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BMW Roadside Assistance

BMW Roadside Assistance

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Horrible Experience.....Don't ever go with these guys!!!

Most horrible experience, had a breakdown today in Parramatta CBD and it took them 5hrs to Tow my car. Initially they said there ETA was 1hr and obviously no one turned up and when I call them they said they don't have an ETA and unable to find a Tow Truck. And after 3 hrs same answer and when i said that i had been waiting in the middle of the road managing the traffic and phone battery was going low and how much longer it would take the reply was "we do not know" and the only suggestion they could give was "wait there until we are still trying to find the tow truck". I lodged an officially complaint and I am sure its not getting anywhere....Please don't sign up with these guys!!!

Extremely poor service!

Had a run flat tyre that needed replacement ie. towing (was undriveable) - advised by BMW Assist that a tow truck would be ordered & accommodation arranged if required & they would get back to me ASAP . 50 mins later, no communication. Further phone call to BMW, advised that their “logistic” Dept was to ring us back - no call. Eventually 2.5 hrs later @ Toowoomba BMW, (no communication b/w dealer & assist) - further 1 hour & 2 phone calls to Assist - no action. My 4th call to them & finally I struck someone with common sense named Adrian, he promptly arranged accommodation & taxi. Getting a replacement tyre took 2 days & yet another frustrating 20 min wait for a taxi to be arranged by BMW Assist. to pick up our car.
Frankly, their communication is appalling & lacks professionalism. Would definitely not recommend this service (or lack there of)! Get some staff that think laterally & are focused on positive customer service!

An essential product for any modern BMW owner

We required roadside assistance back in 2017 after suffering from a run flat tyre blowout which left us stranded at the side of the road on the Bruxner highway, east of Drake on a Saturday. Since we had dual coverage with NRMA BusinessWise, we called them first. They were unable to find my membership records and offered to tow at great cost up to 50km which would have got us to Tenterfield.

We then called BMW Roadside Assistance. At first they insisted that they tow us to the Gold Coast centre, as it was the closest BMW dealership, however since we had to be back in Tamworth for the Monday due to work commitments, we insisted that we be towed there instead. They made some calls and agreed to tow us to Tamworth.

It was a long wait for the tow truck as they came from Tamworth, but we passed the time by having an impromptu side of the road picnic with snacks and wine left over from our trip.

We got home around midnight and the tow truck left the car at our house as the dealership was closed. BMW Roadside Assistance arranged to tow the car to the dealership the next business day.

All this was at no cost to us as we had three years included with the car. Once the three years ran out, I have renewed my membership ever since as I wouldn't want to be stuck anywhere with no options!

It is great that they agreed to tow us to Tamworth as there were no tyres for that car available in the supply chain in Australia, and our dealership had to lend us complete wheels from a different model car to get us by for the next few months until tyres were available. We would have been absolutely stuck if they sent us to the Gold Coast.

Excellent service

Called at 11.30am. Out of town on farm. Call center courteous and easy to understand. Professional and repeated the procedure to me twice to establish the outstanding issue. A flat rear left tyre on a 335i not driven very often. Technician arrived on farm at 12.20pm. Matter discussed cordially. Resolved as a slow leak. Put 50psi in it. Done deal. Taken to Bob Jane. Large screw in the tyre. Bridgestone Potenza. Fixed up. No hassle. Screw courtesy of Park Valet at BAC carpark. Very good service from the technician from Allianz AGA.

