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Amazing customer service. Great products.

All products are at high quality and came on time and packed beautifully.
The customer service team are available via email and respond quickly and are very polite and helpful.

Busy mum's, get onto Bellabox NOW! It's like getting your own birthday every month!!

I love that products are sent according to you're preference for budget and product type. Online help for any issues is always prompt and polite. A little box of monthly fun.

Product Quality
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Awe thanks so much, Rachel! We are all about treating yo'self!

Appalling servuce

I purchased a Groupon coupon 3 months subscription. Endless emails later I still have not received one box. The classic yesterday were 2 emails in a row, the first cancelling my subscription and the very next email saying it would start in February. I keep getting emails from their service people who do not seem to have any idea of what I have asked, take days to answer and generally provide confusion only, so do I have 3 boxes coming? Who knows, I certainly don’t. I am glad it was not a lot of money as I think I have wasted it. I see that others have complained about the Groupon process with Bellabox, simply not good enough.

Date PurchasedNovember 2018

Fun to try new products and great service

Bellabox is a great way to try new products that I would never have tried otherwise. When my last box was lost by the courier, Shaira from customer service was happy to sort out a replacement. Thank you!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great customer service

I had purchased a Groupon voucher for BellaBox but realised it had expired. I contacted BellaBox to see if I can get this extended so I could use it and Joy from BellaBox got back in touch with me so fast and extended my voucher. I was so appreciate of this and the promptness in her actions. I was able to use my voucher and am loving it! Thank you!

Return Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedJanuary 2019

Ripped off! Beware!

Bought Groupon trial 3 month subscription and still received nothing 2 1/2 months later! Am trying to get my money back but so far without success. Disreputable company I presume so don't waste your money. Also Bellabox can regenerate sales by charging your credit card again after the trial finishes, at a increased rate, so just don't bother to deal with them. Am going to alert a consumer advocate if I don't get a refund soon.

Lipstick lid was off

I ordered bellabox through Groupon, when I received it the lipstick lid so it was ruined and it spread over my other samples. I enjoy trying different products however I believe it's not worth the money.


I purchased one box with a coupon and enjoyed it so much that I decided to get a 3 month subscription during November. 3 months have gone by and I have not received any boxes and I have sent emails in regards to the situation and it seems like I am not going to receive any replies either.

Thought I was going to enjoy this subscription box but figured it’s not worth my while.

Green lipsticks and bad customer service

I signed up for bellabox and received a rubbish green lipstick. I get that you wont satisfy everyone but green lipstick no one uses - just a filler.

When i politely messaged bellabox - they NEVER responded. What a pathetic company.

Customer Service Sucks

Recently I got gifted a Bella Box coupon for my birthday from my friend. I inputted the code onto my phone to get the free item but I still had to input my card details. I do not remember the password for my PayPal so I decided to transfer It onto my laptop because it has saved data. But, the moment I transferred it onto my laptop I reentered the code and it was denied due to the "Sorry, the maximum number of redemptions for this coupon has been reached.” I did not even redeem anything and my friends present went to waste. Is it even possible to use my voucher again? I haven’t even bought ANYTHING. I’m quite disappointed with that.

Terrible customer service - missing items

My first box had items missing. I contacted them via email with no response! Will never get another box from them again.

Not worth it! Very dissatisfying. Samples are free afterall!

You only receive 5 or 6 sample products & 1 small full sized product. Its petty much the same samples every month just different brands. Samples are free & i was hoping to get alot more than what you actually receive. I understand you have to pay for delivery but definitely not worth it. Doing the survey on what your looking for (ex. skincare, haircare etc, is a waste of time) as we all get the same stuff & only if there is enough for everyone to get. I have received 2 boxes that have been missing what was actually advertised.

