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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

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So glad I switched to these tyres. My parents got 200,000 kilometers out of theirs which is why I decided to try them. They are not noisy on the road and grip really well. I've had them on for nine months now and they get regularly rotated and not even a sign of wear as yet. I'm super happy with them and the price is worth is several times over!

Purchased at Bob Jane T-Marts.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 14,996 km
Car ModelToyota Prado J120 (2002-2009)
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Exceeded my expectations!

Love my set of BF'S! This is my first set and I will be buying the same set when I am due to buy more! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to take any terrain from snow to mud. Theirs a lot more quieter than I thought while out on the highway

CarFord ranger

very poor

after using BFG's for more than thirty years, I will not buy another one. Put two on the front of my RAM 2500 and had to wait 8 weeks for two for the rear to come from US. two on the front have hardly worn 21700ks. the two rear tires both punctured at 10500ks, one with a rock strait through the tread (something I have never had before with the BFG's) the other with a 75mm tear strait through the tread ($500 gone) both within 4 days of each other. The wear on the two tires at 10500ks to Quote the tire shop owner looked like they had done 30000 + ks. these tires had done about 200 ks on gravel the rest black top.tire pressures as per manufacturers recommendations. It appears to me that the compound of the two newer tires is inferior to the older ones. The fine print on the 6 year warranty means you don't have a chance at a claim ($1000 down) I am now running coopers on the rear. the BFG's may have been good in the past but they aren't worth the money now. I have never had a BFG tire wear or have a rock pierce the tread like these ones have and to get only 10500 ks out of them before they destroyed them selves?? These tire have a load rating of 125/122 and a speed rating of R and considering I was running empty on the black top at the time I don't know how the could achieve this rating.
Save your money and look for another brand.

Car2014 Dodge Ram 2500

BF Goodrich ko2 speed rating

Totally disappointed with the speed rating of the BF Goodrich Ko2. As most of the modern SUVs are a lot faster than the speed rating ( s ) I feel it should be a minimum of a H speed rating or or a speed rating of v. So come on the bF Goodrich you have been around long enough to know better.

Car2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.0 v6 crd

be very wary

Ungraded to 2016 200 series cruiser fitted with BFG KO2 LT 285/70 17. With 6 tyres I rotate tyres every service ( 6 months or 10000k) Two tyres that had done only 15000k have bad splits and need replacement. Had one tyre deflate rapidly at approx 60-65kph on graded gravel due to tread block cracking at the base. Crack went through to the steel casing! Life was interesting for a few moments! This alerted me to the tyres.

On return home bought a replacement then checked other tyres. The other tyre that has less than 15000k has a serious crack in the sidewall, dangerous to use and will likely require replacement. Both these tyres used almost exclusively on highway travel, very little gravel or dirt. No rock exposure.

The other 3 tyres have done 27000 and have cracks around the tread blocks or between the tread blocks. I have run all tyres at 40psi highway and low 30psi (measured hot) on gravel. Sometimes lower on gravel. They are relatively noisy on bitumen. Not sure they are any better than previous tyres on gravel/mud. The 26000 k has been with a light-medium loaded 200 series, 2 people and some camp gear. I drive conservatively, especially off road, a bit like the retiree I am. Have been unhappy with vehicle fuel consumption and Toyota dealer points at the Ko 2 tread pattern as at least partly responsible..

The trips we have been doing have not been as challenging as previous in a Patrol fitted with Yokahamas AT which performed excellently and still had 50% tread at 26000k. eg now trips are Sydney-Bourke rather than Cape York. The amount of tyre chipping and splitting with BFG KO2 is simply not to be expected and appears excessive even dangerous.

Very unhappy with KO 2 tyres. Have seen dealer and he is pessimistic about any warranty claim, awaiting inspection by BFG rep.

Conclusion Be very wary about BFG KO2 despite all the promotion of these tyres as outstanding all-terrain.They do not last and can split unexpectedly. Company support appears questionable.

CarLandcruiser 200 GX

Dangerous in Wed Conditions

Bought these tyres as a package with the vehicle, great tyre in dry conditions, plenty of grip off road. When using them in muddy conditions, keep spinning them moderately to clear the lugs.
However in wet conditions on sealed roads they are more than dangerous. Thankful for traction control cause without it, you'd be off the road. They feature a very hard compound which is great for wear and longevity but hopeless for grip on wet sealed surfaces. Although my vehicle isn't a power house, I can still drift at 80Km/H.

Car2017 Ford Ranger PX2 XLS

Won’t stay balanced

Not so good for my 285/55R20, all 4 are bad. Ride good, nice wear but they won’t stay balanced. Had to be balanced twice the first week I got them, rotated them at 5200 miles, balanced them twice and they won’t stay in balance. Hopefully my shop will get them replaced under warranty.

Car2015 Toyota Tundra Limited double cab 4x4

Great Tyres well worth the price

Have been wanting these for a while and it was worth the wait, heard nothing but good reviews and i also have had family the use them and have lasted a while, so now my turn.

From when i left the tyre shop i could feel the difference, going over the speed bump it was hardly a rock in the car, steering was very responsive, when i got up to highway speed it did not have the annoying wobble and quiet for the size i got 285/75/16.
I have used them in the rain, does not aquaplane when we hit puddles, good braking no slipping.
in Dirt they are very sturdy, you dont feel the corrugation as rough.
They do like to pick up rocks though, but thats the only thing and i dont mind.
They also sit real nice on the Patrol, i would definitely recommend well worth the price, safety first

Car2000, Nissan Patrol Wagon GU2

Wait there still going

I love these tyres they look super tough they handle the tough business & they are gonna last me a good 3 years. A little joke there but seriously the life you gonna get out of these tyres are so much better than the competition. They handle great on the road, get you down the beach for a fish or surf & love hitting a challenging 4wd park.

