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Great personalised service not available through the big banks

I dealt with a person on the phone for a car loan and all I can say is the rates were fantastic and the person went above and beyond to ensure I had the car within a matter of days. Awesome and easy to use online banking system as well.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Amazing Customer Service

I have been with Beyond Bank since it was United Community and United Credit Union before that. I recently applied for a construction loan and not only did my representative get us the lowest rate going, she also has remained in touch with us even though she moved location. Any issues I have she always replies and/or fixes the day I email, even if it’s just to increase my daily spend limit. Their service has been incredible. She also made sure I had a better rate on my current home loan.
Can’t praise them enough.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Always receive great service

Went from one of the big banks to Beyond Bank two years ago and have been very happy with both service and rates. Customer phone service is always efficient and helpful.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Failing time after time

I have been with Beyond Bank (formerly CPS) for 8 or 9 years. I am continually dismayed at the poor customer service I receive. In this calendar year alone I have been irritated or frustrated by their inefficiency or attitude 4 times.
1) a routine call to me in February, verifying the ongoing management of an investment, turned into an attempt by the person (not my financial adviser) to up-sell other products. It started with the question, "Do you have any accounts with other banks?" And this right after the Royal Commission into banks and other financial institutions!
2) in May, I was pushed to make my annual review with my financial adviser at a branch more convenient to the adviser because they are from out of town. This despite the fact that I have only ever used one branch of the bank, a branch in one of the large town centres of Canberra. When I prevailed, the reminder text I received was for an appointment at - you guessed it - the wrong branch.
3) I had the temerity to use the online facility to request a temporary increase of my bank transfer limit. Use of the online facility is encouraged both in branches and by the call centre. What I did not know was that it would take a log-on, a button-tap for a secure code to open a secure box to make the request - text to be received, request to be made, click the button, wait, email that there is a reply, log-on again (website logs out after no activity for a relatively short period), tap the button, get the text, ... 4 log-ons, 4 texts, 4 entries in the secure box, 4 emails to get the authority to lift the limit from $ 5 000. I started the process about midday and finished about 6 pm. It didn't help that the first question I asked was "Why do you want an increased limit for this transfer?", to which the true answer (which I did not give) was, "None of your business what I do with my money". In the middle of the process I was asked for my card number - none of the accounts I have with the bank has an associated card so I was required to give my driver's licence details. Really a ridiculous experience! It could and should have all been done via a live-chat session - why not? I can't think that there would be too many people going through the same torturous experience at the same time. I certainly will not again, I will bother someone at a branch instead.
4) the bizarre practice of providing an annual statement of advice in a virtually indestructible plastic binding. This statement comprises approximately 42 printed pages bound with a gummed spine and plastic covers to last for decades. It contains a vast amount of my personal information and all of my financial information. I receive one such document each year. When I moved house a few years ago I handed about 5 back to the bank. They are virtually indestructible, as stated, and full of sensitive personal information. I am not sure how long the bank thinks we should keep these annual statements, or how we should dispose of them. I suspect they haven't thought about it - or is it that they don't care about issues such as privacy? I specified that I did not want to receive bound statements, but here we go again, it's July and time for a bound copy!

My heart really sinks every time I deal with this bank. I have a sense of ineptitude and officiousness, certainly not one of striving to provide the customer with a good experience. Yes, I know, the obvious solution is to change banks ... thinking ... thinking ... thinking. In the meantime, prospective customer beware!

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Car loan application

Very disappointed with their car loan application process. Submitted all the paperwork for my application; was told the outcome was unservicable despite me having a healthy income, assets and liability profile and great credit history. Asked me to add my husband as a co-borrower which I obliged. In the end they still declined my application despite our combined high income and everything else. Very disappointed as this will leave a bad mark on our credit history. Didn't respond to me when I inquired why our application was declined. If they have an incredibly low risk appetite they should have just looked at our paperwork and advised us the likelihood of success before making us go through the formal process and be declined. Very uncaring and won't go near it ever again.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Exceptional Service from start to finish

We recently applied for a car loan. Service received from Alice (relationship advisor) was exceptional from start to finish. Very efficient, detailed and friendly. Alice did everything she could to ensure our loan was approved and funded in a speedy time frame. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend beyond bank based on our experience with Alice and their unbeatable rates and flexibility.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Beyond Redemption

