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The Man Shake

The Man Shake

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Why Negative Write Out?

Hello, I read many of the review. I am into my 3rd week with MS. It is a slow process as at times don’t follow the instructions. I am 61 years old. My son got me on to this. Many of his friends who are lot younger seem to have lost weight in the 2nd week. I am a X Chef and a foodie. So this is my problem, but am overcoming it. I am wandering if those who complain are not happy because they are unsure what/how they are blending the MS. I enjoy the MS, but sometimes I break the rules as been a foodie it can get depressing but I consider it as a challenge! No point knocking back the product if you do not know how to use it to you advantage!

Purchased .

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Hi Vetri love your honesty and so true in order to get a great result you must use it properly. the great thing about the man shake is that you can add some things in or use more or less water to make it work for you. Happy to help you further flick us an email to customerservice@themanshake.com.au if you would like some more help cheers

It’s working

Well at 126kgs and only 42 I have heart problems sleep apnoea had a tia at 41 I loved takeaway chocolates soft drink I could never stay with a diet was to lazy needed a simple way to lose weight I needed my hand held was always looking for the easy way out,was going on more and more meds feeling like crap so I decided to give the man shake a crack my first impression was this tastes like shit give me a greasy fatty scollop garlic balls any day,I was having on average two cups of sugar a day loved the jacaranda ice coffee but I persevere with it and it has grown on me I’m only into my second week and have lost 7.8kgs I think it was my body was so used to my sugar/fatty diet something with very little sugar tasted awful but as time goes on I’m enjoying them,I will continue on my weight loss journey and eventually get to my goal of 90kg.good luck to you all in your own weight management journey.
P.s I do enjoy the bars

1st Taste is Great!!

Just received the 1st delivery of chocolate flavour. Finally found the scoop buried in the bag but when I mixed it with cold water & shook it really well the flavour was fantastic!! Really looking forward to the next chapter using the MS!

Purchased for $64.00.

Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting
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That's awesome Michael!! We are glad you love the taste of Chocolate. Keep it up mate

Love The Taste, Good Value For $$, Good Honest Product In My View

after a break from my first round of manshake (my decision to stop)
I've picked it up again, seeing there are new formulations and flavours
so far i've tried Coffee, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Caramel and all the flavors of the bars.
i honestly do enjoy the flavours, i know a lot of people earlier were no fans of the coffee flavour, i used to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of coffee to it as i like a strong coffee taste anyway.
One thing i'll mention is to expect a few more toilet breaks!!!
i think the meal plans are also great and fit in well with my busy lifestyle when on the go... still waiting on a better designed shaker that fit in my cup holder though LOL

But i feel overall this is a good no bulls#!@ honest product, if you can follow the guide you will see results with minimal change to your lifestyle, want better results? change to a better lifestyle..... no brainer really!
and the taste is far better then other DIET tasting protein shakes & bars.

Go Tigers!!!

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Well done Dave! Keep it up mate

Lose weight get fit feel better

I’ve tried Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee & Banana. I like them all but I least least like banana

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Thanks for the review! We appreciate it.

Great shakes, worth the buy.

Anyone who has tried shakes before knows u have to find the flavor that suits your taste buds-
I have tried the Chocolate and Banana Shakes so far, Banana for me. I find 1.5 scoops in ice cold water works best for me.
Remember, there not sugar & ice Cream filled milkshakes- they are designed to keep u full and loose weight. all in all a great product.

Best tasting shake out there (IMHO)

I’ve tried a lot of protein shakes and the man shake is the best for my taste so far, although I could certainly tolerate less sweetness. I got the chocolate flavour first and, combined with a good exercise regime, I lost 2kg in the first week and am on track to drop another 2 this week.
I’ll try a couple of other flavours next, but the chocolate was good.
Thanks for a great product.

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That's amazing Tony! Thanks for the great review.

