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Aged Pensioner Term Deposit

My mum-in-law moved into an aged care nursing home, and these are very expensive, so along with the government fees, leaves very little left over cash from their pension to pay for medicines and everything else. She had a little cash left over from the sale of her unit and tried to create a term deposit account for her, as they offered the best interest rate that paid monthly. Well the staff at the office knew nothing, even destroyed a legal power of attorney document by removing the staples and could/would not help. It seems it is near impossible to create a new account for someone who is unable to come to the branch office. Aged care people are not mobile, often are unable to leave the facility and are disadvantaged. Perhaps we should have hired an ambulance to take her in her aged care bed to the office to satisfy their identification needs. This bank lost another potential long term client because of this attitude and unwillingness to help, so much for the social aspects that this bank espouse..."we can offer the best of both worlds – the security and competitive rates of a bank, together with the member-oriented philosophy".

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

excellent service

Been a customer since the CPS Days 1997 , when the ANZ played around too much over a home loan and my partner suggested her credit union was better option , helped in getting want we wanted .
Very rarely need to visit these day as its all online and very easy to do transactions .
When i do go in its friendly and quick , but go after 11am because the early risers can clog it up at 9.30 to 11.

Review TypeGeneral Transactions and Loan Application

Beyond Bank Appalling and rude service

Never in my life have my Partner and I been bullied so badly by this bank .I can not believe they are actually allowed to operate.They have made me feel like a criminal trying to use a power of attorney to sort out bills for my elderly father.Disgusted.Never ever use or trust beyond bank!!!!!

Review TypeGeneral Transactions

No loyalty to customers

We were loyal to this credit union for too long. When our loan was up for renewal I requested to go to cheaper rate as advertised. The customer service staff member told me that rate "wasn't for people like you" and even our mortgage broker from our local branch wouldn't offer us a better rate. We saw the light and removed all accounts with them for ourselves and kids and could will never deal with them again. We paid fees and had ridiculous interest rates on our accounts for too long, plus the treatment from staff was dismal. Funny how their outside of work persona changes once you are no longer a member.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions and Loan Application

Personal loan worked well

They offered 7.9% internet personal loan and I could get 30k in an urgent time. Processing time took about a week and I had to secure my car as a bond which I didn’t bother much.
Call centre- not so bad and I think a small teams manages everything there.
Internet banking- not so sophisticated as other bigs but manageable

Easy personal loan

I don't usually write reviews, but these guys were great.

I was a brand new customer and only wanting a personal loan, had never heard of them before this.
Very personal and caring when applying for a personal loan, dealt with 1 person the whole time and they were always attentive and good at returning calls and emails and explaining how the process worked.

Extremely fast payment of funds and approval process. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Also like their very simple app with osko!

Standards have slipped

My husband and I have been with Beyond Bank since they were CPS Credit Union in the 1980s.

As a Credit Union they were customer focussed and fantastic to deal with and listened and responded to customers needs.

We have always had mortgages with Beyond Bank and noticed over the years they were getting much less responsive to deal with .

We recently made a tough decision to refinance our home loans to another Provider who offered us a much lower interest rate .

When we did this we were contacted by Beyond Bank to see what they could do to retain us.

At that time we said it was too late for us but as our daughter had a mortgage with them for which we were guarantors we would like to see what they could do for her .

Short answer - nothing . Interest rate quoted 1 per cent higher than current rate we are getting with Aussie . Bank Manager who had contacted us was bland and read off script . Had forgotten previous detail about lengthy phone discussions we had had with him . Had done no research . When we said we will re finance that loan as well parroted off the booklet the fees and charges it would cost to move .

No flexibility for interest rates offered . Negative vibes all the way even though our daughter was in advance on her home loan. They initially contacted us to see what they could do for us - short answer - nothing .

Staff in Branches are also few and far between and less knowledgeable than previously .

Bye Felicia . So much for Pinnacle plus membership - loyalty means nothing these days .

Absolutely useless

Internet banking is ridiculous, if you don't register to am mobile phone, no services can be used, and no option to change it afterwards. When I tried to ring up to fix, customer service was non-existent. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS BANK - COMPLETELY USELESS.

Finally settled with best bank

Joined Beyond Bank when switched from Keystart Home loan. Also got my car loan from Beyond Bank.
The Beyond bank journey has been so far so good. Only drawback was the ROI for home loan has increased twice since I have joined. Otherwise the car loan was given at a competitive rate with no monthly or exit fees.

Beyond a Joke

I moved to CPS Credit Union from St George Bank in 1998. St George had a few years prior swallowed up the only bank I can remember being happy with, Advance Bank. St George's range of exorbitant fees, the most offensive being for clients who have the gall to want to withdraw their own money from their own account - whether through ATM or at branch. I've been with CPS now for over 20 years and cannot remember walking away from an interaction with them feeling anything other than disappointment. The staff are invariably rude, treat clients like numbers and some im pretty sure could very well be robots, or cyborg My last experience a few days ago has made me decide to once again move elsewhere. And the $1,000 overdraft, 65which I've likely paid back three fold in interest over the years, is the only fee I'm charging them for my 20 years of loyal fee paying apathy.
Which i reckon is beyond bloody fortunate for these people considering

brilliant service!

