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A Healthy Saving

We've been using a Bionizer for a year and a half now and it's pretty much a 'set and forget' experience. Whilst friends are spending a small fortune getting their chemical pools ready for summer, our pool is crystal clear and chlorine free all year round. Very happy!

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Hi Adrian, Thank you for your review. So happy to hear you are enjoying the Bionizer along with your crystal clear pool! Happy Swimming Team Bionizer

First class friendly service.

We changed to the Bionizer system almost a year ago, after 26 years of salt/chlorine and with minimum effort our pool has never sparkled like it does now. The service from the staff is exceptional and the timely seasonal setting adjustment reminders are great.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Hi Gary, Thank you for your review and feedback. We are so happy you are enjoying your swimming pool and the Bionizer Pool System. Happy Swimming. Bionizer :)

Great System

I have had this Bionizer system in my pool for 3.5 years , it's so easy to use the weekly and monthly water checking, it takes about 15 minutes per week . The water is as so soft and salt free the birds are drinking it . I have saved hundreds of dollars per year . I wish i had discovered the Bionizer when i built my pool . Well done guys.

Living in Melbourne without a bionizer installer

I live in Melbourne and bought a full bionizer system and so far has been so good. The water is crystalline and not more chlorine or salt nether red eyes. everybody is happy and I recommend the system as one of the best water sanitizer

So far all good

Never owned a pool betore and wanted a system that would require minimum intervention.chose the full bionizer system and after 9 months are very happy.20 people over xmas in the pool and the water quality remained excellent.
Minor chemical adjustment only needed after recent service visit by bionizer team and subsequent water analysis.

Time Saver

After installing the Bioniser with associated PH Boss & Eco Oxidizer on my new pool 6 years ago , I can highly recommend the system to all & sundry , to the extent I've recommended & had the Bioniser installed to approx. 20 others ( & more in the pipeline) once word was passed around that I had found & installed the perfect time saver/ maintenance free pool sanitation system. I'm not getting paid for this review , no freebees , nothing , I just want to share my experience with others whom are considering a new or updating their existing pool , I also must add, the backup I receive from Bioniser is faultless & prompt (Thanks Gary). Finally , I have been told numerous times that a pool is sooo labour intensive, expensive & trouble , RUBBISH !! there is still the basic maintenance that is required , like skimming (leaves etc) & water quality /balance , but with the Bioniser I only spend approx. half an hour each week to check balance & skim when necessary, most of it is automatic. If further advice or info is required I'd be glad to speak to anyone, &/or proof is in the pudding , come & have a look at my pool .
Cheers Rod Merrett

So far so good

I have bought an Bionzer without the other modules and I've had it now for a few months and after a dose of algae due to incorrect PH levels it's going great. We are coming into a hot Perth summer now when the water really warms up under our blanket and pools can go off really quickly so I am interested to see how it performs. I'm hopeful that if I keep the levels right things will go well. I'll give you some updates.

Swimming in freshwater

I'm very happy with the purchase of bionizer system and products. Water is crystal clear and just like swimming in freshwater. Easy to install and maintain especially with ph boss. Would recommend to everyone
Cheers Gerard & Brenda

Impressive system with quality backup service thrown in!

I was originally looking to install a salt pool until I'd seen the Bionizer system on Better Homes and Gardens only a few months ago. I then rang the company shortly thereafter and spoke with Brian who gave me all the advice and direction I needed before I installed the fibreglass pool and followed me up to see how I was travelling. This is a first class company and I will be recommending them to anyone in the market for a better pool system.
Thank you team Bionizer.



I have had this system for about a year now after swapping over from a salt chlorination system. My main reason for changing to Bionizer was I hated the salt residue left around the pool, the feeling of salt drying on your body when you get out the pool and the fear of corrosion affecting my pool components and surroundings.
I have so many people compliment me on the quality and clarity of the pool water and it just feels amazing. It is so much easier to maintain the water quality and support is just a phone call away. You can still get your water tested at a pool shop if you want or do it yourself, most pool shops can also test your copper levels but it is very easy to test at home. I cannot recommend this system more highly.

We are so happy to have made the decision to use Bionizer

Yes, we have enjoyed having the Bionizer in our pool. The pool has a liner so we didn’t get the ph kit. It took a while to get the balance right, probably because we had been using some stabiliser and also a phosphate clearing chemical prior. Even though the pool was originally salt water. Once I put a new filter cartridge in and drained 1/4 of the water out it came good, after I put the copper ions in. We had constant rain and hot weather which in the past meant lots more salt and stabilisers, but the pool remained clear. Apart from a cup of acid a couple of times to get the ph right we haven’t had to add anything and the water is still clear. We received our electricity bill yesterday and it we $80 less than the same period last year, this can only be due to the pump running less time. We are so happy to have made the decision to use Bionizer.

