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Absolute shameful , consumers are still waiting for their money and Bendigo will not speed up payments !

Absolutely and totally disappointed ! I am STILL waiting for income payment ! Speed up payments Bendigo !! Your at fault so process consumers payments so they can eat and get medication !!! Most of us DO NOT earn enough NOT to live day by day ! I’m STILL WAITING !

Couldn't believe it

Been with them just over a yr an I have had my account hacked 4 times an they made me wait over 44 days to get my money back one time I cancelled my debt card an the lady didn't do it, An yep someone was riding around in a uber using my card. I had to wait another 44 days to get my money back even though it was not my mistake

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Lousy new interface wreaks havoc with disability and often fails to work.

I have been a BBL customer for around 20 years, and until their recent changes to their online banking portal, I was more than happy with them. I am looking elsewhere.

I have multiple disabilities, including a sensory processing disorder. With the old interface, I had no problems using it. It was simple, clean and clear.

With the new facelift, the site is wreaking havoc with me. I am having trouble focussing on things and the information is confusing. It gives me headaches and nauseates me. I have complained to the BBL but they cannot do anything about it. They suggested I try phone banking, which I set up, but have not used as my auditory processing issues are worse than my visual ones.

I am really worried I may make mistakes, given how hard it is to use the new interface. The risk of errors is far greater on phone banking, however.

To make matters worse, the new interface is shockingly slow on my computer. Today, I wanted to transfer funds and pay some bills and had to log out and log back on to see if it might work. It just went around in circles for ages. It worked eventually, after a huge amount of stress and trouble.

On top of all these woes, since the switch to the new interface, my Microsoft mobile phone cannot transfer funds between accounts. There is some sort of glitch I cannot get past.

I am now looking for a bank that offers online banking that is practical for me to use.

It is a pity, as I have always been happy with Bendigo Bank. I have always found them helpful and prompt in responding to concerns.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

The best bank ever

The staff have always been very helpful to their customers and the service has been excellent so I would recommend banking with them because they have good interests on their savings accounts.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience, General Transactions and New Account

You can negotiate fees with Bendigo bank and they listen

Well, the Royal Commission into Australia's financial sector has been completed and the consequences for the Big 4 banks will be a severe tickling with a feather and a two week all expenses paid holiday to Disneyland courtesy of ASIC and APRA.
The Bendigo's peoples' bank hardly got a mention, if at all.
Bendigo bank may not always seem perfect, but they're approachable, listen and do all they can to accommodate any reasonable requests.
We all have to remember : without customers and their money, financial " institutions " wouldn't be. We are all the consumers of the products they offer, and until we start to realise that without us using their products they would go out of business. Ask why the credit card interest rate they slug us with is allowed ? We're the bunnies they target with their honey sweet misleading advertising believed by the gullible. And most of the feable media help the Big 4 Banks by printing what the Big 4 banks' monkey trained mouth pieces utter to us all with the complete simplistic diatribe and falsehoods ad nauseum.
It should be of great interest for those of us left who are free thinkers - Google " who really owns the Big 4 Autralian banks ". An eye popping revelation we're not supposed to know about.

Hard to find positives

Only tried Bendigo bank services once and have faced all sort of issues. From the start it took two weeks for someone to get back to me after the application was lodged to have an unnecessary interrogation over the phone before the credit card was approved. Closing the card appeared to be a problem too, as they request you to come to their far away branches during business hours to just close the credit card. Wouldn't do it over the phone or give you any tools to action it online. Finally after lots of arguments over the phone, they agree to close the card but charged $13 for a final bank check to send me the surplus amount. Again no indication over the phone that this fee would've been charged and no authorisation from my side to charge the money. <- Illegal practice? Rang them to advise that they can't do this, for which the response was - ok, we will keep it in mind. There you go, decide for yourself if you want to deal with them.