Love it

With all the negative comments, I have to say that 2months in and 6 Kgs down, I have finally found a fair dinkum product that works. To all the people who have a problem, try a little variation like adding Berries, banana or eggs, plus add some ice cubes.
I always use a blender and the consistency is great. Find the flavours you like and stick with them. The product reduces cravings and incourages you to eat more fruit and Veg. It's SUGAR thats the killer, which this product has none. Yes it took a little while to adjust but your body will love you for it. It's not rocket science.

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Thanks for the review, Neil! Glad you found your rhythm with The Man Shake. Keep it up, mate.

Gave it a go due the raving reviews!

I couldn't wait to try this, all the positive reviews and the information on site and packaging drew me in. The price is reasonable but am I the only one who finds this product unpalatable? I chose the mixed flavours box. Thick and gluggy consistency with bland non-existant taste. I even added small amount of extra water to thin it out which didn't help to enjoy it at all.
Pros: it does blend easily so no powdery lumps.
I can't finish my stock and no thanks to future purchases.

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Hello there, thanks for your feedback. Did you try and contact us on how to make the Man Shake better suit your taste buds? If you were used to a high sugar diet, the shakes might seem a little less sweet to begin with, but as you lose the taste of processed sugar, the shakes will taste better to you. If you find the shakes too thick, you can add more water; some customers add up to 500mls. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Give it a go

Tried the MS after proscrastinating for way too long. Thought I could not do the shakes and would need real food. Well what a pleasant surprise- 2 weeks in and 7kgs down! 5 more to go. Easy to do if you follow the guide and you don’t feel hungry, just the first three days or so are challenging until you adjust. My wife is now using the lady shake to help her get back to pre baby weight and is seeing the same results.

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Thanks for your review, Ben! It's great hearing your success on The Man Shake, keep it up!

Wife and I extremely disappointed

My Wife and I ordered the chocolate flavour and found it undrinkable. The flavour was very unusual and we can’t believe people have reviewed this product anything more than 1 star.
Waste of money down the drain.
P.s I’m over 40 yrs old and this is my first bad review I have ever had to post. I feel like I have been ripped off

Changing my Life

Been eating take out for over 35 years, no one to blame but myself. Came across these shakes online and haven't look back. Its been over a week and i feel so much better, not tired, not grumpy, sleep better, wake up better and i dont feel sluggish.
Dont get me wrong I still crave for Take Away but you have to be strong.
This is already starting to change my life, just need a little push and the results will follow.
When it comes to food im really fussy but i found these shakes to be tasteful and easy to throw down.
Im on the road alot so its convenient for me.
After 6 days i weighed in at 5.2 kg lighter, im hoping to lose 25kgs and live a longer and healthier life with my family.
I hope this helps anyone thinking about it.

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Nice work John! Keep it up mate, you'll get there in no time. Thanks for the great review

Great product - could be a life changer for me

I was very skeptical when I started this, given how healthy it is, about how good it would actually taste. I have always been a fussy, comfort eater and not a huge fan of the taste of traditionally nutritious foods like fruit, veg and grains.

I have been steadily putting on weight for about 20 years now and have always seen weight loss or eating healthy as too difficult based on the huge gap that I saw between what I liked to eat and what I thought I needed to eat to be healthy. I had tried a couple of other weight-loss/protein shakes in the past and other diet programs and had really struggled with them and ended up quitting. I didn't think I would be able to find anything that I felt was sustainable for me.

I have been on the man shake for about 6 weeks now and I can't believe how good it tastes tbh. I have tried 4 flavours - choc, banana, strawberry, choc-mint and liked them all, with choc-mint probably being my new favorite (just got my first bag.) I have lost about 1 kg per week now (7-8 kg total so far) using the man shake, not doing anything crazy diet-wise just eating sensibly with 1-2 man shakes a day combined with good exercise. They really fill me up, far more than the junk I used to eat did - I'm not hungry for often hours after having one now.

