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Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef Pools

3.8 from 35 reviews

Best pool & service!!!

The service was superior. We had a few quotes. Their product super seeded the others. There was a vast spectrum to choose from. These items included pool shape, filtration system, lighting, pool cleaners and bubbles. We love our pool. The pool was completed on time and within time frame specified. After care is amazing. Thank you to all for a job well done.

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Great install team

Dean, Mel, Keith and Tony have been great with getting our pool installed. The pool had to go in prior to our house slab being poured and the boys had it done with a hard cover in place in just a couple of days. Highly recommended Barrier Reef for anyone wanting a pool with their new house.

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Best move I Made

Best Move I made
I use ad have used my pool since installed in Oct 2018, My Family LOVE our Pool
From beginning to end, From earthworks to electrical works the lot its been awesome
Great bunch of people Call them up for wanything the support is great even if you just want to say hi
I have and will continue to recommend these guys to anyone whom wishes to have a beautiful and refreshing Fibreglass pool.
Easy to maintain too.
If your thinking of a Pool
Go and see Barrier Reef Pools, Dean and Mel
Thanks Guys :):):)

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Happy. happy, joy, joy. My Barrier Reef Loganholme pool

The second time is supposed to be better! But, Dean, proved that wrong. The first and second pool he has built for me – same exact scenario. I am as thrilled with my second as I was with my first Barrier Reef Pool. The pool was completed on time and in terrific condition. Clean up was perfect as were Dean’s crews. Thank you to Keithy, Jamie, Rene, Alex, Josh, Kim, Stu, Alex and Adam, all the boys were amazing. They all knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Thank you. Dean recommended the coping tiles I ended up choosing. Perfect, thanks Dean and the boys did a fabulous job installing the coping. I could not be any happier. It has been a pleasure dealing with Dean and Mel. If I build another pool, I know without a doubt that I would ask Dean from Barrier Reef Pools Qld at Loganholme to do the work for me.

With much gratitude,

Diane Dunlop

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Awesome company

Wow what an experience BRP were awesome from the time we got the quote we knew BRP had the job. All the boys are on wages and it shows as they all have pride in what they do. As it progressed I was phoned Continuously letting me know the next move. Pool start date was as promised and completion was a couple of weeks later. You hear all the bad pool installation stories but our experience was awesome. Great job Barrier Reef pools Loganholme. the Clancys

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Best pools I’ve ever worked with

Ive been in the pool industry for 20 plus years now , I have used all the leading manufacturers products and found barrier reef pools have always stood out to me to be a superior product on the market , there product has always been well presented and the factory staff have always gone out of there way to help

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Barrier Reef Pools Qld

Looking to put my third Barrier Reef Pool in, found the office staff to be just as easy going and helpful as before. Still have some of the same crew installing their pools after 10 years looking forward to another great pool.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Our pool

Had a BR pool installed July. Installation went well. When we had any questions AOL quick to reply. Now just waiting on the weather.

Very Happy

We've just had a pool installed by Barrier Reef Pools and found them to be so helpful on all aspects, from start to the finish of the job. The team were awesome, we'll love using it for years to come, Thanks Barrier Reef Pools.
I'll be highly recommending you.

Couldn't be happier

We received what was promised, the pool looks great and is a feature in our yard. We use it morning and night. Good stuff

A fresh water BR pool turned chalky white

I've got a fresh water pool that started turning chalky white 2 years following installation, the pool doesn't use chlorine, only a bag or two of salt every year to increase TDS. After the 3rd year I requested BRP to inspect our pool, during inspection I was told, "Hmm its not our problem you must have put something in the pool water thats turned the gel coat white"
I was told the solution was to frame out the inside of the pool and to remove the water then to apply marine polish and elbow grease. Following a small demonstration by way of adding polish and said elbow grease to a small palm sized area of the pool surface the gel coat returned to its original color, "look" i was told "there's your answer" only for the area to turn white again some weeks later, Hmm, maybe I added too much salt?