Review TypeCredit Card Application

Misleading Staff & Exorbitant Fees

We met with Bendigo bank to discuss moving all of our banking over from another bank. It was a positive meeting and after requesting extensive amounts of information and documents Bendigo stated they could most definitely offer us better service, products and fees. This was certainly not the case. When our first month of fees and charges were taken from our accounts (business and personal) we were utterly shocked. The charges were just exorbitant and would have equated to us paying DOUBLE to what we paid with our previous bank. When we discussed this with the branch staff we faced very different attitudes from our initial meeting and were somewhat smugly informed we should have read the fine print more closely. We felt very misled by the branch staff. We left this bank as quickly as we could (but only after paying hundreds more in additional fees to do so). Please beware and don't just trust that staff are telling you the full truth or that they really have your best interest in mind when offering products and services. Although a community bank they are certainly more focus on profits than doing the right thing for customers.

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking, General Transactions and New Account

Awful Fees, Glacial Pace Transfers, Idiot Staff

After years of $50 to $100 a month fees listed as "Transaction fee high" and "Transaction fee low" on statements as well as dealing with their third world banking app the straw that broke the camels back was getting into an argument trying to open a business account.

They needed proof of ownership, I provided the form from ASIC and was told they need the original. I spent an hour arguing with them explaining there IS no original, ASIC dont send them out, you log in and print it. They refused to accept that until I forced them to talk to ASIC who told them directly. This wasnt some new thing it had been that way for over a year.

How is it that the business banking manager doesnt even know the BARE MINIMUM required to open a business account?

Now I've left (to a bank with a functional app, competent staff and no fees despite quadruple the transactions) they are STILL a thorn in my side as every time a customer transfers payment it takes literally twice as long as every other bank. God forbid should they pay me late Friday - every other bank it shows up Saturday in my account but not Bendigo, payments from Bendigo accounts on late Fridays dont show up until at LEAST Tuesday night.

Anyone claiming old school banking what they mean is "Stopped advancing after 1950".

Loads Of Hidden Charges

Bendigo Bank is a great bank with great staff that actually care but they slug you many, many, many Hidden charges. 40c charge extra per transaction!!! No thank you. I don't recommend Bendigo Bank if you hate getting Hidden charges and fees but they are a good bank.

Beware of this bank which just scams its customers

I had a home loan with a smaller bank refinanced to bendigo bank. I was told the only way to get equity out was to transfer from a home loan to business loan. The rate was 0.2% higher and everything else was the same. I agreed. About 4 years passed after getting the loan and everything was fine. The property value had tripled, I never missed a payment, and then out of the blue the new bank manager told me that I was supposed to have submitted my tax returns for those 4 years and the bank had accidently not told me, they just assumed I would know that since it was vaguely written in the contract. I no longer had the company so couldn't submit any documents. They raised the rate to almost 10% (from 5%) overnight, meaning I had to somehow find almost double the mortgage payment on a single income. My 50 hour work week I almost doubled, almost 100 hours a week to keep on top of the payments. 3 years have passed and despite going through 3 different bank branches, complaint centers etc, bendigo bank has yet to resolve the issue. I've had to resort to legal action as their banking process is beyond 3rd world and corrupt. I say stay away from the bank. They are cheats, liars and scammers!

People are just so friendly at Bendigo

I've been with Bendigo bank for 5 years now and they are such a great team. Everytime I go there the team is always so friendly and always offer to help me with learning how to save properly and giving me tips and tricks on how to get a better percentage rate. I've loterally never had a bad experience there, no matter what bank I go to. I've found them very reliable and the customer service is just exceptional.

New Website

The new website is a disaster. It is difficult to navigate and when you ring customer support for assistance you waste endless time as they try to navigate it. It would be the worst banking site I have have to use in my business..

Good bank, terrible interface changes to online banking.

I've been with the Bendigo Bank for many years, after it first opened. I have found them good and reliable with ATMs to be found in most places. I felt confident using their online services to pay all my bills however they have introduced a completely new interface that is a giant step backwards. Past payments no longer provide the dates payments were paid and it seems as though the number of Bpay are limited. I have been paying off a gas bill that wasn't reflected in the bills I was getting and was threatened with legal action only to discover that it was an older customer number. Bendigo had removed the active customer number account with their new dumbed down interface. Seriously BB, the system you had worked perfectly fine and was far superior to this new dumbed down system. Now it's just broken. No dates shown for past payments...seriously BB!