I finally feel like I have a sustainable way to be healthy and lose weight, and I'm really happy about that. If you're on the fence about trying out the man shake, absolutely give it a go. I certainly can't guarantee that everyone will like the taste/texture (my wife actually didn't) but if you do like it (or actually love it, as I do) , it can be a life-changer.

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Thanks for the fantastic review! We really appreciate it. Keep it up.

Disappointed at the reduction in bag size

I love the man shake and have been using it for a while now. Having said that I was very disappointed upon receiving my latest batch in the mail to see that the size of the bags have decreased from 900g to 840g. This may not sound like a lot but add this to the recent price rise of $40 up to $45 a bag and we are definitely getting a lot less value for money.

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Hello there, thanks for your review and feedback. You may not know, but we launched the new Man Shake formulation back in April 2018 with the intention to make it even better for you and help you achieve your goals of being healthier and losing that weight easier. The Man Shake now has increased protein, good fats and fibre; it also contains pre and probiotics the shakes and only has half a teaspoon of sugar per serve (2.4 grams) and is designed to be a complete meal replacement. It's the addition of these high-quality ingredients why the cost had to go up a little. With the new formula, we removed the artificial colours, preservatives and some fillers that aren't necessary any more; this is why the bag size has reduced by 4 grams per serve, however, it still has 15 serves per bag. Please let us know if you have any more questions

Tastes great and fills me up

After listening to Adam in the Mentor podcast and how he formutes the shakes I was keen to try it. I bought a starter pack with all the flavours and it tastes great with just plain water. Nice and filling also. I look forward to losing some more weight as I have hit a plateau and needed something like this to get a routine happening around the silly season.

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Thanks for the review Jordan! Keep it up mate

Unable to drink it

I purchased both the Man and Lady shake via their website. I bought 2 flavours each. I have had one out of each flavour and I think I am unable to drink this its vial. I have done different shakes before, this one is sickly sweet, a very think consistency and leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Waste of $144.00


my dad has used it for a while and really enjoys it. he has had the chocolate, banana and strawberry and thinks the flavour is really good (i dont think he likes the taste of the banana one though) he got the results he expected - however i learnt in psychology that fad shakes and stuff like this dont have long lasting effects and upon stopping shakes most tend to gain the weight back within the next 10 months but i guess its good if you need to lose a bit of weight for a cruise or holiday coming up

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Hello Kyla, thanks for your review! We are glad to hear your dad is enjoying The Man Shake and getting great results. Hopefully, he learns to eat healthily and correctly and the weight won't come back on. Also going forward for maintenance he can just look at having one shake a day and the high Protein in The Man Shake makes for the best breakfast.

Great way to start my busy mornings!

As a full time working Mum, mornings can get really busy! So having a shake for breakfast is a great way to have something nutritious on the run. Chocolate and Vanilla are my favourites!

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That's fantastic Samantha. Thanks for the review.

Good Stuff!

These shakes are great, follow the instructions and it just works. Can’t go past the chocolate & banana as my favourite, one scoop of each and blended with ice. Good stuff!

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Great Review! Thanks, mate. Choc Banana is a great mixture!

i love the coffee flavour but fine the strawberry and vanilla sweet

I enjoy having the coffee flavour for breakfast. I have tried a few other flavours and have found the chocolate good, strawberry and vanilla a little sweet. I enjoy having it for breakfast, it fills me up until lunch time.

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Great to hear Gaylene. Thanks for your review

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Can we mix man shake with liquid milk instead of water?
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Does the shake entirely replace meals? Or do you need regular meals along with the shakes?
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The Man Shake is a meal replacement program specifically created for men. It is high in protein, low in sugar and loaded with good fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. We recommend The Man Shake replaces two meals a day working on the premise of a daily intake of five meals a day. See our plan at the link below http://www.themanshake.com.au/recipes/adams-recipes/the-man-shake-meal-plan/

How much Green Tea Extract is in Man Shakes?
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