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BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

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No More for us.

We have had 3 tyres with good tread blow out over the last 2 yrs. we will never buy these again, not only are they a poor quality tyre, they are dangerous. We will not risk our lives again.

Tyre Mileage 18,000 km
Car ModelToyota landcruiser

Great value

I got a set of these 45.000 km ago and they are still going don’t worry about all these fancy brands these do the job and a good job at that

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 45 km
Tyre Pressure Used32 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyMonthly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling


Inherited a set of 305/70/16 on 105 series
had about 10mm tread left .. invoice suggested that they had 32k km on them
found them wanting big time at highway speed the cruiser just never felt comfortable, tried balancing and rotations pressures just hard to drive
in the bush more than a capable tyre solid side wall to be able to run down around 25 psi
had them replaced after 6k (38k)due to tread failure
in a competitive market it has a strong name if you want a muddie to be a muddie you can do a lot worse
would i buy a set ??? no

Car105 landcruiser

An awesome mud tyre

These tyres are very quite on the road for a mud tyre and perform great off road. I have used these tyres for a long time and have had no chipping issues. They have good sidewall strength and protection which helps for rocky wheel ruts when 4x4ing in muddy wet conditions.

CarNissan gq patrol

Lasting great

Had the tyres fitted over 30,000kms ago and they're still going strong, have them rotated at ever service to keep wear even. Car drives beautifully on all terrain and I do a lot of on road driving. Handle well in mud, as you'd expect!! Will definately be using BFGoodrich again.

Car2015 Nissan GU Patrol

Great product, still just as good as the KM1's

Got a set of these before heading on my last big offroading trip, was a little disappointed to find out that they had superseded there KM1's with these. A little worried as well as my old tyres had almost 100000kms on them and still performing.
They have done the job stayed inflated and hopefully last the length of the old ones.

CarFord Ranger


They are amazing fwd tyres they are awesome off track and really good on road still. Your car almost feels like it’s driving on air.. the tread is really thick and actually last! Unless you really like to go off-road then you may need to replace a little more often but I love them

CarFord ranger

Just average and that’s about it

As the title suggests, they are so so if not a little overrated. I generally have got around 100,000 out of my mud tires (rotated every 10,000). Admittedly they’re not to practical for muddy conditions after about 70 - 80,000. I don’t think this set will get past 70,000 at the rate they’re wearing, but are pretty quiet on the road for a muddy. Let’s face it if you are worried about road noise don’t buy mud tires period. Had them on the rocks and they’ve come through pretty well. I honestly think they’re a bit average in genuinely wet muddy conditions. Don’t think I’ll run them again.

Car79 series landcruiser

Quality mud tyre

If you are looking for a mud tyre I would recommend these, I have now got 50k on these tyres (on and off road) they are still half tread and extremely quite for a mud tyre on the road, with every mud tyre there is some sacrifice to on the road driving but these are by far the best I’ve had.

Car2009 navara

Great tread pattern for going anywhere!

Great muddies, strong sidewalls but still plentynof flex in the wall. This is my second set, this time in 265/76/16. Had 33/12.5/15 previously and they were great but made for slow going in between awesome 4wding trips. I fitted the 265’s for towing and they suit the car a lot better. I’ll happily buy another set tomorrow.

Car1989 Nissan Patrol

Excellent Tyres!

These are great performers. I have done 120,000kms on current set and they are still road legal.
Never had any issues with on road handling (wet or dry)
Only really got noisy at about 100,000kms
Done the Simpson, Cape York, Flinders Ranges and lots of the Vic High Country.
Tyre pressure and regular rotate and balance are the key.
Looking at all these reviews only seals the deal. I'm buying a new set for my trip to the Kimberly's via the Tanami Track.

Car105 Series Landcrusier with all the extras and a camper van in tow.

Long time user. Harsh terrain tyre with great durability and on road handling.

I replace these every two years due to the nature of my driving. I have always been able to sell the old ones for a great price. I am happy with the cost per year to have no tyre issues on our trips and knowing that with a full size 4wd and an offroad van (also using these tyres) that I am doing the best to protect the performance of the car on the road and off while protecting my family and everyone elses.


Best tyres I've had so far!!

Have had these tyres for nearly 1 year and around 20,000kms.
Best tyres I have owned yet. They are very quiet for mud tyres on the road, and also have very good handling.
They have worked great in rocks, mud and sand off road and would highly recommend them!
Looking forward to seeing how they go in the future.

CarNissan Navara D40

Great mud tyre

Good tyre on the road for a mud tyre. Not slippery in the wet. Great off-road in rich and mud. Good puncture and tear resistance. Low road noise if rotated correctly. Got good km's out of first set so I bought again.one of the best mud tyres I have used that is still safe on the hard top. Well priced

CarNissan Navara

Good grip, doesn't like hard braking,

Recently I purchased a set of 265/75/16 for my GU. First ting I noticed was the extra tyre flex in corners and the lack of grip when hard braking. But they are a mud tyre so to be expected. 15000kms further on they are wearing well and square. Not as noisy as the old bar pattern but a pleasant surprise on sealed surfaces. I'd be happy to get 60000kms out of them as we drive some terrain in the high country. BFG's have a good and longstanding reputation in the industry for all the right reasons.