The peoples buissness bank

We have had a buissness account with the bendigo bank for 7 years we have never been over drawn in this period ,we turn over around $ 280.000.00 per year.the rain has affected our abilty to finish our works,we ask for a $5000.00 overdaft (temporary) up to the middle of February 2019 , the answer was we cant do that apply for a credit card we dont have any credit cardsso in desporation we apply for a $ 5000.00 credit card and guess what they knock us back.Even though our figuers show a turnover ok f $185.000.00 for 5 months and a estimated profit of $47.000.00 for the period ,and not to say we dont have any credit cards at all we have a impeccable credit rating that will stand to any scrutiny .Seriously dont put you money into this truly incompitent bank and they should stop the false claims that they are the small business bank.

Shocking online banking platform

The new online banking platform is a horror story. After 20 years with the Bank I am actually thinking of leaving. The old platform was streamlined, simple and clear. Now it is cluttered, full of symbols/pictures and looks like it was designed by a 12 year old girl for other 12 year old girls. For the first time in my life, I am actually making mistakes with my transactions. The pages are so busy and spread out that I am picking the wrong things to click on. Why did you do this Bendigo?????? The Banking that I used to be able to knock off once a week in a couple of hours now takes me three times as long.

Thought I'd been scammed

Customer service put me at ease when I was thinking I had been scammed. Thank you Bendigo bank you are the best.


If you are a financial planner you could open an SMSF for your clients with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and receive commission through an internediary agreement. This bank is known to accept forged forms and does not even protect your money from being stolen by your financial planner! They don't even seek authorisation from you before the transaction takes place either.

Love the safety etoken

Bendigo bank is great, they transfer payments early, there secure system for transferring people funds is quick, easy and very secure. We wouldn't be with any other.

new online "experience" very unfriendly cannot work out how to manage my payments... 8-S

No idea how to use the new online banking experience, cannot find any instructions anywhere on how to use it... apart from some interactive garbage... cannot access the online support as they are all "busy taking other calls"... very user unfriendly ... brought this up late last year via online message and the patronising reply pretty much implied...too bad...classic is going... get used to the new system...

Absolute garbage

Been with bendigo bank for about 20years. Never had any problems with online banking before now. How this joke got approved is beyond me. Payments I haven't used in a decade are still there, payments I make every month have gone. Seriously I'm not a programmer but I could make a better program than this steaming pile of crud. Will be looking for a new bank asap.

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Questions & Answers

Im with centrelink I report on a Wednesday and normally get paid on Thursday when will my money go in.??? I was told after 5:30pm on the Wednesday by a friend
3 answers
My pension payday is Thursday, but my Bendigo Bank account is credited on Wednesday afternoon. It is usually in by 2 pm, but on rare occasions, I have received it as early as noon. Do not count on that though. 2 pm Wednesday is a reliable time I can count on.It used to come into my account after 5:30 but the past few years, Bendigo Bank have the money at 2. Cheers!I would ask the bank for details. It may depend on where you live, ie what time zone. I am in Victoria.

How long does it take for a direct debit take from Bendigo bank to Bendigo bank please
2 answers
Right away the money isinOK because it's been taking up to 3 days to turn up in the account

Hi Centrelink put my newborn payments through Friday was told by bank money would be available today its not in there? I put my claim for this payment through to Centerlink on the 28th of feb called my local mp to see if they could hurry the process for payment by end of business centrelink had approved my claim and paid it into my bank? I don't want to have to call the. And say my bank is now withholding my funds but will if i have to, wheres my money
2 answers
I think the bank might be withholding your funds so you might have to ring them up.I would recheck with Centrelink as in all my 20-odd years of being with the Bendigo Bank I have never known them to withhold money. I have known Centrelink to provide false and misleading information (and to deny it, then blame me for it, later).

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