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Everything shrinks!

Everything shrinks. Be careful buying anything that is designed to 'fit' as 2 quilt covers, a fitted sheet and pillow cases I purchased 3 months ago have all shrunk after being washed in cold water!

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My Caton Sheets have change color

I just love my Morgan & Finch Caton Sheets (Colour is Sand) but I am really unhappy at what has happened.!! I bought one set about 18 months ago & just was so in love with the colour in my bedroom & the comfort to sleep in. After about 8 months or so the colour changed to give a greenish tone. I thought it may have been something I had done so bought a new set but the same thing has happened again, after about the same period of time. I am really careful with my washing & I have never, in all my 60 odd years, experienced anything like this before.
I am really sad because they are such beautiful sheets, the perfect colour for me & these 2 sets have got so much use left in them.
Unfortunately, I have to now look at other brands to replace them.

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Won’t buy online ever again

I bought a throw- a expensive throw may I add online on the 12/04/2019. Postage cost 15.00
Won’t be getting the item until 24/04/2019!
I honesty don’t care about registered post , would have preferred paying for express delivery. The wait time is ridiculous. I won’t buy online again - or at the shop .

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Morgan and finch sheet set.

I purchased queen deep sided sheet set from Ballarat where l got good service but after they were washed l noted the fitted sheet had shrunk and also the pillow cases. I can no longer put this sheet on my bed, it has shrunk so much it is impossible to pull it on.. Very disappointing as l thought l was buying a good product. They are now only good for rags, cant take to op shop to burden someone else with same problem. Very very disappointed.

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Store LocationBallarat


Went to Highpoint store yesterday to purchase a couple of items, when I got there stock the 2 on the shelf were chipped & damaged, so I asked a staff member if they had anymore as the ones they had were damaged, he said that I would have to order them and pay upfront, I said I shouldnt have to do that as I wanted to see the items first before paying for them, he said well thats our policy, so I asked if they were getting them in anyway and id wait till they came in rather than having to pay first, then the other 2 staff members starting putting their 2 cents worth into the conversation and were pretty much trying to force me to pay for items without even checking the computer system or bothering to ring up to see if some were coming in soon, that is not acceptable conduct, you cant bully people into paying for goods that you dont even have on hand in advance, so I ended up getting really pissed off and then the 2 female staff members started having a go AT ME saying I shouldnt be so rude - ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOUR ATTITUDE AND ETHICS ARE WRONG, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK TO CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT, LET ALONE BULLY PEOPLE INTO PAYING FOR ITEMS UP FRONT

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4 staff serving 1 customer

I was at DFO today at 1pm hoping to buy a blue tooth speaker. I waited as 2 staff wrapped a number of items for a customer in front of me, great, I love team work.

However one staff member left the till after finishing wrapping items, looked at me, said nothing. I wondered, was I wearing my invisibility cloak.

Another staff member folding tea towels also looked at me, said nothing....then a new member came onto the floor looked at me and proceeded to gossip with the other two staff members about how much stock they had coming in.

I was still standing at the counter with speaker in my hand waiting to pay. No one said hello, or I'll be a minute. Neither of the tills was being used.
So Bed bath and table looks like you were paying 4 staff when really one would have done!!

I didn't buy the speaker because I was not served.

Don't buy goose down blanket Morgan and Finch

I paid $800 for a king sized Morgan and Finch blanket with goose down. I have at this product for 1.5 years. Please do not buy this product. I noticed last winter it failed to keep me as warm as I would have thought (I have had down blankets in the past that keep you nice and toasty) even though it had a high warmth rating. As it stands currently, the blanket is as flat as a tac- not fluff at all. I expected this to last a lot longer. Do not waste your money. My only reason for the additional star is that I bought a quilt set that I was extremely happy with (design and quality) plus I also bought the 1000 thread count luxury series set in Morgan & Finch and I would say it is 5 star hotel grade.

Lovely picnic basket

I have bought more items than I can remember from this shop as they offer such beautiful wares. My latest purchase was one of their picnic baskets which is just gorgeous. As a long time customer I have never had an issue with quality from this store and love all the products that I have purchased.

Abysmal Quality!! Warning to everyone!