BB needs a complete overhaul of their culture, particularly when dealing with matters involving the accounts of recently deceased members and their families. I understand they can’t divulge information over the phone to family members, but to get cagey and secretive about general policy matters in a cold and callous manner does little to promote confidence in the ethics, empathy and morality of the bank. They apparently closed my mother’s account without the knowledge of the Executor of my mother’s estate, and as a result the cheque for the funeral insurance can’t be deposited and there is no other way to cash it to pay funeral expenses. As a result of my mother’s funeral expenses being in my name I am the one who will end up with a damaged credit rating. They have been entirely unhelpful and unsympathetic. Try to avoid a guy called Andrew from Estates - he’s like a brick wall. Oh, and don’t expect them to offer condolences on your loss. It’s just money and business to them.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Great Experience

Great experience with my local Beyond Bank branch after applying for a car loan online. Fantastic rates and such quick friendly service. I had my new car less than a week after applying for finance, unlike my previous experiences with other banks where the process dragged on for weeks.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Excellent Service

I recently opened 2 accounts with Beyond Bank, as they have a transaction account which is virtually no fee and no fuss, eg, no minimum deposits, number of transactions or other conditions attached to it.
The process was quite easy online and the mobile app is first class.
A few days later, I received a phone call from the branch nearest me welcoming me as a new member ,( apparently customers are members here.).
He even gave me the direct number to the branch should I ever need any help with anything.
The only downside is the interest in savings is pretty low, but comparable to others.

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

Zero loyalty, no logic or care factor.

So they have their new TV advert saying they are all about the people - rubbish!
Their stupid attitude is more like "computer sys no....." and they have no logic or care factor.

I've been with them over 36 years and have all my insurances and loans with them the whole time.
I've never missed one payment and my total loans are a hell of alot (home, car and multiple investment loans).

Most recently, I have had a fixed rate (interest only) loan term expire. I recieved a letter in February stating I will have to pay principal and interest as of May (additional 600+ per month) , I called straight away to re fix as interest only and told them to go ahead with sending paperwork for "re applying" for the loan (I've had for 5 years). Nothing was done and I received another letter in the last week of April stating the same thing about paying P&I.
I called again telling them this should have been sorted in February and still didn't receive the "re applying" paper work straight away.
Two days went by and I had to call a third time and spoke to the same lady to get the paperwork - mind you I now have 5 days including the weekend before they slug me an additional $600 because of their laziness (on an investment loan) . I asked them to Change the first my payment to just interest only because this should have been sorted in February and there was no care at all and the reply was "you may just have to pay the first month principal and interest until this is sorted out"...... This is their ignorance and I am out of pocked and they couldn't give a crap.

On the multiple loans issue, I tried to combine two loan that have the same interest rate on two investments so my monthly repayments could be slightly less and I could put the extra on my home loan and they didn't want a bar of it.
You'd think for the amount of interest I pay in a year on interest only, I would be funding one of these idiots yearly salary.

They are a waste of time and are not there for the people!!!!

You'll notice that these reviews have no replies from beyond bank where as other banks and credit unions are active on here and reply to these reviews.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

Aged Pensioner Term Deposit

My mum-in-law moved into an aged care nursing home, and these are very expensive, so along with the government fees, leaves very little left over cash from their pension to pay for medicines and everything else. She had a little cash left over from the sale of her unit and tried to create a term deposit account for her, as they offered the best interest rate that paid monthly. Well the staff at the office knew nothing, even destroyed a legal power of attorney document by removing the staples and could/would not help. It seems it is near impossible to create a new account for someone who is unable to come to the branch office. Aged care people are not mobile, often are unable to leave the facility and are disadvantaged. Perhaps we should have hired an ambulance to take her in her aged care bed to the office to satisfy their identification needs. This bank lost another potential long term client because of this attitude and unwillingness to help, so much for the social aspects that this bank espouse..."we can offer the best of both worlds – the security and competitive rates of a bank, together with the member-oriented philosophy".