I just had to call up to do a few things on my account and girl that i spoke to was absolutely brilliant. She spoke to me like a human being, made sure I understood everything and even provided me with information and services I didn't even know i needed. All in all she was outstanding.

Called to ask to increase my online banking transfer limit. Fobbed off to visit state branches.

Was put on hold for over half an hour in total. Thus spent >1hr on the phone today from 10am. Spoke to 5 ppl. The first two ppl asked me close to 10 separate security questions in total. Yet I answered them accurately. Except when H demanded to know why I needed that money transfer for. Initially I refused, as it's my personal right on how I want to use my money. My request was then blocked by H. She told me to visit their nearest branch (ie. we won't deal with you over the phone).

I remember being treated as a customer much better in the past (for ~15yrs). So I rang back and asked for a supervisor. Then, I asked the supervisor, T, if I need to engage the Ombudsman to improve their customer service. T told me not to, as it would be a waste of my time. She repeated this a few more times, as I couldn't believe my ears. She subsequently changed by saying it's my choice to engage the Ombudsman. So I asked how their customer service could improve without a 3rd party. T said she would take my feedback on board. I asked what that even meant. T went silent, and started furiously tapping on her keyboard (audibly loud). With the awkward silence, I felt my only choice was to hang up, ie. completely wasted my time.

Somehow I persisted, and asked to speak to an even higher supervisor (I didn't know there was one). T didn't even ask if it's ok to put me on hold. Much later on, she crankily transferred me through. Thankfully the higher supervisor (B?) didn't carry an attitude, and did his business in putting my request through. Just had to re-confirm my two IDs with another person M. They explained the more stringent security requirements of late. I thanked both of them for being clear & helpful.

Spent way over an hour for a simple request. Beyond Bank, in the past, used to answer calls directly, and only asked a few questions. Now they first put you on hold for many minutes, then demanded to know everything disdainfully. I can only put it down to my bad luck in dealing with the zero-care customer service from the receptionist H, and her supervisor T.

From the other reviews, a few others seemed displeased with the phone customer service too. Hope the phone customer service improves. For several years, I had recommended Beyond Bank (previously CPS Credit Union) to others until recent years.

Sacking call Centre staff in NSW

After being in the credit union, the amalgamation is a total disaster. Waiting times are over ten minutes, interesting the back ground info talks about exceeding customers expectations. I'm advised the long delays are because 15 people are on sick leave, my response was that the same excused whenever i ring the bank. Clearly the msg must be talking to its existing bank customers. Sacking the call Centre staff in NSW, for profits over customer satisfaction. Clearly they don't want the small customers only after the loans book. Also they change the account required to deposit funds electronically( thanks for the Letter??)

Never tell you anything

A rubbish bank I was caught up in this debarcle when MYCU mergered no paperwork it just happened,I needed a new card oh five days,then seven possible ten I think this is no way for bank to run I’m getting out

Time to change banks

Applied for pre approval for a car loan and was denied, which was based on "if the tenant moves out of your investment property, your salary doesn't cover your mortgage payments plus your other daily living expenses". Did they fail to notice that the funds sitting in my mortgage redraw facility would cover the cost of two new cars? I'm trying to follow the advice of my accountant and not use these funds as investment loans should be kept separate from personal car loans. Most likely they would rather have me use these funds so they can cash in on it.
Well guess what Beyond Bank, I've obtained finance elsewhere, and at a better interest rate. Must have been my excellent credit score and the fact that I have never defaulted on anything, and I'm always in front of my payments. Now that I've been car shopping, it's time to go bank shopping.

Deception is there business

After 38 years of morgage / loan insurance payments. After a workplace accident i tried to put in a claim. Outright rejected my claim, as i had seen a doctor, 28 years earlier with a sore back. They told me i was never covered, even though they were told, multiple times about my back problems. Our last loan and insurance was accepted even though, I was on return to work for 3 years. I was told if i can't work, because of my back getting worse
There insurance would assist us with our loans.
Very Very misleading / criminals. Do not trust them.

Beyond useless insurance

Called beyond bank insurance regarding a 100% not at fault car crash and they told me I have to deal with the other party's insurance company directly. What do I pay beyond bank insurance for then???


I went for one of the on-Line advertised car loans. They offered a payment and rate which was amazing then asked for all my information, bank statements up front, They then came back to me 10 days later and told me an approved payment which was more money . I then had to wait another 3 weeks for the dealer to get paid. The dealer was harassing me for payment I was then harassing the bank . They never called back ..It was a nightmare. NEVER AGAIN

Not forthright with info

[name removed] didn’t once give me the whole picture during loan application process. I had to research their policies to know exactly what information she was supposed to give me. Not at all transparent in their dealings.

Car Finance - great rate.

I began post - pre-approval dealings on a Friday, its now Tuesday and my beautiful new car is sitting outside. Kate and Bec knew their stuff and I got a great deal both with the car and the finance. I am really happy with the service I have received from Beyond Bank. A big thumbs up from me.

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