Barrier Reef have a nice selection of pools that's if your happy to take a risk with their gel coat, their service before and during installation was great, just a shame that they have installed a batch of pools with a gel coat problems, the problem with my pool isn't calcium and it isn't chlorine out of balance,

I guess i'll have to resurface the pool at some point before we down size, thanks Barrier Reef

Love, love, love our Barrier Reef Pool

10 years ago we owned our first house and decided to put in a small pool at the side of our house, the Barrier Reef staff were amazing in all the help that they gave us in installing our first pool. Their knowledge and advice was greatly appreciated and we loved our pool. We lived in that house for 8 years and never had a single issue with the pool, it had no fading even after all those years. I think that was due to closely following the care instructions given to us by Barrier Reef. So when built our new home we didn't even consider to look at another brand of pools. It is Barrier Reef all the way for us. Not only is it a great product but great customer service. Thanks Barrier Reef

New pool going swimmingly!

My hubby and I chose to go with BRP as we were impressed with the quality assurance they offered. We can't fault them at all- from the first interaction, to the install, right though to the finished product- their staff are so helpful and professional and we are so pleased with our beautiful pool. Thanks BRP!

Highly recommend - Venice 8.5m X 4.5m

We built our New Home in 2017 & after much pondering, opted for a Barrier Reef Pool. From start to end Barrier Reef based at Burpengary & Logan were BRILLIANT to deal with. 1-year on they're still helpful (had issues with the Dolphin Robot) they came within 24-hours & rectified, what more could you ask for.

We would HIGHLY recommend & would certainly use again for the next build.

Quality Product and Great Service

Barrier Reef Pools installed our pool over two years ago and we just had a minor issue with our pump. I contacted them on monday and the issue was fixed two days later. This is good old fashioned service that very few companies seem to uphold these days. Thanks again Barrier Reef for the excellent after sales service.

Fantastic product

My 3rd fibreglass pool and still the same great product and service. Highly recommended.
Cameron has been fantastic, the install team were complete professionals.

Best in business

Great service amazing product, did my research and very happy , they delivered on time no hassle, Steve was amazing

Thanks barrier reef for another great experience

We have installed 2 pools with brp now and both times were a great experience. Thanks to the whole team for making our back yard something special.

Pool gel coat fading and patchy

We installed the billabong fibreglass pool in 2015.
The pool is just over 2 years old and the gel coat is fading. We can now see spray marks and the pool looks patchy and faded. The shell feels chalky and a little rough under the waterline. We opted for infloor cleaning which has kept the pool sparkling. Water chemistry has always been excellent and this is evident with all our water test print-outs from the pool shop. Have contacted the pool installer which has forwarded our email and contact details to barrier reef pools.
Absolutely devastated. Our life savings are in that pool!
Thought we were buying the best. Obviously Not!

21st January 2018. As an update we have had a rep from the gel coat company come and inspect our pool. He stated that it was due to chlorine bleaching. We have water test results from the day of installation and find this very hard to believe as for our local pool shop who has all of the water test results on their data base and has looked at the ph and Chlorine levels.

We were provided with a marine cutting compound to try to correct the problem ourselves with hard rubbing. This is not an easy thing to test let alone drain the entire pool and fix.

We will now provide all of the information we have to our lawyer to attempt to have this major faulty problem corrected. As we have seen many other people have the exact same problem so I dare say that this is a widespread and known problem that BRP is deliberately attempting to cover up and refuses to acknowledge that they have a serious fault with their gel coat.

Brp are a very honourable company and unfortunately not every one looks after there pool like they should. if u can supply some form of pool records we will be more that happy to assist you with a warranty.As stated above we have already supplied water tests and had the gel coat representative attend our premises . We take huge offence to your comment about not looking after our pool. Very unprofessional BRP. Your continued reluctance to acknowledge that a percentage of your pools have a fault that is being described above by many other customers of yours.Hi Chantel, we apologise for the above comment. The staff member who replied was not aware of your file and they have been spoken to about such a response. We will continue to work with you and the gelcoat manufacturer after their site visit to get to the bottom of the issue.

Inferior product, poor after-sales support with potential warranty issues.

To anyone thinking of installing a Barrier Reef Pool: Caveat emptor!

Please take note of all the very similar complaints here on this site. More than co-incidence perhaps?

My husband and I had quotes done from both Barrier Reef Pools (BRP) and another manufacturer of a concrete pool, (who had been the maker of the pool in our previous home and which we had been very happy with) before deciding on BRP.

