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Bell Direct

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very happy with bell

I have transferred all my other holding into bell direct & their customer service has been brilliant. I dealt with their online help, which was so good... not a robot that tries to 2nd guess you like a lot of firms these days. Cannot fault them. my account set up took 1 days - too easy

Funds Transfer Out Issues

I wanted to try Belldirect as an alternative to Commsec as the fees are lower. I recently did a funds transfer out but it's been more than 3 business days and funds are not reflected in my bank. I also find money transfers in taking atleast 2-3 days as well... Not happy with such delays... Wondering if anyone else has issues in withdrawing their money out of the Bell direct cash account?

Edit: after a couple days & going back and forth with customer support, this issue is now resolved. It should not have happened in the first place

Could improve a lot

I've been using BD for a long time now but can't understand why some of their processes still are yet to be improved. Change of address requires a form to be completed and filled out and can't be done over the phone which is frustrating. Another issue is that If i'm locked out of my account I have to ring up and reset (the same with my trading pin). This has cost me on a few occasions and I think they really just need an auto-reset feature.

The platform itself is outdated and the mobile version is really poor in comparison to other providers. Fees & Fee structures have not changed since I became a member which is a shame as I feel like they could do better on price.

It's not all bad with BD as I find my trades are executed well and I generally find that there are no issues with getting filled at the price I want. I must add that I've had stop my losses hit (to the tick) only to then have the price head in the complete opposite direction. The coincidence of this happening more then a few times is enough to make me believe that certain institutions have visibility of Stop losses.

Overall I will continue to use but don't think I'll remain once I find a better provider.

Poor Customer service

Bell staff really need more training... poor communication and lack of understanding of how their system works with the Sharemarket.

Poor log in steps

Constantly difficult to log in givers errors then accepts login with no different inputs no access to us markets very weak second rate operator

Easy platform

Not sure why others gripe. I trade on 4 platforms and Bell Direct is fastest and simple. Have been using Bell for over 12 years and never had a problem. It takes 3 days for most trades to settle, but my other 3 platforms are the same. Macquuarie have recently changed to the Bell platform, thankfully. They mucked around with 3 convoluted uselless sites changing from 1 to the other and making trading near impossible. Finally decided to go with a platform that has a good track record. Go Bell Direct for basic trading.

I closed my Bell Direct Account today.

I have had enough for the following reasons: poor understanding of English which translates into customer not being heard (understood) correctly; very limited platform; unable to trade on foreign exchanges; money transferred to my BD account took 2-3 days before reflected in my trading account; overall user unfriendly (I've had to open a new tab in order to locate a contact number for them); very slow in navigating between pages, subjects or topics; when inside the trade platform, there is no indication of a cost basis next to the number of shares held (thus requiring flipping back to portfolio page - which, due to the overall slowness - interferes with a desired trade price); general timing out; again, general slowness on their end. It gave me great pleasure to tell them today that I have begun the process to close out my account and will be going elsewhere (which I am excited about). The firm I am transferring to is quite international, providing platforms designed for "day" trading and other sophisticated product. Additionally, BD's research is pathetic, outdated, and is not user-friendly - just typical analyst jargon. In essence, BD is a joke. Should have done this along time ago! Happy trading!

Clunky and not user friendly

I'm not sure who has provided the previous reviews but their trading platform is definitely not user friendly. It's also appears slightly slow to load but this could be my internet although I have no problems with any other brokerage sites. As for the advertised live 1 sec delayed price updates - forget that - doesn't happen.

Stable, reliable trading platform

I've been trading with BellDirect now for several years. Never had a problem, the site is clear and simple to use, always reliable (has never been down), also cheap. My only gripe is their charting is very ordinary so I use another provider for that. I see that Macquarie also uses the same platform with their trading offering.

Consistent Platform

Bell Direct trading platform has been a consistently performing online broking investment service for us. We consider ourselves old fashioned, yet we have been able to access and use the features of their platform without difficulty. Bell Direct's conditional trading achieves a better instantaneous price whether buying or selling. Their brokerage fees are affordable for small trades. We are maintaining our account with Bell Direct, and will use their service again soon. RayGB, Qld. Australia

Bell Direct works for me

I have a number of broking accounts for various reasons however I gravitate towards bell for the ease and layout of information.

If your looking at some of the elaborate ways of options trading then it might not be for you, but if it's basic calls and puts then it's suitable for most needs.

You can't trade outside the ASX unless in a structured product or managed fund.
And you most certainly can't pull up fundamentals of foreign companies. But it works.

I gave it 4 stars because stick screening tools aren't available unless your a money spinner and don't mind paying lots of commissions aka a trader, but for the contrarian/value investor who's not likely to flip then those tools aren't available so I use other services for that ability.

