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I bought a second hand 2015 Subaru Outback that has a Blackview front and rear camera which works very well. The problem is that, while the Blackview works well, it disrupts the car’s inbuilt sat nav. I thought that the car’s sat nav was the problem so I took it to my Subaru dealer. They quickly tested the Outback’s sat nav and found that it was not faulty. They found it failed to work accurately due to the Blackview. I have now disconnected the Blackview and the car’s sat nav works perfectly well. I would be grateful for any advice you could provide. Many thanks, Ric
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Hi Ric, Thanks for your question, this sounds like the electromagnetic interference from the coax cable could be preventing the sat nav's GPS antenna from acquiring a signal. To confirm this you can try; 1. Ensuring the camera has the latest firmware. 2. Try running the primary camera with the coax cable disconnected. If only the 2nd option works please contact BlackVue Australia so we can organise a replacement cable. The replacement cable will need to be routed differently (through the floor panels as far away from the GPS antenna as possible) to avoid any interference. Please feel free to contact our support team Mon-Fri 9-5 AWST if any questions. Best Regards, James BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167I have disconnected the rear camera and all is well. The car GPS is now working perfectly. Thanks for the advice.

Hi, I have had the 1ch version for 3 years now and love it. My question is - can you protect event files manually on this model and if so, how? Thanks
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Hi Frank, I am so sorry I cannot answer you. I am only a "buyer" like you are, not a "tech", which is whom you should speak to. Try the Help Centre at BlackVue. Kind Regards, Tassie DevilHi Frank, Thanks for your question. Both the current premium models (DR750S & DR900S) have the event lock feature which can be configured in settings, however the DR650GW & DR650S do not have this ability. The best way to protect critical files is to download them on to your smart phone, once downloaded the files will remain on your phone permanently until deleted. Feel free to get in touch if any other questions. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Can I have it powered up all the time .
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Hi Mark, Thanks for your question. In short the camera can run continuously, however this is dependent on a suitable power supply. BlackVue offers 3 power supply options: 1. Power Magic Pro (PMP) This allows the camera to run of the car battery with a voltage cut off, ensuring the car will start upon return. Typical run time approx 4 hours. 2. B-112 Auxiliary battery will allow 6 hours of run time. 3. B-124 Bluetooth auxiliary battery will allow 17 hours of run time. The above run time are based on a fully charged battery, the battery need approx 40 mins to fully charge. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Thank you, I'll look into one of these

Hi there, In June 2016, I purchased two DR650GW-2CH for my wife and myself. Now I'm having issues with them. About a week ago, mine stopped working, only the blue GPS light is on and it doesn't record anymore. My wife's one when I remove the power it switches off without shutting down. Could you please help? Thanks!
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Hi ShagShag, Thanks for your question and sorry to hear that your camera is having these issues. Can I suggest trying to format your microSD card in a PC and double check that all the file shave been deleted. Furthermore, feel free to call our support team on 08 6267 5167 and they should be bale to offer some more extensive troubleshooting. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.

How does this dash cam get a award ?
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Hi Myshelle, great question, according to ProductReview in order to be eligible for an award, a product or a service must meet these requirements: Listed in a selection of the most popular categories on ProductReview.com.au Full retail availability to the Australian public for most of 2018 A minimum average rating of 4.1 stars on 31st October 2018 10 or more approved reviews written and approved between November 1st 2017 to October 31st 2018 From this nomination list, our team performs qualitative analyses and metric comparisons to gauge a sentiment score in determining a winner for a category. In particular, the proportion of 5-star to 1-star reviews is taken into account, with more weight being given to reviews written in the last 12 months. In cases where the sentiment score is very close we may award multiple listings within the category. Hope this helps answer your question :) Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Thank you Tom

I've recently had a dr750s fitted. It stopped working. Technican had to replace it with a new one. My problem . now it dosent recognize the new ssid. when I'm pairing it to my phone. It still recognises the old camera. Im unable to get access to the original ssid to set to forget Any suggestion on how to delete the old ssid
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Hi David, great question, just confirm this is a DR750S? As you have listed it under DR650S. If it is the DR750S, it sounds like the microSD card was swapped form the old unit to the new unit, carrying over the old SSID and password. I suggest resetting the SSID/Password by holding down the WiFi button for 5 seconds, then releasing, then press once. Let me know if this resolves your issue. Thanks, Tom. BlackVue AustraliaThankyou Tom your suggestion was applied and problem solved with thanks DavidGreat to heart David, don't forget to leave a review if you don't mind :) Thanks, Tom. BlackVue Australia

Hi, I bought a BlackVue DR650GW Dash cam from someone on a facebook Market place. And they didnt provide me with any power cord and the cord to connect the rear cam to the front. So stupid of me that I didnt check before buying believing that she wont cheat me. Please help as I paid her $200 and now she is not replying my messages. What else do I need to get it running and where can I buy those cords
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Hi Swapnil D. The only help I can give you is to contact autoblackbox at (support@autoblackbox.com.au) they might have the spares you are looking for. I am only a purchaser like yourself, not a tech or dealer. Their address is - AUTO BLACKBOX PTY LTD, 13 Pearson Way, Osborne Park WA 6017. p: +61 (8) 6267 5167 f: +61 (8) 6267 5166. Kind Regards, Tassie Devil

hello I bought a camera BLACKVUE DR650S-1ch I can not register it on a cloud serial number is D65SS1FBE02360 cloud number 5LMWNJ2B5D4VJ4 each time shows exceeded time limit or that the camera is already registered - and her application can not see if you can help me thank you
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Hi Pawel, best thing to do is email the manufacturer who controls the BlackVue Cloud Service, they can be reached on cs@pittasoft.com and they will be able to check the registration details for you. Thanks, Tom.