False advertising, Terrible customer Service and Missing Items from Box

I have dealt with this supplier some years ago when I first joined Bellabox and have always loved their sample products, which covered a wide variety of product ranges and had a decent quantity of items included for testing. After suspending my account for a few years, whilst I had my 2 children, I decided to re-subscribe last month, hoping for the same unbeatable value in each box. I received my parcel last week with about half of the expected sample products, with their no. 1 full size (most valuable item in the box) STEVE LAURANT LIP TINT missing from the pack. Additionally, if you visit their website and have a look at the November advertised box, it's a gross misrepresentation of what is actually included, which is false advertising!

Additionally, the website claims that each box contains: 'beauty samples specially tailored to your beauty profile. ' which I spent a good 15 - 20 min to set up - only to receive nail polish (specifically stated I DO NOT wish to receive any nail products) and a useless Food Voucher from an aggressive marketer - which is NOT a beauty product!!! Again, misleading!!!

On Thursday the 29/11 I sent Bellabox an email stating my concerns re the missing product and asking to have my profile deleted/ membership cancelled. They responded the following day Friday 30/11 with an automatically generated membership cancellation email which did not acknowledge the concerns I raised about forgetting to include the main full-sized product (listed on the 'what's in this box' leaflet, which comes with every delivery) or the misleading advertising.

They've also failed to cancel my membership in a timely manner (despite requesting cancellation BEFORE the next direct debit) to ensure I don't incur further subscription charges and have just noticed today another debit for the December box. Buyers BEWARE!!!

Not worth it.

I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription.
I've tried contacting the customer care with no luck. The samples that I received are not specific to my profile. The samples that you do get are either similar (different brands) to the week before

It's a waste of money

Bellabox Subscription

My Bellabox subscription is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I really look forward to getting my goodies every month. There is such a good variety of products in each box and it is so good to try the various products, especially ones that I have never heard of. Thankyou.

Makes life WAAAY easier!

I’ve been a BellaBox subscriber for a few months now and I can say I LOVE it! So many products I didn’t even know existed and I get to try them all! Best part is products in box are of FULL size plus a sample. You get 5 products and you can tailor them to your personal needs. Love it so much my Mum signed up as well.

Great beauty box

I've been a Bellabox subscriber for 2+ years and am very happy not only with the products I receive but also with the service. Let's face it who doesn't like receiving a box full of awesome products to try each month. It's a really fun way to treat yourself for a minimal cost.


It was a little smaller than I thought and had less products than I thought, but was decently picked specifically for me.

Terrible customer service

I re-subscribed my 15yo daughter to Bellabox as she loves the product, however their customer service is virtually non-existent. I have now sent 4 emails with no response over a billing issue. (I paid for 6 months subscription, but we are yet to receive a single box - it’s been 3 months). As they requested on their only response, I provided proof of payment, yet they have not responded since I provided the proof (after 3 follow-up emails by myself). Luckily, I paid via PayPal so I can use PayPal to manage the debt recovery.

Products are great and fast reply back.

I first joined up in July and receive my samples, I loved all of them. I also had a issue to do with my account but was easily sorta and was dealt with professionally. Reply back was fast.!

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Questions & Answers

I'm having trouble using my groupon to get my bellabox, any advice please?
1 answer
Hi Jenny, We'll be happy to assist you - please email us on info@bellabox.com.au, advise us what you're having trouble with and we'll get back to you. Best Regards, Bellabox team

Why is customer service so bad?
No answers

Hi, I just want to cancel my Bellabox as much as I love it but I’m not working anymore and I can’t afford it. Everyone is saying how hard to cancel and I can’t use my phone to cancel I need to use a computer is that right?
2 answers
Hi there Lisab5, sorry to hear you are wishing to cancel your account, and we hope that you would reconsider your decision as we have great products in store for the coming months. Should you decide to cancel your membership, below see cancellation steps below: 1. Login to bellabox.com.au > Enter username and password 2. Click on Subscription > Setting logo > Cancel Otherwise you can email us at info@bellabox.com.au so we can assist you further in cancelling your account. ThanksOk I’ve decided not to cancel but I just want to know does the money come out on a particular date each month? just so I know it’s coming out. Or does it come out on different dates?

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