank SA have been great. Moving all our accounts from another bank was stress free and any queries we had were answered quickly. Also, within a few months we had a fraud claim after our cards were stolen while overseas. They had put a stop on the cards even before we had realised they were stolen, which we were extremely grateful for. We received the funds back in our account with no dramas. I would recommend Banksa for sure after this experience.

Bad service and knowledge at banksa

I too have had bad service at banks. Was approached by bank for a low interest card. Yes they approached me not the other way round. Given pre approval 11 Jan 2018 and provided relevant payslips which they admitted they got. Now they want centerline statements fore. Don't understand I have given payslips. What centerline statements are they wanting. I don't have any. Four days this week on the phone to them for over an hour at a time but still not sorted. Told staff member wanted a call from manager by close of business today but nothing received. Next step take all my money out and going to another bank. Shame on you banks from a customer of 28 years, a former employee and a Westpac shareholder. A formal complaint to follow to CEO of banksa and Westpac. Pure lack of Knowledge or skills by staff.

Hacked and fees extremely high

Was hacked somehow via PayPal but as it was my card details and not my email I understand PayPal couldn’t do much but to think the bank couldn’t do jack was shocking and on top of that $15 dishonour fees anz is only $6 I can deal with that but 15 that disgusting!!

20 years behind other banks

I moved my banking from CBA to Bank SA through a mortgage broker. Bank SA seem to have selective efficiency. Withdrawals from accounts or draw downs on loans are processed immediately or within hours. Credits to my account (e.g. my pay and other income) don't appear until the following day. Although they are effective the day they are received, they can't be accessed until the next business day. In this age of internet banking, other banks I'm with such as CBA and ING credit your account as soon as money is received and send you a notification. Surely customers should be able to access their funds on the day it is paid, otherwise we may as well go back 30 years in time and get paid in cash.
Also, Bank SA's customer service is not great. I rang to query the calculation of interest on my loan as it seemed too high and after being transferred from one person to another, I was met with an attitude along the lines of "We're right, you're wrong". Once we resolved the issue of the loan interest, the person on the phone went into sales mode and advised me to get insurance when my house is built.
On a positive note, their mobile app is OK, but is limited by the fact that income doesn't get processed until the next business day. The app sends you a notification that you've had a deposit to your account the day after. By then you've already seen it anyway so it's pointless.
Avoid them if you can. They have an old school bank mentality.

Shocking service on the card Verification of documents

I am retired and was approved by the wiz bang online machine for a limit of 2K as a balance transfer with free interest for 24months ... This was the only part of the process that was easy they called and spoke to me and requested my Pension Statement which I sent then they requested my Tax returns for my super and the tax on it Hello there ain’t no tax at 67 years of age and stuffed if I know which country they’re from but after 7 calls to people locked in a little room somewhere that no one can seem to get I gave up.
The requirement is to be on income over 15K the pension is 26K depending and these mugs want tax statements which I sent directly from My Gov.
I was going to switch but I strongly suggest you don’t If you’re not happy go to ING for day to day banking they’re unbeatable SA Bank is just another arm of the terrible big Greedy and in case stupid 4.

Just another bank

I've been a business customer of bank SA for 10 years. My business is successful and I work bloody hard with no hand outs from anyone. All I wanted was a business credit card. I made an appointment and went into the branch. They couldn't help me, said it was a " business banking" situation. They told me someone would call from their business area. After FIVE DAYS, I called them. I was discussing with Sidney what I wanted when a client came in. I called back as soon as I had finished with my client, but Sidney was busy. I left a message for him to call me back, but guess what? He never called back!! Pretty disgraceful in my opinion. Bank SA are ok for everyday personal stuff, but if you're in business, forget it. They either can't handle it or they just don't care enough to want to.

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