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

excellent service

Been a customer since the CPS Days 1997 , when the ANZ played around too much over a home loan and my partner suggested her credit union was better option , helped in getting want we wanted .
Very rarely need to visit these day as its all online and very easy to do transactions .
When i do go in its friendly and quick , but go after 11am because the early risers can clog it up at 9.30 to 11.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions and Loan Application

Beyond Bank Appalling and rude service

Never in my life have my Partner and I been bullied so badly by this bank .I can not believe they are actually allowed to operate.They have made me feel like a criminal trying to use a power of attorney to sort out bills for my elderly father.Disgusted.Never ever use or trust beyond bank!!!!!

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

No loyalty to customers

We were loyal to this credit union for too long. When our loan was up for renewal I requested to go to cheaper rate as advertised. The customer service staff member told me that rate "wasn't for people like you" and even our mortgage broker from our local branch wouldn't offer us a better rate. We saw the light and removed all accounts with them for ourselves and kids and could will never deal with them again. We paid fees and had ridiculous interest rates on our accounts for too long, plus the treatment from staff was dismal. Funny how their outside of work persona changes once you are no longer a member.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions and Loan Application

Personal loan worked well

They offered 7.9% internet personal loan and I could get 30k in an urgent time. Processing time took about a week and I had to secure my car as a bond which I didn’t bother much.
Call centre- not so bad and I think a small teams manages everything there.
Internet banking- not so sophisticated as other bigs but manageable

Easy personal loan

I don't usually write reviews, but these guys were great.

I was a brand new customer and only wanting a personal loan, had never heard of them before this.
Very personal and caring when applying for a personal loan, dealt with 1 person the whole time and they were always attentive and good at returning calls and emails and explaining how the process worked.

Extremely fast payment of funds and approval process. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Also like their very simple app with osko!

Standards have slipped

My husband and I have been with Beyond Bank since they were CPS Credit Union in the 1980s.

As a Credit Union they were customer focussed and fantastic to deal with and listened and responded to customers needs.

We have always had mortgages with Beyond Bank and noticed over the years they were getting much less responsive to deal with .

We recently made a tough decision to refinance our home loans to another Provider who offered us a much lower interest rate .

When we did this we were contacted by Beyond Bank to see what they could do to retain us.

At that time we said it was too late for us but as our daughter had a mortgage with them for which we were guarantors we would like to see what they could do for her .

Short answer - nothing . Interest rate quoted 1 per cent higher than current rate we are getting with Aussie . Bank Manager who had contacted us was bland and read off script . Had forgotten previous detail about lengthy phone discussions we had had with him . Had done no research . When we said we will re finance that loan as well parroted off the booklet the fees and charges it would cost to move .

No flexibility for interest rates offered . Negative vibes all the way even though our daughter was in advance on her home loan. They initially contacted us to see what they could do for us - short answer - nothing .

Staff in Branches are also few and far between and less knowledgeable than previously .

Bye Felicia . So much for Pinnacle plus membership - loyalty means nothing these days .

Absolutely useless

Internet banking is ridiculous, if you don't register to am mobile phone, no services can be used, and no option to change it afterwards. When I tried to ring up to fix, customer service was non-existent. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS BANK - COMPLETELY USELESS.

Finally settled with best bank

Joined Beyond Bank when switched from Keystart Home loan. Also got my car loan from Beyond Bank.
The Beyond bank journey has been so far so good. Only drawback was the ROI for home loan has increased twice since I have joined. Otherwise the car loan was given at a competitive rate with no monthly or exit fees.

Beyond a Joke

I moved to CPS Credit Union from St George Bank in 1998. St George had a few years prior swallowed up the only bank I can remember being happy with, Advance Bank. St George's range of exorbitant fees, the most offensive being for clients who have the gall to want to withdraw their own money from their own account - whether through ATM or at branch. I've been with CPS now for over 20 years and cannot remember walking away from an interaction with them feeling anything other than disappointment. The staff are invariably rude, treat clients like numbers and some im pretty sure could very well be robots, or cyborg My last experience a few days ago has made me decide to once again move elsewhere. And the $1,000 overdraft, 65which I've likely paid back three fold in interest over the years, is the only fee I'm charging them for my 20 years of loyal fee paying apathy.
Which i reckon is beyond bloody fortunate for these people considering

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