Hi, I've removed my SD card to review an impact however it only has the footage for the 3 - 4 of the month when i need today being the 6th of the same month?
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I am only a "buyer" of this Dash Cam, not an agent or supplier. Have you checked the date settings on the SD card to make sure you have Australia and the correct time for each state? I do know that if you have your settings on the SD card at "HD" then you have limited time before it re-uses the card. Try putting your card in your computer/Ipad etc. and changing the setting to a lower quality. I think there are 3 or 4 settings that will reduce the quality of the footage but increase the time before it overwrites the SD card. Unfortunately I think it's too late for you to recover that impact this time! Try contacting the suppliers at : support@autoblackbox.com.au Regards Tasssie Devil

Are Blackvue going to address (with a firmware update) the totally oversensitive "Motion Detection" as used for the PARKING MODE on the DR650GW -2CH units. I believe they have the same issue with nearly all of the models including the latest range. Even when set to the very least sensitive setting the camera still records almost full time to the SD Card- which is pretty useless when in Parking mode. It will pick up a blade of grass moving at 100Metres!!! and record it!!! why can't this be addressed?
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Hi Raybin, Unfortunately the manufacturer has advised us, the Australian Distributor, that they will not be releasing firmware updates for the DR650GW and DR650S range any more. We are equally frustrated at this decision, but it is out of our control. It may be worth emailing them and giving your feedback directly, they may take it on board and reconsider the decision to not release further updates. Some customers have had positive results by turning motion detection OFF, but increased the G sensor sensitivity. Thank you, BlackVue Australia.Hi Raybin, I think BlackVue Australia has answered your question. I am not a rep, agent etc. for BlackVue. I just happened to have bought 2 Dash Cams for our cars a couple of months ago and left a feedback for them. Now I keep getting questions of all sorts about problems and stuff that I know nothing about, but just give contact details of BlackVue Australia. Sorry I cannot help. :( Regards Tassie Devil.Blackvue, Well, i guess that says it all. I can waste my time banging my head against an unmovable brick wall or i can continue to write honest reviews on every available consumer website and social media page that i can regarding the total unsuitability for purpose that their product exhibits. The 3 major functions that would be required of parking mode: ( in my opinion) 1) Record to SD card activity near your car- for the purpose of recording possible malicious scratch events- NOT GOING TO BE POSSIBLE IF YOU TURN MOTION DETECTION OFF! 2) Minimise the possibility of "REAL EVENT" Overwrite on the SD Card- NOT POSSIBLE AS THE UNIT RECORDS PRACTICALLY 100% OF THE TIME 3) Record events such as collision damage- YES IT CAN DO THIS BUT MAY WELL BE OVERWRITTEN DUE TO THE OVER-SENSITIVITY OF THE MOTION DETECTION FIRMWARE. I am just one of many whom are complaining about this- it is time for everyone to write as many reviews in as many places as possible- i for one would not ever consider buying or recommending one of the BLACKVUE systems and have currently persuaded many to avoid buying one of this brand.

Where to buy around Adelaide. My post code is 5045. I am not too sure the difference between the W os the S model.
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Hi Squizzy, Firstly the "W" is now a discontinued model, so no worries there. They must have a newer version available. I live in Tassie and bought mine from NSW, this is the site : www.sparesbox.com.au. They were fantastic, great mob to deal with and very helpful. On top of that it was a quick delivery too. Some of the best "deals" are on the "net" so shop around and see what you can find. I got our 2 cars fitted by an Auto Electrician, hard-wired not plugged in, starts a couple of minutes after turning on the ignition, talks to you to tell you it's working :) Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Tassie Devil.

How do i format my sd card? it tells me check your sd card Peter.
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Happy New Year Peter, I am no expert in this. I only view my footage on my computer, I think that you can format your card on the Blackvue site. If you have any problems try emailing this :- support@autoblackbox.com.au they are very helpful and knowledgeable on these Dash Cams. Regards, Tassie Devil

How do you change facebook you live stream to? the live steam works but i cant change user
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Hi Heath S, Sorry I cannot help you. I do not stream to Facebook, I never use Facebook, don't trust it! I contacted this site and had great help :- : support@autoblackbox.com.au Explain your problem and they can help, they answered my enquiry in a couple of days. Not much chance over Christmas, now though! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Tassie Devil P.S. I have only just fitted my dash cam in the last few weeks, and am still learning too :)

