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Tastes horrible, but really works.

These shakes really really worked for me. I was never hungry, had lots of energy and could focus really well at work. By the second day, my tummy was super flat and I felt light and slim and energetic. It was awesome!

but boy oh boy do they taste disgusting. I tried a bunch of different things to disguise the pasty, stale kinda taste - including making a frappe with frozen fruit, adding raw cacao, adding almond milk & honey..... to no real success. I ended up resorting to just pinching my nose and getting it down ASAP.

so, a mixed review. But I'll probably purchase again, as they're so effective!

Seriously good and Seriously works

Was so sceptical at first and thought I was going to be hungry the whole time but I was wrong. First time using them a little hungry but I think that was more habit than anything else. Second time much easier and I am now on the 4th pack and love it. I can see this is going to be an ongoing lifestyle choice for me now. I feel more energetic and my bloating has gone. Seeing a slight shift in weight but it is also controlling my hunger and sugar cravings - on non BODi days I find that I am not eating as much nor craving sugary things. Try it you won’t be disappointed.

My life has done a 180 thanks to BODi

After having surgery in December and not being able to exercise I fell into a rut of unhealthy eating habits - gaining 20kgs. Last week after further surgery I decided that I don't like the way that being overweight feels and started with BODi. OMG my life has done a 180! I am on day 3 and feel so much better now. I have more energy, feel.less bloated, want to go for walks (the only exercise I am currently allowed to do), no longer crave sweets and want to make healthier food choices. I have tried all the diets and shakes under the sun. None were successful as they were too hard to stick to. BODi has changed all of this! Such a simple yet effective change to my eating habits. Thank you so much for bringing BODi to the masses. I look forward to sharing photo progress


I have only used 2 days worth of BODi shakes and already I have noticed the difference in my tummy. It allows me to feel less bloated and super refreshed.

BODi For Breakfast

Self confessed BODi addict! My BODi results vary with how vigilant I am and how many days I use the product during the week, but one thing stays the same, BODi makes me feel AMAZING! Most noticeable is my flatter belly but also the increase in energy. I havnt eaten breakfast since school but I’m looking forward to encorporating BODi Breakfast in to my regime!


Shakes taste great! They make me less bloated and surprisingly I stick to the, no more than 2x, snacks list. It would be great to see more flavors one day!
But overall I'm thrilled with this product, thank you!

BODi For Breakfast

Self confessed BODi addict!
My BODi results vary with how vigilant I am and how many days I use the product during the week, but one thing stays the same, BODi makes me feel AMAZING!
Most noticeable is my flatter belly but also the increase in energy.
I havnt eaten breakfast since school but I’m looking forward to encorporating BODi Breakfast in to my regime!


I was very skeptical at first, having tried dozens of different shakes and hating every single one of them for the taste or not doing what they claim. BODi Breakfast is my life saver! I have a very limited palette but BODi is absolutely delicious and i look forward to my shake every day as it fills me up, gives me energy and stops my cravings for sweets later in the day. As a person who use to eat 3-5 mini chocolate bars plus 3-4 tim tams a day, thats saying a lot! Thank you BODi!!

Love this!!!

I was hesitant to try this product, but Danny from the BODi team quickly answered the questions I had. I tried the lunch shake yesterday and it was amazing! It tastes great, and was filling. Added bonus - it's a great option to have on hand for those super busy days at work when you can't get out for lunch. As for the weight - I lost 1.1kg which is amazing. Today I'm wearing a fitted dress and it looks fantastic. Thank you BODi - this shake is awesome!

BODi Breakfast every morning

I have BODi breakfast every morning love it. I am time poor in the mornings I don’t have to worry about preparing my breakfast. The taste is fantastic I look forward to having it every morning.

Not your average shake

I was sceptical trying "another" shake. The first day I tried this I knew it was different. I had so much energy, wasn't hungry at all and no bloating! I managed to get everything I needed to do and more in one day. This is so unusual for me as I suffer severe fatigue, bloating and generally struggle during the day. Definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a bit of a pick me up during the week.