CarFor courier

Best tyres

I have been using these on my 100 series for years, best i have done was 100,000km.
Drove from Geelong to Cape York and back, great on the road and fantastic on the Telegraph track.
In mud, sand, rivers and the road the performed fantastic, i highly recommend these tyres

Car2001 Toyota Lancruiser wagon, 100series turbo diesel

Best Tyre I ever had

I've been using BFG A/T on my 4x4s ( Landcruiser/Hilux) for the last 20 years. I've tried others that were cheaper but in the long run were more expensive/km. I just sold my 2002 cruiser and the the buyer was gobsmacked with how many kms I got ~ 120,000! I do four wheeling occasionally, nothing too heavy so they're fine. When I get a new (used) fourby the first thing I do is replace the tyres with BFG's.

Car60/ 80/100 series landcruisers as well as two Hiluxes.


These tires are ok I find they are a little overpriced they last well but do make a good bit of road noise they seem to hum a lot when I am slowing down they do very well on wet pavement which is a plus I can’t have tires that slip and slide on wet pavement that’s dangerous

Car2007 Chevy truck

Low Kms

Only got 40,000kms with my new set of tyres, have a caravan but only done around 15,000kms towing it. Thought I would get more kms than what I got. Now I'm considering another brand. Had Goodrich A/T before on my prado and got nearly 80,0000kms. Not sure why I should consider get these tyres again

CarNissan Pathfinder 2012

All around positive

I like the KO2. Huge traction improvement in the wet compared to the old KOs. I like everything about them from toughness to traction to sidewall puncture resistance & the aggressive look. Why 4 stars? I’ve done 20,000kms and doesn’t look like it’d do more than 40,000. We’ll it doesn’t matter, I’m hoping to change to KM3 once they’re out.

CarLand Rover Discovery 2

Good all round 4x4 tyre.

Good off tyre with good bitumen manners. Can be slightly noisy on bitumen but not a negative. I love the strong sidewall on these tyres especially when airing down off road. Some people mention bad wet road manners but I drive with confidence in the wet on bitumen roads. A good tyre.

CarPrado 2000

No warranty

Worst wearing tire I have ever seen. Destroyed the back tires before the standard 5000 mile rotation. Costco sold them to me so I have now buy 4 new tires because I would never put these in again. They are too soft for A truck of that size and I’m not very happy about it.

Car2013 Dodge diesel Ram 2500

Awesome All Terrains

Was a little worried that these tyres would be noisy on the bitumen but I can’t believe how quite these tyres are. They can be a little slippery in the wet but that is to be expected with these types of tyres. The grip off-road is perfect for my application.

Car2017 Holden Colorado LTZ

Best 4wd tyre

I have had Bfgs on my 4wds for over a decade now I absolutely love them! The BFGOODRICH km2s are quite when driving on the road. When going offroad with 10 psi for beach work hill climbs it easily handles the boggy conditions. They also last for many thousands of kilometres.

CarNissan Patrol Gq ute 6.5 Chev Diesel

NOT for wet Road

probably a good tyre for 4x4 but be carefull, in wet Road lateral grip is ZERO absolutely dangerous. Even when I push accel on my 2ton 140 go diesel Ssangyong Kyron ESP lights star to flash because they sleep with so small motor.
Be carefull!!! not for regular use in wet regions

CarSSANGYONG kyron 2007

Awesome tyre new design just got better again

Been very happy with these tyres over many different terrains and the new model is even better with new side grip will continue to use these tyres for many more years to come and recommend them to everyone I know with a off road car they wear very well on and off the road

CarNissan patrol

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Questions & Answers

What pressure should my bf Goodrich all terrain ko2 tyres be at? I have them fitted on my motorhome
No answers

I just replaced my stock tyres on my 2014 Hilux with BFG 265/65/17 A/T KO2. They ride just fine but I noticed on three of the rims on the inside the dealer put lead strips about 2.5cm x 15 cm. Must be about a half a kilo! That doesn't seem right. On the fourth rim there is a 40 gram balance weight. Is this acceptable practice or is this a known issue with the new BFGs. This is the fifth vehicle I g=have installed BFGs on and never noticed anything before.
2 answers
Hi mate. I see nobody has answered you. that's because most will think it is a dumb question. However to answer your question and take some worry off your mind the problem is not with the tyres. The issue is with the rims. and its not really an issue. Don't panic about it there is nothing wrong, it is just to balance the tyre with balance with the rim.Thanks Mate... I brought the tyres back to the dealer and they rotated the tyre on the rim. Ended up with 25 gram! All good. And it was only on one rim not three as written above!

I have these on my 6.5t iveco daily twin wheel. I have been told it won't pass the plate test. What weight can each tyre carry?
2 answers
Hi Chris, I'm no expert but I just went out and checked the tyre wall and it reads: Max load single is 1360kg at 80psi cold Max load Dual is 1250kg at 80psi cold I hope this helps.I read the plate and requires 225/75/17 . Front and rear on a twin which is is. Then it says weight 118/116 ?? That's where I'm stuck! I don't have this to see on my KO2'S. I was led to believe as KO2'S had thicker side walls so they carry a lot more weight. I think only no proof till I get van back is it was more the 7.5t Mark as opposed to the 6.5t I only need.

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