Hello I have the blackvue dr650s/ 2ch bought it a few days a go. Everything is great only one problem is I can’t see the videos in the app I need to remove the sdcard to watch them in my laptop I don’t know why can’t do the upgrade of the blackvue by the app And especially about videos can’t see them in the app blackvue is empty every time How can you help me please ? And what is the firmware for my blackvue? Thanking you in advance
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You should get support from your installation.Hello Nab, I am no expert on this issue. I contacted this site for help, which they gave and fixed my problem, :- " Support Team - Auto BlackBox [support@autoblackbox.com.au]" This is the information they sent to me and it fixed my problem:- "They have informed us that it is the current viewer version you have installed that is causing the issue. Can you please try installing the version below. https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/downloads/dr650gw-series/dr650s-2ch/pc-cloud-player/windows/ Please advise if the issue still persists." They are a great support team and responded ASAP to my enquiry, I think they will be your best option to fix your problem. Also I have NOT used a "app" to download my film footage, I take out the sd card and use my computer, don't own a "smart phone :)" Sorry if this is not very helpful but I cannot offer you much more! Regards Tassie Devil

I recently bought the DR650GW-2CH with the magic box. Everything was working great after installation. I had access to my iPhone app and was able to set everything up. Now there’s no voice prompt, I can’t access my phone app due to no connection, the red recording light doesn’t come on unless I disconnect the cord to the camera and plug it back in. After starting the car, I always heard the camera say something, now it’s nothing. I tried holding down the button on the side to reset it but nothing. I tried downloading the newest firmware too. Can you please help me?
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Hi Sharon, Thanks for your question, there sounds like there are a couple of things in play here. 1. No lights on the camera would indicate there is no power getting to the camera unit, this can be for a number of reasons; e.g. low battery voltage, poor cable connection, Power Magic Pro boot switch is in the off position. Obviously if there is no power to the unit you will not be able to connect to the camera with your smart phone. 2. No voice announcements can be due to them being switched off in the settings, it is possible the camera speaker my not be working correctly. For the best support please contact the BlackVue Australia support team on the details below so we can get you back on the road ASAP. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167Hi, 1. Actually the lights are on, but sometimes just the blue light only. When that happens, I pull the plug out and insert it back in. That is when I have both red and blue lights on. There is power to the unit, it’s just not working properly at the moment. 2. The voice command was on all this time and suddenly it stopped. I didn’t change the setting. Now I’m not able to go to settings using the BlackVue app. On my phone WiFi, I usually see the camera choice for WiFi but now it’s not there so I can’t connect to it. I’ve had this camera for 8 months. -Sharon

I have a DR650GW-2CH fitted with Power Magic Pro and I want to upgrade to either the DR750S-2CH or DR900S-2CH. Can I just swap out the camera units from their brackets and insert the new cameras to be up and running, or do I need to replace all the cables?
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Just swap out the units I believe. If you ask Blackpvue online they will,confirm.Hi XC40, Thanks for your question. The DR650GW may have a different coax cable depending on the age of the camera. The window brackets are also camera specific, the power supply remains the same across the above models. Feel free to get in touch with our support team to who can confirm if you will need to replace the coax cable if you provide the serial number of the camera. Best Regards BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Hi, I have had my Blackvue DR650GW-2CH for sometime now and have only recently started to have a problem with the front camera ( getting a rainbow effect) on the recording, only with the front camera,,,PLS Help.. ..
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Hi Landscape1uk, Generally this is due to the camera sensor failing. However you may be able to resurrect it with a firmware update. If that doesn't work our support team will be able to facilitate in getting the camera repaired. Office hours 9-5 Mon-Fri WAST Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

I've bought a car with a DR650GW-2CH camera and can't access camera because the password 'blackvue' doesn't work. How can I reset the password?
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https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/210792287/wifi_psd_reset1.PNGHi Pedro, Thanks for your question. The best way to reset the password is via the BlackVue PC Player. Simply insert the SD card in to the PC > Open the PC Player > Settings > WiFi > Password Reset Please find a link to the help center below with step by step instructions. https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/articles/222403147-How-to-change-reset-the-dashcam-s-Wi-Fi-SSID-password- Best Regards, BlackVue AustraliaPerfect, it worked! Thanks

Hi , So i recently upgraded my old DR550GW-2ch to a DR650S-2ch due to video issue on my old one. Anyway seems the new one with OEM micro sd, it records for a few minutes then says "NO SD CARD". I have tried reformatting it and does the same thing. So i reuse my other 3rd party cards and also the same thing happens. Max recording time I could get on one card Lexar 633x 32gb was 5 hours then same message thru speaker. I tried all these cards back to my old device and works fine after a reformat. Put it back in to the new device and reads "NO SD CARD". Is it sd card fault or unit fault ? The cards i have tried are Blackvue 16gb, Lexar 633X 32gb, Sandisk High Endurance 32gb.
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Hi Ross, Thanks for your question. This does sound like there may be an issue with the SD card reader in the camera unit. The best thing to do is contact our support team for troubleshooting and resolving the issue. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

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