Worst customer service ever

Worst customer service ever! Never reply my emails, was promised that my claim will be resolved in 3 weeks, it’s been 4 weeks now, no resolution, called them, always been told that they will escalate it, however nothing has been done.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

nightmare on Christmas day

December 25 2018 I promise to take the kids to the snow, by 12pm and 7 miles before getting to Big bear Mountain my car run out of brakes, after trying to figure out what happen I call mini roadside assistance, did not know is the same as BMW roadside assistance, first call at 1:01pm after give all my information and explaining what the situation was and after several calls going back and forth I was getting all frustrate and worried for my family in the car, a 7,9,10 and 17 years old since it was getting dark, they told me to call 911 because they where not able to come and help me so I did and at the same time I call my wife and her brother to come and get the kids all the way from Oceanside CA. a 101 miles from where we where.this was already 3pm. CHP call a towing and that cost me $750.00 to take the car 22 miles down the mountain where at 8pm finally BMW roadside assistance was able to tow my car to Ontario Dealer and give us a Lift to home. so we spend all day waiting in the middle of nowhere, freezing and no food or water the hole time.
not only that, no one call me to let me know the status of my car, I have to call the dealer to find out all the time, finally on January 3 2019 I decided to drive 74 miles to the Ontario dealer and see what was the situation of my car, so lucky me it was ready to go, well not that lucky since they where going to overcharge $563.22 for wheel alignment when it was $245.00. that got fix right away, that is not it. they put my wife on danger by not testing the car before giving to us. it result that the car was still pulling to the right side and on my understanding is that they did not do the alignment properly or that was never done. so a went to my dealer in Escondido and they perform another alignment and the problem was fix, but I paid again $245, good thing is that Ontario Refund me for that.
till now no one from BMW Roadside assistance have call me since I put a claim regarding the $750.00 to paid me back. they only send me and email apologize for the inconvenience and that I will receive the $750.00 tow reimbursement between 7-10 business days. so I am like what? that is it? , all what we went for and they just apologize. they at least should be reimburse as well the car repair for not provide me whit the service when I need it.
my frustration goes beyond and I have never done a review, but this one was the worst experience and service I ever have. my next car will definitely be a Mercedes Benz.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Horrible experience. Do not use.

Disastrous experience after requiring a tow truck. Over 3hr wait with extremely poor communication which took a formal complaint to reduce from 4hr wait to 3. My 320d required a tow after a flat tyre which was not safe to drive on. I called 830am and was told initially a tow truck would be on its way with text message stating 'assistance is expected to arrive in an hour'. About 50mins later, I received an SMS stating 'assistance is en-route with an extended ETA. We aim to arrive within 180mins'. Interpreting this as '180 mins of lodging the job', I patiently waited another 40mins (1.5hrs total) and still no tow truck and no txt or calls. I then called BMW roadside assist at 1005 to get an update. I was placed on hold for 5mins while they called the contracted tow truck. I was then advised that the tow truck is over 2hrs away (from now - ETA 1205!). Expressing my extreme dissatisfaction at the delay and poor communication up to this point, I asked how many companies they contract, and was told they only use one provider in my area (my area being Pullenvale, Chapel Hill - west Brisbane). I asked them if they have a secondary contractor or any other options to assist with me sitting on the side of the road for 4 hours, to which the response was 'no, it's a Monday morning and everyone is on their way to work and its really busy and we don't use other tow services'. I enquired as to the confusing txt message update, and was told 'ETA 180mins is from when the message was sent'... yeah right! so when was someone going to call me up and tell me that a tow truck was more than 3.5hr away vice leave me with an ambiguous txt message?
I also asked for details of the company as I'd avoid calling them and see if I could get a tow myself (at this stage I was prepared to cut my losses and pay for a tow in full myself to avoid losing a whole day away from work).

I called again at 1045 to lodge a formal complaint, I explained my situation and was told they could attempt to try another tow company and get there sooner. I've since been informed the the new tow truck company will be arriving within 30mins (~1120 arrival). Why wouldn't you do this in the first place!?!?!? At time of writing I'm waiting on the new truck to turn up and it will be over 3hrs since the initial call up.