I bought a decorator plate. The pattern wore off immediately. My soap dispenser immediately started to corrode. They blame the soap that the customer is using! Hello- product not fit for use! They sent me a replacement of a different style. It had no spout. Then they sent me a replacement top. The spout fell out as soon as it was unpacked. The original soap dispenser we continued to use just to test how long it would last. 6 months was so badly corroded around spout it fell apart and the base came off. No product I have bought from KMArt or Aldi has corroded. Another thing is that the tubing inside the dispensers is very narrow and on the short side, so good luck pumping anything out. Also, unfortunately I bought a bunch of towels, bathmats etc. which I have been reluctant to use, dreading the outcome. Will never ever shop there again. I hope the ACCC shut them down.

Pillow slips not included

I saw the Morgan and Finch sales and went to choose a specific duvet - the Anneli. Well imagine my shock when it didn’t include the pillow cases. An extra $50 for 2 pillow cases at the sale price (normally $70). Yes, when I went back to look at the ad it did not say pillow cases, but I have never bought a duvet cover that did not include pillow cases. It resllly felt like false advertising to me and I won’t shop at a store that is so sneaky again.

Morgan and Finch sheets - poor quality

Purchased Morgan and Finch sheets about 18months ago, and paid around $200, so was expecting good quality. They were a lovely mustard, patterned print. After about three washes, they started to seriously discolour. The pillowcases were the first to go, and I put this down to perhaps the shampoo we were using. Then the fitted and flat sheet both went funny - I dried them in the shade, so it certainly wasn't fading from the sun. Now, they've become so thin the fitted sheet ripped in the middle when I last made the bed. Given the price, these should have lasted for years! I've gone back to Sheridan, at least I know what I'm getting. Will never buy from Morgan and Finch, or BBT again (their Morgan and Finch towels have also frayed along the hem - at only two years old, yet my decade old Target cheapies are still going strong!)

Awesome Staff!! North Lakes & Chermside Stores

I love this shop & have shopped there frequently over the years. I have found the staff to be friendly, helpful and they always go above & beyond to help you out. They remember you & your name. Their customer service is outstanding!!
Today in the Christmas rush I accidentally left an item in store after I paid for it. But didn't realise this until several hours later when I got home, & went to wrap Christmas presents. I rang the store, the sales lady remembered who I was, my name, what I had bought & seen it had been left behind & had put the item aside for me. I was very surprised at this, as the girls were run off their feet and so busy, after chatting for a little while & because I couldn't get there again before Christmas, (& it was a gift for a friend) she offered to drop it to me on her way home from work. (Which she did) This goes far & beyond customer service, I am truly grateful & this is what keeps me going back to these stores. their wonderful personal service!! So "Thank you" & Merry Christmas :)

Bad customer service

Paid for an order 9 days ago. Still waiting for the call to say it has come in even though I was told it would be in 7 days ago. Tried calling 5 times today, no answer every time.

Poor customer service and poor quality overpriced items

I like Bed Bath n Table but I was disappointed after I purchased 2 Morgan & Finch glass candle holders from The Works in Hawthorn ($40 each) and one was broken. I went in and found 1 and so I asked if they had any more in stock as I couldn't see any more on display, and the store assistant said they had 2 more and went to have a look. The store was very understaffed, you'd think that for such a big store they'd have more staff at this time of year. She was gone for a while and didn't seem to know what she was doing, she was so vague I was confused about whether she was getting new ones or getting them from the floor stock. She couldn't find them (wow) and then told me to keep looking around the floor even though I said I couldn't find any. We ended up finding the last one tucked away next to some plants so I bought both of them. Once I got home I went to lift off the glass dome to place a candle on the wooden base but it wouldn't budge. Once I managed to lift it out I realised the glass was broken and the pieces had jammed the base. I don't doubt that despite the item being broken, they knew the breakage was unnoticeable and discreet enough that they'd get away with selling it anyway. Very shady and unprofessional. Poor customer service and poor quality items, very disappointing considering the prices of the products. I don't recommend buying anything Morgan & Finch, especially their bed sheets. It's a shame because they have nice things but the quality of their products does not reflect the price. I called them and she was very unhelpful and said they could only offer a refund, so I called the Camberwell store and they had none left either. It was inconvenient but I did manage to get it exchanged at the Malvern Central store.

Online shopping

I found the most beautiful horse in store and love shopping online. The service both instore and online is second to none! I love shopping at Bed Bath and Table and love the endearing service that they provide every time you enter the store. It is just so lovely and unique to any other stores. Bed Bath N Table are second to none for sales and service.