The salesman made the BRP product sound so superior to others and made claims about the end result being level and so on so we decided to go ahead bearing in mind a slightly lesser cost and a quicker total installation time.
If we could turn back the clock, we’d show the salesman and BRP the door!

The deal included the pool being filled. Sadly some of the water brought in was brown and muddy and totally unacceptable. Once that was rectified (not using our filter-as suggested by BRP!!) and the pool was filled, we were extremely disappointed to see that the pool was not level, but around 25 mm higher at one end. The tilers appeared one day unannounced to do the pool surround. We had a pressure switch swim jet installed. The switch failed one year ago.

Now we are 3 years down the track and the grouting is falling out of the coping joints, the gel coat is rough with the colour fading and chalky, and also most recently noted something similar to what Michelle describes: round indents (not wax build up as suggested to Michelle by BRP-she quite clearly stated twice “holes”) in the gelcoat in 4 areas of the pool.

When we first approached BRP to report our problem, (with photographs) 8 months ago, their immediate response was that there was a water management problem. Luckily, the testing results were all saved online to show to BRP the records since installation 3 years previously.
We have all of our water testing results since installation, so we dispute that there is an issue with water management.

Despite being assured someone from gelcoat manufacture would come and assess, we will now be waiting until 2018 until the rep returns from holiday. The only date of inspection offered was unfortunately not suitable as we were not going to be home and could not rearrange to suit. BRP has not exactly been a prompt respondent nor enthusiastic investigator to our problem and we feel very disappointed to say the least. We also feel that their attitude is to apportion blame to the owner at the mention of such a problem with allegations of poor water chemical management, despite evidence to the contrary.

If it is no problem to get a salesman, an installation team and tiler organized by BRP so rapidly once you’ve signed the contract; why is the crucial-to-business importance of after-sales resolution such a neglected area with them? (As apparent from this site and others)

So, we await the gelcoat manufacturer’s assessment and if no further forwards after that we will have no other recourse than to seek legal advice.
Would anyone with similar gelcoat issues be interested in a private discussion?


Hi Lesley, an email has been sent to yourself and your husband in relation to the above points. As this issue is still being investigated we will not be making any further comment on this site until the investigation is completed. We have been in contact with your husband since the report of the issue and I dispute the point that we have not been a prompt respondent or enthusiast investigator. RegardsHi ???? from Barrier Reef Pools, (you did not leave your name). Thank you for your reply anyway! I think I will also not make further comment other than say with all due respect, our ideas of prompt response by way of reaction and enthusiastic investigator rather differ. Looking forward to the investigation being completed so we can move forward. (Any idea of when that might be?) Regards LesleyHi Lesley, we have been in touch with your husband this week and advised where it is up to. I would suggest that you consult with him as he has been accepting of the emails that have been sent to date in relation to the inspection. Thanks

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How do I empty the pool? 7.5m billabong. I am sure that I am missing something very simple. Sand filter with salt chlorinator
No answers

Anyone on the Central Coast had a pool installed by BRP in the last 12 months and can give some light on their experience and how your pool is going? What's happening with these previous comments around colour fading and white stains? Is this still occurring and what has been done to rectify the problem? Thanks.
2 answers
Hi Melissa I had mine installed Oct 18 and I have no complaints at all the people from start to finish are great and my pool is doing great and we r still using it They are very good at what they do I would recommend them to anyone Call and speat to them You'll always get someone who is not happy it's the way it is but I am very happy and I know of 3 others who are also happy Hope this helps SuzThanks for your response. Much appreciated.

Anyone had a Barrier Reef pool installed by Heatherbrae Barrier Reef? Any problems with the gel coating?
3 answers
yes and within 12 months went blotchy below water line but onlyvertical surfaces and guess what,water quality.again.Oh that’s not good. Does the warranty cover the blotchy sides? What are they going to do about it?Help!.. I have same problem. Installed a 12 m pool with spa in Rockhampton & have also found a second customer with same problem. Blotchy white marks.. they look like water marks. Very visible on floor of pool and in particular the safety edge & steps. Pools are just over 12 months old. We both have enviro swim pool systems. Pool shop can’t help us, our water levels & readings are all fine... & it’s not calcium. The pool is not as sparkly anymore. I don’t know how to fix or where to go for help. Barrier reef pools do not seem interested in identifying the problem.

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