I have been a member for over 5 years and never needed any assistance until now. My renewal is due in 4 days and I will definitely not renew. I have since read other similar negative reviews on this website and I am not surprised. I do not recommend.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Worst car service ever

I have been waiting for 4 hours for a tow truck. 9am, Call out technician came with in the hour, happy.
Said this car is going no where. You need a tow truck. 9.30 received confirmation tow truck within 180 mins. waited waited called 11.30ish. Sorry very busy 45 min wait. Ok i'll wait wait . Hour goes by. It’s 1.30ish. Guy on phone was very sorry and would get me next tow truck. On hold. Sorry some of our suppliers tow trucks have broken down, it’s another 60 minutes wait. I’ve lost a days pay, haven’t eaten, no toilet, cried to the parking inspector not to give me a ticket as I’m waiting on a tow truck. He said ‘stay strong sister”.. Rang my BMW, service manager to file a complaint and was told to just ring them again until you get response. Hellooo!!! you guys organsied this joint partnership. Mini Roadside Assistance and Accident Management. Not Happy. Still waiting Will say another BMW who my car will be tow to, had offered some assistance. Service Manager was helpful and resuring.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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End of Story . Tow truck arrived at 3.30pm . Car arrived at BMW service at 4pm . I was Well look after by BMW Westside and my car was fixed for free and delivered to me . And so it should be!

Compare to NRMA

Friday 17th 10am. MacDonalds LanecoveRd. Baby5months;boy6years;grandmother70;and grandfather. Told the car needed to be tolled before seeing it. I rang back after one hour and they said the mechanic will be another 4,4,4!!! Hours because he was busy in Brighton Le sands. So we called the NRMA ( the best) .because we have 18 policies with them. We will not be renewing your policy(1) next time. Had my battery changed yesterday in 1 hour and they called me to let me know they were on their way. Does BMW only have ONE mechanic in all of Sydney ??

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Calls going unanswered

I have just spent the last 30 minutes trying to speak to someone about my membership renewal. Granted it's a Friday and started making calls just after 4.30pm, it's clearly still within business hours as there was no recorded message that suggested otherwise. Tried 3 different numbers to no avail. Highly frustrating and terribly disappointing.

Roadside Assistance RequestedNo

Absolutely hopeless. Prestige car with no assistance.

My wife had the misfortune of breaking down in our newish X3 after a mechanical problem caused by a mechanic not a fault of the car. Anyway she was in the middle lane of 2 stuck at a roundabout with a car that wouldn't move. At the time she had our 2 and 5 year olds in the car as well. As we have now found out BMW roadside assist is through alliance insurance. Well that's a warning sign right there. Long story short, if it wasn't for the service manager at Kloster BMW and some fabulous passerby so she would be still sitting in the middle of the road with the kids in the middle of nowhere. They organised a mechanic who was some random guy in his own car who just said you need to tow it and drove off. To two tow trucks organised which didn't show but they didn't ring and tell us they weren't coming. One tow truck was coming from over 100 km's away. Our subscription is due shortly for renewal. We will be sticking with the NRMA. Can't believe a prestige brand would allow itself to be partnered with such incompetence.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Terrible experience, their technician has no ideas with BMW at all!

My car is a BMW X5 3.0 diesel 2015 model. I and the technician spent 2 hours try to lift up the bonnet, could not open it. After that I spoke to the dealer the battery is located in back boot! The technician has no knowledge with BMW!

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Worse service I’ve ever experienced in my life

Total incompetence from start to finish,spent all but five hours sat on the roadside then had to organise a tow truck myself.Nobody had any idea what was to be done.1st technician who came asked ME what to do and said he had no idea on what to do,then told me a tow truck was coming ??????tow truck never came and when I rang some 3 hours later was told I needed a technician?????? So incompetent you couldn’t make it up.
All they were interested in was getting your money.The ultimate driving machine ?????? seriously save your money I’ll never go near a bmw EVER again

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Alliance - the ones behind BMW Roadside Assistance, unable to think laterally to deliver practical s