Worst customer service ever

Wrong sticker on products at the homebush store! Not only one out of it but every single items there was marked the same and then refused to do the price at the checkout throwing mistakes on each other! Why would you marked every single products from the same range and not only one but all of it that price if you don t want to sell! Worst thing is the sign price as marked!! Not even care about it! Won t buy anything soon there!

WARNING: Do NOT make a purchase online!

It's been a week since I placed my order online, and my item has NOT been dispatched so far.

I've tried to find the customer service phone number, and it turns out there is NONE!

They only offer to answer enquiries via email, which they claim will take up to 48 hours to reply!

Considering the fact that their items are not cheap, not providing any customer support via the phone does NOT inspire confidence at all!

What happens if they have run out of stock for an item but their website wrongly displays 'in stock' and you've made a purchase? What happens if you have any other problems with your purchase?

Do you really want to risk HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and FORTY EIGHT hours for a reply to EACH email that you send them?

The risk of losing your money is simply not worth shopping on their website.

The Plastic Bags!

It was disappointing to discover this company is still offering plastic bags for products in store. The person serving me didn't even ask if I actually need a bag or already have one of my own. I hope this changes and I hope that paper bags are in the near future. We know more about the environment and the plastic bag ban should have been taken more seriously by retail companies like this one. Plastic is used so much in the transfer of stock, so the owner of this chain should consider swapping to paper for the customers and informing the workers about the importance of ASKING about the necessity of a plastic bag.

Cutomer Service Malvern

The lady at Malvern Bed Bath N Table who does the purchasing and decorating should revisit her Customer Service Language skills. A month ago I purchased the tic-tac-toe naughts and crosses. The only silver one was in the window and I was asked by the lovely assistant if I wanted it, it did not have a lid to the packing box. Minor detail I thought and purchased the item. I only returned the tic-tac-toe item as it was hard to pick up the naughts and crosses from their housing. When I returned to same shop but different assistant I was told abruptly that their was no way I could return the item without the packing box lid. When I advised her that it was the last one in the shop and I was advised no lid was available, she rolled her eyes and said she was the purchasing and outfitter of merchandise in the shop and therefore what I was saying was not factual. She then went away and had a discussion with another attendant and finally gave me a refund. I was so angry as a customer with this type of rudeness and complete lack of customer service skills that I will never purchase any item from the Malvern store. What a shame rudeness can erode a Brand Name.

Ridiculous customer service

The staff at Rouse hill working on the 19th October is a staff which should not be employed as you have no skills with your customer service and need to change your attitude in a retail industry. Working into this store is our last time shopping as you are a racist person and did not show any interest in helping your customer. I asked the team member to hold an item for 19th October and I travelled 30-40mins drive to get my item which was never on hold which means the team member the night before lied and ignored a customer special order. Very annoyed and will never go to rouse hill store since they have a nasty customer service.

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Questions & Answers

I purchased a king duvet and 2 pillow cases a few months ago for around a whopping $200.00. A lot of money because I thought I was buying the best. But unfortunately not. The quality is very poor, the embroidered birds are a mess and it creases so much. I've bought cheaper and they've stood up a lot better than your expensive bedding does. So very disappointed with this product. Who can I complain to?
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What you could do was to bring it the item to the store, and showed them the quality of quilt cover that you bought. And they could report to their head office.

Why is there no customer service phone contact number for Bed Barh & Table?
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e. customerservice@bedbathNtable.com.au p. 03 8888 8195

Hello recently I bought an erza ivory rust towel set full price at a store and I have now washed them 4 times, how can I make them absorbent? It's like drying yourself with paper! Would appreciate a solution as I paid over $100 for them
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Wash them in a warm delicates cycle with no detergent or fabric softener. If you used fabric softener even once while washing them (or washed them with other towels that had been at some point), the detergent/softener coats each towel loop in a filmy residue that makes the towel feel sticky or flat, as if ironed, and stops them from absorbing water. After washing them free of soap, hang them to dry indoors, or out of the sun for a couple hours, then finish them off in the clothes dryer to help fluff them up and evaporate the remaining water. You may have to do this a couple more times unfortunately, depending on the brand of detergent used. If you did not use softener, it is likely that your regular detergent is designed for stain removal, which is known to also cling to the fibres of the towel.

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