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This is really nice feedback thanks Sandra...enjoy your freshwater Bionized pool and swim clean for summer. Any questions just call us. 1800 10 62 74

Amazing system

I installed two (2) Bioniser L250 units with a PH Boss in a pool in large pool Phuket of 500,000 ltrs approx two and a half years ago. This pool is tiled in marble. The only thing I do is refill the Acid drum every month and maintain the water balance.This pool has been absolutely amazing and has not given any trouble.whatsover. The neighbour has a 750,000 liter pool and is going to change from a auto chorine doser to a Bioniser.
We are saving thousands by not using Chlorine and Salt. IAN Mitchell director Total Pool Solutions.


Great and easy to use with no chemicals as this is a great saving on money and time. The backup service from the staff at Bionizer is always there for you.


I have had a Bioniser for over 10 years now and just want to say that in that time we only had one hiccup and that was very quickly turned around (mainly due to too much rain). The staff at Bionizer have always been helpful when I'm not sure about something. I spend very little on my pool in upkeep compared to when it used to be a salt water pool. Highly recommend to anyone to make the change - even to people who already have ionised pools - look into this. In my experience, I have to say, I'm a very happy customer. Don't be put off by the fact they are in Qld. Their service is great.

Great for chemical free pool

Had a Bionizer 3 n 1 system for 18 months now. Had a few minor issues and always got great technical support from both Sunshine Coast and Brisbane offices. It is does take a bit to get used too as chlorine being a toxic chemical will mask a lot of stuff. I love swimming in a pool that is not full of chemicals. So thumbs up for the Bionizer for a product to help the planet.

Never Buy

Have had a bionized pool system for 5 years now and it is too complex to upkeep. Pool goes green often...particularly if you go on holidays for a week or two...even with the PH BOSS. [name removed] who dispatches products from Brisbane admitted I have a PH BOSS with a manufacturing fault and Bionizer always want you to fix the problems. I wouldn't buy if I had my time over as there is only one person on the whole of the Sunshine Coast who can service the equipment...he tries hard but often I need to pay to get him up again as something hasn't been installed correctly..... Ultimately this business doesn't believe the customer is right and when an issue comes up, rather than resolving it peacefully, asks you not to contact them again. So I shan't. They will be hearing from me through a third party! They are a strange bunch entwining business with trying to become friends which doesn't work when you have issues needing resolution. I highly recommend you do not get involved with these people....you will NOT be looked after. I am happy to forward the email thread for you to see how they treat people...that is the Brisbane supplier [name removed]...you will not buy once you see it!
*NOTE - I don't believe all reviews below are real (the ones without photos of the person mostly)...check the ones that are verified purchasers and obviously the reviews that are not good

Sparkling Chemical Free Pool - Fantastic

Have had the Bionizer on my pool for 9 months now and it has worked extremely well. A bit of a learning curve to start but it was soon running well and water has been sparkling ever since. Less pumping time, no more lugging bags of salt from the pool shop and no chemical smells in pool.

Too many issues

Installed a bionizer when we installed our fibreglass pool, which was and is our first pool. From day one it was difficult to get the copper level in the correct 'zone'. Even when all the levels were correct the pool water never looked right. After rain and or windy days the copper levels got out of whack so easily and again the challenge of achieving the correct copper levels presented themselves. I was literally visiting my pool shop twice a week as the test kit supplied was not very accurate. After 18 months, the final straw was when the pool shell changed colour from blue to grey (over a period of some months). I was in denial about this for a while until I held a sample piece of fibreglass the same colour against the wall of my pool. After some trial and error I found the problem was the copper had somehow been depositing itself on the shell surface. Fortunately lots of citric based stain remover lifted the copper (the water turned purple and the copper reading went through the roof) which then had to be removed with lots of metal remover products costing heaps. Since the changeover to salt about 3 years ago, maintenance has been much less, chemical costs lower, pool water looks amazing 99% of the time and most importantly almost zero mental stress. I'm sure it must work for some people but for me it was a pain in the neck and a highly stressful experience.