Run-flat tyre puncture. Stuck in Gulgong NSW of all places. Several calls with BMW Roadside Assistance / Alliance.
Efficient to a degree in finding me a room for the night. No follow up contact follow post text msg the previous afternoon that tow truck arranged for 10.00am the next day and a hire car arranged in Mudgee to get me back to Brisbane. They said I'd have to get a taxi from Gulgong to Mudgee, they would arrange this.
No call the next morning, I contacted Alliance and they said no taxi was available. (not unexpected given the area but that should have been sorted the day before, not at the same time the towie arrived). So I was effectively stranded.
Tow truck driver was a practical bloke, arrived and called the local Bridgestone dealer in Mudgee to see if suitable tyres in stock. I then simply jumped in with him. I paid for 2 x new temporary tires and was on my way.
I called Alliance, told them what I was going to do, forget the cab, forget the road transport to Brisbane, I'll buy the tires myself and drive back. I gave the towie a bottle of wine, he was happy, I was happy on on I went.

Point being Alliance just didn't have the ability to think laterally. I told them from the outset, just put yourself in my shoes and take your time to think of a practical solution. Spoke to 3 different people, none had the ability to do this.

BMW need to re-think this collaboration with Alliance, reflects poorly on them at the end of the day. Now trying to find an alternative roadside assist

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Excellent service

I have owned a BMW 1200 GS motorcycle for 12 months and it came with 2 years BMW roadside assist.
I had a breakdown some 650 km's from home on a Friday evening. I rang BMW and explained my issue. After a number of calls, my bike was placed on a flatbed and taken to the nearest BMW motorcycle dealer some 300 km's away. They organised acommodation for me that evening and a $200 taxi fare to the nearest hire car business the next day. All paid for by them at considerable expense. All along the way they rang me with updates on progress and resolved any issues promptly. Can't speak highly enough of the service and professionalism shown.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Extremely disappointed in lack of service and totally untrained person (youth) sent to assist

My new 120i showed the message it needed oil. As it was Easter and BMW Adelaide were closed.
All I wished to know what oil to buy to top up and Luke who was sent out by Roadside Assistance had no idea, rang his 'boss' who could not disclose the grade of oil (one may imagine he didn't know either).
I'm a lady I my seventies, on my own, and expected simple assistance from what one would expect to be the best, being BMW associated .

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Disappointing Service

Very misleading information from operators, all who appeared to have very limited knowledge about BMW. Once a tow truck had been arranged I was told I would receive a call back to arrange transport and no one called. Not the service I would have expected at all.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Don't call us - call RACV or the council

Disappointed and amazed that you didn't recognise a car key - falling into a grate on a major road - as being part of your assistance package. RACV and Vic Roafs were more helpful and offered to assist. The car was immobilised because the key was in a 3 ft. drain. VicRoads offered to send someone to assist and suggested ways and means of retrieving it. Both of your service staff who I called cited technical blocks.
I've owned 4 BMWs in 15 years and used roadside assistance once before. I'm thinking g twice about the next brand of car.

BMW Is that the best you can manage

Had a 'Run Flat' flat Tyre on my 2 month old X4.
It was a couple of days before Christmas and the best solution BMW RA could muster was to tow my car to a dealership which was unable to replace my tyre for 4 - 7 days due to Christmas shut down.
Not at all happy.

BMW Roadside Assistance is fantastic

After calling NRMA to assist with a Run Flat failure and being told that they would have a tow truck there in 4-5 hours at a cost of over $500, BMW Roadside assist had the tow there in 30 minutes and arranged transportation and a rental car for me until my car was back on the road. In short, they were fantastic.

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Questions & Answers

How far do BMW Roadside Assist tow your car free of charge?For example,if we were at Lightning Ridge,NSW,the nearest BMW Service centre is probably Newcastle. Would they tow the car that far for free?
2 answers
They tow your vehicle to the nearest authorised BMW dealer. This is included in your BMW roadside assist for free.But they refuse to tow it home.

X3 engine presure low caution on the screen then i stop the car. Engine oil dropped on the road. What can i do?
1 answer
I would consider contacting the service centre for advice (which I suspect they will not be very helpful according to my experience, they will probably start saying something like call roadside assistance or give you a number for a tow truck). Call roadside assistance, but they will say something like they will try to come around in next 4 hours or something like that. Wish you all the best.

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