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Crooks and Dodgy Best jet.

Did the booking on 1st November 2018 to Delhi via Abu Dhabi. They never did my booking yet charged my credit card for the full fare. I found out about there scam upon arrival at the airport by the airline Etihad Airline Sydney. I had to rebook the flight at high cost. Warning others about this Best jet. Please stay away.

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Just like previous reviews, I am a victim of the Bestjet downfall. What sucks is that my ticket was actually issued however, China Airlines are yet to determine whether they’ll honour it or issue a refund... and if they issue a refund, it’ll go back to whomever is responsible for Bestjet’s affairs... not me, the consumer. A total nightmare! We need harsher regulations for third party agencies. I feel sorry for those who have lost holidays, or missed out on Christmas holidays with family/friends. Fortunately my loss wasn’t quite as hectic as many previous reviewers.

Dodgy deals between Bestjet and Emirates Airline

I had similar situation with Emirates Airlines. Tickets were issued through 'Bestjet' , paid in full to Emirates. Bestjet went into administration ( bad or good, it just happens in business) . The problem is that Emirates 'refunded' the tickets to Bestjet ? . Very dodgy deal !
to my understanding, an eTicket is a contract between me as a consumer and the Air line as a supplier. Any change in the condition must be with my approval. Emirates SHOULD NOT refund Bestjet directly UNLESS there are dodgy deals between Emirates and Bestjet

Dont use bestjet

Cancelled my flight with BestJet because i couldnt fly.... gave a good 4 weeks notice.... they held my refund for 12 weeks ( so they could use my money for interest) then only refunded me half of the fare.... never again will i use best jet...
I had a similar experience with Expedia... cancelled my flight.. . They had the refund in my bank account in less than 24 hours....

I always use expedia now... there service is the best

Where's my money?

I booked with them on 08/12/18 and received an e-ticket on 17/12/18. THE NEXT DAY they went into administration. My flights were cancelled and I must now rebook my tickets with singapore air. BUT....Where's the refund? Where's anyone's refund? How can I get this refund? I'm four grand out of pocket and can't rebook tickets with NO funds. Absolutely HORRENDOUS business practice.

Why isnt ANYONE doing ANYTHING about this scamming people?!

we need to get $5000 back. because of bestjet, my family cannot see my grandparents both in a nursing home, they can vaguely remember us, we need to visit them!! Korean Airlines also cancelled our ticket without us knowing at all! not eve ONE email or message letting us know what happened to the ticket! We arrived at the airport, and the people there told us our plane ticket has been cancelled. We are so angry and so upset at bestjet and sorry to all our family in Korea that apparently had a surprise party all planned for us. I am so upset, like most of the people leaving reviews here. my grandparents are waiting for us. my sisters. my brothers. my aunts. my uncles. my friends, my memories.

I waiting for my money

I need my refund money back been more than 3 months already stil want money back i try to call and send the email what can i do?

Worst experience

Its been like nearly 2 month and i am still waiting for my refund . As i cancelled my ticket 2 month before the departure date .

Ticket still valid no problem

Hi!! I'm back to review this for Bestjet, the reason I give 1 star is because of what happen which i was so scared and for others who have to face the invalid ticket/ticket issue. Today is my departure day and yep I was very worry during those 20days but every thing work out fine. My ticket is still valid and no problem with it, I'm just happy that I'm so lucky that I didn't have any problem like others with the ticket that I brought from Bestjet and for those who still have to wait till your departure day, keep checking the status of your ticket through the Airline website or make a call and check. I did both way but I wasn't 100% sure still but today it did prove that everything was ok. Wish everyone best luck.

Bestjet Refund!!!!!!!!!!

I booked a flight from Sydney to Jakarta by Garuda Indonesia airline which is cost $773,76. I did not get E-ticket and it made me feel strange. So i decided to find out about Bestjet. They are collapse and i never get any response. Since i want a full refund, i read some review said we could get the refund back as long as you paid with credit card.

I went Commonwealth Bank and report this as a fraud & told them about my story. They asked me to attach some documents that supporting the cancelation of my ticket by bestjet. A strong evidence could give you more opportunity of the full refund. They said it will takes 45 days working.

Today i just got the full refund, i tooks only 4 days.
I hope it will help you guys who fall into the same case as me

Worst service ever

I booked etihad airways paid $850 but no confirmation of my ticket whatsoever. 10 days till flight .worst ever . Their website is not working cant even contact nobody and ask for a refund.

Bestjet Fraudjet

We had exactly the same thing happen to us. We were issued a ticket from Singapore Airlines and we also got to choose our seats. But now Singapore airlines wants us to pay the whole amount plus four hundred dollars more and they will honour the itinerary. We will then have to claim the money initially paid to Bestjet from Bestjet. How ridiculous is that. How can Singapore Airlines cancel a non refundable ticket without even getting our approval. We hope to take this up legally.
J Wright

Same issue, I cancelled ticket in October 2018, confirmed and got confirmation code- no refund till

I cancelled ticket in October 2018, confirmed and got confirmation code- no refund till now. It was shocking that this Bestjet now collapsed. How can we get a refund?

