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Naturopathica FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes

Naturopathica FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes

Chocolate, Double Choc Mocha, Raspberry and Vanilla
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Lost 5.5kgs in 2 weeks

I decided to try fat blaster as im not allowed to exercise for 4 weeks. I bought the chocolate flavour and i thought it would be weird with water but tastes just like a milkshake. Delish! Ive been having a shake for breakfast and dinner and then a salad for lunch and almonds for a snack. I was very strict the first week with it and i lost 3kgs (72kgs-69kgs). The second week i relaxed a bit, had a bit of chocolate here and there but still only eating one meal a day. In 2 weeks i have now lost 5.5kgs :) i did keto for 7 weeks and lost the same amount but spent a lot of money on food and exercised every morning. Ive been able to save so much using fat blaster as im only paying for salad ingredients ontop of $20 a week. Going to vegas in a week and definately plan on putting it all back on, so will write another review once im back :) but would defs recommend fat blaster

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles for $20.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes

Fatblaster best of the shakes

I have Been using shakes as meal replacements for around a year this time at least in one meal a day, and watching what I eat and very little or no bread or sugar. I have tried a lot of the various shakes available including medical types like Optifast and Optislim. Though I have also tried all the flavours but consider the Fatblaster Rasberry to be a personal favourite these days, I also add frozen strawberries or raspberries to my shakes. I think the fatblaster shake consistency is thicker than most of the other brands too. for the price conscious - I also wait for the shakes to come on special at the local supermarket (Coles or Woolworths) at which time they are half price at $10 and buy a few to last until on special again, if you purchase other brands that are a little watery Xianthum gum is good to thicken them up with, but use sparingly otherwise you may get constipated so drink plenty of fluid ............. when I started using the shakes I was 109kgs and have gotten to 76kgs and maintained that weight so far still using a shake a day sometimes two if I have eaten too much cake or the like the day before LOL!

Purchased in January 2018 for $20.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes

Re: green tea extract and full meals

I've been using Fatblaster shakes a few months now. 1) Warnings of green tea extract risks is for high dose products, some of which contain up to 18 cups. Fatblaster contains 1.6 cups. 2) This product doesn't have to be used as a meal replacer. I have 3 meals a day astound 800 cals a day, then have a Fatblaster shake as a snack or chocolate fix. Breakfast I have 2 eggs, 1/2 avo and a small bowl of fruit and granola. Lunch is a piece of fish, veggie stew homemade and some sour kraut. Dinner is always a homemade soup. My last meal of the night is soup so the body has less to process before bed. I lose around 2kg per month, but I keep the 800cal diet so when I go out to dinner I have some calories banked.

For me, Fatblaster has stopped my junk food cravings and binges. I feel like I got my chocolate fix and it fills my stomach. The days I dont have it I seem to lose less weight. Because my diet is the same most days, I believe it does work. Rocky Road and Salted Caramel were yummy too.

Purchased in November 2018 at Terry White Chemists for $12.00.

Additional Physical Activities None and Weightlifting
Weight LostYes


I love the Fatblaster Chocolate shakes. They’re so delicious. I’ve only been using them for ten days now, combined with a healthy eating plan and exercise and I’ve lost 3kg. I fully recommend Fat Blaster if you want to slim down.

Purchased in March 2019 for $10.00.

Weight LostYes

The best shake I've tried so far.

I picked up the Raspberry Ripple reduced sugar shake after reading a Choice review of meal replacement drinks. It wasn't rated the highest on their list but was second or third, and could be bought at Woolies for $20 a tub. I've tried shakes before (all the big names) and find them gritty and metallic tasting, and leaving a nasty after taste, but that wasn't the case with FatBlaster. I made mine with full cream milk (it says to do skim), and added 1/3 cup frozen berries - my goodness, it was like drinking the most delicious thickshake you can imagine.

Woolies had a sale on this week (7/1/19) and all their FatBlaster shakes were 50% off, so I went and picked up the Chocolate, and Vanilla, reduced sugar flavours for $10 per tub. I've had a quick taste of the chocolate and... it actually tastes like chocolate, not that weird fake chocolate taste.

In short, they are very drinkable shakes, and with the reduced sugar range are now even healthier, some of the other shakes on the market have upwards of 20gm of sugar per serve (!!) the FatBlaster reduced sugar range has around 7gm (not including the milk or anything else you add).

As for results, it's early days, I have been using them to replace one meal per day for about three days per week for the last two weeks - I'm working up to more, and in the past two weeks along with my normal exercise and diet I've lost almost three kg.

Great tasting flavors!!

Only tried chocolate and raspberry so far. Love them! They do fill you up and the rest is up to you! Buying 2nd lot- breezing through them!