CarNissan Patrol GU

Great tyres

Excellent tyres for all conditions. Daily I drive dirt and very poorly surfaced bitumen roads through rainforest and down steep extreme bends. These tyres perform well on mud, dirt, rock, rough roads, and normal roads wet and dry. I have not done a lot of beach sand driving but from one or two excursions they were fine. Not too noisy and this being my second set, I seem to get about 110,000 kms out of them, rotating every 20,000 kms.
Pretty even wearing. As said these are my second set and I can't see why I won't be buying them again. I use the 255/85 16's as I like the extra height but not too wide. I've almost gone to the 285/75's but I'm not convinced that I would be happy and it is an expensive experiment. Army keeps them thin and tall for deep bite in soft terrain. I don't drive hard ( I'm not 19 anymore) but the tyres are constantly driven in extreme varying conditions, floods through to drought. Creek crossing on driveway and road etc. very stable sure footed tyre. Perfect all round 4x4 tyre that actually drives on many surfaces in extreme weather conditions as part of normal living.

CarLand Rover Defender 110

Good Milage. Tough Tyres

Fitted these are getting over 100000Kms off the old pattern. Really good tyre. Size 32x11.5x15 Superior performance. Great traction. Puncture resistant. Sold the car with these tyres still fitted and had done over 70000kms with them and still had lots of life left in them. Cannot recommend them enough. .

Car1992 Nissan Patrol

Very tough and loads of grip.

I've been off road three times and I have nothing but good words to say. Very impressed.
I like to push my hilux to the limit and these boots get you to the other side with amazing ability. I do mostly forest tracks on 20PSI.
I have a set of michelin road tyres for city driving and they are far superior to these for road manners but hey, that's not what I'm after with these KM2 boots.
Word of warning, I've heard the genuine 'made in USA' ones are the only real deal. Apparently there are some cheaper versions floating about that are not as well made. it could be a rumour.

Car2017 Hilux

hard reliable tires

Got recommended the brand from a friend that tried a few other brands , really happy with performance and wear , great in all conditions , of course you can scrape any tire on a sharp rock just watch the road ahead and avoid if possible . Used on my Toyota Hilux and happy with them ill defineatly buy again same when I'm due

Cartoyota huilux

The Truth About BF Goodrich

Firstly I do not represent this brand in anyway.
Regardless of weather we're talking mud or all terrain these tyres are tough and hardy as any. I run and rotate 5 33" BF muddies and they are tough and trustworthy on all terrain. I live in cape York and use my car for dirt, mud, sand, creeks, dirt and even a bit of overlanding. I've run bfs on my hilux, an old 200 series, our old 80 and have never had a fairy fart of a problem. Bogged to the axles? Run them right down to 8-10 psi and with a shovel and half a brain you'll be right. Any bad press about these tyres will only be due to driver error eg (running the wrong pressures etc).
If there is one downside to my BF's (and any Mud Terrain tyres in general) road noise and tread wear can be a nuisance compared to All terrains. And obviously with the added road drag due to more aggressive tread patterns you'll be using a little extra fuel per 100/kms so be prepared for that when tossing up options.

Happy touring and shop around! Stick to the main brands, USA isn't always the way!!!!!!

Car03 hilux, 09 prado, 2012 saharah

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Questions & Answers

Regarding bf goodrich KO2, I wonder if I can install them so their white letters are inside and not visible. Regads
2 answers
The KO2 is the All-Terrain tyre, and for the purpose of this question it matters not as both the Mud Terrain and All Terrain have the white lettering. The answer to your question is yes. Just let the tyre shop know when fitting your new tyres that you'd like the white lettering on the inside, they will be more than happy to oblige. CheersHi Ali, yes you can. Cheers

How many kms on average are you all getting WITH CONSTANT load on?
1 answer
I got 80,000kms off my old KM's on a 1992 GQ Patrol. Size was 33 * 12.5 R15. Major issue was sidewall punctures - 3 over the life of the 4 tyres. KM2s are a new pattern, so I'm not sure about these.

Do they hang on in the wet roads I am running BFG AT 265-75-16 and get 100,000 plus so what about the muddies should I change I tow a caravan 3Ton?
1 answer
I depend where you go with your 3Ton caravan. If you head on muddie road it is better for you to get the muddies so that you don't get stuck. From my experience there is a 30% increase in traction from AT to KM2. If you stay on the bitumen and off road or dirty road when it is not considerably muddie then the AT are better. You have more traction on the wet with the AT. Probably the same percentage the AT loses on the mud, the AT gains it in the wet. Consumption goes up 10% with the muddies and life spam goes down to 80,000. So considering that you need grip to slow down the 3Ton, specially on the wet, my advice is to stick with the AT. Hope this help.


BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2
Category4WD Tyres
Width215 mm to 305 mm
Aspect Ratio / Profile60% to 75%
Rim Diameter15 to 18 inches
Load Index 100 to 123
Speed Rating Q
Release dateJun 2010

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