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Essential Health Slim & Trim (Aldi)

Essential Health Slim & Trim (Aldi)

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Great product

Has definitely cut down our eating.good flavours and easy to make and drink.Have bought both the starter pack and loose packets.Find the individual packets deare but can select favourite flavours

Great taste

I have just started using this product, but so far I have to say I am enjoying it. There are several flavours to try: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee. Hopefully I would loose some kg in the following weeks.

Updating: I have used this product for a week now and I feel very positive. I've been on a positive mood for the whole week using this product. It tastes great and does not give me a hungry-stomach feel at all. Would definitely continue to use it.

GREAT product!

I've experimented with diet fads for quite some time now, testing them out to see, first hand, the changes to my body! I recently tried the Slim & Trim range from Aldi and I loved the taste. For me, this substituted my meal throughout the day. I have tried all the flavours, and let me tell you, blended with ice, it makes for the PERFECT dessert. My favorite flavour was the Coffee one! Overall, great product, at such a competitive price!

I lost 16kgs in 10 weeks

I'm extremely happy with the results and they taste great I've tried all four flavours coffee,chocolate, strawberry and vanilla my favourite is coffee and chocolate.I use cold water to make the shakes.
I lost 16 kilos in just 10 weeks and that's with doing minimal exercise and walking.
I started with two shakes a day for the first week, one for breakfast and one for lunch a piece of fruit and whatever I wanted for dinner. I drank cold water in between if I got a little bit hungry.
From the second week I added carrot sticks cucumber sticks celery sticks and avocado dip as a snack in between. I'm a diet controlled diabetic all my levels are within normal range now and I'm feeling really great now.
I recommend these shakes to everyone that asked me how I lost my weight or anyone that's looking to lose weight.
I have maintained my weight loss for 6 months now.

Gluten free winner!!!!

After recently being diagnosed with caeliacs and having to go on a gluten free diet I could no longer have my celebratory slim shakes. Aldi slim and trim are perfect, gluten free, and tastes great. Depending on the day and my roster I have them for brekky, afternoon pickup or 3am during night duty..... feels me up when I'm looking for a real sugar fix. Better for me than a bag of lollies...

Taste great!!

I have tried all the flavours and so has my husband. They're easy and make us feel full. I blend the chocolate and vanilla with 200ml cold water, hand full of ice and a frozen banana and they thicken up like a thickshake. I've put raspberries and strawberries in the strawberry shake with the same effect. They do have a lot of sugar but 205 calories is still 205 calories. So unless you're a diabetic it wouldn't be a problem. The whole basis of weight loss is calorie intake and exercise. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Can't live without these! The coffee is delicious!

As a time poor Mum with a 1 and 4 year old , trying to get out the door having eaten breakfast was a struggle in itself. I decided to try these in January for a quick breakfast on the go and of course to lose a bit of weight. I have continued having one everyday for breakfast and it is now August and I have lost 9 kgs!
I don't care for any of the other flavours but I am totally addiced to the coffee flavour.
For the people complaining about the sugar content in my eyes it may have a bit of sugar in it but it comes down to convenience for me and losing some weight on it outweighs the high sugar content. It has worked for me and fits in with my lifestyle so I highly recommend it.

A must have

I have only tried vanilla but I might branch out and try coffee as well this time
Best tasting meal replacement I have ever tasted. I have certainly tasted a few over my long life
Now I have left qld and in Tassie with no ALDI so every time I hear of anyone going up there I get them to bring me back an arm full lol

Sugar, sugar, more sugar!

Great taste, especially the coffee - so much sugar though! I would love for a sugar free version of this as that much sugar just defeats the purpose of having a weight lose mix!

Love the coffee.

Great shakes , great flavour , but sooooo much sugar. Please Aldi get us a low sugar shake. The chocolate and the coffee are by far the best , the strawberry and the vanilla are just too sweet for me.

Decent flavour

I have tried the vanilla and strawberry flavours, the vanilla is my favourite! I don’t think it is a very good alternative to meals though, I tend to use them if I am not hungry but should have something to eat.

Perfect meal replacement

I love them all I have tried all the flavours all very nice I enjoyed the taste very much I do think they are the best on the market at the moment

I love this product, I have it for Breakfast, sometimes for lunch or Dinner if I’m Not feeling hungr

I have had all the flavors, Chocolate,Coffee, Strawberry and Vanilla, And sometimes I might add a few fresh Strawberries into the Vanilla,for that little extra, and in the summer I have added some crushed ice cube, yummy.

Over a number of years I have used many different diet shakes. Some have been good others, blah. I t

I have tried the three flavours available at my local ALDI. Love them all. Have never cared for strawberry in other brands but these are really lovely.
You have a convert in me, ALDI

23 grams of sugar in one hit!!

Too much sugar !!!!!! Why why why ???!!! I mean its to reduce the waistline right? Or not? Very sad thought it would be a good alternative. But not !!


It's great it helps to have on you while your at work or school but I don't recommend using them alll the time it can fill you up and you can tend to forget about eating normal proper nutritional food because you are already full but it's a great tummy filler and tastes pretty good could taste better but it works!


Having been told I am pre-diabetic, my doctor suggested I needed to lose some weight by replacing one meal with a shake and controlling calories. So I went to Aldi to get Slim & Trim. Appalled by the sugar content. FAIL!

could not handle the taste

Could not handle the taste and smell. .
Felt like puking after having it.
I am sure there will be more flavors. But this did not work for me unfortunately.

Sugar, sugar and more sugar!

I bought one to try recently but didn't get as far as actually making and drinking the shake. I made the mistake of not reading the ingredients before purchasing. 23 grams os sugar per sachet!! No way will I put that much sugar in my body for one meal! Aldi, how about making a low/no sugar version?


I love these to work for a quick lunch when I’m busy. It’s tasty and filling. Coffee is my favourite. I had to find something to drink as a meal earlier this year after having a wisdom tooth taken out and getting a few issues following.

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Questions & Answers

Where do I find information on what a meal plan should look like with Trim and Slim? If I have 1 shake for breakfast and a protein bar for lunch, what other snacks can I have and what should my dinner include? Optifast has a phase 1, 2 etc. Should I be following any particular phases for rapid/optimum weight loss and or ketosis with Trim and Slim?
No answers

Can I buy bigger amount of shakes. Need to take them with me overseas holiday. 3 months supplies.
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Hi there- does ALDI slim and trim contain nuts and or seafood components. Are they suitable for seafood and nut allergies?
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Essential Health Slim & Trim (Aldi)
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Release dateNov 2012

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