I love the taste !!

I love the chocolate nutty taste, this is the only flavour but you don’t get tired of the taste.
Since the second week I have lost approx 1.5 kgs which I super happy about. I travel alot for work so I really like the convenience of the simple to use sachets and the shaker.
I’m going to continue to use BODi intermittently to slowly loose the other 3.5 kgs I’d like to loose

Keeps You Full

I must say, this shake does not taste great by any stretch of imagination but it definitely works. It keeps me full all day even after a gym session. 3 times a week is super doable as well. I only just started, so looking forward to seeing results.

Great product, really yummy and easy

This product is so much better than expected - I love the taste and it actually did fill me up. Haven't lost weight yet, but definitely less bloating. Love it.

BODi changed my life

I’ve been on BODi for 2 weeks now. I have noticed that I feel amazing on my ‘BODi’ days which includes less bloating. I’ve recently suffered from some digestive issues (e.g. heartburn and severe pains after eating) but since I have started BODi I have noticed that these are no longer occurring. BODi tastes great!

Convenient and delicious

BODI was the perfect fit for my busy lifestyle! I couldn't believe how delicious and satisfying the shakes we're considering they are sugar free!! Very convenient and delicious so I highly recommend you try them out before purchasing any other shakes on the market!!

Product that actually delivers

Easy to use delivers what it says it does great Tasting meal replacement shakes.i was sceptical as all shakes and weight loss aides fail to deliver but bodi kept popping up on my Facebook feed so I decided to try it and wasn't disappointed


I love my BODi days, it's so easy and delicious. Instantly feel less bloated without feeling like you're starving. It’s so rare to find a meal replacement that’s low in sugar, thank you BODi!

Fantastic product

I purchased a weeks worth of BODi shakes and so far I am loving them. I have followed the instructions and has one day on one day off. Love the taste of the shakes and I found them of be very sweet which is what I love!!! So convenient too with a days worth in one satchel for me to pop in my bag
thank you!


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Thanks BODi

This product is one of the more filling meal replacement shakes I have found. I have found that with most store brought meal replacements, they contain upwards of 20 grams of sugar per serving (and that's before you add milk). I am trying to quit sugar as I am worried about diabetes, Type 2 runs in my family. I will definitely be purchasing another 6 pack in the not too distant future. Thanks BODi!

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Questions & Answers

Hi Unfortunately i can’t have caffeine due to health reasons so i can only have the dinner shake. Is there any way i can purchase the dinner shakes separately?
1 answer
Hi Ellie! Unfortunately due to strict regulations we cannot sell our meal replacement packs separately, however we are looking to formulate a caffeine free alternative in the future! I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to contact us at www.BODi.com.au or info@BODi.com.au if we can assist you further. BODi Team

Can i mix almond milk instead of water? It tastes like watery crap with water but its fine with almons milk..... will this alter the effects?
1 answer
Hi Lisa! You absolutely can use almond milk instead of water in your BODi shakes, just make sure it is unsweetened almond milk to ensure you are receiving all of the BODi benefits! To avoid ‘watery crap’ when using water in your BODi shake make sure you are mixing thoroughly for 30 seconds for that delicious velvety BODi texture! We hope this helps! BODi Team

Hi I was wondering if its okay to have the replacement shakes at any time of the day for example, breakfast at 1pm lunch at 3om dinner at 7pm or if even all together? Or does it have to be morning noon and night? I just wondered if as long as u take them then they will be effective or not?
2 answers
Hi Ebz! Great question! You can have your 3 BODi shakes at any time during the day as long as you have them in the correct order (breakfast, lunch then dinner) they will be very effective. We would not recommend having all three at the same time. We hope this helps! BODi TeamHI Bodi, I was thinking this also. However, why do you have to have them in the exact order when they are the same in each pack. The only difference I found was that the breakfast is slightly less in grams. Other than that they are the same are they not?


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