Worst company - 0 star - Ripping off money and disappearing overnight without informing customers

I booked a ticket to Delhi and had to cancel that because of some circumstances. I was supposed to get refund since last 4 months. They told me that they will refund by first week of December but never refunded. Seems like they were well aware of the company closure and were misleading customers. Confused where to get the refund back from as their numbers, website everything is shut down. Should we just trust the airlines websites from now on and discard n number of websites offering airline tickets ?


I booked my flight through Bestjet from Sydney to India (Delhi) the booking was confirmed and the Airlines - China Southern also confirmed but after a month the tickets were cancelled.
I spent $800 and I don't know if that will be refunded or not.
Never Ever use any Bestjet.

Could see this coming a mile off!

Back in July 2016 ASIC was investigating Bestjet for fraudulent activity. I knew then that the company would eventually flop and fortunately never went near them again, especially after learning that Michael James and his family were involved with it. Even if I hadn't known about their shady past, a simple Google search would have made me steer clear of the company anyway. Do your research before plonking down loads of money with an online agency. And Skyscanner is just a search engine. They have nothing to do with Bestjet, and in fact removed the company from their website on December 20, 2018. Buyer beware!


I booked 2 return tickets to Bali through bestjet 16/12/18 according to Garuda they are still valid but should call back next month to check again... I called them again yesterday and spoke to another rep who said the ticket would only be issued if it had been paid for (we know that this is not the case) there is a FB action group called the bestjet fiasco group it's worth going on if you have been affected. My tickets were issued by the Wynyard travel group (sister company) and not through CVFR ticket agent!! Who are the ones that are cancelling all of the tickets to try and claw back the monies owed to them from bestjet... these guys are more criminal than bestjet in my opinion.

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Garuda have now told me that all tickets booked through bestjet and all sister companies during the month of December are likely unpaid and will be cancelled over the coming days, they will not honour any original prices paid or even advertised on their website on the date of booking so that has now increased my costs by $300 plus the $900 already paid and lost

Join Bestjet Fiasco Action Group on fb

Like thousands of others I have lost thousands of dollars by having e-tickets cancelled with no refund. Even if you have secured a charge-back from your bank please consider joining this growing “closed” Facebook group (currently over 1700 members) so we can compare information and support each other.

Do not purchase with this website

We booked the ticket from syd-bkk and paid through CC on 7/11/18, received eticket and confirmation. On 22/12/18, I called EK to confirm the bookings and found out that our booking has refunded to Bestjet but not to our bank. We left without explanation. Luckily I purchased it from Commonwealth CC and I reported about this transaction. As of today 4/12/19, I got email from the bank, advised me that the money will be refund to my account within 3days.


Just bloody un-Australian mate

My partner and I booked two separate bookings in Oct 2018 from Perth - Belgium, returning Rome to Perth for June/July 2019. Our friends are getting married so we wanted to book ahead and get a ‘cheaper’ deal. We spent just over $4000 total and put the flights on my credit card. I’ve used BestJet before and Skyscanner so I didn’t think something like this would happen - how naive I was!

About a month or so later we got an email from BestJet which looked like a scam the way it was written, and it asked us to check our bookings and then not to cancel them? It was weird. It then asked us to email x, y and z to state that we still wanted our bookings. I ignored it until we got a phone call today from Emirates saying my partner’s booking was cancelled and sure enough, we looked online on the Emirates site, punched in the booking ref and it was gone! We were also cautious not to book another flight over the phone, in case this was some super elaborate scam and indeed it wasn’t someone calling from Emirates but a fraud (although we googled their landline and it said it was an Emirates number).

Next we called the bank who, by no surprise, have had multiple cases exactly the same as mine pop up. They said thousands of people had been affected by this and thankfully we lodged a case to refund the BestJet transaction which we placed on my credit card. ETA for potential funds being returned could be 10-45 business days. We’ve since bought a new set of flights for my partner direct with the airline (which were about $500 more than the original) and are still waiting to see whether my booking is cancelled too.

All in all, a terrible and unfortunate outcome for all involved. I hope we all receive our money back but more importantly, can go on our planned trips!

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i booked ticket with bestjet.com and they cancelled my ticket as I confirmed with MAS. They said they refunded already but I no idea how they do it because I paid with Poli payments
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Mate all I can say is don't buy. They withdrew money from my credit card but never paid to the Airline. Therefore, I had to rebuy another ticket from the airline. I reported to my bank for a dispute.

How l can get back my payments of ticket??
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Please visit https://www.pilotpartners.com.au/notice-of-appointment-of-administrator-bestjet/ and https://www.pilotpartners.com.au/advice-to-customers-of-bestjet-travel-pty-ltd-administrators-appointed/ for further instructions. Other option to contact your credit card provider if you paid by credit card

Hi, i have booked a flight (cathay pacific) from chennai to sydney on 28th january. Now i want to change the date of travel to either 3rd or 4 th of february. My name is Prasanthi Konduru and my booking confirmation number is RBMVMD. Can you please let me know the cost? I am trying to reach out via mobile and email support@bestjet.com but not able to reach.
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You won’t be able to get in contact with them as they have gone into administration. You will need to contact the airline directly and hope you can change dates, although it may not be possible. All the best!

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