Fatblaster ultimate indulgence diet shake

OMG!!! Rocky road flavour has just just got to be the best. I’m doing a 7 day water fast and used this product on the night of day 3 and will use one sachet in the afternoon for the rest of the fast to reach my goal. It’s working like a charm. Gut has already flattened and feel better overall with more mental clarity. Was 106kg now 102kg. I project I’ll be 100kg at end of day 7 diet/fast. That’s 6kg gone. Now the key, people! is to clean and controlled healthy diet after reaching the goal otherwise not only will you gain back what you lost but will be more overweight. Cheers.

Does work!

I tried the shakes for a week and I did lose almost 3kg. Replaced 2 meals with shakes and had a salad with no dressing for third meal with a small Greek yoghurt over a handful of blueberries for dessert. In between if I was really hungry I had a piece of fruit and cut up raw veggies. I loved the chocolate mocha flavour with low fat milk but the taste of the vanilla shake made me feel ill with a very strong after taste. I couldn't be on these shakes long term but as a quick fix to get into an outfit for a function, one week was enough to do the trick.


I'm doing the new vanilla and coffee shake omg the taste is amazing and it does keep me full I've tried other weight loss shakes but these ones are the best I would recommend these ones for weight loss :)

If you're %100 committed in loosing weight..

Ok I've lost weight on both optislim, optifast & fat blaster. Fat blaster flavours are way better than anything else i tried. I only have the 3 shakes a day (breakfast, lunch, a grapefruit then one for dinner i mix it vitasoy soy milk,) love the taste especially like the choc & cappuccino flavours, I lost 11 kg in 2 months last November /December... But got lazy pigged out put it back on.. You need a sport to play that keeps you active keep it off.

You got to be focused, do exercises, read nutrition information labels /compare products for lowest sugar /fat content that has protein, not quit after a few weeks or expect miracles...

The people who don't loose any weight or complain about these diet shakes obviously aren't serious with loosing weight, eat other food or snacks, takeaways & don't exercise.

Best tasting of Meal Replacement programs so far

I have only tried the chocolate flavour of fatblaster which is very smooth, thick and tasty, so far I have lost around 3Kg in 3 weeks which is what I was hoping for, I have one shake for breakfast, fruit mid morning, tuna with tomato on cruskits spread with philly cheese for lunch or another shake, then dinner, a smaller portion of whatever we have for dinner than what I used to have and some more fruit or a small dessert afterwards, and some walking for 20 minutes is beneficial ... I have also used Optislim, Optifast and BodyTrim shakes all these do work in weight loss and are palatable enough, though BodyTrim needs to be thickened up to be more filling using xanathan gum powder

The Best product of it's kind!

I have been using Fatblaster for the last twelve months or more, every flavour but I do prefer the chocolate over all the other. I find half of Fatblaster is used compared to other brands... and I have tried all others. With Fatblaster I have no cravings for around 3 hours compared to only half that with other companies. Thanks Fatblaster, my long- lost Abs are back!


I have been using the chocolate shakes which are pretty god. Have tried the strawberry which is okay. But I accidentally brought the vanilla icecream. Not very good on its own, but I combined it with the last of my chocolate one and it tastes quite good. Have been using the shakes for breakfast but they are not enough on their own, so I also have a piece of fruit to keep me going. I will also have a shake and a muesli bar for lunch as my job is very physical. For dinner it’s something healthy, but the weight has been slowly falling off. Very happy with the results because I didn’t think that they would work. Have lost about 5 kilos so far.

fills me up.

I have a shake for breakfast and lunch . Normal dinner.i use lactose free milk. Have tried vanilla which I add coffee to and chocolate with cappuccino. Tastes quite good. I lost a kilo a week in the begining but now I lose about 300 grams per week. Have lost 6kilo in ten weeks.i don't exercise except for a 30 min walk four days a week. Have nothing between meals except few almonds

Going well so far

I'm a 41yr old mum of 4 & I'm very overweight due to depression.
I've been dealing with depression issues & recently decided to kick myself into losing weight. I've been using Fat Blaster shakes for the past week, substituting breakfast with a shake at 8am. I have a light snack of 2 corn or rice cruskits with cottage cheese or avocado, chicken & tomato on top around 10.30am. At 12pm I drink another shake & if I'm feeling peckish, eat a sliced banana with some plain yoghurt at 2.30.
Dinner consists of grilled beef or pork (no fat) & salad. Or chicken stirfry with rice or steamed cauliflower & brocolli turned into "mash".
I found day 2 to be extremely difficult, suffering from headaches and extreme cravings for foods that I love but I persisted with the diet.
Fat blaster shakes only contain 128 calories. An average persons daily diet consists of over 2000 calories if you can reduce your calorie intake to under 1000 a day you will lose weight.
I cannot inform you of how much weight I have lost in the past week because my scales only go to 120 kilos and I am over that so I am currently unsure of how much I actually weigh and how much I have lost but I can say that I have had more energy and I definitely feel lighter without even much effort or with exercise, as I'm a bit lazy that way and my depression prevents me from wanting to go out, but I am intending at persisting with fat blaster because I feel that it is working.
Just because you are replacing breakfast and lunch with milkshakes does not mean that you need to starve yourself if you choose to do this your diet will not work because your body will go into staff mode and holds onto fat rather than loses it so if you are feeling hungry then have a small light snack I find that the shakes Fill Me Up quite well most days but I still make an effort to have a 2 small snacks through the day. Be sure not to eat anything after 7 p.m. through to 8 a.m. this is your fasting period. And your daily allowance of meat size should be no larger or thicker then the size of your palm with no fat. I also find Fat Blaster well priced at $13 per week and following a special diet plan it cost me less then a normal, regular shopping week.