Compared with other online services in which aren't serviced it's the turn to for me.

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Money transfer

I like Bell Direct and as some what a beginner its user friendly, BUT I transfer money directly into there account and takes at least 2 days before the money is ready to use, i'm now looking for some others that will accept money and ready to use as you deposit.

Very good platform, almost a one stop shop

Have been using the Bell Direct platform for 5 years now. It is part of the Bell potter group, of which I used to be a full service broker client, As I like to do my own research and trading the progressive to the Bell direct platform was logical, however I still have access to Bell potters research.
I like the comprehensive end of financial year statement that is available for download for the trading year, it puts a smile on my accountants face.
However as stated in the title of this post it is "almost a one stop shop", with that I mean, it does not offer international trading platform to the major overseas exchanges, such as the U.S, the U!K, China, of which would save subscribing to say ameritrade options express or like platforms.
However for the local bourse in Australia I believe that this platform is unbeatable.

Medibank Private Experience

I use Bell Direct for most of my trades so when I applied for Medibank Private shares I nominated their Chess account for delivery.
I today obtained online confirmation from the official Medibank website of my allocation and sought to sell today. However Bell would not accept my order until next Monday 1st December when trading on an unconditional basis commences. I wished to sell on a conditional and deferred settlement basis but this was denied. At the close of trading today 450 million shares were traded presumably none by Bell Direct. At this turnover rate there may be no buyers left by next Monday.

The best in my experience

Initially,I found the platform somewhat difficult to navigate ,but after persevering,it is remarkable how it all fits together,to give an interlocking system whereby every important function is never more than one click away.
This all combines to give excellent speed when needed,especially when buying or selling.Much better than that provided by the black and yellow Mr. Big of the online brokers.
So far the site has been 100% reliable.
There are also many unique features,too many to list,which ensures that any requirement or information is easily and efficiently available.
The level of service is friendly,patient,helpful and approachable and must be complimented
All costs and fees are highly competitive

Highly recommended,but take time to fully learn all the functions available!
Great platform,excellent service and inexpensive.What more can you want?


its not bad. the brokerage is only $15 and if you are an nrma member, for every ten trades you do , you get the 10th one brokerage free. when you buy shares and even ones obtained via re-investment plans, it updates your totals in your portfolio without you having to do anything. the only problem is that you must have enough money in your bell direct account to place any orders to buy. the webpage could be better. not that user friendly but overall, cheaper than comsec.
cheap brokerage, allows you to keep your orders placed until you cancel them
need to have money transferred into your bell account before you can place orders. website not that user friendly.

Bell Direct is an efficient online broker with best value in the market

Bell Direct is a true online broker. Set-up and trading can all be done online. This is the best value stockbroking available taking into account reputation, quality and price at $15 per trade.
We use this as a preferred provider when setting up SMSF's. If you consider setting up a SMSF, this is a great low cost option.
Hein Preller
Superannuation Warehouse
Quick set up, good functionality, low brokerage
No problems

Best On-line Broker for share, warrant, etc,

Bell Direct is the best website for on-line trading.
Most helpful desk.
Active Discussion Forum.
Can ask for help from members if you ask nicely.
Execution of orders is fast.
$15 per trade.
Good for beginners and advanced traders alike.
Plateform interface is user Friendly.
I have been with Bell direct for 4 years.
Will recommend Bell direct anytime.
Of course to need to have some cash in the account to make
a killer trade!
5 Star Plus! anytime.
Reliable, always improving their platform, listen to request,
no bad points, always busy and active discussion.

Questions & Answers

This has the least negative reviews and a lot of customers sound very happy with Bell Direct Share Trading! :D I'm a completely new beginner to this trading world but have been doing a bit of research on customer reviews already. Saxo, IG and and CMC Markets have a lot of negative, angry and scary sounding reviews. How does Bell Direct compare with 'Easy Markets' Trading Platform in terms of transaction fees and other fees?
2 answers
Hi, I can't tell u how fees compare, however, their customer service if things go wrong is really good. I only trade occasionally ( not a heavy user) & they have been really good with problems I've had with errors in 2 share holdings - it was not a bell error. Website is quite good & easy to use, I like that they don't change or tweek the website all the time too, so I can trade & use site occasionally without relearning their site.Thanks for your reply Karen!

Are funds available immediately after a sale to deposit into cash account or is there a lag?
1 answer
I'm pretty sure that funds are deposited into your account (with Bell, you can't trade without having a linked account) in the normal T+2 settlement period.

can you move your shares from your bank to bell?
1 answer
If you open up a new account,you will be easily be able to transfer these shares

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