Dont listen to pool shops

The service from the people at Bionizer have been very supportive. My pool guy recommended this company to me and I was so in doubt of this technology because like everyone else, I thought mineral system / salt water. But my neighbour has had it all. For the last 7 years he has had a ioniser system and swears by it. All we do is add a little powdery product designed for ioniser systems once a week ( 2 cups) in the deep end and that is it. When I check my PH level and copper, its fine. But I advise you buy the PH Boss and the Eco Oxidizer. No regrets at all and great service from the company in QLD

Early results (3 months) of pool cleanliness with the Bionizer system

Hi I had the Bionizer pool sanitation system installed in January after the Zodiac Tri chlorinator (for salt water) packed it in. Fixing it was not an option ($$$) replacement was not an option ($$ & unreliable in experience). So research pointed to this new system that sanitises the water using copper ions with out the need for Chlorine OR salt. Clever! I DO NOT work for or have any affiliation with the Bionizer company apart from that I bought their system. It is so far working very well with no signs of green algae or cloudy water. I have used less pool acid and the amount of chlorine I add to the pool is about a cup a month (with a salt chlorinator I was pouring chlorine into the water after acid balancing as the salt cell just wasn't working enough!). The company have been very informative and supportive in getting our system up and running and I am very happy. Check it out. It's amazing that we don't need bags of salt or buckets of chlorine to keep our pool water safe and inviting to swim in. I will update again after seeing how it performs over the winter 'hibernation' under a solar blanket.

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Hi. I said I'd review after the winter season to let you consumers like me know how the Bionizer system is performing. So It's a late entry to the summer swimming season. My kids have only just begun getting in the pool. I pulled the winter cover off it only 3 weeks ago and the water looked clear but perhaps slightly greenish. Anyway, I did a full water test (using the supplied equipment from Bionizer) which can test for pH, Total Alkalinity, copper ions, phosphates and calcium hardness. All parameters were in perfect range apart from pH which was high (as usual). I put the recommended amount of liquid acid in and a cup of liquid Chlorine to help with a bit of 'sparkle' and after a brush and a vacuum - voila! Ready to swim. So, overall I am happy with the Bionizer system after a winter break with virtually nothing done to the water during the winter months. I'll review again after another summer. Hopefully a busy one swimming at our place. Bye.

Questions & Answers

Sorry, said "reverse Osmosis" - just had water system installed in kitchen. so had this on my mind - I meant to say Ozone. Wanted to compare Ozone with Bionizer re pool maintenance. We had Ozone as treatment in our previous pool which was concrete, but have just recently purchased a house with a pebblecrete pool.
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We have an inground pebble crete pool which is about 14 years old. At present it is a saltwater filter but the cost of chemicals and a poolman is very high for me. Am wondering if the pebblecreting might cause problems if we switched to a Bionizer. Or would reverse osmosis be the better option? thank you
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My pool is pebble crete and about the same age , i have had no problems with using the Bionizer it has no negative effect whats so ever . Make the change you won't regret it .

Hi. There is one review here where the. Upper ions were sticking to the fibreglass pool she’ll, causing stains and being ineffective as a sanitation method. Has anyone else heard of troubles like this? Does anyone know why this may have happened? Thanks.
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Any stains would be blue from the copper. Usually fiber glass pools are blue anyway. I have not seen this before but I suggest that you do not raise copper levels above .3. Is the pool correctly balanced? Keep PH at 7.2It is that some pool owners do not check their water balance regularly...if copper is not at normal levels it will show on the copper test results and this will very quickly show that the copper level is sneaking up. This can easily be controlled by the touch of a button and the copper levels will stay at a constant setpoint. If the balance isn't checked for many weeks or even months in this case and the pH and or total alkalinity are also not checked (after all it is just a pool right it should look after itself) regularly then if the copper levels become too high..double or more our recommended level of 0.5 to 0.6 ppm then this combo of high copper high pH and or low alkalinity may deposit some copper marks on the pool surface. It is a rare occurrence (almost impossible with the Bionizer with new copper to water volume program now) and the marks are easily removed with a general stain remover that lifts metallic Manganese, iron and Copper stains off the surface of pools. Iron and Manganese stains are found on many pools hence the general type of metallic stain removers readily available. Keys to a trouble-free and easily maintained pool are good circulation and regular water balance.Hi Lotte We have had a bionizer for over a year now and having so many problems with colouring. The cord of the pool cleaner is a bright green yellow colour and now our walls of the pool are discoloured. We have had regular maintenance of our pool and have strictly followed the instructions however we can't get it to work. All our hair is green and I'm literally pulling my hair out trying to solve our pool problems... too much trouble! We don't know what to do and I'm on here trying to work out a solution. Have you found any alternative healthy options?


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