Promising results

I have only been on Fat blaster for 3 days, and my blood sugars have dropped from 13.8 down to 8.6, which is a good result (so far) and even though I haven't weighed myself, I can tell that Ive lost weight, so hopefully after a month things will be even better

No Way

This product is nothing more than a milk shake. After taking it every lunch and patiently waiting for a month, yes, my weight fell off, however I was starving all afternoon. It does not satisfy or control hunger levels whatsoever. Why torture yourself? I’ve now been eating ALDI low calorie meals and they are both tasty and satisfying, what’s more is that my weight has been falling off at the same level as the shakes. Finally, there’s a product in the US called ‘Slimfast’. The bars guarantee (and do) keep hunger levels at bay for between four and five hours. Don’t waste your time or money with Fatblaster shakes. They are expensive and don’t satiate adequately.

Stomach gurgling & diarrhea after consumption

Bought 2 boxes (chocolate & strawberry) from Chemist's Warehouse and started off using the chocolate shakes. Without a doubt these shakes have resulted in an upset gut and bouts of diarrhea 2-4 hrs after consumption. Yes, I've lost weight but there are other shake products out there that do not have these side effects. I would avoid at all costs and agree with some of the other comments "cheap is not necessarily best" for something like this.

If you stick to it then the weight falls off.

I used this product for 3 months and lost 10 kilos. I found it extremely easy to stick to and had 1 shake in the morning and 1 at lunch time. For dinner I ate 1 turkey breast with salad. I knew in the back of my mind that if I was still hungry I could simply have a third shake after dinner. I found that I Never once had to do that. The shakes are extremely filling and I recommend the chocolate. It tastes delicious and for some reason I seemed to lose more weight upon drinking that one as apposed to the vanilla shake which I also found had a bit of an after taste that wasn't very nice. I highly recommend this product for steady weight loss. it really does work but you have to make sure you at least have 1 in the morning and 1 at lunch time to keep your metabolism up to scratch. I found that on the few days that I found myself not hungry for the lunch time one that if I skipped that one I lost less weight that week. The trick is to be consistent and stick to it and soon you will honestly see your whole body shrinking. By the end of the second month I was truly amazed at what it did for me. I started out at 90 kg and within 3 months I was down to 80 kg and because it was a gradual loss I was also quite toned. EXCELLENT product.

Try something else

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now with a diet plan and regular exercise and haven't lost a single kilo. It is full of sugar that's why it tastes so good, but that defeats the purpose. My friends are losing heaps on the man shake.

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Questions & Answers

Does it actually work?
1 answer
Hi Brody F, yes the shakes work quite well if you stick to a "diet" of your choosing, I was also watching what I was putting in my mouth for the rest of the day and lost 30kg over 12 months and have kept it off for 2 years ............... 10 years ago I was 145kgs and had my stomach stapled and still put on weight again and got back up to 120kg so went onto these shakes (I tried most of the others and this brand just tasted better) and I got my weight back down to 80kgs using common sense eating and the shakes only, no exercise other than a walk somedays, the trick is refocusing your mind and attitude then retraining your taste buds for less sugar, I also gave up bread ...... but when you start seeing good weight loss results it will inspire you.

Hi! I have been on the shakes for 6 weeks and have lost 7kg! I still want to lose more weight but seem to be stuck on the same weight for 2 weeks now! Any ideas?
1 answer
If you can fast two days a week taking nothing but liquids (water, veggie juices and tea/coffee) and walk the dog a lot more........... but I also found having one day per fortnight where I had a controlled food treat also seemed to help me, I used to have a half a medium sized pizza folllwed by a bowl of icecream, and just continue with the shake diet as normal ............ my normal was: breakfast: Shake with 8 whole frozen strawberries and some fibre mix all pureed in the Ninja mixer Lunch: Shake with 8 whole frozen strawberries pureed in the Ninja mixer, and a piece of fruit and a couple of fresh dates Evening meal: 1 piece of chicken breast, 2 types of fresh green vegs, small potato, carrot. & pear or apple

Will the Ultimate fat blaster shake kick you out of ketosis?
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